Clenbuterol – dangerous slimming tablets. Effects, side-effects and substitution

One of the important elements of an effective slimming treatment should be intensive training, often meaning a visit to the gym. This type of exercise not only helps to achieve a perfect, slim and muscular figure, but also helps to burn the accumulated fat tissue. Among some fans of this sport, various chemical agents and supportive substances have spread, which greatly facilitate it and, unfortunately, often have various side effects, threatening our health. One such fat burners is Clenbuterol, whose use can have serious consequences.

Clenbuterol – composition and function

This product, which was in fact a popular bronchial asthma medication at the time, was withdrawn from the market in Europe and the United States as early as 1988, but it is now possible to obtain another drug with a very similar composition and action. Clenbuterol belongs to the beta-2 group of antagonists, acting directly on the sympathetic nervous system, where it binds with important neurotransmitters, including adrenaline and neoadrenaline. Its action can be boldly compared to ephedrine, but the difference is that it is several times stronger and comes down to:

  • relaxation of the respiratory system, because it reduces the tension of smooth muscles and in this way it is supposed to facilitate breathing for people suffering from asthma;
  • accelerate the processes of thermogenesis taking place in the body, increase the body temperature facilitating the burning of accumulated body fat. However, this is not a mild process, but the temperature can rise even to a level that poses a health risk;
  • stimulation of lipase and metabolism;
  • very strong general stimulation of the body by increasing the activity of the so-called catecholamines, i.e. adrenaline, dopamine and neoadrenaline, increasing blood pressure, accelerating heart rate and raising blood glucose levels. Increased oxygen flow, in turn, gives muscles the energy they need for greater effort, so that they can afford more intensive workouts, especially strength training.

Clenbuterol – Side effects

It was precisely this increase in the body’s resistance to great effort and faster fat burning that made Clenbuterol quickly gain popularity among gym enthusiasts and people who want to quickly get rid of overweight. Since it was withdrawn 30 years ago, it can be considered an illicit doping agent, commonly known as “clenem”, and this is how it is treated by athletes fighting against such illegal practices. What about the fact that thanks to its use can quickly burn excess fat, lose weight at a rapid pace, when a longer use can mean almost complete ruin of health, and the possible overdose even threatens life. The list of possible side effects is really long and can be found on it, among other things:

  • nausea, often associated with nausea and vomiting;
  • dizziness and severe headaches;
  • constant feeling of nervousness and change of moods;
  • drowsiness and sluggishness;
  • the feeling of dry mouth;
  • heartburn;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • strong sweating;
  • trembling and muscle spasms;
  • chest pains.

These worrying symptoms are usually unavoidable and their appearance usually means that you need to see a doctor, so you can see that such risky slimming with Clenbuterol can do more harm than the actual benefits. This often results not only in temporary health problems, but can also lead to more serious, chronic and difficult-to-treat diseases. Therefore, when we still care about safe and fast burning of fat tissue, other preparations, such as Fast Burn Extreme, based exclusively on natural ingredients, will do better.

Fast Burn Extreme – safe and efficient fat burner

In tablets Fast Burn Extreme We will find practically no harmful substances, and its composition is a perfect compromise between effectiveness and safety of the person using it. Like other such measures, it has a positive effect on the process of thermogenesis, but without the risk of the above mentioned side effects. It contains only ingredients of plant origin, such as..:

  • Indian nettle extract that accelerates all metabolic processes;
  • Green tea extracts that purify the body of toxins and other dangerous metabolic products;
  • annual paprika extract, which regulates digestion, including fats;
  • bitter orange extract, another metabolic regulator, which also removes the feeling of fatigue;
  • garcina cambogia, suppressing excessive appetite, the main enemy of effective weight loss, burning accumulated body fat;
  • Caffeine, which gives a high dose of energy necessary for physical activity;
  • chrome, eliminating the constant eating between meals, giving a constant feeling of satiety;
  • Vitamin B6, supporting the work of the nervous system, also regulating the correct blood pressure, preventing the formation of dangerous hypertension.

Fast Burn Extreme enjoys an excellent reputation not only among slimming enthusiasts or a healthy lifestyle in general. It is also appreciated by people who use gyms intensively, who do not want to poison their bodies but want to burn fats better. Studies have shown that regular use Fast Burn Extreme combined with a properly selected diet allows you to burn more than 500 kcal more during one workout.

The supplement can be purchased by placing an order for website of its manufacturer, and one package, sufficient per month, will cost us 49 €. However, it is better to secure the whole slimming treatment and buy more packages at once, using attractive price promotions. There are collective packages available, in which ordering e.g. two pieces, one of them will be given free of charge, and when we decide and pay for three, the manufacturer will send us as many as 6 packages. Fast Burn Extreme.

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