A vicious circle in problems with potency

Some time has passed since the last entry, but you have to forgive me – I have a lot of work to do. And although stress does not reach its peak – as it was a few months ago, there are still tense situations – this is the climate we have 😉 Fortunately, it doesn’t affect my erotic life anymore.

With Eron Plus (and Eron Plus Before, though less and less often), I can be sure that I will always be up to the task. He hasn’t let me down yet, and believe me, I’m not slowing down when it comes to sex! 😉
Recently I came across an interesting article about potency problems on the Internet. And I think I found an exact description of what touched me. It was the so-called “vicious circle mechanism”. The first time, when my penis failed me, could be an individual situation caused by the actual intensity of stress in my life. In case of failure, however, adrenaline is produced, which has a shrinking effect on the cavernous bodies in the penis. In later trials I was nervous about sex or getting an erection, which again caused adrenaline ejection and reflexive erection problems!
As is often the case, many of our problems have their roots in our heads. It is worth remembering that before we spend time in such a vicious circle!

Mine was happily interrupted by the Eron Plus. I don’t know if I could get my own faith in my own male strength back. Even if it did, it would have lasted much longer!

Oh, and one more thing – because a few people asked me about it. Yeah, I’m seeing Malwina. I don’t know if it’s serious, but we’re fine with each other right now. After all, it has helped me in a crisis but, at the same time, a very sensitive issue. Look for women like that with a candlelight! 😉

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