Acne – causes, symptoms and most commonly used treatments

One of the most troublesome and difficult to cure skin diseases is undoubtedly acne, all these unaesthetic pimples appearing most often on the face or décolletage, and even the back. Acne affects us regardless of age, although until recently it was considered to be a typical adolescent disease, affecting mainly teenagers, whose organisms during this period of life are raging with a real storm of hormones. Surveys estimate that as many as 80 percent of the population have suffered or still suffer from it. Unfortunately, acne treatment is not easy and requires not only patience, but its basis is to properly diagnose the causes and type of this disease and only then can you choose a properly effective treatment.

Acne – diverse and difficult to diagnose causes of the disease

It is difficult to unequivocally determine the causes of acne, so many different factors can cause it. They vary depending on the type of disease, its severity or the age of the patient, but in most cases they are caused by the disease:

  • malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands, which play an extremely important role in protecting the skin against adverse external factors, moisture, temperature changes and dryness due to exposure to sunlight. The sebum they produce, which is a special secretion, is used for this purpose, but the process of its production is sometimes disturbed. Sebum starts to be secreted in too much quantities, it also reacts chemically with anaerobic bacteria, clogging the gland outlet and quickly forming large lumps, pustules and even purulent pimples;
  • hormonal changes, most severe not only during puberty but also during menopause, when usually after 40 years of age the second wave of these serious disorders begins in the body. When we are teenagers, increased production of hormones, including sex hormones, can adversely affect the condition of our skin, on which eczema begins to appear. In women this is achieved by a decrease in progesterone and estrogen levels, usually before menstruation, and in men by the action of androgens, which have a significant effect on the functioning of sebaceous glands. In old age, this also occurs through disorders of the hormonal balance of the body, most often in response to severe stress or natural aging processes, resulting in increased levels of cortisol secretion, which also increases the production of sebum;
  • bacterial infection of the skin, which we usually owe ourselves, simply by neglecting personal hygiene. It is recommended to wash the skin of the face, neck and décolletage daily with mild agents, liquids or gels with antibacterial and anti-acne properties. Negligence in this area leads to the uncontrolled development of anaerobic bacteria in the sebaceous glands. Equally frequent cause of acne are also fungi and infection with other types of bacteria such as staphylococcus or streptococcus, which is particularly dangerous and requires specialized treatment, even in hospital conditions;
  • genetic conditions causing not only the inheritance of acne itself, because it is simply impossible, but also the tendency to over-activate sebaceous glands and secretion of sebum. It happens more and more often nowadays, in more than 50 percent of diagnosed cases of acne;
  • a poor diet that also leads to overweight and obesity, and what we eat has a direct impact on the condition of our skin. Too fatty, full of preservatives and high glycemic index food may cause acne lesions, so such products should be replaced with their healthier counterparts. The anti-acne diet should be full of valuable nutrients, vegetables, fruits, poultry instead of red meat and legumes.

Most common varieties of acne

As in the case of many other ailments, also here we can safely say that acne acne unequal to acne and we can encounter many types of this disease. In order to recognize them correctly, it is worth to familiarize yourself with what causes acne, but a better and more reliable diagnosis will certainly be made by a specialist doctor and on this basis will order the treatment. Acne varieties depend, among other things, on the age of the affected person and another will occur in the aforementioned teenagers, another in adults.

Acne cultivar – see what you have:

  • Youthful acne, also known as common acne, as its name suggests, is found in teenagers for whom it becomes a real nightmare, causing not only physical changes in their appearance, but also mental. Pimples on a young person’s face are a reason for at least deep frustration, sometimes even falling self-esteem, and in extreme cases even for serious depression. Excessive secretion of hormones also affects the level of sebum secretion, which leads to a large number of eczemas, which either disappear automatically after a few years, or require treatment. However, they must not be removed mechanically, i.e. squeezed out, as they may leave clear and permanent acne scars;
  • acne vulgaris, characterized by purulent pimples and even large cysts that in extreme cases may cause facial features to deform. This type of acne is also one of the most difficult to treat, its origin is affected by inflammation developing in deep layers of skin, and squeezing out these eczemas can have consequences in the form of infection, dangerous even for life;
  • Scarring acne, in the course of which, in addition to pimples, tumors appear on the skin resembling hard scars of irregular shape. They are usually located around the neck and usually occur together with acne ropoietic;
  • concentrated acne, one of the most severe forms of acne, which in most cases only men suffer from, characterised by extremely large eczema in the form of purulent cysts under the armpits and in the groin. They are not only painful, but after healing almost always leave scars that sometimes require laser or surgical removal;
  • acne lightning, another of its heavy varieties, and what’s worse, not fully recognized causes. The most common is the disruption of our immune system caused by the dangerous bacteria Propionibacterium acnes. The disease has an extremely turbulent course, and the emerging changes, again purulent infiltrations, can even cause hemorrhagic necrosis, which, combined with other equally dangerous symptoms, threatens the life of the patient;
  • rosacea, in the course of which, in addition to the foot-and-mouth disease, erythema appears on the face which may include a significant part of it. It may sometimes disappear, but it returns again under the influence of high temperature, e.g. after drinking something hot. Rosacea is caused by bacterial infection, the mentioned hormonal changes or various allergies, including food allergies.

Acne treatment – what recommended methods should be used for this purpose?

As you can see, there are many types of acne, which is why its treatment is so complicated. There are just as many ways we can do this, but it is worth checking beforehand whether they will really work. The most popular are, of course, home acne treatments, widely known and appreciated for decades, using primarily the power of nature, herbs commonly used in the treatment of skin diseases. Among other things, extracts from such plants as marigold, trichromatic violet, nettle with exceptionally rich composition and health properties, lime blossom soothing irritation, medical resuscitation full of allantoin, aloe vera accelerating wound healing or exotic but extremely effective sarsaparilla are used.

Of course, it is also possible to use for this purpose pharmacological agents, drugs usually prescribed by a dermatologist, containing active agents that are usually strong antibiotics, treating inflammations of the skin. Unfortunately, their high effectiveness is usually accompanied by a large number of side effects, and the largest can be caused by such substances as limecycline, benzoyl peroxide or extremely potent retinoids. Therefore, it is better to avoid them, especially since natural preparations, free from these harmful chemical compounds, turn out to be equally effective, and one of the most frequently recommended by specialists is Royal Skin 500.

Royal Skin 500

Royal Skin 500 – natural composition 100% safe for health

The biggest and undeniable advantage Royal Skin 500The composition in which we can find only safe substances with no side effects, commonly used not only in natural medicine. These are the ones that decide about the effectiveness for almost every type of acne, independently also from the severity of the illness.

Which active ingredients can be found in every Royal Skin 500 tablet:

  • Hyaluronic acid, the best way to achieve a perfectly smooth skin without even the slightest spots or pimples, perfectly levelling out any imperfections;
  • zinc, one of the elements demanded by our skin, having in its composition antioxidants necessary for health, removing free radicals, which are the cause of, among other things, life-threatening cancers. It also helps to heal abrasions, wounds and extremely troublesome purulent eczema;
  • Vitamin C, l-ascorbic acid, probably the most important vitamin affecting many aspects of health of our body. In this case, it is responsible for stopping the oxidation of sebum on the surface of the skin, which often results in unsightly and painful pimples;
  • Vitamin B7, called the vitamin of youth, counteracts the processes of oily skin;
  • collagen, a substance corresponding to the structure of many tissues of the human body, including the skin, thanks to which it retains its firmness until late old age.

Royal Skin 500- deliver exactly what you expect from your patients

Royal Skin 500

So why poison our body with destructive chemistry, which carries with it health consequences that are difficult to predict, when is the Royal Skin 500which, practically since its appearance on the market, has gained recognition among people struggling with acne. It works from the first dose, which is only two tablets a day, and the effects of the treatment will be visible after just four weeks. The skin becomes visibly smoother, most of the disfiguring spots disappear instantly, all thanks to the fact that Royal Skin 500 not only removes external symptoms, but also addresses the very cause of acne lesions.

Opinions about him are not only positive, but also enthusiastic, so it is worth to start fighting with your pimples and order a supplement directly from his manufacturer. He is praised by specialists, who emphasize speed of action and patients, who are finally free of pimples and can show their faces without shame.

Royal Skin 500 – where and for how much you can buy it

The cost of purchasing the packaging, sufficient for one month of treatment, is 32 €, but in our opinion Royal Skin 500 is worth every price. We also recommend to secure the amount of it necessary to complete the entire treatment and buy collective packages, three or as many as six packages, for which we pay 56 and 82 € respectively. As you can see, the savings are obvious and we will be able to rest assured that no more uninvited guests will appear on our skin.

Royal Skin 500

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