Banana diet – advantages and principles. Who is it for?

Recently, the Japanese banana diet has become a hit. Are you surprised? Bananas are fruits that contain a whole lot of nutrients, but many people who lose weight give up on them, arguing that they are simple sugars. Meanwhile, research has shown that thanks to a banana diet you can lose as much as 7 kg in a short time and without consequences.

What is a banana diet?

The author of banana diet is a graduate of medical studies Hitoshi Wanatabe. She gained publicity thanks to the opera singer Kumiko Mori, who announced that after her use she had lost 7 kg in a month.

A banana diet can be used in three ways: for three days, seven days or a month.

What is a banana diet?

The banana diet, as the name suggests, is about eating bananas. Depending on how long it lasts, a certain number of bananas must be eaten each day. This way of eating also assumes elimination of salt from the menu, thus preventing the accumulation of water in the body and accelerating the process of weight loss.

Three-day banana diet

In a three-day banana diet, the diet is based on eating three bananas every day. In addition, drink three glasses of milk and 2 litres of water (preferably non-carbonated mineral water).

The duration of this type of diet should be exactly 3 days, because in case of prolongation we may be exposed to the lack of nutrients and minerals. The three-day diet does not last long, and in such a short time we can lose 3 kilograms.

Weekly banana diet

When choosing a weekly option, our menu looks like this: during the day we eat three meals consisting of a mixture of half a banana, three teaspoons of oatmeal, a teaspoon of honey and natural yoghurt (approx. 200 ml). In addition, two snacks, a second breakfast and an afternoon snack for which we eat an apple. This diet will allow us to lose 1.5 kg in seven days.

Monthly banana allowance

A month’s diet requires slightly different rules of conduct than three days and a week’s diet. In the monthly diet the day begins with eating the whole banana and drinking a glass of still water.

The ingredients of the next meals are selected according to the principles of healthy nutrition, giving up sweets, fatty snacks, fast food and alcohol. We try to reduce the consumption of salt, dairy products and fats, and the last meal should be eaten by 20 p.m. at the latest.

Following these rules throughout the month, we can lose as much as 7 kilograms.

Advantages of a banana diet

Apart from being able to lose weight quickly, a banana diet has many other benefits. And here are the most important of them:

thanks to the high content of potassium and B vitamins, bananas help to control fatigue and stress, they add energy, ensuring the willingness to act all day long,

– Bananas are fruits with a fairly high calorie content, so they reduce the feeling of hunger, making us not want to eat,

– bananas contain a lot of simple sugars, so we don’t feel like eating other sweets,

– by combining bananas with oat flakes rich in fiber, we purify our body of toxins,

Banana diet – for whom?

A banana diet is not good for everyone. It is not recommended for obese people, it is addressed to people who are slightly overweight and those who want to lose weight quickly, e.g. before holidays. Bananas are tasty, but it must be taken into account that this type of nutrition is based on low nutrient content, dairy products and fats are limited, so a pregnant banana diet is not advisable. It should also not be used by breastfeeding persons, teenagers and persons after surgery.

The main goal of a banana diet is to cleanse the body of toxins, regulate intestinal peristalsis and improve the appearance of the skin. Less attention is paid to physical activity when using it, although if you want to count on better slimming effects, it is worth remembering about systematic exercises. A strong effort will, however, contribute to increasing the demand for energy and thus also nutrients such as protein and fats. In the case of banana diet it is not necessary to increase the effort.

The banana diet is rich in vitamins and minerals, which is why it is one of the healthiest. It allows you to lose weight quickly, regulating the nervous system, and thus supporting the mental well-being. It can be used shorter or longer, depending on the intended effects, but it is not aimed at all and requires us to reduce a significant number of products.

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