Coconut oil – a wealth of health and weight loss properties

Since I started to pay more attention to my appearance and finally decided to lose weight, only healthy products such as coconut oil have appeared in my kitchen, which I will allow myself to introduce to you a little bit closer today. I have known it so far, just like most of you, from its use in cosmetics, but nowadays it has become one of the most popular dietary ingredients, and besides its numerous health properties it is impossible to ignore.

Coconut oil – what kind of coconut oil to choose

A diet designed to bring a quick and, most importantly, constant weight loss usually excludes the consumption of large amounts of fats, including oil, so you can ask yourself how it can help you lose weight. The answer here is very simple, everything depends on the type and amount that we are going to consume. Coconut oil meets most of the requirements of nutritionists, although we shouldn’t eat too much of it, of course. It is obtained by pressing the dill, i.e. the hardest part of the nut flesh, and the resulting product is divided into two varieties, which differ in terms of health properties:

  • refined, hot-pressed oil, and most of its nutrients are irreversibly destroyed during this process;
  • unrefined cold-pressed oil, recommended for consumption by nutritionists, full of intact vitamins, minerals and everything our body needs.

It has the form of a colourless liquid or mass in a characteristic white colour, which hardens quickly at a lower temperature, so it is not advisable to store it in the refrigerator.

Coconut oil – health benefits

Deciding to use unrefined coconut oil in the kitchen, we can count on a significant improvement in general health, mainly due to its unique composition, in which we will find ourselves:

  • B vitamins;
  • Vitamin E, called the vitamin of youth;
  • Vitamin K, essential for proper blood clotting;
  • minerals: magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium and zinc;
  • Caprylic acid, which improves the functioning of the digestive system;
  • medium chain saturated fatty acids.

Such a composition is also a guarantee of high effectiveness, thanks to which the oil proves itself both in the treatment and prevention of many serious diseases. It has proven anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antifungal and wound healing properties. The content of fatty acids relieves the digestive system, especially its parts such as the stomach, pancreas, liver and gall bladder. The high antioxidant potential of coconut oil protects us from dangerous free radicals, thus delaying the natural ageing processes of the body and protecting against cancer. Recent studies have shown its beneficial effect on the treatment of particularly serious diseases Parkinson and Alzheimer, which are already a serious social problem. It should also be used in the prevention of heart diseases, because it regulates blood pressure, while reducing the risk of stroke or stroke, also lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Application in cosmetics, creams or tonics, is associated with anti-acne effect, cleanses the skin thoroughly and can be applied in its pure form even directly on acne lesions. Its salutary effect will also be felt in our hair, which will become stronger, more resilient and shiny than ever before.

Coconut oil – effective for slimming

Every lover of healthy lifestyle must definitely have it in their kitchen, appreciating not only its taste, although, frankly speaking, they do not suit everyone. However, I like coconut and the slimming effects I achieved thanks to it were at least surprising. The chemical structure of the oil is important here, as a result of which we absorb nutrients supplied with food more quickly and burn fat tissue more efficiently, which does not accumulate again. I also value coconut oil for its other slimming properties, the most important of which are:

  • faster metabolism;
  • full detoxification of the body, removal from it all that is unnecessary and harmful;
  • to supply large quantities of essential nutrients;
  • inhibition of appetite, elimination of constant reaching for food by evoking a long-lasting feeling of satiety;
  • lower calorific value of meals containing coconut oil and, as a result, the deposition of smaller amounts of fat tissue;
  • providing large amounts of energy, which is necessary in the process of weight loss, of which physical activity is an important part.

Coconut oil – practical use in the kitchen

I will not claim that coconut oil can fully replace other vegetable fats used in the kitchen, but it will certainly be an attractive addition to the daily menu. Specialists did not call it free of charge the best frying or baking fat, which does not change its valuable properties even at very high temperatures, and its smoke point is only 240 degrees. It can successfully replace butter, and its soft, creamy texture makes it easy to spread on bread. It is also perfect as an addition to soups or salads, just like in a morning muesli or oat, giving them a completely new taste. Of course, we should only use healthier unrefined cold-pressed oil, and when we want to increase its slimming effect, it must represent at least half of all the fats we eat at that time. He suggests spending some time finding the most suitable recipes, which can be found on the Internet, and the effects of coconut oil after a short time you will see by looking at yourself in the mirror.

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