Hair Care Panda – vitamin jellies perfect for our hair

Hair Care Panda

Neglected hair automatically affects our appearance, making us no longer feel attractive and sometimes we actually start to be perceived by our surroundings. It is better to avoid such situations because they have a simultaneous and also negative impact on our mental well-being, leading to low, constantly falling self-esteem. We just feel ugly, we don’t want to leave the house, and this is the first step to depression. Lack of due care also affects the condition of hair, it becomes not only dull and lacking in shine, it gradually weakens, begins to crumble and, as a result, falls out in whole bundles. We must definitely not accept this state of affairs, because baldness is a process that we will not be able to reverse at some point. So it’s time to bring your hairstyle back to its lost vitality, give it life and that unique inner glow, and the right combination of vitamins and minerals can help. They can be supplied to the body in various ways, not forgetting first of all a proper diet, and any possible deficiencies will be supplemented by such dietary supplements as Hair Care Panda.

Weakened and brittle hair – why is it destroyed

Weakened hair not only looks exceptionally unsightly, it can also be a sign of various abnormalities occurring inside the body, i.e. diseases developing in it. Such ailments can manifest themselves in various ways, often through the hair, so it is worthwhile to observe them carefully, because they can be the first warning sign that something bad is happening to us. Just as the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so the hair immediately shows the negative changes in us. The deterioration of their condition is due to many reasons, but the effect is always only one, weakened, thin and brittle hair, and the same condition often also applies to its bulb, the basis for proper growth. Weakened hair not only has a characteristic and, what can’t be said, unaesthetic look, it also becomes unpleasant to the touch, rough, which means that its external structure is gradually destroyed. This protective coating is made of keratin, which takes the form of small scales, overlapping each other like tiles. The hair is perfectly protected against all adverse factors, especially atmospheric ones, while at the same time protecting it from drying out due to loss of internal moisture. Additional protection is provided by a layer of sebum covering the hair, i.e. secretion from the sebaceous glands of the skin. If hair is weakened for a variety of reasons, the first effect is precisely the loss of the protective layer, followed by the loss of moisture and the dispersion of the previously adjacent scales. As a result of this process, they start to lose moisture, become more and more brittle and finally start to fall out. We can easily sense their roughness, and when there are more and more of them left on the brush or comb, it’s a sign that if we don’t do anything about it, we may start to get bald. The son of a bitch can come here Hair Care Pandabut before we apply it, it’s worth knowing what the other causes of this condition of our hair are.

Weakened and brittle hair – the most common causes

Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine just one cause of hair loss, it is simply too complex a process inspired by many, often completely opposite, factors. One of them, who knows if not the most important, is our negligence, especially in terms of daily hygiene. Let’s say to ourselves frankly that we are living in a constant pursuit, fogged up, never having any time for anything, not even for taking care of ourselves, for our appearance, and already at this point we can clearly see a certain lack of logic in our behaviour. On the one hand, we consider hair to be an important beauty attribute and want it to emphasise our physical attractiveness, but on the other hand, we don’t often have time to wash it properly, apply a good conditioner and make its natural shine and deep colour visible from afar. Daily hygiene is the absolute basis for maintaining the health of both hair and scalp and must not be neglected under any circumstances, unless we want to get rid of all hair in a relatively short time. Let’s use proven cosmetics based on natural, plant-based ingredients and, of course, not tested on animals, because when washing our heads, we should also remember about them.

Lack of daily hygiene is not the only reason for weakening and as a result of our hair loss. Equally often it is caused by other, nevertheless harmful factors, and it is worth highlighting this:

  • improper care, not hygienic negligence, but e.g. continuous blow-drying of hair with a hairdryer, use of a killer straightener. Exposing hair to excessive heat leads to excessive drying, brittleness and fragility. If you’re wearing long hair, don’t tie it up too tightly with an eraser, and it’s equally harmful to use the wrong colouring or other styling products. Let’s pay special attention to their composition, which should not contain especially harmful polymers, parabens, substances called SLS or the same destructive alcohol. They cause the hair to dry out or overload, which in both cases seriously affects its delicate structure. Hair also does not like to be exposed to sunlight, wind, snow or rain for long periods of time, where there is a lot of pollutants besides water, especially in cities where smog is the most serious threat to health;
  • diet, that is our diet. Most people seem to think that what they eat only affects their body weight, the possibility of being overweight or obese. We immediately inform them that they are wrong, because an appropriate diet determines our state of health to the highest degree, which of course includes hair. What are the most important ingredients of meals in this case, we will describe in more detail in the following paragraphs, but let us remember that the change of diet, the elimination of everything that is unhealthy from it, and even the renunciation of meat and the transition to vegetarianism or veganism, will be felt almost immediately and extremely beneficially. Of course, the diet should not be exaggerated and the recommended daily calorie intake should be respected, but stimulants, especially alcohol, must disappear from our menu;
  • diseases that either lead to hair loss, or this hair loss is a characteristic symptom. The first place is given to all thyroid disorders, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. The former is a frequent cause of plaque alopecia, one of the most difficult to treat varieties of this disease, while hypotension is responsible for the hair structure, its fragility and excessive brittleness. So if you are suffering from a thyroid disorder, you should refer your first steps to the appropriate specialist, which of course does not exclude the simultaneous use of Hair Care Panda. During treatment with pharmaceuticals it will effectively help to strengthen weakened hair with its unique composition full of valuable nutrients. The hair’s weakening condition is also caused by diseases of the scalp, with various types of fungal infections at the forefront;
  • stress, i.e. all states of violent nervous tensions in response to any negative events that may lead to this. Let’s say frankly that this is an extremely dangerous disease plaguing a large part of our civilization, which is sometimes very difficult to avoid. Its effects are very negative, ranging from nervousness to irritability to insomnia, which in turn is one of the causes leading even to severe depression, and many men also start to feel potency problems. Stress also has a negative impact on hair, being considered by specialists such as tricholologists as one of the main causes of progressive and rapid hair loss;
  • hormonal disorders, which can be found in both women and men, who have menopause and andropause at some time in their lives. In the latter, the problem lies primarily in disorders related to the quantity and quality of testosterone, an extremely important hormone. Under certain circumstances it can be transformed into DHT, or “anti-hormone” called dihydrotestosterone, which initially disrupts hair follicles, and in time leads to their irreversible destruction. Beware of taking hormonal medications, which you should always consult your doctor and not buy preparations of unknown origin from the Internet.

Hair Care Panda – the importance of nutrients for the health of our hair

Hair Care Panda

There are many ways of restoring health and vitality to hair, but we are only interested in the natural, natural and undisturbed processes within the body. You can take shortcuts and stop hair loss, for example, with strong pharmaceuticals, such as minoxidil or finasterides. But before we do that, let us ask ourselves how it will affect our general health. Negative side effects are unavoidable, and although we will stop hair loss, we will also develop other, much more troublesome ailments. We should also respect ecological norms and principles, looking at the state of the environment, for example, and in full accordance with them the composition has just been created Hair Care Panda. Its creators realize that the most important thing for hair is natural and easily absorbed ingredients, vitamins and minerals, which they have combined in a unique and patented formula VEGAN SUPER Biotin Complex™. When delivered to the body in the right doses, they will deal with any cause of hair weakness and it is thanks to them that it will become stronger than ever before. This is why this modern supplement includes substances such as:

1. Vitamin A

It is absolutely essential for the proper functioning of our body, so it had to be in Hair Care Panda. It has long been used in cosmetics and medicine, also known by other names, retinol, provitamin A or beta-carotene. Vitamin A is one of the compounds that are well soluble in fats, and in the human body it accumulates in fat tissue and liver, one of the most important internal organs. Its action can be boldly described as complex, having a significant impact not only on hair, but also on many other processes, and its most important functions are:

  • conditioning the development of important tissues, primarily bone and epithelial;
  • to ensure the correct and undisturbed development of the placenta responsible for the further growth of the embryo;
  • responsibility for the processes of vision, because it prevents the development of “chicken blindness”, a disease through which we see worse after dark;
  • antioxidant effect, thanks to which we get rid of free radicals, which may become the cause of development of even life threatening cancer. It is not only skin cancer, but also breast cancer, prostate cancer, i.e. prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and lung cancer;
  • participation in the processes of wound healing and regeneration of damaged skin, which has a significant impact on hair, thus providing the right basis for growth. It is also effective in treating acne lesions at practically every stage of the disease, regardless of the causes causing it, restoring smoothness, elasticity and proper degree of hydration to the skin;
  • to strengthen the body’s weakened natural immunity.

2. Vitamin E

Another Hair Care Panda ingredient is an exceptionally strong and effective antioxidant, which is undoubtedly vitamin E. Looking for information about it, we can come across a more original name, because it is called the “vitamin of youth”. According to experts not only from the world of medicine, but also from the world of cosmetics, this is fully justified, especially when we consider its impact on skin health. As we’ve mentioned, it forms the basis for strong hair, vitamin E makes it properly nourished, moisturised and greased. Almost all natural processes leading to its aging are delayed, and the antioxidant effect helps protect it from the destructive effects of free radicals. Vitamin E, like A, is also dissolved in fats, except that it is mainly stored in the adrenals. Interestingly, unlike many other vitamins, it is virtually impossible to overdose, which of course does not mean that this can be done and it is recommended that you stick strictly to your daily dosages. More harmful is its deficiency, manifesting itself, among other things:

  • weakness and hair loss;
  • various skin diseases, not only acne but also irritation and painful inflammation;
  • anemia.

Vitamin E, also the one that is part of Hair Care Pandais essential to keep our hair smooth, shiny and without split ends. The beneficial effect on the scalp, its better blood supply, in turn, makes it grow faster, much thicker and stronger than before the start of the treatment with these vitamin jellyfish in the shape of nice panda bears.

3. vitamin B3 (niacin)

Also known as vitamin PP, another ingredient directly determining the health and appearance of skin, hair and even nails. It is created as a result of natural synthesis processes in the body, however, most often in insufficient quantities, so it must be additionally supplied from external sources. Its main task is to regulate metabolic processes, including those leading directly to effective fat burning. Lack of this vitamin is mainly visible on the skin, which immediately becomes dry and prone to irritation, infections and inflammation. However, if we provide it in the right recommended doses from 14 to 16 mg per day, we can count on a strong and difficult to damage hair structure based on all adverse external factors. It regains its natural colour and shine, growing from a strengthened and well nourished hair bulb.

4. vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)

A water-soluble vitamin which takes part in the synthesis of hormones such as testosterone or cortisol. It also participates in the synthesis of hair building materials, especially keratin, which forms its strong and damage resistant stem. It is an effective protection of the body against dangerous bacteria and viruses, lowers the level of LDL cholesterol in blood, accelerates the healing of wounds, prevents the processes of skin aging and takes an active part in the regeneration of damaged epidermis. This is also important for hair growth, which, thanks to vitamin B5, retains its natural colour much longer and does not turn grey. In addition, it has a positive effect on our muscles and joints, strengthens our immunity, regulates digestive processes, preventing e.g. indigestion, and helps with sleep disorders.

5. vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)

Another vitamin from the numerous group B is characterized by a very wide range of action, responsible for a multitude of processes constantly running in our body. The most important are those responsible for the functioning of the nervous system, the work of the heart muscle and the production of many hormones important for health. It also participates in the synthesis of haemoglobin and proteins, helping to treat various diseases, atherosclerosis, kidney failure or equally dangerous anaemia. Without it, it would be impossible to transform fats and carbohydrates that provide us with a large daily dose of energy necessary for all forms of activity. Similarly to other vitamins belonging to this group, even the smallest deficiencies can be seen in the form of dull skin prone to allergies and weak hair falling out. That’s why it’s worth delivering it regularly and we’ll quickly feel the positive effects, such as:

  • stopping excessive seborrhoea, which is responsible not only for acne but also seborrhoeic alopecia, caused precisely by too much sebum, which has an adverse effect on hair bulbs and follicles;
  • full and, most importantly, exceptionally effective protection of hair against virtually all external factors. Vitamin B6 will protect them from high humidity, UV radiation and rapid temperature changes;
  • the same level of protection for the scalp, especially against the already mentioned drying out of the scalp, which becomes the cause of dandruff. Pyridoxine is also effective in treating inflammation;
  • No loss of natural hair color, and the Hair Care Panda even allows you to strengthen and enhance it;
  • providing the energy necessary for the proper functioning of hair bulbs and, consequently, for the rapid growth of new hair.

6. Vitamin B12 (cobalamine)

The last of the B vitamins has an extremely complex function in the human body, participating in the synthesis of many proteins and nucleic acids. Its other tasks include producing red blood cells, lowering blood cholesterol levels, preventing heart and circulatory diseases such as atherosclerosis and hepatitis. It also ensures proper functioning of our nervous system, maintaining full efficiency until old age, which minimizes the risk of Alzheimera disease. Lack of vitamin B12 causes anaemia, bad blood supply to the skin on the head automatically means trouble with falling out hair and even a change in its colour, significant brightening. By taking the right dosage, we can count on you to stop this process completely, and your hair will return the beautiful shine, softness and lack of split ends.

7. Zinc and selenium

To keep our hair and scalp healthy, we also need the right minerals, and the two most important are zinc and selenium. We can safely say that we need zinc for our lives, and the consequences of its possible shortage can be tragic. It is a composition of about 200 important enzymes, and its importance for hair, skin or nails cannot be underestimated either. It participates in the process of amino acid metabolism and keratin synthesis, both of which are important building materials for hair. In addition, it allows you to fully control the amount of sebum secreted. Hair Care Panda will also provide us with appropriate doses of selenium, which in turn, thanks to its antioxidant properties, helps to get rid of free radicals. We mention them once again because they represent one of the most serious threats that must not be underestimated. Selenium has a positive effect on the work of the circulatory system, helps to remove toxins from the body, prevents hair and nails from breaking. Let’s make sure to make up for its deficiencies regularly, as they can cause thyroid problems, increased nervousness and other equally unpleasant ailments.

Hair Care Panda – a comprehensive solution to the problem of falling out and weakened hair

Looking at the composition Hair Care PandaWe can come to one conclusion that this is a supplement that offers a comprehensive solution to all hair problems, not just hair loss. An extremely important issue, which is often stressed in the reviews, is the total lack of ingredients of animal origin, making the gels one hundred percent vegan-friendly. Their form is also impressive, moving away from the most sold pills, which frankly everyone has probably had enough of, in favour of gel healthy teddy bears with a fruity taste. This method of effective supplementation of the body immediately gained great recognition among patients all over the world, which translated into the popularity of this and no other supplement. In conclusion, its use is encouraged by its natural composition, without any artificial substances that may cause onerous and sometimes dangerous side effects. Here they do not occur, so you can use Hair Care Panda without any risk, and the recommended dosage is two jellybeans a day, taken directly after a meal. They are suitable for all hair types and are also free of allergens, gluten, lactose and soya beans, and do not contain even traces of nuts that can cause serious allergic reactions.

Hair Care Panda – attractive package packages

Gels can be purchased through the manufacturer’s websiteThe product is a guarantee of fast delivery of the original and fully effective product. It is available at an attractive price, in three packages differing in the number of packages, and one package contains 60 tasty teddy bears, which is sufficient for a whole month of treatment. When placing an order, we can choose from the following packages:

  • Meet Hair Care Panda, one package for 39 €;
  • The most frequently selected, two packages cost 60 €;
  • A comprehensive treatment, a total of four packages, for which we will pay only 108 €.
Hair Care Panda

HairNovum – plant-based tablets to prevent hair loss


Asphyxiation can be treated in two completely different ways, regardless of whether it affects men or women. On the one hand, in the male case, this is a completely natural process, occurring in men of a certain age, with which most of them simply accept the increasing baldness. On the other hand, excessive and usually accelerated hair loss can herald some developing conditions in the body, being an overwhelming symptom. Besides, alopecia itself is also a disease requiring appropriate treatment preceded by a proper diagnosis, which is a task for a doctor or a professional triageologist. It is also worthwhile to prevent its progress by using appropriate drugs or dietary supplements, and one of the best and most effective is HairNovum…with a natural, plant-based composition.

Hair loss – the causes of hair loss

Since alopecia, i.e. excessive hair loss, is a disease, it is necessary to know all its causes, which, contrary to appearances, are not so obvious, before undertaking treatment. Most of us think that if it’s natural, you don’t have to worry too much about it and take proper care of both the hair and the scalp. However, every hair, even the smallest one, needs the right conditions for proper growth and development. Unfortunately, it is not always that simple and gives extremely negative results, causing just fast and intensive alopecia.

Main causes of alopecia, indicated by specialists:

  • the mentioned serious hygienic negligence, lack of frequent head washing with carefully selected, high quality cosmetics, e.g. shampoos against baldness. This causes, among other things, excessive seborrhea, which not only leads to the development of acne changes, but clogged pores also weaken hair and result in hair loss. It is extremely important to choose the right shampoo for your skin and hair type, whether dry or oily;
  • hereditary tendencies, which may seem a little strange, because how can you inherit baldness from your ancestors. However, this is possible, although more than hair loss itself, we inherit skin problems that can lead to this, and research is clear on this point;
  • the way we eat, or, in short, the diet, also having a significant impact on the condition of our hair. We live in a time when most people don’t pay much attention to their meals, contenting themselves with just about anything, usually unhealthy fast food. This is not the right approach, as our hair and scalp need to be properly nourished, provided with the necessary ingredients for their health, and with an appropriate diet we can also effectively avoid obesity and overweight. It is also worthwhile to support oneself with such means as HairNovum, which have all the necessary vitamins and minerals in their composition;
  • diseases whose baldness is a symptom and those that directly cause it. We are talking here about thyroid diseases, very dangerous lupus erythematosus, autoimmune disease, or anaemia also closely related to our diet. Equally frequent causes are diseases affecting the scalp, various types of infections such as fungal or bacterial infections causing the development of inflammation;
  • use of some powerful medications that can also cause hair weakness and loss;
  • hormonal disorders, which causes one of the most frequent causes of alopecia, i.e. transformation of testosterone into DHT, a variety that has a negative impact on the functioning of hair follicles, and in time leads to their complete destruction;
  • states of strong nervous tensions, with stress at the forefront, which when untreated have the same negative effect on our hair. Let’s not underestimate them under any circumstances, because apart from falling out handfuls of hair, we will also have to struggle with insomnia.

HairNovum – natural, vegetable composition of tablets

Of course, we’ve only given some of the reasons why our hair is starting to fall out at an accelerated and sometimes unstoppable rate. However, we recommend that you keep an eye on your body and react immediately if you notice any disturbing changes. If they appear, it means it’s time to apply HairNovuma revolutionary dietary supplement to effectively prevent hair loss. It was developed by Prof. Anthony Bury, a trichologist with great professional experience, who based the action of his tablets exclusively on natural plant-based ingredients. The high and repeatedly confirmed effectiveness of HairNovum results from the use of such active substances as

1. soya bean extract

The first ingredient responsible for restoring full health to our hair is soya bean extract. It is a pod plant, the most widespread in Southeast Asia, valued there for its numerous properties for hundreds of years. Both the kitchen and medicine use its grains, full of nutrients useful not only for hair. It is a rich source of easily assimilated, full-bodied protein, and in addition to it we can find other substances such as:

  • B vitamins, even essential for proper hair growth. They positively influence the development and subsequent functioning of hair bulbs, protect hair against weather conditions and effectively reduce dandruff;
  • lipids, mainly unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic, oleic and a – linolenic;
  • the most valuable phytoestrogens, having, among other things, anti-cancer effects, also preventing the development of skin cancer;

In addition to the beneficial effect on the condition of hair, it is also worth mentioning such pro-health properties of soya, as lowering the level of bad cholesterol in blood, which is of great importance in the treatment and prevention of heart and cardiovascular diseases. In women, on the other hand, soya alleviates all the intense symptoms of menopause, which also have an adverse effect on their hairstyle. It is also worth taking it, also in the form of HairNovum tablets, to strengthen the body’s weakened immunity, thus reducing its susceptibility to various diseases.

2 Wheat grain extract (Triticum)


Another ingredient, also of natural origin, is hidden under the little-known name Triticum, which simply means wheat. There is no denying that extracts made from this variety of grain are commonly used in medicine, so it should not be surprising that they are also found in HairNovum. Practically all its parts are used, not only the grains, but also the sprouts from which a healthy oil is produced, with a large amount of natural vitamin E, also needed by hair and our skin. It moisturizes it from the deepest layers up to the epidermis, restores elasticity, heals inflammation and irritation, improves the action of sebaceous glands, inhibiting excessive sebum secretion, also leading to acne. This creates the perfect environment for new hair, while regenerating the weak and fragile ones. Vitamin E also contains an extremely valuable and unique ingredient, tocopherol, which strengthens blood vessels, enabling proper blood supply to the scalp. This is important for hair growth mainly due to better oxygenation of the hair follicles responsible. The extracts obtained from Triticum also have other proven health properties, preventing and helping to treat the following ailments:

  • too high a level of blood sugar, which they quickly reduce;
  • as high and sometimes life-threatening hypertension;
  • diseases caused by excess stored toxins and other similarly negative metabolic products.

3) Climbazole, or climbazole, a versatile agent

The last active agent found in HairNovum is an ingredient called Climbazole, or climbazole, found in popular hair cosmetics and dietary supplements. Its use is fully justified as it helps to effectively combat many diseases and other ailments occurring in the scalp and hair. It is an organic compound with an antifungal effect and has an extremely wide range of medical applications. It is effective against various species of fungi, the development of which leads to their formation:

  • seborrheic dermatitis, which is the cause of acne and of course hair loss;
  • Dandruff, which not only looks unsightly but also leads to accelerated alopecia.

Climbazoles, contained in the appropriate dose in each tablet inhibits these processes, and its regular supply promotes rapid regrowth of healthy, strong hair.

HairNovum – a comprehensive action for our hair

If you are looking for the right pills for a new, thick hairstyle, it’s worth reaching for HairNovum. Its composition is already a sufficient incentive and the positive effect of each substance contained in it is confirmed by trichologists, specialists such as Professor Bury. Therefore, it is worth trusting their professional experience and taking the regularly recommended dose, the first positive changes will be noticed after just three days of the treatment. Continuing with this will allow you to enjoy strong hair again, achieving hair growth of up to 3 mm in 7 days. Other effects indicated by the patients and the professionals mentioned are

  • virtually a hundred percent stopping hair loss;
  • Faster regeneration of damaged bulbs and hair follicles;
  • normalization of sebaceous glands, which reduces sebaceous secretion;
  • no even the smallest amount of dandruff;
  • Strengthening the hair, nourishing it well, so it grows stronger, thicker and has a deep colour.

Deserved positive feedback from patients fully supports this multifaceted HairNovum action, which you can read more closely about by visiting website its producer. Using it, we will also place an order by simply completing the contact form. All you need to do is to provide your name, surname and contact number, and the other formalities related to the purchase will be dealt with in an interview with a company consultant calling us back. The price of one package is currently promotional, it is only about 33 € and it is worth taking advantage of such an attractive offer, because the joy of a new hairstyle has no price.


Bluronica – anti-wrinkle cream to remove the first signs of skin aging

Caring for the appearance and health of our skin is something that should not be underestimated under any circumstances. Unfortunately, the processes leading to the aging of this natural, external protection of our body are inevitable, as we age. They start relatively early, at around 30 years of age, reaching full intensity after 40 years of age, and we usually accept them, although they can be effectively and significantly inhibited. This is done with properly selected cosmetics, creams, gels or anti-wrinkle ointments, and now there is another product on the market, which is worth using in everyday care of our skin. This is an innovative serum Bluronicabased on natural vegetable ingredients with the addition of hyaluronic acid, which can cope with even the most visible wrinkles.

Skin aging processes – causes and symptoms

As we mentioned in the introduction, skin ageing is a natural and inevitable process, but knowing the causes of it can help prevent it to some extent. The main responsibility for what is said here is the activity of cells, especially fibroblasts, which decreases with age. They are the most important part of our dermis, responsible for the production of collagen, elastin and natural hyaluronic acid. All these substances, in turn, are responsible for the hydration, elasticity and firmness of the skin, and reducing the amount of them automatically has a negative impact on its appearance and health. The symptoms of this are too visible and by looking in the mirror, we can observe:

  • increasing wrinkles, especially mimic ones;
  • different degree of sagging and loss of elasticity of the skin associated with the reduction of collagen levels;
  • the formation of an increasingly thicker horny layer of the epidermis, caused by a decrease in the activity of sebaceous and sweat glands, more and more difficult to remove even with strong peeling creams;
  • discoloration and stains;
  • extremely unsightly spiders caused by increased brittleness and fragility of capillaries.

The acceleration of the skin aging process itself is also caused by hormonal disorders of our body, and sometimes through our fault. We expose it too often to intense sunlight, use the wrong cosmetics, smoke cigarettes. Another equally frequent reason for her loss of health is smog, which practically constantly accompanies us in many Polish cities. However, regardless of the causes that cause our skin problems, the Bluronica is the perfect solution to restore its former shine, dealing with both the causes and symptoms of this adverse process.

Bluronica – a natural, effective and safe component

The basis for the operation of any cosmetic product intended for skin care is its composition, which should absolutely be natural and free of harmful artificial ingredients. The principles of ecology have also reached this industry and more and more people looking for a face cream or serum choose exclusively organic products that are safe to use and have no side effects. In accordance with these principles, the serum composition was composed Bluronicawhich contains a whole range of nutrients that are conducive to the long term health of our skin, of which the most important are:

1. blueberry extract

It is a fruit similar to our native berry, valued in medicine and cosmetics for its rich composition, full of vitamins A, B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9), C, E and PP, minerals: potassium, selenium, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium and calcium. It also contains a large amount of antioxidants that effectively prevent the development of cancer, including skin cancer, and the anthocyanins contained in it effectively inhibit natural aging processes, removing free radicals from the body. Blueberry positively influences the elasticity of blood vessels, thanks to which vitamin A, which is a part of it, is able to intensify the production of collagen, the most important building material of our skin. It also takes care of the right level of elastin, smoothes out wrinkles and moisturizes the skin up to its deepest layers. It is also worth appreciating its slimming properties, allowing to avoid overweight and obesity, as it participates in processes leading to the breakdown and reduction of fat cells.

2. verbena extract

It comes from a popular herb that grows in our country, whose medicinal properties are also determined by its composition, and we find plenty of valuable antioxidant ingredients such as nerol, citral and verbascoside. This extract in the composition of Bluronica was not found by accident, because it has a confirmed antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It allows for thorough cleansing and disinfection of the skin, removal of all dangerous bacteria or fungi, and at the same time acting anti-inflammatory, accelerates healing of wounds, acne changes, abrasions and redness. It removes swelling, e.g. from the face, is perfect for treating stretch marks, relaxes, regulates the level of sebum secretion and restores natural, deep skin tone.

3) Dragon blood resin extract

Obtained from a palm called Calamus Draco, colloquially known as the “dragon spell”. It grows, among other things, in South-East Asia and is valued there for its numerous health-promoting properties, such as accelerating wound healing thanks to taspine and many other equally beneficial alkaloids. Among other things, they take part in the production of collagen, thus preventing the formation of wrinkles, accelerating the processes of skin regeneration, improving its elasticity, brightening any discoloration, eliminating all symptoms of acne, protecting the skin and the whole body from free radicals, helping to maintain full natural immunity.

4. hyaluronic acid

One of the bases for the effectiveness of the Bluronica serum, which is a real breakthrough in the production of cosmetics designed for the care of the face and stopping the changes that appear on the skin caused by the aging process. In the human body it is found, among other things, in the dermis and has the form of sodium hyaluronate, salt, but the older we get, the smaller the amount of it starts to decrease. It is primarily responsible for maintaining the correct level of hydration of all skin layers, but its action can be considered comprehensive, and using it, also in the form of this serum, can achieve the following results:

  • significant reduction of wrinkles, visible already after a relatively short time;
  • Smooth, firm and perfectly nourished skin;
  • reducing all disfiguring stains, discolorations and shadows under the eyes;
  • faster regeneration, healing of wounds, abrasions or other irritations;
  • pulling up and modeling facial contours.

5. glycerine

Its effectiveness in moisturizing the skin can be compared even to that of hyaluronic acid, but this is not the only function it has to perform. It is also characterized by a proven anti-inflammatory effect, soothing irritation and accelerating natural cell regeneration processes. It softens the epidermis and forms a protective layer on it which provides excellent protection against adverse weather conditions, especially low temperatures and moisture. It also enables faster absorption and assimilation of other nutrients contained in the Bluronica serum.

Bluronica – the use and operation of the serum

The use of this cosmetic is the same as many similar ones, it is simply applied directly to the skin, which should be cleaned very thoroughly beforehand. If we don’t do this, we have to count on blackheads, small eczemas as a result of clogging the pores with excess sebum, which can even lead to the development of acne with further neglect of daily hygiene. So take your time, wash your face, neck and décolleté thoroughly, making the active ingredients Bluronica they penetrate the skin better and their effect is more intense. The manufacturer recommends using the serum twice a day, bypassing the eye area, and after its application other cosmetics can be used without any risk, including full make-up. The whole treatment lasts only 30 days and after that time we will be able to enjoy smooth, firm and perfectly moisturized skin, on which we will finally not see any visible signs of ageing.

Bluronica – opinions and buying this revolutionary serum

Among many cosmetics designed for skin care and prevention of all skin ageing processes, Bluronica It stands out so positively that it has almost immediately gained great recognition, also on the market in our country. It’s really nice to read the positive opinions of the women who use it, who, looking in the mirror after these 30 days, can’t be surprised how smooth their skin is, especially on their face and writing in forums:

“I’m just delighted with this new serum, a revelation I haven’t used yet, even though I’m a professional cosmetician. I used it as recommended, and after a month I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror, and my friends were shocked when they saw me. The composition is perfectly matched and there are really no side effects, so I can recommend it with a clear conscience. – Oh, 41 years old.

“I’ve used many types of wrinkle serum, but Bluronica is number one from now on. My problem was furrows and wrinkles around my nose and mouth, so big that no cream wanted to remove them. This serum has only just managed to make my skin smooth and I don’t have any more problems with drying it, thanks to glycerine and hyaluronic acid. It’s worth investing in the skin right now, because then it will cost a lot more. – Martha, 34 years old.

If the composition, multifaceted operation and safety of this serum convinced you to use it, all you have to do is visit its manufacturer’s website and complete the contact form. The attractive, promotional price of one Bluronica package is currently only 35 €, and the delivery details are agreed in an interview with the manufacturer’s consultant calling us back.

Home ways to treat acne – how to beat it without the help of antibiotics

Acne is a disease that almost all of us have encountered in our lives, and its characteristic and often painful symptoms really cannot be underestimated. Nobody is able to ignore the eczemas appearing on the face, starting from the usual small pimples, to extremely unaesthetic, painful purulent pimples or even scars difficult to remove acne. Usually we immediately direct our steps to the nearest pharmacy, buying the strongest anti-acne preparation we can find there. We do not dare to question the effectiveness of most of them, but by using them, we must unfortunately take into account the side effects, which are often more serious for our health than acne itself. If it is not too severe, it is better to rely on other methods, and home acne treatments often prove to be as effective as medication. They have already been used by our mums and even grandmothers and will certainly be able to advise us how to get rid of this dubious decoration of the face, back and décolletage.

Acne – in order to be able to treat it effectively, it is necessary to know the causes of the disease

As we have already mentioned, acne is a disease, not just a cosmetic condition, and like all other diseases, it needs to be properly diagnosed. In most cases we are able to do it ourselves and choose the right treatment methods, but there are also acne varieties that can only be cured by a dermatologist. Until recently, it was believed to be a disease that affects only adolescents and teenagers with a hormone storm that also causes skin problems. In fact, this is usually the case, but more and more often acne lesions are observed in adults, and their treatment is much more difficult. While in the case of teenagers we usually deal with juvenile acne, otherwise known as common acne, associated with excessive production and secretion of sebum, in adults we can encounter completely different types of this disease. Very often it is rosacea, giving very characteristic symptoms in the form of extensive red spots or acne survived, a recurrence of disease from adolescence. Regardless of its type, an absolute basis is the correct recognition of the causes of change.

Acne – the most common causes of facial changes:

  • using the wrong cosmetics and we are talking about the so-called cosmetic acne, which is usually found in women who use cosmetics for make-up, clogging the skin pores and causing the accumulation of large amounts of sebum;
  • genetic conditions, but not acne, but a type of skin prone to excessive sebum secretion;
  • improper diet, not only the cause of overweight and obesity, but also growing skin health problems. Usually we don’t pay much attention to what we eat, contenting ourselves with fast food or other ready-made foods that lack basic nutrients. Lack of vitamins and minerals adversely affects health, as well as hard-to-grasp fatty dishes with a very high glycemic index. If you do not know how a diet can help your skin, you can always seek advice from a dietitian or dermatologist;
  • skin infections, usually bacterial, resulting from e.g. lack of daily hygiene. There’s no denying that busy and busy, we treat our face skin to the touch of a muzzle, washing it with ordinary soap, and not with specially designed cosmetics to maintain its proper pH. Gels or facial soaps must also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so that we not only remove all dangerous bacteria from the skin, but also alleviate painful irritation or redness caused by the developing inflammation;
  • disorders of hormonal economy of the organism, encountered both in teenagers and people over 40 years of age. At this time, women enter the menopause, while men enter the andropause, the effects of which can also be seen in the form of pimples and pustules appearing on the face. Acne at this age no longer surprises anyone, so it is worth taking care of proper levels of the most important hormones, in the case of women it is progesterone and estrogen, and in men these disorders are caused by fluctuations in androgens;
  • dysfunction of sebaceous glands, which, as can be seen from the above examples, is one of the most important causes of acne, regardless of the age of the patient. Our skin, being a natural protective barrier, must be exposed to many unfavourable factors causing sebum secretion problems every day. Its excess leads to clogging of the skin pores, the development of inflammation and the formation of pimples.

Home acne treatments – antibacterial masks made from popular ingredients

With most of the pimples or other pimples on your face, we can handle the masks that we can easily make with the popular ingredients that you will find in any kitchen. These can be e.g. oat flakes, which are mixed with water and honey and are an effective antibacterial therapy. An apple or cucumber mask and honey again, held in the affected areas for about 20 minutes, give similar effects. If we do not mind the smell, we can also use garlic, not for nothing called a natural antibiotic, it is also worth considering the use of baking soda. It should also be mixed with water, and such a mixture should be applied 3 times a week for maximum effectiveness.

Home acne treatments – the power of nature to fight pimples, pustules and blackheads

As can be seen, we do not always have to use strong pharmacological measures based, for example, on effective, but also harmful retinoids or popular antibiotics, which are so readily attributed by specialists. Unfortunately, in most cases they cause quite serious side effects, especially excessive dryness of the skin, its redness and itching, increased sensitivity of the epidermis, and even irritation and erythema. So it is better to save this type of ailments and use other, equally effective, but completely natural methods of coping with changes on the face.

Malcontents are certainly already rubbing their hands in preparation for the conclusion that home acne treatments do not exist, but they do not take into account the fact that they have been dealing with acne in this way for hundreds or even thousands of years before the emergence of these drugs. Nature has shown and continues to show its strength in helping to treat and prevent many diseases, including acne. That is why we draw from it in full handfuls, especially using natural herbarium, all substances with therapeutic properties coming from plants, which are full of our meadows or gardens. They can be used in many different ways, making them masks, infusions, they are also used in cosmetics recommended by specialists for everyday hygiene, especially of the face skin. Unfortunately, we often underestimate this herbal pharmacy, in our opinion completely unjustified, choosing popular pharmaceuticals because of their speed of action. We agree that they can remove pimples faster than preparations based on plant extracts, but it is worth asking ourselves what the price is? It is better to be patient, wait a little longer and get rid of acne lesions without any negative consequences for our health.

Home acne remedies – how to use a natural herbal pharmacy

In the way we take care of our health, we can see a paradox that is incomprehensible to us. On the one hand, most of us know the basic herbs and ailments that can be alleviated or cured by troublesome symptoms, and on the other hand, we ignore this knowledge, reaching almost always for strong pharmacological remedies. However, phytotherapy, because that is what we call herbal medicine, has proven its effectiveness many times and there is really no reason to underestimate it. Treatment of various diseases, including acne with herbs, has its roots back in antiquity, and now, when the period of delight with preparations based on artificial ingredients has passed, it is experiencing its true renaissance.

The name phytotherapy was created by combining and pollinating two Greek words phyton, i.e. plant and therapeu, to cure. In the process of treatment it uses all substances with pro-health properties, contained in many popular plants and not only in herbs. Equally important for our health, including our skin, are fruit and vegetables, which are worth replacing in our diet everything that is unhealthy. However, we are most interested in herbs that can help to get rid of all acne lesions, although most of them are effective also for other ailments, and in our home medicine cabinet should definitely include such three recommended herbs for acne as:

1. marigold

It is a popular plant belonging to the species of asteroid, with orange-yellow flowers emitting a characteristic smell. Its valuable properties are determined primarily by its composition, full of such substances as:

  • saponins, having antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, thus removing most of the harmful pathogenic microorganisms from the skin, while supporting the natural processes of its regeneration;
  • flavonoids, thanks to their diuretic properties, help to cleanse the body of toxins and other metabolic products, also having an anti-inflammatory and circulatory effect;
  • Mucus compounds, another ingredient with anti-inflammatory effect, at the same time a natural antiseptic, also helps to lubricate and properly moisturize the skin;
  • Caretonoids, strong antioxidants fighting dangerous free radicals, accelerating healing of wounds and skin irritations, also delaying the natural ageing processes.

The marigold flower, also called the basket, can be used in many ways, in the form of infusions or as a supplement to cleansing masks. It is also a part of many popular creams, gels and ointments for everyday care of skin prone to acne.

2. trichromatic violet

This colorful flower certainly does not need to be introduced to anyone, it is a popular ornamental plant growing in many gardens, and its valuable properties can not be underestimated. The trichromatic violet, also known as the fraternal violet, is effective against many ailments, which is a direct result of its properties:

  • diuretics that help to get rid of toxins;
  • …detoxifying;
  • which strengthens the walls of blood vessels, which prevents them from cracking;
  • beneficial for metabolism, which is also important in the process of weight loss, facilitating rapid burning of excess body fat.

The substances that we find in its composition will easily cope with most of the acne changes, it also contains saponins described above, mucus compounds and flavonoids, supported by vitamin C and minerals beneficial for the health of the skin. We can also prepare infusions for drinking, masks and, like marigold, we can find it in creams and other cosmetics for various skin types.

3. nettle

Nettle is treated by most of us as an ordinary weed, grubbing it up and not knowing what universal use it has in medicine and not only in natural medicine. It can be safely said that every specialist in home acne treatment recommends using nettle in various forms, not being able to boast of its numerous health properties, emphasizing its action:

  • reducing the level of “bad” LDL cholesterol in the blood;
  • antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, helping to alleviate symptoms and treat all painful redness and irritation of the epidermis;
  • cleansing the skin to its deepest layers thanks to flavonoids, and in addition to them in these green, burning leaves you will also find vitamins: A, B2, B5, K, C, minerals: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sulphur, potassium, silicon and iodine as well as tannins, organic acids (glycol and formic), essential oils, chlorophyll and mineral salts;
  • diuretic, cleansing from toxins;
  • to help treat digestive disorders;
  • It is used as an important ingredient in anti-hair loss preparations.

Due to this comprehensive action, nettle can be safely called a natural antibiotic and is therefore included in the composition of many anti-acne preparations, which are highly effective in treating this disease. Of course, it is not the only ingredient that can improve the condition of our skin, it is also worth taking an interest in dietary supplements that draw strength from such substances as biotin or hyaluronic acid, which contain Royal Skin 500.

Royal Skin 500 – effective supplement for various types of acne and other skin diseases

Royal Skin 500

This dietary supplement can also be successfully used to treat many types of acne, alleviating its symptoms of virtually any degree of severity. In addition Royal Skin 500 goes straight to the source of the problem, the causes causing the disease, which is possible thanks to its well-thought-out composition. The manufacturer decided to use 100% effective and thoroughly tested ingredients, commonly used in many other anti-acne preparations.

Which active substances can be found in the composition of each Royal Skin 500 tablet:

  • Hyaluronic acid, which has already been written about in whole volumes, not only perfectly smoothing the skin, but also helping to remove acne lesions and soothe the accompanying irritation and redness of the skin;
  • Vitamin C, not without reason called a vitamin of health, whose action consists primarily in stopping the unfavourable excessive secretion of sebum on the surface of the skin;
  • Vitamin B7, also called biotin, also blocking too intense seborrhea, one of the causes of acne formation, strengthening and firming our skin;
  • Collagen, by far the most important building block of the skin, gives it elasticity and allows it to be kept until late old age;
  • zinc, one of the most important elements for our health, including the skin, taking part in the processes of its regeneration and helping to heal pimples.

Such a natural, 100% plant composition Royal Skin 500is the best guarantee of its effectiveness and total safety of use, no side effects. The first positive effects of the pills will be noticed after about 4 weeks and the full treatment usually lasts about 6 months. We invite you to visit the manufacturer’s websitewhere you will find detailed information about Royal Skin 500 and you can buy it at an attractive price in several separate packages.

Currently available Royal Skin 500 packages:

  • Start package, one package for 32 €;
  • package Recommended, 3 packages at a price of 56 €;
  • Maximum Effect package, up to 6 packages at a price of 82 €.

Perfect Body Cellulite – can handle even the most severe cellulite

Perfect Body Cellulit

Perfectly smooth and beautiful skin, without even the slightest blemish is a dream of every woman, which is sometimes extremely difficult to realize. Unfortunately, the lifestyle that we lead, improper diet, poorly selected cosmetics or neglect of daily skin hygiene, lead to the formation of adverse changes in the skin, manifested in a variety of ways. These can be not only mundane, but also painful irritations or redness, as well as various types of pimples, pimples or pustules indicating, for example, developing acne. Equally common skin problem in many women is cellulite, usually appearing on the thighs, abdomen or breasts, characteristic, unsightly and visible from a distance changes. Fortunately, you can deal with them quickly, especially when you use the Perfect Body Cellulitea modern supplement recommended by the best specialists in skin diseases.

Cellulit – causes and symptoms

However, before we reach for this sensational and recommended supplement, it is worth knowing what are the causes of the ailment, on which it works, and how its characteristic symptoms look like. There is no denying that cellulite is a disease particularly disliked by women, caused by problems with the proper alignment of fat tissue under the skin. Normally it is smooth, but sometimes it changes so that it starts to exert a strong pressure on the connective tissue, which is manifested by the appearance of the so-called orange peel at first, and then even larger bumps or lumps in the places described above. This disease is unfortunately increasingly common, with studies showing that it affects almost 80 per cent of adult women and about 15 per cent of younger women. Its causes are varied, sometimes difficult to diagnose properly, but specialists most often cite it as the most common:

  • bad diet, too poor in nutrients needed by the body, but full of salt, sugar and highly processed food, which is particularly harmful to health;
  • irregular meal times;
  • disturbances in the hormonal balance of the body manifesting themselves, among others, in the secretion of an increased amount of estrogens in place of the more needed progesterone;
  • sedentary lifestyle and associated lack of physical activity;
  • posture defects;
  • nervous system disorders, especially severe stress;
  • circulatory problems and other cardiovascular diseases, especially lower limb varicose veins;
  • walking around in too tight clothes;
  • smoking large quantities of cigarettes and drinking alcohol;
  • genetic determinants.

The above list can be safely considered as what should be changed immediately in our lives to protect ourselves from cellulite, and its already existing symptoms will quickly remove Perfect Body Cellulite.

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Perfect Body Cellulite – natural 100% plant composition

The effectiveness of dietary supplements and other medical preparations used by us is always determined by their composition, which should be composed of natural, safe substances, preferably of plant origin. It can be said that this is the current trend, which the manufacturer perfectly fits in with. Perfect Body Cellulitein which capsules we will find such natural ingredients as..:

  • green tea extract, valued for its unique health properties, which is increasingly being replaced by other species. The advantages of green tea and its beneficial effect on our body could be written about for hours, so it is worth emphasizing its composition. In these small green leaves you will find a wealth of nutrients, vitamins and other substances, which also have an effect on the skin: A, B, C, D, E, minerals: zinc, calcium, copper, potassium and polyphenols, i.e. strong antioxidants, protecting against the negative influence of free radicals, inhibiting the aging process of the skin. Green tea takes an active part in the process of fat metabolism, on the one hand inhibiting their absorption, and on the other hand helping to get rid of those already stored in the body;
  • bitter orange fruit extract containing synerphin, a natural alkaloid classified as one of the most effective substances with thermogenic properties, accelerating fat burning. Synephrine takes part in the processes of thermogenesis and lipase, the first of which is responsible for rapid burning and reduction of fat cells, and the second helps to get rid of all excess calories, including those affecting the formation of cellulite;
  • Cayenne paprika fruit extract, positively affecting our health thanks to the content of another alkaloid, capsaicin, with a characteristic pungent taste. The capsaicin also contains a number of nutrients necessary for the skin, large amounts of vitamin A, B and C, minerals, iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium. Thanks to this, Cayenne paprika extract effectively protects the body against dangerous cardiovascular diseases, regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood, thanks to the presence of free radicals it protects against cancer. It also accelerates metabolism, so we quickly burn fats, removes dangerous toxins and other metabolic products, which can also cause cellulite;
  • Grape seed extract, another ingredient that helps to keep skin healthy for a long time, commonly used e.g. in anti-acne preparations. It contains some of the strongest natural antioxidants, oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC), protecting proteins, lipids and even DNA from the adverse effects of free radicals. They positively influence the connective tissue of the skin, protecting it against stretch marks, wrinkles and cellulite. Grape seed extract also improves microcirculation by expanding and strengthening the blood vessels responsible for this;
  • Nettle extract, another herb used both in the treatment of various skin diseases and in their effective prevention. Its composition, full of vitamins, is conducive to this: B1, C, E and K, minerals, led by silicon, manganese, phosphorus and calcium, so it is recommended between acne changes and cellulite. It is characterized by anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, accelerating wound healing, removes all toxins from the body, other by-products of metabolism and excess water, which is a serious problem for many women;
  • additional, increased doses of vitamin C and E, the first of which positively affects the increase in production and absorption of collagen, one of the most important building blocks of the skin, improving its elasticity and smoothness. The latter effectively inhibits the growth of fat cells, while taking part in the processes leading to their rapid decomposition.

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Perfect Body Cellulite – on which we can count the operation of it

Among many preparations available on our market to support the treatment of cellulite, Perfect Body Cellulite stands out not only because of its composition, but also because of its highest effectiveness and speed of action. Its natural plant composition is at the same time completely safe, does not cause any side effects, except when someone is simply allergic to one of the ingredients of the supplement. You can count on the highest effectiveness, especially when combined with other external methods of cellulite removal, such as peeling with the use of natural cosmetics containing coconut oil or honey. In this way, we remove the external symptoms of the disease, and Perfect Body Cellulite cures its causes from the inside of the body until it reaches a perfectly smooth, velvety skin to the touch. Such results will be achieved by taking the recommended dose of 1 capsule a day, the first effects of its action will be visible already after about 2 – 3 weeks, but the whole treatment should be continued for at least another 3 months.

Perfect Body Cellulite – Opinions and possibility to buy the product

From the date of its introduction on the market Perfect Body Cellulite deservedly enjoys the excellent opinions of numerous specialists in skin diseases and women who use it. Its innovative, but also safe and natural composition is praised, and its effects have also been confirmed by clinical trials. Patients equally often emphasize the speed of action and visible reduction of cellulite after just a few weeks of using the supplement, excellent hydration of the skin from the epidermis to its deepest layers, and even reducing the circumference of thighs or hips, writing about it in the same positives on discussion forums.

If such an action of Perfect Body Cellulite can be undoubtedly considered comprehensive, then it is worth to visit it immediately its manufacturer’s websitewhere we are able to place an order for any number of packages. We will pay 35 € for one of our 30 capsules, but it will be much more profitable to take advantage of the current price promotions, which will allow us to buy Perfect Body Cellulite bulk packages at a lower price:

  • Good Look, 3 packages for which we will pay 56 €;
  • Bye Bye Cellulite, 6 packages, currently offered for only 79 €.

The shipment is shipped immediately after the order is placed, in a discreet package, with the guarantee of always receiving an original and 100% effective product, for which you can also pay by credit card or on delivery.

Herbs for acne – natural methods of dealing with eczema

Pimples, pustules or pimples appearing on the face, all these unaesthetic skin lesions that indicate developing acne, require effective treatment that gives back a perfectly smooth, healthy complexion. Most often we decide on a pharmacological treatment, which gives the expected results quickly, but with many side effects at the same time. Not everyone can easily endure the effects of strong antibiotics, which ends up with irritation or redness of the epidermis, and in extreme cases even a strong allergic reaction. Therefore, it is worth considering a different way of getting rid of eczema, taking advantage of what nature gives us, which is the power of herbs that help equally effectively cure acne and almost any other skin disease.

Herbal treatments – undeniable benefits for the health of our skin

The importance of herbs for our health really must not be underestimated, and their use in natural medicine in general goes back thousands of years. They are commonly used to make many medicinal preparations, the effectiveness of which is equal to that of even some of the currently produced drugs, composed exclusively of artificial ingredients. This is influenced by the abundance of nutrients that contain particular species of herbs, including those used for acne. Although they may differ significantly from each other, in most of them we will find such valuable ingredients as..:

  • large amounts of vitamins, without which there is no question of healthy, firm and smooth skin. Vitamins also have a beneficial effect on the overall health of the body by supporting the treatment of various diseases on an equal footing with, for example, the use of pharmaceuticals;
  • Azulenes, substances characterized by anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, thanks to which even large purulent pimples heal quickly;
  • Tannins and flavonoids, the first to help combat most of the bacteria on the surface of the skin, and the second to accelerate the processes of its natural regeneration;
  • saponins, accelerating and facilitating absorption of all other nutrients supplied to the body, also acting anti-inflammatory and antibacterial;
  • mucous substances, which lubricate the skin, prevent its excessive dryness and, similarly to azulenes, have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Herbs for acne – which of them are recommended by doctors and pharmacists?

There are many herbs that can prevent the formation of acne lesions and help in their treatment, but before we decide to use one of them, it is worth to thoroughly learn about its action and possible contraindications. Herbs for acne should also be selected according to the type of this disease, others for hormonal acne, most commonly found in adolescents, and others for rosacea, particularly difficult to cure. There are many advantages of such a natural treatment, but a few of them should convince us to use it immediately:

  • 100% naturalness of the treatment method, in most cases without any risk of complications;
  • quick removal of all disfiguring eczemas from the skin, regardless of their severity;
  • regain a healthy appearance, firmness, smoothness and natural colour of the skin.

If you do not know what herbs to use, you can always consult a doctor or pharmacist in the nearest pharmacy, or just ask your mother or grandmother, who certainly used them themselves in their youth. However, there are several plants with the highest treatment efficacy, and the most popular, worthy of immediate use is:

Marigold – yellow flowers effective not only in the treatment of acne

The first acne herb to be found in the garden or meadow is the marigold flowers with their characteristic yellow colour. Among other herbs commonly used in natural medicine, they are distinguished by their versatility of use, not only in the removal of acne lesions. Most of the active agents that make it possible are found in the petals of calendula, and these are primarily substances such as:

  • Vitamin C, full of antioxidants, without which we cannot dream of smooth skin without eczema. The most effectively inhibits all natural aging processes of the skin, removes free radicals from it, restores the lost color, eliminating discolorations. It protects against the effects of solar radiation and supports the production of skin substances, including the most important collagen;
  • saponins and mucous membranes described above;
  • flavonoids, which help to remove toxins from, inter alia, the liver,
  • Caretonoids, next antioxidants, which additionally improve the functioning of the immune system, which is also responsible for protecting the skin against acne.

Marigold is most often used in the form of ointments or creams, which can be easily bought in beauty and herbal shops. It is also a component of cosmetics, tonics, soaps and face wash gel, and their delicacy makes them suitable for practically every skin type, rarely causing adverse allergic reactions.

Trichromatic violet – suitable for all types of acne

Another herb worth recommending is certainly the three-coloured violet, also known under the more popular name Bratka. These colorful flowers, also growing in our gardens, have many medicinal properties, demonstrating their effectiveness in treating diseases such as inflammation, hypertension, or rheumatic pains, a common joint disease. Again, the composition favors this composition, which, in addition to a large amount of vitamin C and minerals, we can also find substances with antioxidant properties, particularly beneficial bioflavonoids and carotenoids. Its effect on acne, in turn, boils down to cleansing the body of toxins deposited in it by accelerating metabolic processes. It also has a cleansing effect on the skin, reducing excessive seborrhoea, one of the most frequent causes of pimples, disinfecting, helping in the treatment of irritation, antibacterial and antifungal. After the application of the wrap or regular drinking of the infusions made from its flowers 2 – 3 times a day, the skin is not only cleansed, but also as smooth as before the appearance of acne symptoms.

Aloe vera – healing power hidden in thick leaves

Equally popular in acne treatment and alleviation of its effects is aloe vera, whose characteristic, fleshy leaves are full of juice rich in vitamins from groups: A, B, C and E and minerals essential for the health of the skin: iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium. In addition, the juice also contains numerous amino acids, organic acids, especially malic, citric, cinnamon and amber, polysaccharides and polypeptides. These substances are present in perfectly matched proportions, in the form most easily assimilated by the body, thanks to them aloe vera juice has such a versatile medical use and shows the following effects, among others:

  • anti-inflammatory and antibacterial;
  • It moisturizes the skin from the epidermis to its deepest layers and soothes all rednesses and irritations;
  • brightens acne scars and discolorations;
  • inhibiting excessive sebum secretion;
  • which significantly inhibits the processes of skin aging and accelerates its regeneration at the same time.

Aloe mask can work real miracles, but before applying it it is worth checking on a less exposed piece of skin, if it does not cause an allergic reaction, which is unfortunately sometimes encountered in the case of this plant.

Nettle – invariably the best for health and improved skin appearance

Nettle, which grows commonly on meadows and often also in our gardens, is usually treated as a weed without even knowing what valuable health properties it has. It seems to us that it can only cause painful blisters and skin irritations when in fact it is able to significantly improve its appearance, making it easier to get rid of most acne lesions. This is due to its rich composition, and in these smoky green leaves we can find among others:

  • vitamins: A, B2, C, E, K;
  • minerals: magnesium, iron, silicon, calcium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus;
  • lecithin, formic acid, phytosterols and natural silica.

Thanks to this composition, nettle stands out particularly well from other herbs for acne, acting anti-inflammatory, accelerating the healing of wounds and eczemas or reducing existing acne scars. There are many ways to use it, but it is best to use the products included in its composition, not only cosmetics for daily skin care, and the obvious benefits of its use will also feel our hair, which will become thick, strong, perfectly nourished from the bulbs to the ends and stop falling out. We can also count on the strengthening of the nails, which in turn will cease to be brittle and brittle.

Royal Skin 500 – number one in acne treatment

Royal Skin 500

Of course, herbs are not the only ingredients that positively affect the condition of our skin, it is also worth using a comprehensive supplement, not only treating acne, but also giving the skin exceptional smoothness and elasticity. It is Royal Skin 500, characterized by the highest proven effectiveness and carefully selected composition, in which we can find among others:

  • Vitamins C and B7, which is biotin. The first will relieve all possible inflammation, usually unavoidable in the case of acne changes appearing on the face, and the second will effectively reduce sebum secretion and skin pores will not clog;
  • Hyaluronic acid, which was a real hit not only in cosmetics, but also in medicine, soothing inflammation and smoothing the skin at a rate that no other substance had ever provided before;
  • collagen, which is one of the building blocks of the skin, and here you will find its easily assimilable marine variety;
  • zinc, an effective antioxidant that inhibits the natural ageing processes of the skin and free radicals, the cause of many serious diseases.

Royal Skin 500 can be safely considered the number one in the treatment of acne, and the positive opinions we can find on it, fully confirm all the effects of the action. Regular use of only 2 tablets a day allows 100% of all skin lesions to be eliminated, and the first results can be seen after just 3-4 weeks of treatment. Continuing the treatment for the next few months results in a completely cured, perfectly smooth complexion, which in the case of women will regret to hide under makeup.

Royal Skin 500- as easy to buy as possible

We will buy the supplement from its manufacturer, the cost of one package is only 32 €. However, on websitewhere you can also place an order, you will always find attractive price promotions, collective packages giving us a stock of Royal Skin 500 sufficient for the entire treatment, consisting of three or even six packages.

Royal Skin 500

Acne – causes, symptoms and most commonly used treatments

One of the most troublesome and difficult to cure skin diseases is undoubtedly acne, all these unaesthetic pimples appearing most often on the face or décolletage, and even the back. Acne affects us regardless of age, although until recently it was considered to be a typical adolescent disease, affecting mainly teenagers, whose organisms during this period of life are raging with a real storm of hormones. Surveys estimate that as many as 80 percent of the population have suffered or still suffer from it. Unfortunately, acne treatment is not easy and requires not only patience, but its basis is to properly diagnose the causes and type of this disease and only then can you choose a properly effective treatment.

Acne – diverse and difficult to diagnose causes of the disease

It is difficult to unequivocally determine the causes of acne, so many different factors can cause it. They vary depending on the type of disease, its severity or the age of the patient, but in most cases they are caused by the disease:

  • malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands, which play an extremely important role in protecting the skin against adverse external factors, moisture, temperature changes and dryness due to exposure to sunlight. The sebum they produce, which is a special secretion, is used for this purpose, but the process of its production is sometimes disturbed. Sebum starts to be secreted in too much quantities, it also reacts chemically with anaerobic bacteria, clogging the gland outlet and quickly forming large lumps, pustules and even purulent pimples;
  • hormonal changes, most severe not only during puberty but also during menopause, when usually after 40 years of age the second wave of these serious disorders begins in the body. When we are teenagers, increased production of hormones, including sex hormones, can adversely affect the condition of our skin, on which eczema begins to appear. In women this is achieved by a decrease in progesterone and estrogen levels, usually before menstruation, and in men by the action of androgens, which have a significant effect on the functioning of sebaceous glands. In old age, this also occurs through disorders of the hormonal balance of the body, most often in response to severe stress or natural aging processes, resulting in increased levels of cortisol secretion, which also increases the production of sebum;
  • bacterial infection of the skin, which we usually owe ourselves, simply by neglecting personal hygiene. It is recommended to wash the skin of the face, neck and décolletage daily with mild agents, liquids or gels with antibacterial and anti-acne properties. Negligence in this area leads to the uncontrolled development of anaerobic bacteria in the sebaceous glands. Equally frequent cause of acne are also fungi and infection with other types of bacteria such as staphylococcus or streptococcus, which is particularly dangerous and requires specialized treatment, even in hospital conditions;
  • genetic conditions causing not only the inheritance of acne itself, because it is simply impossible, but also the tendency to over-activate sebaceous glands and secretion of sebum. It happens more and more often nowadays, in more than 50 percent of diagnosed cases of acne;
  • a poor diet that also leads to overweight and obesity, and what we eat has a direct impact on the condition of our skin. Too fatty, full of preservatives and high glycemic index food may cause acne lesions, so such products should be replaced with their healthier counterparts. The anti-acne diet should be full of valuable nutrients, vegetables, fruits, poultry instead of red meat and legumes.

Most common varieties of acne

As in the case of many other ailments, also here we can safely say that acne acne unequal to acne and we can encounter many types of this disease. In order to recognize them correctly, it is worth to familiarize yourself with what causes acne, but a better and more reliable diagnosis will certainly be made by a specialist doctor and on this basis will order the treatment. Acne varieties depend, among other things, on the age of the affected person and another will occur in the aforementioned teenagers, another in adults.

Acne cultivar – see what you have:

  • Youthful acne, also known as common acne, as its name suggests, is found in teenagers for whom it becomes a real nightmare, causing not only physical changes in their appearance, but also mental. Pimples on a young person’s face are a reason for at least deep frustration, sometimes even falling self-esteem, and in extreme cases even for serious depression. Excessive secretion of hormones also affects the level of sebum secretion, which leads to a large number of eczemas, which either disappear automatically after a few years, or require treatment. However, they must not be removed mechanically, i.e. squeezed out, as they may leave clear and permanent acne scars;
  • acne vulgaris, characterized by purulent pimples and even large cysts that in extreme cases may cause facial features to deform. This type of acne is also one of the most difficult to treat, its origin is affected by inflammation developing in deep layers of skin, and squeezing out these eczemas can have consequences in the form of infection, dangerous even for life;
  • Scarring acne, in the course of which, in addition to pimples, tumors appear on the skin resembling hard scars of irregular shape. They are usually located around the neck and usually occur together with acne ropoietic;
  • concentrated acne, one of the most severe forms of acne, which in most cases only men suffer from, characterised by extremely large eczema in the form of purulent cysts under the armpits and in the groin. They are not only painful, but after healing almost always leave scars that sometimes require laser or surgical removal;
  • acne lightning, another of its heavy varieties, and what’s worse, not fully recognized causes. The most common is the disruption of our immune system caused by the dangerous bacteria Propionibacterium acnes. The disease has an extremely turbulent course, and the emerging changes, again purulent infiltrations, can even cause hemorrhagic necrosis, which, combined with other equally dangerous symptoms, threatens the life of the patient;
  • rosacea, in the course of which, in addition to the foot-and-mouth disease, erythema appears on the face which may include a significant part of it. It may sometimes disappear, but it returns again under the influence of high temperature, e.g. after drinking something hot. Rosacea is caused by bacterial infection, the mentioned hormonal changes or various allergies, including food allergies.

Acne treatment – what recommended methods should be used for this purpose?

As you can see, there are many types of acne, which is why its treatment is so complicated. There are just as many ways we can do this, but it is worth checking beforehand whether they will really work. The most popular are, of course, home acne treatments, widely known and appreciated for decades, using primarily the power of nature, herbs commonly used in the treatment of skin diseases. Among other things, extracts from such plants as marigold, trichromatic violet, nettle with exceptionally rich composition and health properties, lime blossom soothing irritation, medical resuscitation full of allantoin, aloe vera accelerating wound healing or exotic but extremely effective sarsaparilla are used.

Of course, it is also possible to use for this purpose pharmacological agents, drugs usually prescribed by a dermatologist, containing active agents that are usually strong antibiotics, treating inflammations of the skin. Unfortunately, their high effectiveness is usually accompanied by a large number of side effects, and the largest can be caused by such substances as limecycline, benzoyl peroxide or extremely potent retinoids. Therefore, it is better to avoid them, especially since natural preparations, free from these harmful chemical compounds, turn out to be equally effective, and one of the most frequently recommended by specialists is Royal Skin 500.

Royal Skin 500

Royal Skin 500 – natural composition 100% safe for health

The biggest and undeniable advantage Royal Skin 500The composition in which we can find only safe substances with no side effects, commonly used not only in natural medicine. These are the ones that decide about the effectiveness for almost every type of acne, independently also from the severity of the illness.

Which active ingredients can be found in every Royal Skin 500 tablet:

  • Hyaluronic acid, the best way to achieve a perfectly smooth skin without even the slightest spots or pimples, perfectly levelling out any imperfections;
  • zinc, one of the elements demanded by our skin, having in its composition antioxidants necessary for health, removing free radicals, which are the cause of, among other things, life-threatening cancers. It also helps to heal abrasions, wounds and extremely troublesome purulent eczema;
  • Vitamin C, l-ascorbic acid, probably the most important vitamin affecting many aspects of health of our body. In this case, it is responsible for stopping the oxidation of sebum on the surface of the skin, which often results in unsightly and painful pimples;
  • Vitamin B7, called the vitamin of youth, counteracts the processes of oily skin;
  • collagen, a substance corresponding to the structure of many tissues of the human body, including the skin, thanks to which it retains its firmness until late old age.

Royal Skin 500- deliver exactly what you expect from your patients

Royal Skin 500

So why poison our body with destructive chemistry, which carries with it health consequences that are difficult to predict, when is the Royal Skin 500which, practically since its appearance on the market, has gained recognition among people struggling with acne. It works from the first dose, which is only two tablets a day, and the effects of the treatment will be visible after just four weeks. The skin becomes visibly smoother, most of the disfiguring spots disappear instantly, all thanks to the fact that Royal Skin 500 not only removes external symptoms, but also addresses the very cause of acne lesions.

Opinions about him are not only positive, but also enthusiastic, so it is worth to start fighting with your pimples and order a supplement directly from his manufacturer. He is praised by specialists, who emphasize speed of action and patients, who are finally free of pimples and can show their faces without shame.

Royal Skin 500 – where and for how much you can buy it

The cost of purchasing the packaging, sufficient for one month of treatment, is 32 €, but in our opinion Royal Skin 500 is worth every price. We also recommend to secure the amount of it necessary to complete the entire treatment and buy collective packages, three or as many as six packages, for which we pay 56 and 82 € respectively. As you can see, the savings are obvious and we will be able to rest assured that no more uninvited guests will appear on our skin.

Royal Skin 500

Here you can buy Royal Skin 500 at the best price

Happy Smile – a beautiful smile with cosmetic tooth implants

One of the things that arouses our immediate sympathy for other people is their sincere, broad smile, which usually heralds a great sense of humor and cheerfulness. Unfortunately, we regret to note that many people simply do not smile, even when it is necessary and their attitude indicates that they feel embarrassed. The reason for this is usually a problem with the teeth, namely its deficiencies requiring immediate restoration. Loss of a tooth, especially troublesome in the case of those in the front, usually means long and painful treatment, insertion of expensive implants or ordering complete, equally expensive prostheses. Fortunately, there is a faster and cheaper solution, which is worth using, which are temporary cosmetic dental implants Happy Smile.

How to take care of your teeth so that they don’t fall out

Teeth have to fulfil not only a purely aesthetic function, being an indispensable attribute of our beauty. Their basic, most important task is to grind food, and our teeth have evolved into four separate, specialized groups:

  • 4 claws for shredding large pieces of food;
  • Eight incisors that we bite with;
  • 8 premolars for chewing and crushing;
  • 12 molar teeth, including the famous eights, called the teeth of wisdom, also crushing and crushing what we eat.

In total, therefore, we have 32 permanent teeth, which grow after the loss of so-called milkers during childhood, and we should take care of them throughout our lives, and compliance with the basic principles of oral hygiene must even become our habit. Daily brushing, using the right choice of toothbrushes, high quality toothpaste and mouthwash will help to avoid many ailments resulting in tooth loss, such as:

  • Gum disease, which causes the weakening of the tissue that forms them;
  • periodontosis, inflammation of the periodontium, caused by bacteria that gradually expose the dental cervixes and may even cause gum atrophy;
  • the build-up of tartar;
  • caries, the biggest enemy of our teeth, a disease that we ourselves are most often guilty of, eating in the wrong way, eating too much sweets, quickly leading to demineralization, i.e. damage to the enamel.

Unfortunately, the constant lack of time makes us forget about proper dental care, so it is worth having Happy Smile on standby to save our smile from a real, image catastrophe.

Happy Smile – Instant assistance at a low price

There is no denying that a visit to a dentist’s office is not the cheapest, and the cost of inserting one dental implant can reach several hundred euros. Unfortunately, most of these types of procedures are not refunded, so more and more people willingly accept the gaps in their teeth. This becomes a cause of increasing stress, closeness to oneself, unwillingness to socialize with other people, caused, among other things, by problems with speaking clearly. This is what we recommend to them Happy SmileIt allows you to make up for all your deficiencies in a short period of time without exposing yourself to pain and high expenses. This solution may seem surprising at first, but there is no risk here, and Happy Smile is also praised by specialists, dentists, who recommend these implants to their patients.

Happy Smile – Precise fitting implants

The method of performing temporary cosmetic implants with the use of Happy Smile set is very simple and without any major problems everyone can cope with it on their own, using the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The set includes special granules made of 100% health safe, non-toxic, plastic material and tools used by dentists to form and place the implant in the right place. The preparation of the implant will take very little time and it is enough to stick to a strictly defined sequence of its preparation:

  1. Pour a measured portion of granules into warm, but not hot water, which softens them and gives them appropriate plasticity to facilitate shaping.
  2. After the granules have softened, we form them into an implant matching the size of the gap between the teeth, while adjusting its shape to the shape of the remaining teeth.
  3. We leave it to dry and harden completely, which takes only a few minutes.
  4. If you make a mistake, you don’t have to throw the implant away, just put it back in warm water, wait until it softens and give it the desired shape again.
  5. A ready-made implant gets stuck between adjacent teeth and this is what keeps it in the right place.

One package Happy Smile It is sufficient to prepare up to 10 implants and the product is intended exclusively for use by adults and is not recommended for children. When using it, one should remember to observe a few important safety rules, such as not placing two implants next to each other, one should be careful while eating, especially when eating hot food or drinks. The implant must also be removed overnight to avoid accidental swallowing or choking.

Happy Smile – advantages highlighted by users and professionals

Happy Smile is a novelty on the Polish market, which has already gained recognition and good opinions, issued not only by the people using it, but also by numerous, mentioned specialists. Among all the practically undisputed advantages, they emphasize, among other things:

  • perfect, radiant smile, finally without disfiguring, unsightly cavities;
  • 100% safety of use, no toxic components in the granules that could cause allergic reactions and health hazards;
  • simplicity of implantation, clearly and transparently described in the manual, which is also facilitated by the attached specialist tools;
  • no need for a stressful visit to the dentist, which of course we do not advise against, because you should check your teeth regularly to avoid the problems described above;
  • the price, much lower than the cost of dental implants, and the lack of pain associated with their placement.

This is confirmed by the opinions of satisfied customers, willing to share their experiences with Happy Smile on the Internet, writing in a definitely positive tone:

“I like to ride a bicycle and at the same time I like to take an accident easily and unfortunately in one of the falls I knocked out the two on the left. When I looked in the mirror, I was in black despair, and even more so when I heard from my dentist how much it would cost to insert a tooth. I limited my contacts with my friends to a minimum, I didn’t talk much at work either, until my friend showed me an Happy Smile advertisement and it turned out that he uses it himself and the implant was such that it couldn’t be distinguished from the original teeth. I ordered, picked up the package, practiced how to do it and finally got my two back. I recommend it.” – Arthur, 43 years old.

Happy Smile – where to buy it

If this information and feedback has convinced you to use Happy Smile, you can buy it directly from the manufacturer and place your order through the manufacturer. website. All you need to do is fill in the form below, choose the payment method that suits you, either in advance or on delivery, and the price of one package, the Start program, is only €40. However, it is better to take advantage of the promotions currently on offer and order one of the collective packages, which allow you to reduce the cost of purchase:

  • Program Recommended, 2 packages plus one free of charge for 80 €;
  • Maximum Effect program, where we get a total of 6 packages at a price of only 129 €.

Delivery is realized immediately after placing an order, Happy Smile comes to us in a discreet package, and the product can also be ordered by phone, calling the phone number given on the website.

Collagen Select – Wrinkles on the face will only be a memory

collagen select

Proper, systematic care of one’s appearance should not be accidental in any case and one should always approach this issue in a comprehensive way. Practically all body parts require our attention, and the indicator of beauty, distinguishing us from the environment is not only a slim silhouette, but also firm, free of wrinkles and even gushing with health skin. Its care is our duty and we are talking here primarily about everyday hygiene, with the use of the best cosmetics and preparations of proven effectiveness, and such certainly include Collagen Select. It is a modern, recommended especially for women dietary supplement to drink, based on natural ingredients, thanks to which the skin will gain a look that we could only dream of so far.

How to care for your skin at any age

The skin, especially on the face, has a strictly defined protective function, but in order for this barrier to be fully effective, it must be taken care of from the deepest layers to the epidermis. There is no denying that everyone would also like to boast a perfectly smooth complexion, without the slightest trace of eczema, acne lesions and especially unsightly wrinkles, unfortunately inevitable with age. Gradually, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and firmness, becoming flabby, but it is only up to us to stop this process quickly and effectively. First of all, we need to answer the question of what factors have the most adverse effect on its condition, there can be many reasons for this, and among the most important it is worth mentioning:

  • hygienic negligence, resulting, among other things, from the use of cosmetics inappropriate to the pH of the skin, which may cause redness, swelling, and Collagen Select is devoid of irritant ingredients and therefore completely safe to use;
  • exposing the face, and not only the face, to intense sunlight, the biggest enemy of the skin due to the high level of UV radiation;
  • inappropriate methods of removing acne lesions and other eczemas, most often mechanical extrusion, which may have serious health consequences, the emergence of inflammatory conditions difficult to heal, resulting in scars that need to be removed by laser;
  • bad diet, adversely affecting the state of the skin, which is full of such harmful products as large amounts of salt, fats, excess carbohydrates or stimulants, especially alcohol. Smoking cigarettes is also harmful, as the skin becomes gray and loses its inner radiance.

Dozens of such adverse factors could be mentioned, but the worst is that most of them also cause the loss of the natural building material of our skin, collagen, one of the most important elements forming the human body.

Collagen Select – allows you to effectively replenish collagen deficiency

Our skin ages with us and with the progress of years its elasticity decreases, which is directly related to the falling amount of collagen in the body. It is the most common connective tissue in our body, and its main part is protein, which can be boldly called unique, responsible also for the construction of the dermis. Unfortunately, the human body produces collagen naturally only until a certain age, and studies have shown that the decline is clearly visible after only 30 years of age, and after 60 – 70 production stops almost completely. Although this is an unavoidable process, it can be largely halted by the use of Collagen SelectIt will help to keep your skin healthy and youthful for a long time to come.

Collagen Select – natural, safe composition

There are many supplements designed to rebuild collagen fibers in the skin, but Collagen Select stands out not only because of its high effectiveness, but also because of its carefully selected and, most importantly, natural composition. It contains not one or two, but nine active substances that act in a complex way, such as:

  • Verisol® collagen hydrolysate, a unique ingredient patented by the manufacturer, which is an exceptionally easily assimilated collagen of the latest generation. Its Bioactive Collagen Peptides® molecules are smaller than normal collagen molecules and can easily reach the deepest layers of the skin, improving skin firmness, reducing wrinkles and accelerating wound healing;
  • Moldovan beekeeping extract DracoBelle™ Nu, another revolutionary substance, also the result of the latest advanced research conducted in the company’s laboratories. It works on the principle of similarity to natural processes occurring in the human body, so called caloric restriction, counteracting aging of the skin, increasing its elasticity and density;
  • biotin, vitamin B7, also called H, is particularly important for healthy skin, and its deficiencies immediately manifest themselves as dryness and change of skin tone;
  • riboflavin, vitamin B2, which has a significant impact on the proper functioning of the entire body, strengthens the immune system and thus protects us against serious diseases, including skin diseases;
  • niacin, vitamin B3, with the most beneficial effect on the skin, moisturizing and allowing to deal with all unsightly, often painful acne lesions;
  • Vitamins A and C;
  • mineral complex, headed by zinc, helping to maintain the proper structure of our skin, treating the above mentioned symptoms of acne. Collagen Select also contains copper that increases skin elasticity and firmness, reduces wrinkles, regenerates the epidermis and counteracts natural ageing processes.

Collagen Select – action and dosage of the supplement

The supplement is intended for women who with age have observed the above described changes in the appearance of their skin. Collagen Select can help with many of these ailments, and its action comes down primarily to..:

  • a reduction in visibility and, in many cases, even the complete elimination of emerging wrinkles, as shown by studies by an average of 32 per cent;
  • stimulation of collagen production, increase its level by 56% and elastin by more than 18% and an equally rapid increase in connective tissue;
  • to increase the elasticity, elasticity and density of the skin and to improve its hydration;
  • taking care of the appearance and health of hair and nails. Hair regains its natural vitality and proper, deep colors, and the nails with regular use of Collagen Select stop splitting.

An important advantage, emphasized by both consumers and numerous specialists, is the form of the supplement itself, available not in the form of cream, gel or tablets, but tasty, easy to prepare beverage. It has a wonderful tropical taste, which will surely appeal to every lady, and its preparation comes down only to dissolving 200 ml of the supplement in still water, preferably in healthy mineral water. It is also important to note that, as we have already mentioned, it is completely safe and will not cause any side effects. The first effects will be visible after about 2 months, but the whole treatment is better to continue until fully satisfactory results are obtained, taking only one recommended dose of Collagen Select daily.

Collagen Select – opinions of satisfied users and specialists

Such spectacular effects as the application of the Collagen SelectThe opinions of not only the people using it, but also the specialists fully confirm the opinions of the people using it. Quickly and effectively rejuvenates the skin together with everyday care cosmetics, and the comments that can be found on the Internet, show it in a definitely positive light. Specialists in skin problems have a similar opinion, and women who are satisfied with the effects of the action write, among other things, yes:

“For me it’s a revelation, not only that I have a delicious, refreshing drink, but I also find everything my skin needs to finally regain full health and the shine that my husband likes so much. I recommend it!!!!!” – Ala, 46 years old.

Such positive feedback is, in our opinion, the best incentive to buy, and Collagen Select can be bought directly from its manufacturer, through website. It is worth placing an order there and the cost of one package containing enough supplement for one month of treatment is 59 €. You can also buy collective packages at an attractive, promotional price:

  • Standard, where we get the third one free of charge for two ordered packages, paying only 118 €;
  • Optimal, composed of as many as six packages at a price of 177 €.

ÉleverLash- revolutionary thickening and thickening of eyelashes

Every woman would like to delight in her comprehensive beauty, attracting the jealous eyes of other ladies and full of delight men. We did not accidentally use the comprehensive word here, because our whole appearance consists of many equally important factors that we have to take care of. First of all, we want to be slim, have a shapely, necessarily muscular silhouette and perfectly smooth, healthy skin. Let us also remember about eyes, and especially about such an important, but often overlooked element as eyelashes, which of course have not only a purely practical but also aesthetic function, emphasizing the color or shape of the eye. It is worth taking care of them in the same way as other parts of the body, and it may be helped by a novelty on our market, conditioner ÉleverLashIt takes care of the health of your eyelashes and gives them a unique look.

Eyelashes – how to care for their health and attractive appearance

Proper and regular care of these small hairs surrounding the eyeball is usually pushed to the background, dealing more thoroughly with other parts of the face. However, such a procedure is the simplest and quickest way to even a complete loss or at least a significant weakening and thinning of eyelashes. The hair that forms it has a similar structure to that of the head, growing up to 250 on the top and about 150 on the lower eyelid, being just as embedded in the hair follicles, surrounded by an onion that we should take special care of. They should not be underestimated, as they protect the eye from various external factors, dust, sand and other contaminants. They also help to properly remove tears that remove these particles, which in certain situations could lead to irreversible damage to eyesight. So let’s not underestimate the importance of eyelashes, take care of them every day, without using irritating, improperly selected cosmetics, advances and everything that leads to weakening and loss of hair. Use only products based on natural ingredients, such as ÉleverLash, recommended by the best specialists.

ÉleverLash – comprehensive and fast action

New products appear every now and then on the market of eyelash conditioners, but no one can boast such a complex, comprehensive action as ÉleverLash. It is a revolutionary solution, resulting in a combination of care for the health of the hair creating eyelashes, while increasing their volume and density. The well-known saying “artificial eyelashes” takes on a whole new meaning with this conditioner, and the end result of the treatment will be surprising.

ÉleverLash is a complex formula, the result of the latest research conducted by scientists from the laboratories of the manufacturer, who immediately gained recognition around the world. This modern preparation, intended for adults, with the highest proven effectiveness, not only works quickly, but also does not cause any side effects, irritations or allergies. You can also use ÉleverLash with existing visual impairments, with permanent or permanent makeup, on any type of skin, normal or sensitive. You only need to remember to apply it in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and by observing these principles, you can count on such spectacular effects as:

  • Stronger, more flexible, long and much denser lashes;
  • improve and strengthen their colour, so that you no longer need to apply a thick layer of ink to them to emphasize the frame of the eye;
  • better condition of eyelid skin, no irritation or redness.

This is due to the fact that ÉleverLash does not limit its action to the external parts of the hair, but all its active ingredients reach the hair follicles directly, nourishing them thoroughly. They also stimulate hairs to grow faster and more intensively, at the same time stopping them from falling out by extending the growth phase itself.

ÉleverLash – Recommended Use

As you can see, there are no special contraindications for regular use ÉleverLashalthough it is not recommended for breastfeeding women. Everyone else can use the conditioner every day, preferably in the evening after thorough washing and cleansing of the face. We remove dirt and makeup from the eyelids, which is necessary for better absorption of active substances into the skin. Apply ÉleverLash with the attached brush on the upper eyelid, like an eyeliner, with a thin line, waiting for it to soak in completely. The first effects are visible after just 2 – 3 weeks, but the treatment should be continued until the desired results are achieved. Once the eyelashes have become thicker and the volume has increased as much as you want, you can limit the use of the conditioner to 2 – 3 times a week to sustain the effects of the conditioner.

ÉleverLash – consumer feedback and the opportunity to buy

We can safely say that ÉleverLash is the first
eyelash conditioner tested by us that can boast not only such an effective action, but also positive opinions of a large group of consumers. People who use it cannot boast about the speed of action, lasting effects and the lack of side effects mentioned above. What is most important, it is also praised by specialists, including dermatologists, who, having familiarized themselves with its composition and the results of the research carried out, eagerly recommend this conditioner to their patients. The discussion on the Internet forums is, as always, quite tumultuous, but we are pleased to note that the majority of opinions are in favour. We also join them in recommending the use of ÉleverLash to anyone who wants beautiful and healthy lashes.

Buying ÉleverLash is very easy, just go to manufacturer’s websitewhere you can get detailed information about the product and place your order quickly. We support 100% of this form of distribution, knowing from our own experience that it is the best guarantee of receiving the original preparation, and not an ineffective counterfeit, which often happens when buying from unproven sources. Price per package ÉleverLash is only 39 €, it is enough for about 6 months of treatment, but a better and recommended alternative is to buy more packaging. For the convenience of customers, the manufacturer has prepared a number of price promotions, collective packages at a lower price:

  • 2 packages for 66 €;
  • 3 packages plus one free of charge for 96 €.

Shipping is carried out both in our country, where you can pay for it on delivery, as well as abroad, but in this case, payment in advance is required. The conditioner arrives to us in a discreet, unobtrusive package, and the delivery time in Poland usually does not exceed 1 – 2 working days.