Amla (Indian gooseberry) – for hair, skin and weight loss

amlaNatural methods of weight loss combined with simultaneous care for your general health, year after year gaining more and more popularity. Such effective prophylaxis, which is worth immediately applying to the whole family, is the best barrier against infections, giving also a large dose of energy, necessary for each of us. Generally understood healthy lifestyle consists of many important elements, only together they form a single whole, thanks to which we gain a slim figure and beautiful appearance, well-groomed complexion, hair and nails. One of the elements that cannot be ignored, an important part of the diet, are fruits full of vitamins and other valuable nutrients, and one of the particularly recommended is amla, called in our country Indian gooseberries.

Amla – what nutrients we will find in it

Amla, which grows in nature in Southeast Asia, is an 18-metre tall tree belonging to the Leafy Flower family. Its proper name is tannin flower leaf, and traditional Indian medicine, ayurveda, for centuries uses the fruit and leaves of this tree to treat various ailments, which is influenced by their chemical composition, in which we find:

  • large quantities of vitamin C, in the most easily digestible form and already 100 g of Indian gooseberry leaves or fruit meet 100 per cent of the daily requirement;
  • flavonoids;
  • Gallic acid from the group of phenolic acids;
  • ellagic acid, an organic compound classified as polyphenols;
  • minerals: calcium, iron, copper, zinc and chromium;
  • strong antioxidants, responsible for elimination of free radicals and other toxins, protecting against cancer development.

In addition, amla is also characterized by a very pleasant taste, although in our country is unfortunately available mainly in the form of dried, but without losing any of its valuable nutritional and health properties.

Amla – the most important health properties

agrest indyjskiThe chemical composition that Indian gooseberries can boast of has an automatic effect on their properties and is therefore recommended by healthy nutritionists. It is worth to immediately introduce it to your daily diet, so that after a short time you can feel the fullness of positive effects on various parts of your body. Regular consumption of the recommended daily dose guarantees us, among other things:

  • lowering the blood cholesterol level, especially the “bad” LDL, which clogs up the vein and causes many serious heart and circulatory diseases;
  • regulation of sugar level, amelia is therefore an important element of effective anti-diabetes prophylaxis;
  • strengthening of the immune system, protection against all infections;
  • detoxification, removal of toxins, bacteria, fungi and viruses;
  • strong anti-inflammatory effect;
  • alleviation of digestive tract ailments, intestinal and stomach diseases such as colitis or irritable bowel syndrome;
  • reduction of the effects of allergies;
  • effective and permanent slimming, fast, controlled weight loss.

Amla – slimming at the highest level

This last feature of Indian gooseberry makes it more and more frequently used in an effective weight loss therapy. Most frequently it turns out to be ineffective for many reasons, the most important of which is not taking care of proper digestion and metabolism. Amla helps to regulate all metabolic processes to burn excess body fat, but its main slimming effect is to regulate the level of glucose, i.e. blood sugar. There’s no denying that sometimes we deliver too much of it, usually in the form of sweets, and higher levels of sugar cause increased insulin secretion to make it easier to remove it. Unfortunately, our brain reacts to this feeling of hunger and we reach for food again, which adversely affects the growing weight. Keeping gooseberries glucose at a safe level allows you to fully control your appetite and consequently lose weight, which will not be possible without a healthy diet and a large portion of physical activity. In addition, we will feel its impact on the condition of the most important internal organs responsible for digestion, stomach, liver and intestines.

Ranking of slimming pills

Amla – improving the appearance of hair and skin

Indian gooseberries should be appreciated not only for their impact on health and weight loss. It has been widely used in cosmetics for years, especially in hair and skin care products. It can be considered a wonderful rejuvenating substance, thanks to its high content of antioxidants, with an exceptionally strong effect. The use of cosmetics with amelia on the hair rebuilds and strengthens it from the bulbs to the very ends, thus becoming stronger, more resistant to atmospheric factors, more shiny and devoid of even the slightest trace of dandruff. Preparations containing this plant can also be used for daily skin care, deep cleansing and even rejuvenation as a result of stopping natural aging processes. Even damaged skin with clear traces of acne will be better smoothed and will quickly regain its natural colour.

Amla – Availability and best use

Indian gooseberries can be easily purchased in our country, appeared in the offer of many shops selling healthy organic food and natural cosmetics. Unfortunately, we usually don’t have to count on fresh fruit, considering how far they would have to be brought in. However, the available form of dried powder is equally valuable and can be used in many different ways, e.g. by mixing with water. Even more delicious is the juice pressed from amelia and added to improve the taste and health of other juices. Of course, you can also opt for practical supplements with Indian gooseberries in the composition, easy to swallow tablets, also containing many other ingredients to speed up weight loss. We will buy them without any problem directly from manufacturers or in numerous online shops, the price ranges from several dozen to several hundred zlotys depending on the selected preparation, but our health and slim figure are worth every price.


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