4Flex or Flexin500 – which healed my joints?

I recently read about these ponds, but it’s time for a change to work on action, not just theory. Probably the most popular joint filler is 4Flex – advertising, internet – I’ve read about it everywhere. But is a large advertising campaign a guarantee of effectiveness? I had to find out. Although they do not write anywhere that this preparation will help with joint pain (I have read their side along and across), it is supposed to support joints and have a beneficial effect on the whole locomotive system. Well, maybe that’s enough.

4Flex – promises in advertising and sad truth.

4Flex has several preparation options – including for athletes and the elderly. I chose one that was probably enriched with extra vitamins and minerals – 4Flex Select. In a single package there are 30 sachets containing 7 g of collagen hydrolysate each. Use one sachet a day, simply dissolving the powder in water. For appropriate effects, it is necessary to apply the preparation at least 3 months. In a community pharmacy I paid 70 zlotys with some pennies for one package.

I’ve been drinking these “orange scented soda” – the taste is strange, you have to get used to it. But what aren’t you doing to get rid of the pain?

Unfortunately, in the last 3 months I haven’t noticed much difference in my knees. I ate healthier, almost gave up candy, so I managed to lose 7 kilos. In addition, I went for walks and swimming (swimming is the least burdensome for joints). So their knees have less to lift and their mobility should improve as I move more, but at the same time I try not to strain them. 4Flex was supposed to support them additionally, but I don’t feel any difference. I still feel pain in my knees. I know that I still have a long way to go to get a healthy figure, but it’s hard to fight for it when I’m still in pain…. The only thing I noticed was the improvement in the condition of the skin and probably the better condition of the hair. However, collagen somehow affected my appearance. But I didn’t take it for that purpose! I don’t know, maybe these sachets will work for people who have problems with their joints other than me or for older people who have age-related problems? They didn’t have the expected effect on me.

Flexin 500 – honey for my… joints?

So I kept looking. If collagen couldn’t handle it, I tried glucosamine – it’s also often mentioned as an aid to joint pain relief. I came across many positive opinions about Flexin500. It contains glucosamine, but not only – it also has ingredients that rebuild joint cartilage and simply relieve pain. That’s what I needed!

We can’t get Flexin500 in a stationary pharmacy, but we have to order online – but directly from the manufacturer. On his website: Flexin500.pl there are always some promotions, so you can buy it very favourably. I came across the possibility of buying six packages for the price of three! I paid 259 PLN and I had a free delivery. Flexin500 are tablets that you need to take 3 times a day during a meal with plenty of water. I put them in my kitchen in a visible place to always remember and in total I managed to do it almost every time 😉

The manufacturer promises effects – that is, pain reduction – after just a few days. It took me a week and a half, but I finally felt relieved! It’s amazing, I went for a much longer walk than usual and after coming back after a few hours I realized that I didn’t need to lie down and rest! It’s amazing how easy it is to forget pain! This obvious effect of Flexin 500 did not make me stop taking it because it “already helped me”. On the contrary – I was all the more urgent in taking the pills, because I already knew that my joints would only thank me for that. I added one more training at the pool in a week, and slowly started to switch from walking to walking and walking. And the knees were still “silent”!

Today, 3 months of application have passed. Flexin00I’m another eight kilos thinner and happier than ever in my life. I took up a fight for my health and I win it every day. I owe it mainly to myself, but I will not hide the fact that flexin made it easier for me. Or did he… make it possible? 😉

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