Collagen Select – the best friend of our skin

When the years are slowly flying and I’m over 30, I started to observe the changes in my skin with anxiety. It is no longer as elastic and firm as it was 10 years ago and requires much more serious care. Unfortunately, it is a natural, inevitable process of aging, associated with the loss of collagen, whose production begins to decline at this age, until the moment when it practically ceases after seventy years of age. Fortunately, this can be delayed to some extent, and to a significant extent, by intensifying the collagen synthesis process, which can be helped by my latest discovery, Collagen Selecta powder supplement for the preparation of beverages, comprehensively caring for the skin.

Collagen – meaning for healthy, beautiful skin

The importance of collagen for the appearance and health of the skin cannot be underestimated, because apart from elastin and keratin, it is the third most important protein in connective tissue. It is a protein that can be boldly called extraordinary, built of specifically arranged amino acids, very durable, but also flexible, which can easily stretch. Its main task is to connect individual cells in our body, including, of course, the skin, which ensures proper elasticity and density, lost, as I mentioned, with age. In our skin there are several different types of collagen, but the most important in my opinion are four of them, which can be divided according to their function:

  • Type I collagen, found in the subcutaneous tissue, which accounts for 90 percent of collagen proteins in the human body, building blocks of skin and bones;
  • type II collagen, responsible for the proper construction of joint cartilage;
  • type III collagen, which is produced during the wound healing process, accelerates healing and is then transformed into type I collagen.
  • type IV collagen, which connects various tissues in the body by means of thin but durable membranes.

Collagen has many functions, smoothes out wrinkles, reduces most visible scars, especially those on the face, helps to alleviate acne symptoms, accelerates eczema healing and removes the disliked, unsightly cellulite. It also eliminates stretch marks and the nightmare of most women, not only those that remain after pregnancy, but also those that remain after overweight or obesity, and supplementing the deficiency of collagen helps to make the skin resistant to stretching. That is why it is so important to keep it at the right level and when natural production decreases, to supplement it with the right diet and supplements such as Collagen Select.

Collagen Select – the composition guaranteeing the highest effectiveness

A visit to a beautician and dermatologist confirmed my fears about a decrease in the amount of collagen, so I started to look for a suitable preparation and my choice could only be one. I am a supporter of cosmetics and supplements based on natural ingredients, which do not cause any side effects, and Collagen Select meets these requirements one hundred percent. The selection of active ingredients is the result of tests carried out in the manufacturer’s laboratories and thanks to that we can find in every portion such substances as..:

  • extract prepared from Moldovan beekeeper DracoBelle™ Nu, a novelty on the market, a component with a similar effect to the natural processes taking place in our body, which quickly stops the aging of the skin, restoring its lost elasticity;
  • hydrolysate of collagen Verisol®, a substance patented by the manufacturer, which I have never seen before in any supplement and cosmetic intended for skin care. Its biggest advantages are the highest degree of assimilability, thanks to smaller particles than normal collagen, so it penetrates deeper into the skin, improving its elasticity and reducing all visible wrinkles;
  • Minerals, especially zinc, without which we have nothing to think about healthy skin and copper, equally important for the reduction of wrinkles and in the process of regeneration of damaged skin;
  • Vitamins A and C as well as a whole range of B vitamins, biotin, i.e. B7, helping e.g. to maintain natural skin tone, B2, riboflavin, responsible for proper functioning of the immune system, B3, niacin, removing acne lesions and moisturizing all skin layers.

Collagen Select – action, directions for use and dosage

Looking at Collagen Select composition, I can confidently say that since I’ve been taking it, while maintaining a healthy diet for the skin, I don’t need anything else to keep collagen at the right level. The action of the supplement is actually complex, which I see every day in the mirror, because my face has not looked so healthy and even radiant for a long time. It’s really a good idea to opt for regular use Collagen Selectso you can count on it:

  • better elasticity and firmness of the skin, which from now on will always be properly moisturized, from the epidermis to the deep layers of the dermis, free from eczema and other disfiguring changes, with a natural, deep shade;
  • reduction of practically all visible wrinkles, in my case, the crow’s feet around the eyes disappeared;
  • significant increase in collagen levels in the body, research has shown that Collagen Select increases its production by up to 56%. Similarly, the amount of elastin increases by as much as 18 percent;
  • healthy hair, strong, without split ends, shining like never before;
  • strong, unbreakable and unbreakable nails.

For me, there is no need for a better recommendation, and another advantage worth emphasizing is the form of the supplement itself, a powder from which we make a tasty drink with an exotic, tropical taste. Simply dissolve one measuring cup, about 200 mg of the supplement in water, mix thoroughly and ready, and it is recommended to consume only one glass of Collagen Select per day. The action is quick, the first visible effects I had already after about 2 months of application, but I do it still, seeing how beneficial it affects the skin, hair and my nails.

Collagen Select – opinions and buying a supplement

I have to admit to you that I have become a real fan of this supplement practically since I started using it, and as I can see from the opinions found on the web, many other women have the same opinion about Collagen Select. Opinions in the majority of cases are definitely positive, and you can also come across those from skin problem specialists, who are happy to recommend the product to their patients. However, it is nice to read the entries of satisfied ladies, even saying that Collagen Select changed their lives to give them the look they had long dreamed of:

“Collagen Select was a bull’s-eye shot, I’ve never used anything so effective, and I noticed a lack of collagen a few years ago. The changes started in me relatively early, even before I was 30 years old, after 40 it was only worse, the skin was flabby and wrinkles could not be covered even with a thick layer of makeup. My sister recommended this supplement to me, she used it herself and now I drink it regularly, and the effects are simply stunning, the complexion is smooth, well hydrated and healthy. – Grażyna, 42 years old.

“Don’t hesitate, because it’s really worth it. Collagen Select does real wonders with your skin and you will have perfect hair and nails. The drink has a great taste, you can drink it instead of morning juice. I recommend it.” – Anne, 37 years old.

A 100% natural, safe composition, multifaceted, complex action, supported by the opinions of users and specialists, is in my opinion a sufficient incentive to buy and try on your skin. Collagen Select you will buy directly from the manufacturer, who distributes it himself, which guarantees that we will always receive an original and fully effective product. We place an order for the website, where you will also find a number of interesting information about the supplement, and for one package, sufficient for the whole month, we will pay 59€. I also recommend to take an interest in more profitable collective packages, consisting of 3 packages at the price of 118€ or as many as 6 packages for which you will pay 177€, so as you can see, the savings are obvious.


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