Aerosols at home – 4 simple ways to do homemade slimming exercises

Aerobic exercises are not too difficult or forcing, and in many cases they do not require investment in expensive sports equipment. At the same time they can bring us a lot of benefits, along with the regular loss of extra pounds at the forefront! Learn how to practice aerobics at home in the simplest (and cheapest) way.

Aeroplanes – what is it actually?

The term “aerobics” refers to very many types of exercises. Aerobic training is basically any type of exercise with average intensity, and our pulse remains at about 70 percent of the maximum heart rate. Aerobic exercises are also called aerobic exercises, because during the exercise our muscles are constantly supplied with large amounts of oxygen (which translates into effective fat burning). The opposite is the case with anaerobic exercises (anaerobic), e.g. strength or interval exercises, during which you train with high intensity, which results in a very fast flow of blood and oxygen deficits in the muscles.

Aerobic training is by far the most universal form of exercise, for young and old, slim and obese, beginners and advanced – practically for everyone. Its main advantage is its excellent results in the reduction of unnecessary fat tissue, provided that it is performed frequently and long enough (i.e. several times a week for at least 40 minutes).

The important advantages of aerobics are also: general improvement of physical condition and immunity, less risk of injury and overtraining than in the case of strength and interval training, and a large variety of training forms, from aerobics and jogging, through cycling to swimming.

Four cheap ways to do aerobic exercises at home

If you want to start practicing aerobics at home, but you are not going to spend a lot of money on sports equipment, try one of the following options:

1. jumping

This is the cheapest, yet very good slimming effects, a way to practice aerobic training at home. You will only spend a few euros on jumping, and the benefits of exercising with this simple device will be quickly noticed on weight. You can burn 300-400 kcal by jumping on the jump for about half an hour. That’s a lot, but if you join this several minutes of training on a mat or with dumbbells, the training effects will be even better. If you want to systematically burn fat, use jumping exercises several times a week.

2. set: dumbbells plus gymnastic ball

By purchasing two dumbbells and a gymnastic ball you will perform an effective aerobic training at home. It is best to combine several or several different exercises performed in an energetic way, an appropriate number of times. Such a training will help to reduce body fat and slim figure, and at the same time it will strengthen your muscles. You will not spend too much on the equipment – for a set of two dumbbells weighing 1.5 or 2 kg you will pay about 5 €, and for a gymnastic ball about 5 €. 4 €. If your goal is to lose weight, remember to practice with hantlami and ball 4-5 times a week, each time for 40 minutes or longer.

3. rotary twister

The Twister is a simple, small and inexpensive training device that is perfect for home training. It costs about 8-10 €, strengthens the muscles of thighs, abdomen, helps to get rid of stubborn “bacon” and slender waist, and thanks to the included lines, you can train the upper parts of muscles with them. If you want to get rid of overweight, it is best to combine a twister workout with other exercises, for example in configuration: 20 minutes on a twister and 20 minutes of hantlami exercises or half an hour on a twister and 15 minutes jumping etc.

4. step

Dynamic exercises to the rhythm of music is one of the most effective ways to get rid of overweight. All the more so if there are steppe exercises in our system. It is a small platform, with the help of which we can perform many variants of exercises based on the movement of entering and leaving. Since we burn large amounts of calories during energetic exercises on the steppes, systematic (about 45-minute) training with this device will surely bring you satisfactory results. Prices of steppes are sometimes different, the cheapest models start from as little as 20 €.

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