Berries Acai (Acai Berry) – health properties and effectiveness on slimming

Healthy and safe slimming is definitely not easy, and if we want to achieve its visible results in a short time, it requires the use of properly selected preparations, based on natural plant ingredients. They are a beneficial and often even necessary dietary supplement, sometimes through our fault devoid of valuable nutrients, at the same time supporting digestion and metabolism. One such ingredient is the berries Acai, recommended by top nutritionists, a real hit of recent years, which has completely revolutionized the approach to healthy eating.

Berries Acai – origin of fruit

Blueberries Acai have become stable in many slimming diets, and come from tropical forests of South America, mainly Brazil. Acai, bearing the Latin name Euterpe oleracea, have quickly spread all over the world, and for some time you can easily get them also with us, in shops with healthy organic food. These small, inconspicuous fruits have been used for years in natural medicine, especially in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the digestive system or those caused by dangerous pathogenic parasites. It is also worth to use them in an effective treatment allowing to get rid of extra pounds, and the positive effects of their action will be felt by the whole body.

Berries Acai – composition and most important health properties

Entering the shop and taking the packaging of these fruits in your hand, you will notice almost immediately how much of the nutrients are in them. It can be said that these small balls have almost all the vitamins and minerals we need, in a perfectly matched quantity and proportions, and the berries Acai delighted not only me with their true richness:

  • vitamins: A, B, C and E, the meanings of which are known to everyone and do not need to be presented separately;
  • minerals such as zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium and copper to help maintain strong bones until old age, and zinc is essential for weight loss;
  • content of amino acids and fatty acids, headed by the most important Omega – 3 and Omega – 6, positively influencing brain and heart functioning, lowering the level of bad cholesterol. Amino acids help strengthen the immune system, facilitate muscle regeneration even after heavy physical activity, remove toxins and all other metabolic products, reduce fatigue and stress;
  • antioxidants, which have more than many other fruits, inherent in effective anticancer prophylaxis, eliminating free radicals from the body and inhibiting natural aging processes;
  • polyphenols, also essential for the proper functioning of the heart and the entire cardiovascular system, regulating their work, helping to combat dangerous hypertension, preventing atherosclerosis, thrombosis and coronary artery disease;
  • phytosterols, i.e. plant sterols.

The list of ailments on which Acai berries can be successfully used is really long and specialists have been adding new items to it all the time, and it is worth mentioning here the alleviation of symptoms of such ailments, such as severe menstrual pains or symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux. They should also be appreciated by men, especially those who complain about prostate problems, which concerns a large group of men in their mature age, usually those over 35 years old. Blueberry juice is also valued in the prevention of eye diseases, positively affecting blood vessels in the retina, and another important advantage is the improvement of sexual performance.

Berries Acai – necessary for weight loss

These small purple fruits in various forms are worth having in your home medicine cabinet, but they will be even more useful when you complain about overweight or do not give God’s obesity. Healthy nutrition specialists very quickly noticed the health properties of Acai, which was significantly influenced by the work of Dr. Alexander Schauss, a valued American physician and dietitian. His many years of research were inspired by the observation of the Amazonian people, who remain healthy and slim throughout their lives.

However, we must make it clear that Acai berries have gained the greatest popularity precisely because of their slimming properties, and consumed in appropriate amounts allow you to fully control their weight and in several ways:

  • the most important here is the high content of natural, easily assimilable dietary fiber, which, by quickly filling the stomach, provides a sense of satiety for long hours. In this way we eliminate one of the most common causes of overweight, i.e. constant eating between meals, and this form of fibre also regulates all digestive processes and removes these toxins;
  • content of chromium and caffeine, stimulating metabolism, thanks to which we are able to get rid of excess calories and digest the most difficult to digest meals;
  • combined with a healthy, unobtrusive diet and high physical activity give the expected results without the risk of yoyo effect, return to the old weight after weaning the fruits or preparations having them in composition.

The biggest problem with Acai is, unfortunately, that it is difficult to get them in fresh form, and most shops offer them only dried, but they also become an attractive addition to many dishes such as tasty and healthy salads. Most often, however, we can buy them as a freeze-dried powder, which only needs to dissolve in water or yoghurt and get a nutritious cocktail, especially recommended before training, which gives a lot of energy to exercise. Most importantly, they do not cause any side effects and only consuming too much of them may cause minor stomach and intestinal ailments.

Berries Acai – opinions and my opinion

Like every novelty, Acai berries are widely discussed in discussion forums devoted to healthy lifestyle and slimming. As always, they are not entirely unambiguous, so we may come across 100% positive, praising all the advantages, as well as negative, pointing out significant disadvantages. However, specialists in this case are sure and deservedly define Acai as “super fruit”, caring not only about the weight, but also the general psychophysical condition of our body.

I, too, support this opinion, but instead of buying dried or powdered fruit, I opted for one of the best dietary supplements in their composition. I am talking about SilvetsThese are tablets in which the action of berries has been enriched with other valuable ingredients, such as green tea, guarana, cayenne pepper, piperine and l-carnitine, together giving you results you never dreamt of. They can be purchased directly from the manufacturer and currently Silvets is offered at attractive, promotional prices for omnibus packages consisting of several packages.

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