Brain Actives – comprehensive support for proper brain function

Brain Actives

Psychological effort is the same, and sometimes even more, burden on the human body than physical effort. Both, however, require large amounts of energy, the right level of concentration, speed of reaction and comprehensive support in the form of properly selected nutrients. They support the brain, our central computer, which controls all other systems of the body, making it easier to perform even the most difficult tasks and to acquire a lot of knowledge quickly. However, there is no denying that it does not always work at its highest speed, and their constant behavior is enabled by dietary supplements such as Brain Actives. Thanks to its composition, it is classified as a nootropic, and the active substances contained in it are selected precisely for the functioning of our brain and the entire nervous system.

Nootropes (nootropics) – what are they and how they affect the human body

Nootropes, also known as nootropics, are a whole bunch of different substances used, among others, in Brain Actives and other supplements of this type, aimed primarily at increasing our mental performance. This name was created by the Romanian physician Corneliu E. Giurgea, who is considered to be one of the discoverers of the nootropes, looking for a way to eliminate the limitations of the human mind and raise it to a completely new, previously unknown level. For this purpose, various methods were tried using a whole range of substances, some of them not even completely legal, but only the nootropics allowed to achieve fully satisfactory results. Most of them are artificial chemical compounds, created in laboratories, but after years of research it turned out that also in nature we will find many plants with the same effect, among which the most famous and most commonly used are:

  • ashwagandha, which means “Welcome Sleepy”;
  • Ginko biloba, gingko japanese;
  • Gutu Kola, Centurion Asian;
  • Ginseng root;
  • the mountain rosary.

The beneficial effect on the functioning of our brain results primarily from their composition, in which we find vitamins from virtually all groups necessary to maintain the health of this most important organ, A, B, C and E.

Brain Actives – who should use it

Brain Actives

Many of the above substances can also be found in the composition of Brain Actives, a modern dietary supplement, nootropic intended for use by anyone who feels a lack of strength not only for a great physical or mental effort, but also to perform many ordinary daily activities. This is usually due to a lack of energy, strong stress in our private and professional lives, and the Brain Actives manufacturer particularly recommends its supplement to people like us:

  • to all those doing mental work;
  • physically active, practicing a variety of sports;
  • computer-working, professional players or programmers;
  • the uniformed services, the police and the soldiers;
  • to anyone who likes to live an active life.

Regular application Brain Actives in the dose recommended by the manufacturer carries with it all the expected effects of the action, and the active substances contained in its composition positively affect:

  • practically immediate improvement of concentration, immediately after taking the supplement;
  • its long-term maintenance whenever we need it;
  • Quickly remove all fatigue effects;
  • reduction of the negative effects of stress, affecting greater nervousness, which, if untreated, may lead to many mental illnesses, even severe depression, sometimes requiring hospital treatment;
  • a large dose of energy necessary for action, work, play, any form of physical activity, which also allows you to effectively fight overweight;
  • full support of cognitive processes resulting in better memory, learning to learn and faster absorption of necessary information.

Brain Actives – natural composition responsible for the effectiveness of the supplement

Following the current trends, the manufacturer shall Brain Actives It is based exclusively on natural, proven in action ingredients, completely safe to use and not causing any side effects. Most of the substances found in it are of plant origin, and the full composition of the supplement is as follows:

  • TeaCrine®, a unique complex, the result of professional research conducted in the manufacturer’s laboratories on the action and effectiveness of nootropes. The most important substance in TeaCrine® is, as the name suggests, teacrine, a plant purine alkaloid with a structure similar to caffeine, an excellent pro-cognitive agent, affecting our adenosine receptors, responsible for reducing the feeling of fatigue while increasing energy levels, mental capacity and better concentration. The effect of this complex is further enhanced by a properly selected dose of natural anhydrous caffeine, the best natural source providing us with energy, which can also be found, for example, in green coffee;
  • Cognitive & Nootropic Complex, composed exclusively of plant ingredients. The first one is the root extract Ashwagandhy, called here KSM-66®, which has an anti-stress effect, improves mood, gives a large injection of energy, accelerates regeneration after physical or mental effort. Another ingredient is Bacopin®, an extract from the small-leaved bacon herb, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, also helps to reduce the negative effects of stress, cares about maintaining excellent mental condition in every situation, increasing the ability to learn and remember. Its action effectively supports Centellin® Centellin leaf extract from Centellin® Asian Centella, which has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the entire nervous system, increasing concentration, delaying the aging process and taking care of the circulatory system, essential for proper oxygenation of the brain. The final ingredient is BioPerine® black pepper extract, full of piperine, which, like caffeine, provides a large daily dose of energy;
  • Neuro Vita-Min Blend, in which, as you can easily guess, the main role is played by appropriately selected doses of vitamins. We can find here primarily vitamin B6, a pyridoxine, without which it is impossible to maintain a healthy heart, circulatory system, nervous system or high immunity of the body. Another vitamin from the same group is B12, whose deficiencies are responsible for the constant feeling of fatigue, mood fluctuations, strong nervousness or problems with memory and concentration, which can even lead to severe, clinical depression. That’s why the Brain Actives is so dosage matched that it’s always ready to fill all the gaps on the fly. We can also find here vitamin B5, i.e. pantothenic acid that quickly and effectively removes fatigue, relieves states of nervous tensions, sleep disorders, taking part in the synthesis of important neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine. The whole is complemented by a large dose of magnesium, an element improving brain function, stabilizing the entire nervous system, providing energy to each cell of our body, calming effect, improving memory.

Brain Actives – dosage, opinions and possibility to buy

Brain Actives

Operation Brain Actives directly linked to its carefully selected, thought-out composition, is the best proof that the use of nootropics has an extremely beneficial effect on the functioning of our entire body, increasing its efficiency, both mental and physical. Therefore, it is worth introducing this supplement to your diet, and taking the recommended by the manufacturer dose of 2 tablets per day, the first positive effects of their action will be felt after just 30 minutes. It is also fully confirmed by the opinions of people who use it, from various professional groups, who thanks to it are able to maintain full energy or concentration throughout the hard and long working day. Specialists who increasingly recommend nootropics to their busy, stressed and nervous patients are of the same opinion.

If you want to get rid of the problems of chronic fatigue, lack of energy and significantly increase your mental capacity once and for all, then it’s time to order Brain Actives. For this purpose, all you need to do is to enter the the manufacturer’s website and fill out the simple contact form there, choosing one of three promotional options to buy a supplement:

  • Basic package, one pack of 60 tablets for 49 €;
  • Standard package, three packages, 180 tablets for the price of 93 €;
  • Optimal package, especially recommended, six packs, 360 tablets at the price of 139 €.

We can also decide on the method of payment, bank transfer, credit card or cash to the courier upon receipt of the parcel, which is realized immediately after the order is placed.

Brain Actives

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