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One of the important elements that have a huge impact on our health is proper rest allowing for full regeneration of the body even after the greatest effort, physical and mental. Its basis is certainly a healthy, strong sleep, which unfortunately more and more people have more or less problems with. It can even be said that insomnia caused by various causes is slowly becoming one of the social illnesses, the treatment of which is both extremely difficult and long-lasting. One of the reasons we can’t sleep is that the temperature is wrong, both in the bedroom and in our bed, which we can now effectively adjust using an innovative mattress and mattress pad. ChiliPad Sleep System. It is an integrated system that enables a smooth change of its temperature if necessary, cooling or additional heating.

Insomnia – which means we can’t sleep

Incorrect temperature in a sleeping room is just one of many reasons why we spend hours falling over on a bed and not being able to sleep. This causes practically immediate disruption of our natural biological rhythm of the organism, which is manifested not only by chronic fatigue, but also growing irritability, states of strong nervous tension resulting from just too little sleep. Research has shown that every third Pole, regardless of age, suffers from insomnia, and other, equally frequent causes of insomnia are:

  • coexisting diseases, the symptoms of which are precisely sleep problems, especially those directly affecting the heart muscle and the entire circulatory system: heart failure or hypertension. Insomnia is also often caused by respiratory problems such as asthma and hormonal disorders, all diseases of the thyroid gland, or disturbances in the secretion of melatonin, the hormone responsible for the quality of our sleep;
  • inappropriate, too hard to digest diet, the main cause of disorders of the digestive system, making it difficult or even impossible to digest properly, which is manifested by heartburn, constipation or troublesome diarrhoea, also disturbing the course of sleep. It is, of course, also a cause of growing overweight and obesity, which we must not underestimate;
  • strong stress, unfortunately increasingly frequent unavoidable in our lives, and the nervousness and strong emotional agitation that appears in the result of it, may also become a cause of problems with falling asleep and a proper, restful rest. These problems are also caused by other mental illnesses, e.g. in people suffering from severe depression;
  • abuse of popular stimulants, led by excess coffee and strong black tea, which should be exchanged for a greener variety or a healthier yerba mate. If you want to sleep well, it is not advisable to drink large amounts of alcohol before going to bed, it is also worth paying attention to the possible side effects of medication taken.

ChiliPad – why should you take care of the right temperature for sleeping?

As you can see from the above examples, many different factors are responsible for our insomnia and many of them require the intervention of a specialist doctor who will implement the appropriate treatment. However, we are able to eliminate a few of them on our own, especially adjust the temperature in the bedroom, which almost immediately will have a positive impact on the quality of our sleep. There has long been a misconception in our society that the basis for good rest is a warm, warm bed, with a thick, preferably down duvet. Maybe it was good at the time of our grandparents, who even loved to bask under their feathers, but now all specialists indicate that it has a negative impact not only on our sleep, but also on our entire health.

On the basis of the conducted research they found that the optimal temperature for relaxation, which should be in the bedroom, varies from 15 to 19 degrees, and the recommended temperature is 18 degrees. If it is higher, the blood vessels in our body expand, the blood flow increases and we begin to sweat in order to cool down the body as quickly as possible. However, this is not always possible in a natural way, so it is advisable to use a special mattress mattress ChiliPad in the bedroom, with a system that allows for smooth temperature control, ranging from 18 to 40 degrees Celsius.

ChiliPad – what it is and on what principle it works


Chili Pad Sleep System is a modern set of mattress pads with a built-in efficient hydropower system that allows you to heat or cool the mattress to a pre-set temperature. The pad is made of a damage-resistant cotton blend with a durable synthetic fibre that can be easily cleaned by simply washing it in the washing machine. Water flows freely through the flexible, yet extremely durable tubing and the entire system is connected to a separate control unit, a small ankle that is placed right next to the bed. It is responsible for regulating the temperature of the mattress depending on the needs of the user, based on semiconductor operation, and water flows through a special system and depending on the direction of electron flow can be cooled or heated.

ChiliPad is available in a variety of sizes to suit virtually any mattress, and the manufacturer also provides the option of using two separate sets in one mattress. If you opt for this two-zone system, you simply get two mats and two controls, one for each half of the bed, so that one can be cooled and the other heated at the same time. The whole is powered by 230 V, protected against overvoltage, the volume of work maintained at a maximum of 40 dB should not interfere with rest, not to differ too much from the typical ambient noise, and the temperature is adjusted with the help of the included remote control. The manufacturer also recommends the use of distilled water only, which effectively prevents the accumulation of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Since the ChiliPad operates in a partially closed system, it is sufficient to replenish water losses once every 3-4 days, but the evaporation may increase when the heating system is switched on.

ChiliPad – what benefits we are going to gain from using it

When our insomnia is caused by the wrong and difficult to regulate temperature in the bedroom, ChiliPad is the perfect solution to this problem. Thanks to its application we will not only quickly fall asleep and improve the quality of sleep, we can also benefit from its use, especially such as:

  • alleviation of muscle pain, especially in the lower limbs and back, through better stimulation of blood circulation;
  • elimination of the feeling of heavy legs;
  • to alleviate by more than 75 percent the symptoms of RLS syndrome, i.e. restless legs manifested by numbness, tingling and their uncontrolled, difficult to control movements.

In addition, ChiliPad also prevents dust from settling on the bed, eliminates dust mites, a common cause of allergy, and can also be considered an effective air conditioning system, especially in the summer heat. The effectiveness of the device is confirmed by fully deserved, positive opinions, which it enjoys among the constantly growing number of users, and one of them we will cite:

“For years I have suffered from insomnia, at night I either sweat from the heat or shake from the cold. I have been examined thoroughly and I have not been diagnosed with any diseases, it turned out that these are symptoms of menopause. My husband found me an ChiliPad on the Internet, installed it on my side of the bed and now, depending on my needs, I can turn on the heating or cooling. For me it is a revelation and I recommend it to everyone. – Alicia, 46 years old.

Specialists in the treatment of sleep disorders also have a similar opinion, pointing out that one of the causes of sleep disorders is the incorrectly set temperature in the bedroom. So it is worth to adjust it once and for all, buying ChiliPad, and with the exact technical parameters of the device and its price we will get acquainted with, visiting manufacturer’s website.


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