Dietary fiber – the friend of line-conscious people

In my previous post I wrote about the negative effects that regular drinking of laxative teas can have. In fact, you don’t have to reach for it if you want to increase the rate of metabolism and help the intestines to work. There is a much healthier way to consume dietary fiber.

Oat flakes and other cereal flakes, bran, fruit and vegetables, wholegrain bread – these products are exceptionally rich in dietary fiber, which plays an invaluable role in improving digestive processes. Its large quantities can also be found in muesli, crispy bread and cereal sticks available in almost every market or grocery store.

Fibre is a fibrous polysaccharide, which behaves in a very characteristic way in the gastrointestinal tract. It is not digested, instead it travels through all parts of the digestive tract and sweeps away all remains of the digestive tract. This property favours the elimination of harmful metabolic products from the body. In addition, dietary fiber naturally improves intestinal function, causes more intensive peristaltic movements, and thus – prevents constipation, regulates metabolism and supports slimming. The list of its valuable properties should be expanded by reducing the absorption of glucose and the ability to swell in the stomach and increase the sense of satiety, which also translates into slimming effects.

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