Alantan – will it remove scars and discolorations from acne?

Acne is one of the most troublesome and difficult to cure skin diseases, also having extremely unpleasant, characteristic symptoms, which despite appearances are not only pimples, pustules or other pimples. Scars and discolourations may also remain on the skin, most often resulting from the use of abnormal, too invasive treatment or improper care of skin prone to acne.

Scars and skin discolourations – causes and treatment

There is no denying that the care of acne complexion requires the use of many special preparations, with non-aggressive effects, even for its thorough cleansing. Not everyone is able to take care of it properly, and additionally squeezing out skin lesions, we ourselves lead to the formation of unsightly, disfiguring scars and discolorations. Acne is in fact an inflammatory condition, the symptom of which are pimples, and the body is not always able to cope with this disease on its own. Our task is primarily to remove dead and infected tissue with the use of carefully selected means, to support the healing process, so that the new tissue can rebuild in a way that does not cause atrophic scarring.

A similar problem occurs with discoloration, which is also the result of poorly healed inflammation, manifested here by uneven skin pigmentation, red or brown spots. You can try to mask them with cosmetics or makeup, which unfortunately only works in women, or remove them with home, but not quite effective methods such as masks with lemon juice. So it’s better to save yourself the trouble and immediately reach for the Alantan ointment, which in the manufacturer’s assumption should be able to deal with them quickly, but is it really able to do so?

Alantan – composition

Alantan is one of the most frequently recommended by specialists for removing scars and hyperpigmentation of acne. Quickly reduces all changes, regenerates damaged skin, restores its elasticity, firmness and, most importantly, the right natural colour. Of course, it can also be successfully used in other skin problems, as it is characterized by a multi-layered action, demonstrating considerable effectiveness on:

  • ulcers;
  • decubitus ulcers, 1st and 2nd degree;
  • hard to heal wounds, cuts and abrasions;
  • chronic inflammatory states of the skin, including ATP, i.e. atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis;
  • sunburn.

As you can see from the above examples, it is worth to have it in your home pharmacy, and such an operation is certainly influenced by the carefully selected composition in which it is located:

  • allantoin, a popular substance, which, among other things, is a component of numerous cosmetics for everyday skin care. It is a derivative of uric acid, found in nature in the root of the medical resin, but its form is rarely used, and in ointment we find a synthetic variety produced in laboratories. Allantoin is valued for its anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, soothing, irritating, soothing and keratolytic properties, preventing excessive accumulation of keratin. Supports the regeneration process of the epidermis, stimulating faster growth of new cells, smoothes and softens it, largely removing all skin lesions;
  • White Vaseline, here present as an auxiliary substance, but commonly used in cosmetics for years as an effective softener. It spreads well on the skin, but is not absorbed by the skin, creating a thin protective and moisturizing film on its surface. It is a hypoallergenic product that does not cause any irritation or sensitization and also supports wound healing by stimulating the growth of skin cells;
  • Anhydrous lanolin, not only moisturizing the skin, but also preventing water loss, softening and giving elasticity. Thanks to the fact that its composition resembles the composition of the lipid layer of the skin, it protects it against external factors, especially low temperatures, and due to its lubricating properties is recommended for people whose skin produces too little sebum;
  • Paraffin oil, also softening and smoothing the skin;
  • ethyl hydroxybenzoate.

Alantan – Effects and possible side effects

It is an ointment for direct application on the skin, which, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, should be done 2 – 3 times a day, gently spreading a thin layer of the preparation. If we use it to treat wounds, it is better to apply an ointment on a sterile swab and apply it as a dressing, changing it 3 times a day. The effect comes down primarily to this moisturizing and reducing irritation, and regular use will help to some extent to restore the natural skin tone. In case of skin with a clear tendency to acne, Alantan can be effective as an agent used together with an antibiotic treatment, alleviating the effects of drying out the skin, which, if not sufficiently moisturized, can produce even more sebum.

Unfortunately, Alantan has proven itself only in the case of relatively mild skin problems, irritations, ulcers or burns caused by too long tanning. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a drug for acne, it can only support the process of its treatment, partially removing its residues. Unfortunately, this does not happen to the end as expected, and scars and discoloration of acne removes only to a small extent. Fortunately, its use has almost no side effects, only small, individual allergic reactions to individual components may occur. Therefore, all people with allergic tendencies should pay attention to lanolin, which can cause contact dermatitis or equally harmful ethyl hydroxybenzoate.

Alantan – Opinions

Such action of the ointment also influences opinions about it, which are not clearly positive or negative. Many people describe their experiences with acne on forums devoted to acne, in some cases it proved to be effective, in others unfortunately not. So it is best to try Alantan on your own skin, remembering that it is not a cure for this disease, but only a remedy for its scars and discolourations. The composition is supposed to be conducive to this, but in our tests it proved to be only a moisturizing and firming agent for the skin, removing stains to a lesser extent than expected.

You can try to support its action, while using a revolutionary dietary supplement in tablets, recommended for various types of acne. Royal Skin 500, because it is, is based on natural substances that can quickly cope with even the largest, purulent pimples. The strength of ingredients such as vitamin B7 and C, hyaluronic acid, collagen and zinc also restores the natural skin tone, and acne spots and scars quickly become just a bad memory. Royal Skin 500 can be ordered from the manufacturer’s website at an attractive promotional price for one or more packages.

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