Desmoxan. Is it worth believing in commercials? Opinion on the pills.

How did I decide to quit smoking?

desmoxanUsually, quitting smoking is a long process which involves making many attempts to quit and gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Nothing like that happened to me – I smoked and I was fine with it, I didn’t limit it, because I guess why. As a smoker, I never felt discriminated against, and the comments of my family and non-smoking friends about the destructive power of my addiction were passed on despite my ears. Smoking also had no negative impact on my health (or at least I thought so). The morning cough was passing quickly, besides, I felt good, and the energy for the whole day was given to me by a large amount of black, sweet coffee.

I lived a fast and routine life – work in an accounting office, evenings at home, weekend trips with friends, and again work, home… I was snatched out of this routine, arranged life by talking to a long-standing partner. He said that our relationship burned out and there was practically nothing between us anymore. He packed up and left. It came as a shock to me, but when I started to think about it more deeply, I thought he was right. An honest conversation with a friend and my own thoughts allowed me to look at myself more critically. I realized that for a few years now I have been doing nothing in my life that would allow me to develop and give me real joy. I decided to change my whole life.

I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a young but very tired woman with earthy, grey skin, wrinkles, damaged hair, a woman without a shadow of vitality. I didn’t like it. I started to realize that unhealthy skin, yellow teeth and dry, dull hair are the effects of smoking. I wanted to look beautiful and radiant, I started to have a heartily enough miserable, neglected woman whom I saw in the mirror. I was only 32, and I look like at least 5 more. A massacre.

The willingness to change has been intensified by the appearance of a new man in my life, with whom I began to meet. I knew it was gonna be something, I wanted to look and feel beautiful. My gray, earthy complexion, ugly hair and smelly smoky clothes were not conducive to this. I didn’t want to smell like the proverbial ashtray anymore. I went to the pharmacy, bought an Desmoxan and started therapy.

Does the Desmoxan help you quit smoking? My opinion on Desmoxan

The Desmoxan is probably the most widely advertised quitting aid recently. Honestly, he didn’t help me. Well, maybe he helped for a while, but that’s not the point. I was expecting a lasting result. When I started taking the Desmoxan, I gradually felt less and less like smoking a cigarette. I reduced the number of cigarettes fired during the day, I did not suck at longer intervals between cigarettes. But it lasted very short.

Even before I gave up those pills, I started to increase the number of cigarettes smoked again. It’s just as if the Desmoxan suddenly stopped stopping to reach for a pipe. When I tried to limit myself, there was a strong nicotine hunger, I couldn’t concentrate on anything, I felt nervous. Now I don’t know why at first the Desmoxan worked in some way and then it stopped. Maybe his whole operation was just my autosuggestion? I don’t know. As if it wasn’t, unfortunately, the Desmoxan didn’t work, so I stopped taking it.

How about a cigarette throwing agent from the Internet?

The Desmoxan let me down, but I was still very motivated to quit smoking. On the Internet, I found information about a new measure, reportedly giving great results – Nicorix. I was immediately struck by its price – about €25 per month of treatment. Dear. But I bet everything on one card. I wanted to stop smoking too much, but at the same time I felt I couldn’t cope with my nicotine hunger without an extra booster. I bought these pills, started taking and watching my body. After just a few days, the demand for nicotine has decreased significantly. I’d reach for a cigarette every hour, then every 1.5, every 2…

nicorixNicorix it worked, and the effects were really noticeable. In time, I got caught up in the fact that I hardly think about cigarettes at all, and they were the focus of my interest so far. Everything stopped spinning around them – and that was the most important thing. Nicorix really inhibited my nicotine hunger, and what’s more, it made me feel fresh, crisp, full of energy. I had the impression that my body was cleansing itself of the accumulated toxins, which, by the way, became apparent in my appearance. Gradually, the complexion has gained a healthy, young, radiant look, the condition of hair has improved. I finally started looking the way I wanted to. After a month’s treatment, I bought another Nicorix pack. I still take it. I haven’t smoked in weeks. I recommend this measure, it worked great on me. I’m giving the page address – http://nicorix.en here you will buy the Nicorix straight from the manufacturer.

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