Detox Cleansil Sap – patches removing parasites and toxins from our body

Detox Cleansil Sap

Among the diseases plaguing modern society, which we already consider to be civilisational, many are caused by constantly increasing environmental pollution. Scientific research carried out in renowned centres around the world clearly shows that this state of affairs is not without a negative impact on the entire ecosystem around us. Extremely rapid changes taking place in it cause, among other things, the development of parasites dangerous to our health, and the amount of toxins deposited in the body is another cause of our troubles. Fortunately, scientists have developed an effective method to quickly get rid of these two pathogens, revolutionary phytodetoxic patches Detox Cleansil Sap.

Toxins and parasites – what are the threats to our health?

Contamination of the body by toxins and parasites is a problem that we usually ignore, and many people even consider it a myth. The reality is more brutal, however, and what is constantly being put aside in different parts of the body is an extremely serious threat, not only to health, but also, in some cases, to life. Toxins that will effectively help to remove Detox Cleansil Sapenter our body through various channels, and a large part of it is produced directly in it. They should not be underestimated, as they are extremely dangerous substances, which can be found absolutely everywhere, in the air we breathe, in the water we drink or in food. These are mainly various chemical compounds used e.g. for plant protection or in many branches of industry: pesticides, chlorine, phthalates, heavy metals, but also biological agents, bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi. A small number of them should not cause any negative reactions, but it is worth to watch your body all the time, sometimes giving too clear symptoms that it could be poisoned, such as:

  • Gastrointestinal disorders, digestive problems associated with stomach and intestine malfunction, abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation. All this is also reflected almost immediately on the body mass, which can drastically decrease, or grow equally fast, leading to overweight and obesity;
  • disorders of nervous system functioning, damaged mainly by heavy metals, cadmium or lead, manifested by problems with concentration, memory, and leading to impairment of the most important senses, sight, smell and hearing;
  • feeling of tiredness and inability to fully regenerate the body, even after a long rest, proper daily amount of sleep;
  • problems with the skin, which becomes gray, excessively dry, devoid of shine, loses its natural, deep color and there are disturbing changes, e.g. acne;
  • disorders of hormonal economy of the organism, resulting from abnormal functioning of endocrine glands responsible for secretion of the most important health hormones;
  • weakening of the immune system, which opens access to our body to diseases that threaten it.

Similar symptoms can also be caused by poisoning by parasites, such as fungi, which entered our bodies e.g. with water, food, or as a result of our own negligence in everyday personal hygiene. They pose at least the same risk as toxins and their removal should also be our priority, and Detox Cleansil Sap phytodetoxic patches, which guarantee full purification in just 30 days, can help.

Detox Cleansil Sap – natural, vegetal and completely safe composition

Due to the fact that we live in the era of commonly used ecological solutions, this trend could not be avoided either. Detox Cleansil Sap. The manufacturer chose its composition in such a way as to combine the maximum effectiveness of treatment with simultaneous safety of use, lack of side effects of the patches. It must be admitted that he managed to do it in one hundred percent, and each contains a number of substances that quickly eliminate toxins and parasites, among which the most important active factors forming together a herbal detoxification mixture, is:

  • fungus Agaricus, belonging to the mushroom family, supporting the immune system, characterized by anticancer activity, protecting liver cells against damage, minimizing the risk of atherosclerosis, lowering too high blood sugar level, inhibiting the growth of cancer cells;
  • Siberian ginseng, a plant classified as an adaptogen effectively supporting the organism in states of weakening its natural immunity. In Detox Cleansil Sap it plays an extremely important role of a regulator of metabolic processes in the body, supporting, among others, the liver. It reduces the possibility of development of health-threatening inflammatory states, thanks to its antioxidant effect it removes free radicals, lowers cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides levels in blood;
  • Paeoniae Rubra Radix, a red peony, an herb from far China, has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, regulates liver, intestines and the entire digestive system, thus facilitating the removal of all unnecessary metabolic products;
  • Platicodon Grandiflorum, large-flowered, expectorant, recommended for the treatment of many respiratory tract diseases, facilitating the removal of secretions deposited in them, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect protecting the lungs and throat against the development of serious infections;
  • Artemisia Iwayomogi, which, thanks to its valuable flavonoids, has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. It seals blood vessels, has a relaxing effect, supports digestion, stimulates intestines and liver to work more intensively, strengthens immunity and lowers the level of “bad” cholesterol;
  • cypress oil, obtained from Mediterranean cypress with antiseptic and diuretic properties, which allows to remove all toxins and parasites in a short time;
  • bamboo vinegar, also effectively supporting and intensifying all processes leading to complete purification and detoxification of the body;
  • Caracansa Sinica, a substance commonly used in the treatment and prevention of neuralgia, i.e. strong neuralgia, caused most often by damage or diseases of peripheral nerves. Thanks to its properties, it is also used to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and violent reactions from the gastrointestinal tract manifested by strong diarrhoea;
  • Turmaline, a crystal belonging to the group of silicates, called in natural medicine the “balance crystal”, ensuring the maintenance of balanced homeostasis, emitting at the same time natural infrared radiation. It allows you to fully relax, provides a good mood, protects against all harmful factors, including toxins and parasites, improves the functioning of the circulatory system and supports metabolism.

Detox Cleansil Sap – Highest level of detoxification and parasite removal

Detox Cleansil Sap

Producer, creating a formula Detox Cleansil SapIt is based on three proven methods, widely known and used in unconventional medicine, which are highly appreciated by patients, such as..:

  • Reflexology, that is, the stimulation of certain points on our feet, similarly to acupressure, which stimulates an immediate positive effect on other parts of the body, which strengthens the whole body;
  • transdermal stimulation, through our skin, which is favoured by the use of turmaline crystals in the composition of plasters, emitting the aforementioned natural, beneficial for health infrared radiation;
  • the warming effect of the foot skin, which increases its absorption of all active ingredients contained in the patches, with the simultaneous removal by the extended pores of what is negative in us.

Thanks to this innovative action and the carefully selected composition, the Detox Cleansil Sap are the most effective of these products, and when used as recommended, there are many benefits to be expected:

  • a strengthened immune system, full protection against diseases and infections, including those caused by excess toxins and harmful micro-organisms;
  • better functioning of the circulatory system, improved blood flow also responsible for the detoxification process. All cells become better oxygenated, which has a simultaneous, beneficial effect on the work of the most important internal organs;
  • a complete cleansing of the body of anything that can in any way harm it, worsening our health;
  • continuous maintenance of internal balance, normal state, described above homeostasis;
  • lack of pain ailments accompanying many inflammatory conditions and diseases developing in the body;
  • better condition, not only physical but also mental, mainly due to elimination of nervousness, strong stress and insomnia;
  • improve the condition of the skin, which will finally be free from acne or cellulite, which is so disliked by women. The symptoms of allergies, not only skin allergies but also food allergies, are also significantly alleviated;
  • Effective help to combat overweight, and toxins and other metabolic products are one of the most common causes of our growing overweight.

Detox Cleansil Sap – recommended methods of use

How to use the plasters Detox Cleansil Sap is simple and you only need to stick them on the bottom of your foot to feel all the positive effects after a short time. Of course, this is not the only place where we can stick them on top of each other, it can also be other parts of the body, but with the simultaneous placement of a patch on the sole of the foot. It is recommended to use them in the evening and leave them overnight, and the full duration of treatment, depending on the degree of poisoning, varies from 3 days to 2 – 3 weeks. It is also worth observing what colour the plasters take on, thanks to which it is possible to determine precisely which parts of our body required detoxification and which individual colours mean:

  • red: problems with the heart, proper circulation, intestinal dysfunctions and severe pain;
  • yellow: disorders of the immune system, problems with the stomach and other organs responsible for digestion and metabolism;
  • white: indicates respiratory diseases;
  • green: sick liver, disturbed metabolism and high level of LDL cholesterol, which negatively affects heart function;
  • black: indicates that we should examine the condition of our kidneys and the entire urinary tract for possible diseases or inflammations.

There are also some contraindications to using Detox Cleansil Sap patches, which should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women, children under 3 years of age, and in the case of older children it is advisable to consult a specialist beforehand. Phytodetoxic patches are also not recommended for people suffering from heart muscle diseases requiring the use of a pacemaker.

Detox Cleansil Sap – Opinions, order and purchase methods

More and more people are complaining about various, more or less onerous ailments caused by toxins, parasites and other pathogens, and this is what it is intended for. Detox Cleansil Sap. As can be seen from the examples above, its application brings only benefits and therefore enjoys such a high level of recognition, confirmed by many positive opinions. Patients praise practically all aspects of its action, its natural composition and total safety of use, lack of side effects. That is why it is worth to join them now and after a few weeks of treatment enjoy the fullness of regained health. On the manufacturer’s website we will find a form to fill in, and the order for any number of slice packages, at the current price of 32 € per piece, consists in a conversation with a consultant calling us.

Detox Cleansil Sap

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