Berries Goji – guaranteed health at the highest level

Every lover of weight loss and healthy lifestyle knows how important fruit, the richest natural source of vitamins, is in his diet. This really cannot be underestimated, and an organism devoid of these nutrients will quickly start to fail, which will also manifest itself in rapidly growing problems with overweight. I found out about it quite painfully and that’s why I recommend eating berries Goji every day, which in my opinion are fully deserved as the healthiest fruits in the world.

Berries Goji – nutrients

These fruits came to our country from distant Asia, and their shrubs grow, among others, in Chinach, Tibet and Mongolia, in subtropical or temperate climate. They are also known under a different name, the common and scarlet spike, and usually reach our continent in dried form. It is also interesting that fresh fruit growing on bushes cannot be touched with bare hands, which results in a change in colour as a result of the immediate oxidation process. They are collected in a specific way, shaking the bushes, and the berries simply fall on the mats spread out underneath them.

But let’s leave the curiosities and focus on what’s most important, which is the composition of these small, nutritious balls, and these really have something to boast about. We will find there a lot of substances of high nutritional value, which has also been confirmed by scientific studies. Thanks to this berries Goji have a really beneficial effect on the state of our health and by eating them, we supply the body:

  • Vitamins B1, B2, B6 C, 50 times more than in oranges and E, called the vitamin of youth;
  • large amounts of minerals, zinc, iron, copper, phosphorus, selenium and germanium, having an anti-cancer effect;
  • beta-carotene and flavonoids;
  • antioxidants, responsible for removing free radicals;
  • polysaccharides regulating the immune system;
  • unsaturated fatty acids, including Omega-6 and linoleic acid necessary for effective weight loss;
  • 19 different amino acids, including 8, which our body is not able to produce;
  • Dietary fiber.

Berries Goji – health properties

These fruits have relatively recently appeared on the market in our country, but in Chinach are known since ancient times, being valued in traditional natural medicine. It was considered to be a product that prolongs health until old age and is effective in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. So it is worth to include them in your diet, in a variety of forms, and if you eat regularly, you can count on their health properties such as:

  • The blood sugar and cholesterol levels are recommended for the treatment of diabetes mellitus;
  • better immunity and proper functioning of the immune system will protect us from infections;
  • healthy and strong heart, no problems with the circulatory system. Goji reduce the risk of arterial hypertension and thrombosis, a large amount of vitamin C contained in them also has a positive effect on blood circulation;
  • improving the appearance and health of nails, hair and skin, counteracting their natural aging processes;
  • anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects;
  • better functioning of the nervous system, better concentration, memory and increased mental capacity;
  • cleansing the body of toxins that disturb the work of many important organs and at the same time protecting the liver against the effects of an unhealthy, excessively fatty diet;
  • beneficial effects on eyesight, lutein and zeaxanthin protect the retina from damage caused by free radicals and from macular degeneration that can even lead to blindness;
  • fast and, most importantly, permanent weight loss.

Berries Goji – help to lose weight

Health properties can be considered complex, but I, buying berries Goji was primarily interested in their slimming effect. I have the greatest confidence in natural methods, so these fruits were automatically included in my list of products to be tested. Losing weight, preferably without the yoyo effect, is a complex process in which the most important is the metabolism responsible for burning fat tissue. Sometimes it is so deregulated that the body needs something that will improve its functioning and for this you can successfully use Goji berries.

The biggest impact on digestion has the dietary fiber contained in them, thanks to which after a short time we will feel a significant improvement and we will get rid not only of a few or more kilograms, but also of problems with flatulence or constipation, a nightmare of most women. Dietary fiber effectively suppresses appetite and fills the stomach at the same time, so that we do not feel hungry for many hours. It should be remembered, however, that blueberries, although used for weight loss, are in themselves a high-calorie product, so you can not eat too much, and the recommended daily dose is from 5 to 15 g of fruit.

Berries Goji – how best to use them in the kitchen

The main form of berries Goji, which you can get in our shops, are dried fruits and preserves such as juices or jams, unfortunately, very rarely get fresh. However, before buying it is worth paying attention to how they were stored, whether in appropriate humidity and air temperature, protecting them from spoilage and affecting their taste. It is best to buy them in trusted shops with healthy food, which fortunately can already be found in most Polish cities and will be an excellent addition to many dishes, morning oatmeal, tasty fruit salads, rice or some meat dishes. They can also be used instead of raisins for cakes and other baked goods, and the juice can be used in cocktails or hot tea. We can also find them in numerous tablets and supplements used in slimming treatments, in which their action is supported by other, equally effective ingredients.

Unfortunately, they cannot be eaten by everyone without any restrictions, they should be avoided by people with diabetes, in whom they lower blood glucose levels, and are not recommended for anticoagulants. Fortunately, the side effects of eating Goji are rare, and if you have any doubts, you can talk about them with your dietician or doctor. You must also remember that, like many other fruits, the berries themselves do not lose weight, but by treating them as an important part of a healthy diet and combining this physical activity, you can really get satisfactory results. Opinions on this subject are unambiguous, most of them fully confirm the properties of berries described by me Goji, so nothing stands in the way of yourselves to try how positively they will affect your health and weight.

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