Cleaning the body after quitting smoking – how to free the body from nicotine and other cigarette poisons?

If you have given up smoking or are in the process of doing so, you are probably interested in how to cleanse your body of nicotine and other harmful compounds and thus free yourself forever from cigarette-smoking silent destroyers. I have very good news for you – there are some very effective yet simple ways to do it. See how the cleansing after I quit smoking looked in my case. I recommend this method – it makes me feel 100% better than before detoxification.

Cleaning up after you quit smoking – what will this treatment give you?

No one is in any doubt that the benefits of quitting smoking are enormous, but in order to enjoy them, we should first take care to get rid of the accumulated cigarette poisons quickly. In the treatment, which was to intensively cleanse the body of nicotine, I used very simple and very effective methods – I combined a detoxification diet with herbal therapy and physical activity. The effect? There are many of them. Here they are:

  • a much better feeling,
  • feeling at least 10 years younger,
  • a shot of vitality and energy,
  • better body immunity,
  • much better skin and hair condition,
  • a better functioning respiratory system,
  • better metabolism, elimination of digestive problems and feeling of heaviness,
  • a slimmer silhouette,
  • more optimism every day.

Cigarette toxins are a healthy and vital organism. If you quit or have given up smoking and want to feel as good as I do, here’s the exact recipe for how to do it.

How to cleanse the body of nicotine – introduce a detoxification diet!

The diet, which aims to cleanse the body of toxins, should be devoid of all processed foods (including fast food, ready meals, powdered soups, sweets), but should be based on products rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fiber.

So reconfigure your menu so that you can eat 5 light and healthy meals a day, with vegetables and fruits at the top of the menu – these are second to none in the detoxification process. Also add bran, oatmeal and other cereal flakes, coarse groats and wholemeal bread to the menu often – they improve metabolism and help get rid of toxins from the body. Start the day with a glass of water and lemon juice. Drink about 1.5 l of mineral water throughout the day.

During lunches, often reach for light vegetable soups (cream and plain soups) and steamed vegetables, salads, vegetables. Replace fatty meat with lean poultry and fish. Give up red meat and oily and floury dishes. Avoid ready-made sauces, instant dishes and delicatessen products – they contain lots of preservatives and other harmful substances that poison our bodies.

Every day, as part of one meal, drink a large glass of a vegetable-fruit cocktail, which you will compose from selected ingredients (e.g. citrus, celery and parsley parsley). You can also add bran, cereal and seeds to your blender cocktails.

Frequently reach for fruit juices – freshly squeezed or good quality 100% shop juice. As a snack, eat raw vegetables and fruit and dried fruit instead of chips, cakes, bars or other processed products.

Don’t forget about physical activity!

Physical activity is an important ally in the process of cleaning the body from toxins. The dynamic movement favours improved circulation and better oxygenation of the whole body cells. When we exercise, our metabolism improves, our body functions more efficiently and gets rid of toxins more effectively.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to introduce physical activities to our daily schedule – those that give us pleasure. It can be jogging, aerobics, swimming or even fast marching – it is important to exercise with medium (or high) intensity and do it about 40-60 minutes 3-4 times a week.

Bet on the herbs!

A detox after quitting smoking will also help you to drink green tea full of valuable antioxidants and herbs with diuretic and toxin-purifying effects such as:

  • nettle,
  • a dandelion doctor,
  • Violet,
  • birch,
  • purges,
  • angelica,
  • field horsetail,
  • the shovel.

You can make a mixture of the given herbs or use one of them yourself. Drink herbal teas once or twice a day.

What else will help to cleanse the body after quitting smoking?

Also ready-made dietary supplements containing ingredients that help to remove toxins are very useful in cleaning the body after quitting smoking. Especially if we don’t have time to make herbal cleansing teas or if we can’t always fully stick to the detoxifying menu.

In my opinion, the best detoxification product on the market is Spirulin Plus.

The preparation contains a whole list of ingredients with detoxifying effect – spirulina, chlorella, dandelion, nettle, alfalfa, green tea.

The Spirulin Plus definitely accelerated my body detoxification after I quit smoking. I recommend it to you too 🙂

Spirulin Plus is a top-shelf preparation, thanks to which you will get rid of the remaining toxins, deacidify your body, improve metabolism and feel much better.

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