Bluronica – anti-wrinkle cream to remove the first signs of skin aging

Caring for the appearance and health of our skin is something that should not be underestimated under any circumstances. Unfortunately, the processes leading to the aging of this natural, external protection of our body are inevitable, as we age. They start relatively early, at around 30 years of age, reaching full intensity after 40 years of age, and we usually accept them, although they can be effectively and significantly inhibited. This is done with properly selected cosmetics, creams, gels or anti-wrinkle ointments, and now there is another product on the market, which is worth using in everyday care of our skin. This is an innovative serum Bluronicabased on natural vegetable ingredients with the addition of hyaluronic acid, which can cope with even the most visible wrinkles.

Skin aging processes – causes and symptoms

As we mentioned in the introduction, skin ageing is a natural and inevitable process, but knowing the causes of it can help prevent it to some extent. The main responsibility for what is said here is the activity of cells, especially fibroblasts, which decreases with age. They are the most important part of our dermis, responsible for the production of collagen, elastin and natural hyaluronic acid. All these substances, in turn, are responsible for the hydration, elasticity and firmness of the skin, and reducing the amount of them automatically has a negative impact on its appearance and health. The symptoms of this are too visible and by looking in the mirror, we can observe:

  • increasing wrinkles, especially mimic ones;
  • different degree of sagging and loss of elasticity of the skin associated with the reduction of collagen levels;
  • the formation of an increasingly thicker horny layer of the epidermis, caused by a decrease in the activity of sebaceous and sweat glands, more and more difficult to remove even with strong peeling creams;
  • discoloration and stains;
  • extremely unsightly spiders caused by increased brittleness and fragility of capillaries.

The acceleration of the skin aging process itself is also caused by hormonal disorders of our body, and sometimes through our fault. We expose it too often to intense sunlight, use the wrong cosmetics, smoke cigarettes. Another equally frequent reason for her loss of health is smog, which practically constantly accompanies us in many Polish cities. However, regardless of the causes that cause our skin problems, the Bluronica is the perfect solution to restore its former shine, dealing with both the causes and symptoms of this adverse process.

Bluronica – a natural, effective and safe component

The basis for the operation of any cosmetic product intended for skin care is its composition, which should absolutely be natural and free of harmful artificial ingredients. The principles of ecology have also reached this industry and more and more people looking for a face cream or serum choose exclusively organic products that are safe to use and have no side effects. In accordance with these principles, the serum composition was composed Bluronicawhich contains a whole range of nutrients that are conducive to the long term health of our skin, of which the most important are:

1. blueberry extract

It is a fruit similar to our native berry, valued in medicine and cosmetics for its rich composition, full of vitamins A, B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9), C, E and PP, minerals: potassium, selenium, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium and calcium. It also contains a large amount of antioxidants that effectively prevent the development of cancer, including skin cancer, and the anthocyanins contained in it effectively inhibit natural aging processes, removing free radicals from the body. Blueberry positively influences the elasticity of blood vessels, thanks to which vitamin A, which is a part of it, is able to intensify the production of collagen, the most important building material of our skin. It also takes care of the right level of elastin, smoothes out wrinkles and moisturizes the skin up to its deepest layers. It is also worth appreciating its slimming properties, allowing to avoid overweight and obesity, as it participates in processes leading to the breakdown and reduction of fat cells.

2. verbena extract

It comes from a popular herb that grows in our country, whose medicinal properties are also determined by its composition, and we find plenty of valuable antioxidant ingredients such as nerol, citral and verbascoside. This extract in the composition of Bluronica was not found by accident, because it has a confirmed antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It allows for thorough cleansing and disinfection of the skin, removal of all dangerous bacteria or fungi, and at the same time acting anti-inflammatory, accelerates healing of wounds, acne changes, abrasions and redness. It removes swelling, e.g. from the face, is perfect for treating stretch marks, relaxes, regulates the level of sebum secretion and restores natural, deep skin tone.

3) Dragon blood resin extract

Obtained from a palm called Calamus Draco, colloquially known as the “dragon spell”. It grows, among other things, in South-East Asia and is valued there for its numerous health-promoting properties, such as accelerating wound healing thanks to taspine and many other equally beneficial alkaloids. Among other things, they take part in the production of collagen, thus preventing the formation of wrinkles, accelerating the processes of skin regeneration, improving its elasticity, brightening any discoloration, eliminating all symptoms of acne, protecting the skin and the whole body from free radicals, helping to maintain full natural immunity.

4. hyaluronic acid

One of the bases for the effectiveness of the Bluronica serum, which is a real breakthrough in the production of cosmetics designed for the care of the face and stopping the changes that appear on the skin caused by the aging process. In the human body it is found, among other things, in the dermis and has the form of sodium hyaluronate, salt, but the older we get, the smaller the amount of it starts to decrease. It is primarily responsible for maintaining the correct level of hydration of all skin layers, but its action can be considered comprehensive, and using it, also in the form of this serum, can achieve the following results:

  • significant reduction of wrinkles, visible already after a relatively short time;
  • Smooth, firm and perfectly nourished skin;
  • reducing all disfiguring stains, discolorations and shadows under the eyes;
  • faster regeneration, healing of wounds, abrasions or other irritations;
  • pulling up and modeling facial contours.

5. glycerine

Its effectiveness in moisturizing the skin can be compared even to that of hyaluronic acid, but this is not the only function it has to perform. It is also characterized by a proven anti-inflammatory effect, soothing irritation and accelerating natural cell regeneration processes. It softens the epidermis and forms a protective layer on it which provides excellent protection against adverse weather conditions, especially low temperatures and moisture. It also enables faster absorption and assimilation of other nutrients contained in the Bluronica serum.

Bluronica – the use and operation of the serum

The use of this cosmetic is the same as many similar ones, it is simply applied directly to the skin, which should be cleaned very thoroughly beforehand. If we don’t do this, we have to count on blackheads, small eczemas as a result of clogging the pores with excess sebum, which can even lead to the development of acne with further neglect of daily hygiene. So take your time, wash your face, neck and décolleté thoroughly, making the active ingredients Bluronica they penetrate the skin better and their effect is more intense. The manufacturer recommends using the serum twice a day, bypassing the eye area, and after its application other cosmetics can be used without any risk, including full make-up. The whole treatment lasts only 30 days and after that time we will be able to enjoy smooth, firm and perfectly moisturized skin, on which we will finally not see any visible signs of ageing.

Bluronica – opinions and buying this revolutionary serum

Among many cosmetics designed for skin care and prevention of all skin ageing processes, Bluronica It stands out so positively that it has almost immediately gained great recognition, also on the market in our country. It’s really nice to read the positive opinions of the women who use it, who, looking in the mirror after these 30 days, can’t be surprised how smooth their skin is, especially on their face and writing in forums:

“I’m just delighted with this new serum, a revelation I haven’t used yet, even though I’m a professional cosmetician. I used it as recommended, and after a month I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror, and my friends were shocked when they saw me. The composition is perfectly matched and there are really no side effects, so I can recommend it with a clear conscience. – Oh, 41 years old.

“I’ve used many types of wrinkle serum, but Bluronica is number one from now on. My problem was furrows and wrinkles around my nose and mouth, so big that no cream wanted to remove them. This serum has only just managed to make my skin smooth and I don’t have any more problems with drying it, thanks to glycerine and hyaluronic acid. It’s worth investing in the skin right now, because then it will cost a lot more. – Martha, 34 years old.

If the composition, multifaceted operation and safety of this serum convinced you to use it, all you have to do is visit its manufacturer’s website and complete the contact form. The attractive, promotional price of one Bluronica package is currently only 35 €, and the delivery details are agreed in an interview with the manufacturer’s consultant calling us back.

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