Chocolate Slim – opinions, action, price, effects – sweetness that slimmes down?

Chocolate Slim makes a growing furore among people struggling with obesity. No wonder, because everyone will willingly take a dietary supplement, which after dissolving tastes like a delicious chocolate drink, and which at the same time makes the weight from week to week indicate lower and lower numbers. To what extent, however, are the assurances of the distributor of the preparation in line with reality? Continue reading

Silvets – Review of tablets for slimming (opinions, action, composition, price)

Although some time ago I successfully managed to lose a lot of weight, there are moments when I weigh 2-3 kg more than I would have wished. On the one hand, I know that such small fluctuations are completely normal, on the other hand, in order to prevent increasing increases, I try to be more meticulous about the diet and physical activity and I reach for various stimulators of metabolism. I wrote about how to speed up metabolism in order to lose weight in one of my previous entries. Today I will present another method of stimulating the rate of metabolism, and thus, faster weight loss. It is Silvets. Continue reading

Aerosols at home – 4 simple ways to do homemade slimming exercises

Aerobic exercises are not too difficult or forcing, and in many cases they do not require investment in expensive sports equipment. At the same time they can bring us a lot of benefits, along with the regular loss of extra pounds at the forefront! Learn how to practice aerobics at home in the simplest (and cheapest) way. Continue reading

Slimming salads – 3 low-calorie recipes to help you control your appetite

If you’re on a diet to lose weight, you’re sure to have moments of increased appetite and an all-encompassing desire for something delicious. This is normal. What to do in such moments, so as not to cancel out your efforts in striving for a slim figure? It is best to prepare a set of “emergency” recipes for low-calorie, fast, yet tasty dishes that will satisfy your appetite. Here are 3 slimming salads to try out. Continue reading

How to speed up your metabolism to lose weight – 5 simple tips

The tendency to weight loss is closely related to slow metabolism. The body uses less energy than it is supplied with food, and fats and carbohydrates from food turn faster into hated body fat. Fortunately, there are methods by which you can improve the “lazy” metabolism. Here are tips on how to effectively speed up your metabolism to start burning fat much faster than before. Continue reading

Motivation to lose weight – how to find it and how to maintain it?

From my own experience I know that slimming requires full determination and consistency in action. The first moments can be difficult, but with time, when you really start to see positive results, it’s getting easier and easier. The most important thing you have to do is to be patient and not to abandon your decisions, whatever happens. In this article I will give you some tips on how to motivate yourself to lose weight. They helped me a lot in the process of losing weight. Continue reading

Don’t eat? You won’t lose weight!

Once it seemed to me that in order to lose weight, you just need to eat little – 3 small meals a day and preferably no dinner. Nothing more wrong, by not eating, or eating too little and too little and too rarely, we will do ourselves more evil than good. Continue reading

Hydrominum? I do not recommend it! My opinion

Until a certain moment, my figure was about school, studies – there was still something going on, I was constantly running, there was no time to gain weight. Then came my professional work, admittedly “behind the desk”, but I still found time to be active. Together with a friend we were able to do bicycle trips, walks, cross-country skiing, we went to the ground to the bass, to the gym. Until. A friend went abroad and with time all forms of activity went into oblivion. I didn’t want to run around the fitness clubs and swimming pools anymore, and I didn’t want to take part in lonely walks on my bike. Sometimes I only practiced at home, but it slowly began to take a back seat. In addition to this came a professional promotion, more responsibilities, extra hours at work, irregular, unhealthy food, stress and eating sweets…. Before I looked at it, I had weight of almost 15 kg. Continue reading

Dietary fiber – the friend of line-conscious people

In my previous post I wrote about the negative effects that regular drinking of laxative teas can have. In fact, you don’t have to reach for it if you want to increase the rate of metabolism and help the intestines to work. There is a much healthier way to consume dietary fiber. Continue reading

Is it worth using slimming teas?

The first idea I came up with when I decided to shed my 15 kg excess weight was to buy tea for slimming. The treatment did not last too long. Unfortunately, this type of specificity is not entirely safe and it is worth to learn a little bit about it before you start drinking it every day. Continue reading