Bulletproof coffee (bulletproof coffee) – how it affects our health

Among the many drinks we consume every day, coffee has been at the forefront for years, without which we usually cannot imagine a successful start to the day. Let’s face it, we drink it in astronomical quantities and it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s now the most popular drink in the world, even though most doctors tend to have a detrimental effect on our health. Its popularity is even higher than that of tea and practically all its varieties, also in Great Britain, where it was previously considered a national beverage. Recently, bulletproof coffee, also known as bulletproof coffee, has gained a lot of popularity and its recipe was invented by David Asprey, an American who runs a popular blog devoted to healthy eating.

Coffee – how it came to our tables

Before we explain the concept of bulletproof coffee in more detail, we should know how it came to our tables and what made us so eager to reach for a cup of this aromatic, energizing drink. It is difficult to determine the country of origin of these small green grains, we deliberately write green, because they obtain their characteristic brown-black color only after firing. Legend has it that an Ethiopian shepherd noticed how his appetite sheep ate unknown fruits, picked a few himself and brewed a drink from them, which gave him a large boost of energy. The truth about this is unknown, but we know that the beginnings of coffee drinking in Europe date back to the 16th century, and the first cafes where it was served were established in Istanbul, from where it came to the Netherlands and England at that time. Its drinking was initially controversial because of its Arabic origin, but Pope Clement VIII, a great coffee lover, clearly cut off these superstitions. In our country it appeared after the victorious Battle of Vienna with the returning troops of King Jan III Sobieski, and the first Polish cafes were established in Gdansk, and in the early nineteenth century reached almost 122 only in Warsaw itself.

Coffee – how it affects our health

Drinking coffee, especially coffee in large quantities, is still controversial, but this time for strictly medical reasons and not because of the country of origin. Opinions about its health properties are divided and every now and then we meet with completely opposite opinions of different specialists. Some people say that coffee is harmful and we should replace it with drinks such as yerba mate or green tea, while others, indicating its pro-health properties, even recommend it to their patients. The truth is, as always, in the middle, but many of the health benefits of coffee are undeniable. They result directly from its composition, in which the most important active substance is caffeine. The research has shown that it has primarily stimulating properties, facilitating concentration, reducing sleepiness and fatigue, accelerating metabolism and, consequently, burning fats. The coffee also contains several valuable minerals: sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium, but it is completely devoid of vitamins. Despite this relatively poor composition, coffee has been shown to be effective in preventing and treating some diseases, such as:

  • Type 2 diabetes mellitus and small amounts of coffee help to effectively control the development of this dangerous disease, reducing the risk by up to 50 percent;
  • Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases, considered to be the most serious degenerative diseases destroying the nervous system, for which the medicine does not yet know the 100% effective cure. However, appropriately selected doses of caffeine, which also comes from coffee, help to reduce the risk of caffeine occurrence by nearly 30 percent;
  • asthma and various allergies, thanks to coffee lowering the level of histamine, the substance responsible for allergic reactions and bronchial dilatation, which is beneficial for asthmatics;
  • disturbances in metabolism, a process that facilitates slimming through better burning of excess fat in the body, and the high effectiveness of the action is to be demonstrated in such a case by bulletproof coffee (bulletproof coffee).

Of course, coffee should be drunk in moderation, not exaggerated, which can result in unpleasant reactions from the digestive system, and the recommended daily dose of caffeine for an adult is 600 mg maximum and should not be exceeded. If we do this, we must unfortunately face serious side effects which, in addition to the dependence on this substance itself, may include headaches and dizziness of varying intensity, feelings of distraction or strong agitation, excessive nervousness, convulsions leading even to loss of consciousness, problems with falling asleep and insomnia. Caution in the consumption of beverages containing caffeine is also recommended for pregnant women, although there is no consistent evidence of any adverse effects on the development of the unborn child.

Bulletproof Coffee (bulletproof coffee) – who invented it and why

When we hear that something is bulletproof, we immediately see the vests worn by soldiers and policemen or the glass resistant to shooting through, but certainly not coffee. We can describe it with many adjectives, praising its taste, aroma or pointing out defects, but after a moment of thinking we can say that this term fits the health properties. The author of this concept and the originator of the new way of drinking our favourite drink is David Asprey, whose greatest passion is a healthy, ecological lifestyle.

For years, he has been running a blog where he shares his ideas and thoughts, and when he first published a recipe for bulletproof coffee, he didn’t expect it to trigger a real revolution. During his trip to Tibet in 2004, he tasted the region’s national drink, tea with milk and butter, and came up with an idea to combine his favourite coffee with fat. Of course, he resigned from the extremely unhealthy, hard digestible butter, which he replaced with just ordinary cow’s milk butter and MCT fats. This is another novelty in the field of weight loss, medium-chain fatty acids, which our body can cope with digestion without the participation of lipase and bile, essential for digestion of the remaining fats. The main source of MCT is dairy products and more and more frequently consumed coconut oil, which we replace with other oils previously used in the kitchen. MCT fats positively affect the absorption of nutrients by our digestive system, releasing intestinal peristalsis, while increasing the feeling of satiety, which is an important element of prophylaxis protecting us against overweight and obesity. David consulted his nutritionist on the idea of bulletproof coffee in order to at least partially confirm his beliefs about its possible health properties.

Bulletproof Coffee (bulletproof coffee) – Healthy properties of fat coffee highlighted by its creator

The recipe for this kind of coffee appeared on the blog for the first time in 2009 and almost immediately gained popularity among millions of people around the world, including celebrities from the front pages of newspapers, and in Poland its great propagator is Anna Lewandowska, wife of Robert Lewandowski, captain of the football team of our country. David Asprey, creating this new culinary trend, based its assumptions on two pillars, the health properties of caffeine contained in coffee, and the properties of added fats. He constantly praises him on his blog, although after the initial wave of enthusiasm, more and more people are more skeptical about combining these two components. Asprey himself continues to claim that daily drinking bulletproof coffee has a positive effect on our bodies, especially when we drink it in the morning, and he particularly recommends it to active people, both physically and mentally, who need a large morning injection of sufficient energy for the whole day. Among the many advantages of this way of consuming coffee that he emphasized, it is also worth emphasizing:

  • the use of natural fats, both of animal and vegetable origin, in the recipe. The former should always be natural cow high quality butter, full of unsaturated fatty acids Omega – 3, antioxidants, vitamins A, D, E and K and the so-called good cholesterol HDL, positively affecting the functioning of our cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of diseases such as atherosclerosis or stroke. The vegetable fat added to bulletproof coffee is coconut oil, which not only gives it an exotic taste, but also takes care of our health in a comprehensive way. In its recommended, unrefined variety you will find a whole range of nutrients, vitamins B, E and K as well as minerals, potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium. Coconut oil supports the functioning of the brain and the entire nervous system, being used in the treatment of Alzheimera disease, it also supports the heart, significantly reducing the risk of heart attack;
  • to provide the body with the aforementioned high dose of energy, which is derived from the composition of coffee, of the mixture of caffeine with substances derived from fats described above;
  • slimming effect, which is also affected by bulletproof coffee ingredients, and fats contained in butter or coconut oil accelerate metabolism, what is interesting, fats, making it easier to burn them faster, so such coffee can become an important component of an effective slimming diet. Furthermore, they inhibit excessive appetite, which usually finishes with uncontrolled eating and increasing the body weight to the level that threatens our health, and in extreme cases even life;
  • improving our mental capacity, brain functioning, overall intellectual fitness, resulting in easy learning and rapid absorption of the necessary information. Practically all our cognitive processes are improving, and according to the creator of the recipe for this coffee, after a relatively short time we will be able to enjoy better memory and concentration at the highest level.

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Bulletproof Coffee (bulletproof coffee) – is it really that effective?

Looking at the health benefits of bulletproof coffee, highlighted by David Asprey, it’s really hard for them to resist and we almost immediately want to try what a fatty coffee tastes like. Its creator recommends it first of all to people who are in the process of slimming diet, especially its ketogenic variety, otherwise known as low-carbohydrate diet. It is undoubtedly fashionable, but the model of nutrition promoted by it arouses a lot of controversy among doctors and professional dieticians. The most serious restriction is the almost complete elimination of carbohydrates from it, leading in a short time to serious deficiencies in the body glycogen produced by our liver. In addition, the consumption of products rich in proteins and fats, such as those added to bulletproof coffee, has an impact on health. They are certainly necessary, but eating them in excess can be counterproductive. However, quick weight loss causes great interest in this method of weight loss, but it is worth considering what the negative consequences may be. So it is better to always maintain the right proportions in your diet, 80 to 20 percent, where 80 percent are all healthy products with high recommended nutritional values, and the remaining 20 percent are small deviations from your diet, which you have to allow yourself to feel good about from time to time.

But before you decide to include bulletproof coffee in your daily menu, you should know that the theories about David Asprey in various media have not really been backed up by any professional scientific research. All the results that we are dealing with are purely tests carried out by himself, that is to say, a person who does not have the requisite expertise and experience in this area, and they are carried out only on animals, rats and mice, and only on young animals, so in our opinion they cannot be very reliable. Practically no properties of bulletproof coffee have been scientifically proven, and the information we can provide about it is based solely on the health effects of the individual substances it contains. None of the major institutions, such as the laboratories of reputable universities or medical corporations, have confirmed slimming, accelerating metabolism to make it easier to burn fats, or improving mental abilities, greater than drinking ordinary black coffee without the addition of cow butter and coconut oil.

Many specialists also point out that the method of supplying the body with the necessary amount of fats is not very appropriate. Professional nutritionists say directly that as an addition to coffee they occur in a strong, too concentrated dose, with simultaneous omission of other, equally important nutrients, vitamins and carbohydrates. If butter is added as a fat, then we must also take into account the dangerous increase in the level of harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood. In their opinion, a better solution is to provide fats in a more accessible form, in products such as nuts, almonds and cereal seeds, tasty and healthy additives to oatmeal, which we eat every day for breakfast. There is also a lot of easily digestible fats in eggs, although we can’t consume them in large quantities, and the best, unsaturated full of acids Omega – 3 and Omega – 6 fats can be found in fish, seafood or olive oil.

Bulletproof Coffee (bulletproof coffee) – how to make it

As you can see, there are a lot of objections to the nutritional properties of kulodopornej coffee and they cannot be completely underestimated, but it would be a mistake to claim that it is completely harmful and should not be drunk. Like everything else, it should also be eaten in moderation and certainly not every day, and in our opinion it cannot be a substitute for a full, nutritious breakfast, full of nutrients. It is it, not bulletproof coffee, that provides us with energy for the whole day of activity, although it can effectively support them. However, drinking it once in a while is quite a pleasant, new culinary experience, which also brings some, although not fully confirmed, health benefits. Therefore, for all those who would like to try how it tastes, we present the most commonly used method of brewing, also recommended by David Asprey.

The most important thing is the right choice of ingredients and in this respect we do not rely on cheap, low quality coffee from a nearby market. Let us choose only the best species, prepared in a traditional way in small, ecological smoking rooms, only then we will be able to fully appreciate their unique taste. Equally important is the quality of the added fat, real country butter from cow’s milk or unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil. The first thing we have to do is to prepare an infusion of coffee, in the form of 100-200 millilitres of strong, essential espresso. Only then do we add a spoonful of clarified, necessarily unsalted butter and two spoonfuls of coconut oil to it, and all these ingredients are thoroughly combined with each other using a blender. The coffee prepared in this way can be sweetened, of course not with white sugar, but with stevia, for example, and its taste can be improved with your favourite spices such as vanilla or cinnamon.

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