Diet for potency – what to eat to stay sexually fit for a long time

Potency is undoubtedly a very emotional word among men who want to avoid any problems with it, preferably until late old age. Unfortunately, reality sometimes doesn’t look as rosy as we would like it to, and more or less erectile dysfunction caused by different causes can happen to any one of us. Avoiding them is not as simple as it seems at first glance, and apart from typical pharmacological agents or supplements used for this ailment, it is equally effective to follow an appropriate diet, chosen precisely in order to maintain the highest possible level of potency.

Potency dysfunctions – the most common causes of potency dysfunctions

There are many potency disorders that the average man can encounter during his life, but the most common are those concerning the achievement and maintenance of a strong and long-lasting erection, sometimes preventing him from having normal sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, every year it affects increasingly more males and ceases to be considered an illness that comes with age. Erectile dysfunction is already happening to younger and younger people, even to 20-year-olds, and we owe many of its causes to ourselves, leading an unhealthy, unhygienic lifestyle. This manifests itself primarily in the lack of any physical activity and in the wrong diet, a diet that has a direct and, in this case, negative impact on our libido. Of course, these are not the only reasons for this state of affairs, and other, equally common, reasons are:

  • exposure to prolonged and severe stress, resulting in increased mental and physical fatigue and immediate impact on sexual performance;
  • diseases causing erectile dysfunction, about which we often do not even know, hypertension, thyroid diseases, atherosclerosis, renal or other internal organ failure;
  • abuse of alcohol, when we drink alcohol, we do not even have to dream about the proverbial standing up to the task;
  • mental problems that lead to abstinence from sex, often originating in childhood.

Observing any of the above symptoms should make us visit a specialist, which should not be avoided. However, just a change in lifestyle may cause the removal of at least a few of them, and a healthy, properly balanced diet, full of properly selected nutrients is able to work real miracles.

Potency diet – the most important principles of nutrition

As we struggle to cope with declining sexual performance, we don’t usually realize what a huge impact what we eat has on our sexual performance. We are completely underestimating this, and we usually go straight for tablets or other drugs whose effectiveness will not be denied, but which in many cases have serious side effects. So it’s better to sit down, analyse our daily menu and consider which products that have a positive effect on the potency to introduce into it, and which that weaken it immediately remove. You can get help from a doctor or a professional dietitian, but composing your own potency diet is really not difficult and you only need to stick to a few proven rules.

Potency diet – what should be removed from our menu?

When composing a potency diet, you can follow the same principles as an effective slimming diet, because similar groups of food products should disappear from it. High-calorie, full of fat foods not only cause a rapid, uncontrolled increase in body weight, but also erectile dysfunction, which results primarily from failure to provide the body with the right amount of nutrients necessary for its proper functioning. There is a certain group of products whose regular consumption can lead to temporary or even permanent libido problems in an instant, so they should disappear from our diet immediately:

  • alcohol, the greatest enemy of male potency. Its negative effect is, among other things, a significant weakening of the feeling of external stimuli causing sexual excitement, and thus the inability to obtain an erection. Alcohol also dilates blood vessels, which immediately reduces the blood flow in the cavernous vessels of the penis responsible for maintaining the erection at all times. It can also cause mental problems, lack of willingness to have sex, and other serious diseases disrupting sexual performance, such as cirrhosis of the liver or acute inflammation of the pancreas, not only extremely painful, but also often ending in total impotence;
  • all products with a large amount of saturated fatty acids in their composition, i.e. red fatty meat, lard, lard, full-fat dairy products, cheese or cottage cheese. For example, yellow cheese is particularly harmful, which has an adverse effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, raising the level of “bad” cholesterol;
  • highly processed products such as cheap sausages or sausages, where the natural ingredients are usually only a small part of their composition and all the rest are harmful and unhealthy fillers, salt, fats or preservatives;
  • Everything that contains simple sugars, and the largest amount of them can be found in so popular soda drinks, cakes, white rice, and fruit drinks that usually have nothing to do with healthy juices. Simple sugars, such as the most commonly used fructose, have a high glycemic index, which can cause overweight and increase blood glucose levels, which in time can even lead to diabetes;
  • soya, on the one hand full of valuable nutrients, but containing phytoestrogens similar in composition to female sex hormones. In men they can cause hormonal disorders, which in turn leads to a decrease in sexual performance, and in extreme cases, when eating larger amounts of soya even to gynaecomastia, i.e. an overgrowth of the nipple, excessive tissue growth within the male breasts;
  • fast food, all kinds of hamburgers, hot dogs or pizzas, especially those available in frozen form, intended to be heated in a microwave oven. Their composition often poses a real threat not only to potency, but also to general health. In most of these products we will find record amounts of saturated fatty acids, salts, artificial dyes or simple sugars described above.

Potency Diet – products that raise libido to maximum levels

We know what we shouldn’t eat anymore, so it’s time to find out which groups of products will bring our potency to the maximum level we haven’t reached before, while maintaining this efficiency for many years to come. Properly composed menu will also have a significant impact on the entire health, while avoiding overweight or obesity, also one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. So it is worth to spend some time on finding products that meet the highest quality standards, full of vitamins, minerals and other substances that increase masculinity, and in our diet must be immediately included:

  • fruit and vegetables, the absolute basis for every healthy diet, the best and richest natural source of nutrients. Both are also low-calorie, so there is no risk of getting fat even with high intake, and ingredients such as vitamin C or potassium perfectly regulate the blood flow, also in the penis, so we can always count on a strong erection. The richness of antioxidants, in turn, will provide protection against cancer, especially prostate cancer;
  • lean meat, preferably poultry and fish, which provide us with protein, another ingredient that eliminates all problems with erection and allows us to regulate the production of testosterone, the most important male hormone. Fish, especially marine fish and seafood, contain large amounts of Omega – 3 acids, lowering triglycerides, responsible for deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels, lowering blood pressure to safe levels and production of serotonin, an important neurotransmitter improving the functioning of the nervous system. There are also two important elements in fish, selenium, which makes it easier to remove toxins from the body, and zinc, whose deficiencies cause immediate reduction in testosterone levels;
  • herbs and spices, perfectly affecting the potency, among other things thanks to their effect on better blood supply to the genitals. Many of them are natural, strong aphrodisiacs, and our diet should include those containing capsaicin and piperine, such as black pepper or chili pepper, which increase the level of endorphins secretion. Do not forget about other, equally beneficial spices, such as curcuma, ginger, basil, nutmeg, coriander, cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, aniseed and vanilla. As you can see, the choice of spices is large and everyone can easily find something that suits him or her best;
  • Dairy products and low-fat dairy products, another important source of protein, and the easiest to digest, can be found in eggs, the quantities of which, however, should not be exaggerated, because the consequence of this will be an increase in blood cholesterol levels. The daily menu must also include lean cheese and ripening cheeses, which are definitely healthier than the yellow “sero-like” products available in our stores;
  • whole grain products, mainly whole grain products, preferably dark bread, brown rice, bran or groats, but only coarse grain products, rich in dietary fiber, which regulate all digestive processes and allow for full control of blood glucose levels. Dietary fiber also allows you to control your appetite, so that you are not threatened by overeating leading to obesity, at which we can forget about the high libido.

Diet for potency – supplementation is also important

Maintaining a proper diet, healthy and composed exclusively of wholesome products, is a good way to avoid problems with potency, but sometimes even the potency is insufficient. Unfortunately, there are situations when the body, despite providing it with a large amount of nutrients, is not able to deal with erectile dysfunction to a degree satisfactory to us. In such a case, it is worthwhile to additionally support the applied diet for potency with appropriate dietary supplements, among which specialists most often recommend Eron Plus. It is a set of two tablets, one taken as any other supplement every day e.g. before a meal and the other, Eron Plus Before, taken, as the name suggests, immediately before zooming in.

Eron Plus – revolutionary, natural and completely safe composition

Eron Plus is a modern supplement, whose greatest advantage, in addition to its proven high effectiveness, is a completely natural composition, based solely on plant extracts. Thanks to this, the tablets are 100% safe and do not cause any side effects, and in each of them you will find extracts from herbs commonly used to treat impotence disorders, such as:

  • tribulus terrestris, better known to us as a ground mace, full of phytosterols, saponins, polyphenols and other ingredients that care about sexual performance, strengthen the immune system, improve physical condition and provide a large dose of energy, necessary not only for sex;
  • The Maca root, the legendary natural libido amplifier, provides the body with l-arginine to strengthen strength and endurance, and its regular use also has a beneficial effect on fertility by improving the quality of semen;
  • Korean ginseng, responsible for a strong and stable erection at all times of intercourse, regulating blood flow in intimate areas;
  • fenugreek common, stimulates increased testosterone secretion.

Benefits of introduction Eron Plus as part of a diet for potency are, as you can see, obvious. That’s why it’s worth visiting today its manufacturer’s websitewhere we can find more useful information and place an order for any number of packages at the best price on the market.

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