Acai berries – health closed in small balls

In order to stay healthy for a long time, we should take care of them at every stage of our lives. Unfortunately, we often neglect this duty, leading to many ailments, from a simple cold to more serious illnesses. One of the important elements of a healthy lifestyle that we disregard the most is a well-balanced diet. It is usually hard to digest, too much of a burden on our digestive system and lacking many of the nutrients our body demands. Therefore we should supply them in the largest possible quantities, and one of the most precious sources of them are Acai berries, fruit not without reasons considered to be a super food.

Acai berries – what they are and where they come from

There’s no denying that this inconspicuous fruit has revolutionized our perception of healthy eating, almost immediately gaining huge popularity worldwide. Acai, Latin Euterpe oleracea, also known as the Brazilian palm berry, comes from South America, from the tropical forests growing in this region of the world. In the traditional folk natural medicine of the Amazon peoples, they have been used for centuries to treat diseases of the digestive system, diarrhoea, ulcers and diseases caused by parasites. Hand-picked from palm trees that grow to more than 20 meters in height, they were first collected in the United States, and we owe a thorough examination of their properties to the research of Dr. Alexander Schauss, an American doctor whose work is a real breakthrough in the field of dietetics.

Acai berries – unique composition

Very close to the truth is the claim that Acai berries are a real vitamin bomb, containing absolutely everything that the human body needs to maintain full health and vitality. For many years, they have been ranked first in the ranking of the world’s healthiest foods, fully deserving of their enormous content of essential nutrients. These are mainly vitamins from practically all groups, A, B, C, D and E and minerals such as potassium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and copper, all in perfectly matched doses. In addition, there are 12 different polyphenols in berries that regulate the circulatory system, and antioxidants that effectively neutralize dangerous free radicals are more here than in the same amount of grapes. It is also worth mentioning several dozen unsaturated fatty acids, including the most beneficial ones, Omega – 3, Omega – 6 and Omega – 9, as well as numerous amino acids and dietary fiber accelerating digestive processes and metabolism.

Acai berries – pro-health properties

Such a unique composition of Acai berries perfectly improves the general condition of the body, demonstrating also high, proven effectiveness in prevention and treatment of many ailments. Thanks to their regular consumption we can count on, among other things:

  • Strengthening immunity, better protection against dangerous viruses and bacteria. The beta-sitosterol contained in fruit increases the efficiency of the immune system and stimulates the leukocyte function, while protecting against free radicals, the excess of which may cause diabetes or Alzheimer disease;
  • reduction of the risk of heart disease, which is caused by polyphenols and phytosterols supporting the work of the entire circulatory system, regulating blood flow, thus preventing the formation of clots, atherosclerosis, coronary disease and arterial hypertension. The presence of Omega – 6 and Omega-9 fatty acids prevents the accumulation of bad cholesterol;
  • increase the efficiency of the body, strengthen internal organs, tissues, muscles and even the appearance of hair and nails;
  • delayed aging processes, which is facilitated by strong antioxidants that help to maintain maximum cell performance for a long time;
  • improving mental performance through the action of Omega – 3 acids, which improve brain function;
  • improved vision, because Acai berry juice strengthens the delicate blood vessels found in the retina of the eye, preventing e.g. diabetic retinopathy and minimizing the risk of macular degeneration;
  • higher vital forces, fatigue reduction, faster regeneration after a great physical effort and a large dose of energy supplied by lipids and sufficient for a whole day of activity;
  • cleansing the body of toxins and all unnecessary products of metabolism, especially preservatives supplied with food;
  • improving sexual performance.

Acai berries – for quick weight loss

As you can see, the benefits of eating Acai berries are really huge, but they are most appreciated as a component of a weight loss treatment, significantly increasing its effectiveness and giving the chance to lose weight quickly. This process supports natural, easily assimilated dietary fiber, which is essential for proper digestion of even the most difficult dishes and cleansing of the body. However, its most important function is to suppress appetite, i.e. often uncontrollable appetite, resulting in constant eating between meals. Chromium and caffeine, responsible for the proper distribution of carbohydrates and the supply of energy necessary for exercise, are other important ingredients from the point of view of weight loss. We must remember that berries alone will not make us enjoy a slim silhouette, they only support the diet, and a solid dose of exercise will certainly be useful.

Acai Berry are also natural thermogens that increase body temperature by using energy from fat burning. Thanks to them you can lose weight completely safely, without the risk of nutrient deficiencies, but it is also worth remembering that these fruits should be eaten in moderation, because they do not belong to low-calorie products, in 100 g is as much as 80 kcal.

Acai berries – use and consumer opinion

Acai Berry is unfortunately a product that is not usually available in our country fresh, which is affected by the problems with its transport over long distances. For this reason, we can buy them in the form of processed juice, dried fruit, powder or flesh, a popular addition to dietary drinks and cocktails. This way of eating berries has many supporters, but a more practical solution is to use dietary supplements included in the composition. They enjoy well-deserved good opinions of healthy diet lovers, with whom it is worth to get acquainted in order to be able to make the right choice. The following is particularly recommended Silvetsmodern preparation in tablets with not only slimming effect, in which apart from Acai berries we can also find guranana, bioperine and pepper cayenne, substances that further increase the health properties of the preparation. Silvets can be purchased through the manufacturer’s websiteat a price of €49 per pack or in bulk packages, taking advantage of numerous price promotions.

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