Coconut oil – properties and composition of a healthy oil for slimming

A healthy lifestyle, which also includes a properly composed diet, should not be considered only as a temporary fashion, but should definitely become a permanent habit, especially when we care about fast and, most importantly, permanent weight loss. Therefore, it is worth to use appropriate products in your kitchen to make it easier, and one of them, recommended by dieticians, is certainly coconut oil.

Slimming oil – are you sure it works?

When we hear that during a slimming diet we are supposed to eat oil, we immediately get a warning light in our heads, like oil, which is fat, so how can we lose weight while eating it? However, everything really depends on the type of oil you use in the kitchen, and coconut oil, when used in moderation, can effectively support and speed up the whole process of getting rid of the excess weight. It is important to buy only the healthiest variety, and there are usually two on the market:

  • refined oil, obtained during high-temperature refining, during which, unfortunately, it loses most of its valuable nutrients and thus its health properties;
  • unrefined, cold-pressed oil that retains all its valuable properties, is a rich source of vitamins and minerals and has a full, deep taste at the same time.

As you can see, it is better to opt for unrefined oil, and not just coconut oil, which is actually easier to absorb by the body, perfectly suitable for both raw consumption and baking or frying. This type of oil, headed by coconut oil, is widely used in medicine, also for external use, soothing all inflammations and skin irritations.

Coconut oil – composition and health properties

Coconut oil is cold-pressed using copra, a hard nut pulp containing up to 70 percent fat. Its unrefined variety has a unique composition, in which we can find almost everything that the body needs to maintain long term health. These are mainly vitamins B, E and K, minerals, potassium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron and capillary acid, still a little underestimated, but increasingly used to treat many serious diseases. It is highly effective against various types of mycosis, relieves irritable bowel syndrome, inhibits diarrhoea, lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, also preventing type II diabetes. In diabetics, it improves insulin secretion and makes cells more sensitive to it.

Coconut oil also contains a range of fatty acids, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, as well as antioxidants, which help to remove dangerous free radicals from the body. It has a beneficial and proven effect on the prevention of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, supporting the proper functioning of the brain, to some extent also reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and prevents other diseases of the heart and circulatory system.

Coconut oil – helps to lose weight

However, we are most interested in the influence of coconut oil on weight loss, which is facilitated by its specific chemical structure, because it is composed of medium-chain fatty acids, called MCFA, which are not divided into smaller parts. Thanks to this, by getting directly into the cells, they are completely burned and do not accumulate in the form of fat, and the other most frequently mentioned effect of this oil on weight loss is:

  • beneficial stimulation and acceleration of metabolism, coconut oil is quickly digested and practically one hundred percent assimilated;
  • increase the metabolic rate, which at the same time facilitates cleansing from toxins;
  • provide each cell of the body with all necessary nutritional values, which is the most important thing if slimming is to bring satisfactory results;
  • stopping the appetite by creating a feeling of satiety and thus limiting eating between meals;
  • a real reduction in the calorific value of dishes prepared with coconut oil;
  • providing the body with a solid dose of energy and increasing its resistance to great physical and mental effort;
  • less calories and fat than other oils or fats of animal origin.

Coconut oil – for use in the kitchen

As you can see, it is worth replacing with coconut oil other fats used every day to prepare your favorite dishes. It is perfect for frying or baking, having a much higher smoke temperature, so that we avoid burning, and even the most banal food will give an exotic aftertaste. It is also tasty in its raw form, as an addition to easily digestible, low-calorie salads, but when using it, we should stick to a few proven rules, which say that:

  • Cold-pressed, fresh oil with the longest shelf life is the best;
  • should represent at least 50 percent of all fats consumed during the slimming treatment and the whole diet should be balanced and rich in other nutrients, fibre and carbohydrates from wholemeal bread, vegetables and fruit;
  • for the duration of the diet it is worth to completely resign from other fats, especially those of animal origin, replacing them with coconut oil.

We can find thousands of recipes for dishes with this oil in the Internet and every day more and more of them are added. The most important thing is to finally decide to buy it, enter it into the daily menu, and the positive effects of action will start to feel very quickly.

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