Choco Lite (opinions, effects, how to use) – how does a chocolate slimming shake work and is it worth its price?

For those who don’t keep away from sweets and at the same time fight excess weight, the chocolate cocktail Choco Lite seems to be the ideal remedy for slimming. You drink a tasty drink and the kilos fade away. Sounds tempting. Let’s have a look at the composition, action, price and feedback of Choco Lite and see if the manufacturer’s promises work.

Choco Lite Cocktail – chocolate plus weight loss

Choco Lite deserves to be called an extremely ingenious slimming agent. It contains high quality natural ingredients – cocoa, soya, fibre, whey protein and has been designed to counteract the main problems most overweight and obese people face – the often recurring feeling of hunger and inability to control their appetite (including for sweets). With the help of Choco Lite you can get rid of the habit of constant reaching for food, including sweet delicacies.

Designed for everyday use, it regulates metabolic processes, eliminating the causes of overweight. After mixing the Choco Lite powder with milk we get a chocolate drink, after drinking which we feel saturated for a long time, we get an “energetic kick”, and then we get into a good mood (as it happens after chocolate). Due to regular drinking Choco Lite over time we feel less and less eager to eat, consume less calories and it is easier for us to control our weight. This is at least what we read on the manufacturer’s website.

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Choco Lite – composition

Choco Lite is a powdered composition of natural ingredients characterized by a high content of dietary fiber and proteins. The proper combination of them enables faster burning of adipose tissue, what is more, it gives the feeling of satiety, thus limiting appetite, and especially such a detrimental to our figure irresistible desire to eat constantly.

The supplement includes:

  • natural cocoa, the purpose of which is to speed up the lipolysis process and which gives the supplement a unique taste

  • spirulina, which has been scientifically proven to have a significant effect on weight reduction, as well as containing a multitude of valuable nutrients.
  • buckwheat to help remove excess water from the body
  • bran, which contributes to the feeling of satiety and thus reduces appetite
  • brown rice having a similar function as bran
  • whey protein providing the body with numerous vitamins and minerals
  • peas to regulate fat metabolism and speed up metabolism

These substances stimulate the metabolism, support the cleansing process of the body, help to fight hunger and lead to a long-lasting feeling of satiety. The composition of Choco Lite is complemented by natural chocolate – a source of well-being and energy.

Choco Lite – how to use

Choco Lite reducing appetite and calorie intake and positively influencing fat metabolism and accumulation of fat cells, eliminates the main causes of overweight. In order to achieve maximum results after Choco Lite, the preparation should be used daily. You should also remember not to treat it as an addition to a meal, but as a stand-alone meal. The product is available in powder form, which we mix with the liquid, thus obtaining a refreshing drink that adds energy and helps slimming.

Choco Lite powder in the amount of 2-3 tablespoons should be mixed with a large glass of skim milk or optionally water, and then drink instead of the first breakfast. Consume another glass at a selected time, replacing one of the later meals, e.g. an afternoon snack or dinner.

A properly prepared Choco Lite drink provides the body with 217 calories, 10 g of carbohydrates, 17 g of protein, vitamins and 23 fibers.

Regular use of the supplement gives visible effects in the form of better psychophysical condition and weight loss. However, for the treatment to be effective, it is advisable to use it for at least one month. In addition, sweets, high-fat foods and any unhealthy food should be excluded from the menu.

Choco Lite – opinions

Choco Lite, in the opinions of people who have had the opportunity to use it, unfortunately, does not perform too well. A frequently repeated disadvantage of this preparation is the price that is too high in relation to the weight of the product. The box is 150 g, and every day we prepare cocktails with at least 20 g of the preparation. It is easy to calculate that 1 package lasts for about a week. Productivity is certainly not a strong point of Choco Lite – the price of one package is 49 €. According to many comments, such an amount is far too much for a week of treatment.

The second frequently quoted argument against Choco Lite is its taste. After mixing with milk, unfortunately, it does not resemble a delicious chocolate shake. People, who use Choco Lite describe its taste as “strange”, bland, slightly cereal (thanks to bran and rice), with a distinctive hint of algae (thanks to spirulina). The combination of these flavours with the taste of chocolate is said not to have a good effect. Since the taste of the shake is unsavoury, it’s hard to talk about satisfying the appetite for sweets.

According to many opinions, Choco Lite is not a good option as a breakfast, an afternoon or evening meal – not only does it not taste best, but also does not satisfy hunger for long hours, as promised. Many people stress that the treatment is monotonous and tiring. It is difficult to start every day for a month or two with this cocktail and drink it again during the rest of the day.

Opinions about Choco Lite are also not favorable when it comes to the effect itself – the loss of kilos is slow and not very noticeable. Apparently there are no spectacular results.

Choco Lite – summary

If Choco Lite was efficient, appetising, if it really satisfied hunger, including sweets, and if it led to systematic, significant weight loss, it would be ideal. Unfortunately, the reality is different. Choco Lite gets used up very quickly, so we spend on it a great deal of money. Besides, its action is mediocre and it has a very peculiar taste, which does not suit everyone. Therefore, is it better to look for something more efficient and effective?

Our recommendation – Silvets

Looking for a dietary supplement that would replace better the fairly expensive and moderately effective Choco Lite, you can choose a preparation that is a mixture of popular and known for its properties of substances supporting slimming. This is Silvets.

Silvets has a very rich composition, which creates as many as 6 active substances in optimal doses. Silvets simultaneously accelerates metabolism, adds energy, regulates digestion and perfectly suppresses appetite, also for sweet delicacies.

The unique formula of the supplement consists of, among others:

  • berries Acai (Acai Berry) containing a diversity of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (more than red grape), as well as fiber, which causes a feeling of satiety and accelerates metabolism.
  • green tea extract that acts as a fat burner, regulates cholesterol and blood pressure levels and the functioning of the digestive system.
  • guarana, which is also considered to be thermogenics, i.e. substances accelerating the fat burning process, has a stimulating effect and, unlike caffeine, does not increase the pressure.

This combination of three substances, known for their properties, supports the weight loss process in an outstanding way. They also add to this:

  • Cayenne pepper, which thanks to capsaicin contained in it accelerates metabolism and digestive processes, reduces appetite and allows to burn fat faster. Moreover, it soothes flatulence, speeds up digestion, prevents food poisoning and stimulates gastric juice production.
  • L-Carnitine, a valuable amino acid that improves fat metabolism and at the same time alleviates the processes and effects of aging. Through better use of energy it significantly supports weight loss, especially in the case of dietary changes.

All these natural ingredients make slimming no longer tiring! With Silvets you don’t have to torture yourself with unpalatable cocktails every day. The capsules will help you control hunger and significantly reduce the amount of food you eat. You’ll be able to get rid of toxins from your body and body fat much faster.

The product Silvets accelerates metabolism, increases fat burning, adds energy and reduces the feeling of fatigue. Moreover, it has a strong antioxidant effect and the advanced formula of the preparation ensures that the desired effects are achieved. Silvets is a product of the highest quality, completely safe and effective.

The supplement is available as capsules. In terms of price, it falls within a similar range as Choco Lite, but Silvets is characterized by a much higher efficiency than the previously discussed preparation. 1 package of Silvets (60 capsules) is sufficient for the whole month.

If you are interested in Silvets capsules, go to their manufacturer’s website. Click here.


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