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collagen select

Proper, systematic care of one’s appearance should not be accidental in any case and one should always approach this issue in a comprehensive way. Practically all body parts require our attention, and the indicator of beauty, distinguishing us from the environment is not only a slim silhouette, but also firm, free of wrinkles and even gushing with health skin. Its care is our duty and we are talking here primarily about everyday hygiene, with the use of the best cosmetics and preparations of proven effectiveness, and such certainly include Collagen Select. It is a modern, recommended especially for women dietary supplement to drink, based on natural ingredients, thanks to which the skin will gain a look that we could only dream of so far.

How to care for your skin at any age

The skin, especially on the face, has a strictly defined protective function, but in order for this barrier to be fully effective, it must be taken care of from the deepest layers to the epidermis. There is no denying that everyone would also like to boast a perfectly smooth complexion, without the slightest trace of eczema, acne lesions and especially unsightly wrinkles, unfortunately inevitable with age. Gradually, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and firmness, becoming flabby, but it is only up to us to stop this process quickly and effectively. First of all, we need to answer the question of what factors have the most adverse effect on its condition, there can be many reasons for this, and among the most important it is worth mentioning:

  • hygienic negligence, resulting, among other things, from the use of cosmetics inappropriate to the pH of the skin, which may cause redness, swelling, and Collagen Select is devoid of irritant ingredients and therefore completely safe to use;
  • exposing the face, and not only the face, to intense sunlight, the biggest enemy of the skin due to the high level of UV radiation;
  • inappropriate methods of removing acne lesions and other eczemas, most often mechanical extrusion, which may have serious health consequences, the emergence of inflammatory conditions difficult to heal, resulting in scars that need to be removed by laser;
  • bad diet, adversely affecting the state of the skin, which is full of such harmful products as large amounts of salt, fats, excess carbohydrates or stimulants, especially alcohol. Smoking cigarettes is also harmful, as the skin becomes gray and loses its inner radiance.

Dozens of such adverse factors could be mentioned, but the worst is that most of them also cause the loss of the natural building material of our skin, collagen, one of the most important elements forming the human body.

Collagen Select – allows you to effectively replenish collagen deficiency

Our skin ages with us and with the progress of years its elasticity decreases, which is directly related to the falling amount of collagen in the body. It is the most common connective tissue in our body, and its main part is protein, which can be boldly called unique, responsible also for the construction of the dermis. Unfortunately, the human body produces collagen naturally only until a certain age, and studies have shown that the decline is clearly visible after only 30 years of age, and after 60 – 70 production stops almost completely. Although this is an unavoidable process, it can be largely halted by the use of Collagen SelectIt will help to keep your skin healthy and youthful for a long time to come.

Collagen Select – natural, safe composition

There are many supplements designed to rebuild collagen fibers in the skin, but Collagen Select stands out not only because of its high effectiveness, but also because of its carefully selected and, most importantly, natural composition. It contains not one or two, but nine active substances that act in a complex way, such as:

  • Verisol® collagen hydrolysate, a unique ingredient patented by the manufacturer, which is an exceptionally easily assimilated collagen of the latest generation. Its Bioactive Collagen Peptides® molecules are smaller than normal collagen molecules and can easily reach the deepest layers of the skin, improving skin firmness, reducing wrinkles and accelerating wound healing;
  • Moldovan beekeeping extract DracoBelle™ Nu, another revolutionary substance, also the result of the latest advanced research conducted in the company’s laboratories. It works on the principle of similarity to natural processes occurring in the human body, so called caloric restriction, counteracting aging of the skin, increasing its elasticity and density;
  • biotin, vitamin B7, also called H, is particularly important for healthy skin, and its deficiencies immediately manifest themselves as dryness and change of skin tone;
  • riboflavin, vitamin B2, which has a significant impact on the proper functioning of the entire body, strengthens the immune system and thus protects us against serious diseases, including skin diseases;
  • niacin, vitamin B3, with the most beneficial effect on the skin, moisturizing and allowing to deal with all unsightly, often painful acne lesions;
  • Vitamins A and C;
  • mineral complex, headed by zinc, helping to maintain the proper structure of our skin, treating the above mentioned symptoms of acne. Collagen Select also contains copper that increases skin elasticity and firmness, reduces wrinkles, regenerates the epidermis and counteracts natural ageing processes.

Collagen Select – action and dosage of the supplement

The supplement is intended for women who with age have observed the above described changes in the appearance of their skin. Collagen Select can help with many of these ailments, and its action comes down primarily to..:

  • a reduction in visibility and, in many cases, even the complete elimination of emerging wrinkles, as shown by studies by an average of 32 per cent;
  • stimulation of collagen production, increase its level by 56% and elastin by more than 18% and an equally rapid increase in connective tissue;
  • to increase the elasticity, elasticity and density of the skin and to improve its hydration;
  • taking care of the appearance and health of hair and nails. Hair regains its natural vitality and proper, deep colors, and the nails with regular use of Collagen Select stop splitting.

An important advantage, emphasized by both consumers and numerous specialists, is the form of the supplement itself, available not in the form of cream, gel or tablets, but tasty, easy to prepare beverage. It has a wonderful tropical taste, which will surely appeal to every lady, and its preparation comes down only to dissolving 200 ml of the supplement in still water, preferably in healthy mineral water. It is also important to note that, as we have already mentioned, it is completely safe and will not cause any side effects. The first effects will be visible after about 2 months, but the whole treatment is better to continue until fully satisfactory results are obtained, taking only one recommended dose of Collagen Select daily.

Collagen Select – opinions of satisfied users and specialists

Such spectacular effects as the application of the Collagen SelectThe opinions of not only the people using it, but also the specialists fully confirm the opinions of the people using it. Quickly and effectively rejuvenates the skin together with everyday care cosmetics, and the comments that can be found on the Internet, show it in a definitely positive light. Specialists in skin problems have a similar opinion, and women who are satisfied with the effects of the action write, among other things, yes:

“For me it’s a revelation, not only that I have a delicious, refreshing drink, but I also find everything my skin needs to finally regain full health and the shine that my husband likes so much. I recommend it!!!!!” – Ala, 46 years old.

Such positive feedback is, in our opinion, the best incentive to buy, and Collagen Select can be bought directly from its manufacturer, through website. It is worth placing an order there and the cost of one package containing enough supplement for one month of treatment is 59 €. You can also buy collective packages at an attractive, promotional price:

  • Standard, where we get the third one free of charge for two ordered packages, paying only 118 €;
  • Optimal, composed of as many as six packages at a price of 177 €.

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