Dietonus – a great hit on slimming. Are you sure?

Recently, a great hit on the Internet has become a dietary supplement called Dietonus. The manufacturer of the product promises to lose weight all day long, instant results and full customer satisfaction. Interested in such great publicity, we decided to take a closer look at the action, composition and effects of an agent that is known to help you lose weight effortlessly. See for yourself if it’s worth ordering Dietonus and if it’s the right option for you.

Slimming all day long – the effect of the product

Dietonus works in a complex way. In the product packaging you will find 3 types of capsules in green, gold and brown, and each of them performs a strictly defined function. So fat burning begins in the morning, providing our body with the right ingredients for the rest of the day. The manufacturer of the product has taken into account the fact that at each moment of the day our body functions differently, so that in the morning different ingredients than in the afternoon or evening will be useful to it. Thanks to this, it achieved the effect of continuous fat burning, contributing to the stimulation of natural processes of fat cell breakdown and excretion.

All this sounds very nice, but whether such a fast slimming can be safe. We have already analyzed many slimming products and often what was written on the packaging was not consistent with the actual results. How is it in this case? What does Dietonus contain and are all the ingredients contained in it of natural origin?

Natural extracts – composition Dietonus

Dietonus is another product composed of natural ingredients, which is a big plus, because nature reduces the side effects of use. The product is divided into tablets taken in three stages and each capsule has its own individual composition.

Morning stage:

– caffeine

– synephrine

– turmeric

– ginseng

– guarana

The morning tablet strengthens the processes of fat cells release, increases body temperature and helps to spend energy. It accelerates metabolism, supports concentration and stimulates active fat burning from strategic reserves.

Daily stage:

– bromelain (natural pineapple enzyme)


– Korean forksol


– pepper

In the second stage we can count on an increase in metabolism and a decrease in appetite. The tablet activates the process of burning fat tissue and adds energy, thanks to which we have more willingness to act. Helps to destroy visceral fat molecules.

Evening stage:

– garcin

– mulberry

– spirulina

– valerian


At this stage, the tablets help us to improve mood, regulate sleep and calm the body. They contribute to reducing appetite and eating, they also stimulate night-time fat burning. They also improve the cleansing processes in the body, removing excess fluids and supporting the work of the gastro-intestinal system, which affects metabolism.

Effects of use Dietonus

The active ingredients contained in the tablets, stimulating the body to burn more fat and helping to improve metabolism will show beneficial effects after just a few weeks of use. However, only in the case of attaching to the supplement an appropriate diet best combined with systematic training.

Let’s remember that Dietonus only supports weight loss, it is not the agent that will make us start to disappear in the eyes, regardless of what the manufacturer says. With an appropriate lifestyle after just one month of use we will notice a loss of kilograms higher than in the case of the diet and exercise itself.

The advantage of the product is certainly the natural composition, which does not show side effects, but it must be taken into account that the preparation should not be used in case of allergy to any of the ingredients, which with so many substances and three types of tablets may be a problem, because it is enough to notice an allergic reaction to an ingredient from one tablet, and the whole treatment no longer makes sense.

Dietonus – price, where will I buy it?

Dietonus is easy to find in various online shops or on the official website of the manufacturer. The cost per package is 40 € plus shipping costs.

Opinions about Dietonus

Dietonus is a product that has quickly gained popularity and has recently become loud about it. However, not all opinions about this supplement are positive. Some people who use the preparation accuse the manufacturer of giving false data and promising effects that cannot be achieved. There are also those who do not like taking three tablets a day and remembering which part of the day.

Nevertheless, Dietonus is considered to be an effective, weight-loss-enhancing product as long as we remember about an appropriate diet and regular exercise, and we do not forget to take all three tablets regularly every day.

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Dietonus – our verdict

It cannot be denied that Dietonus is certainly an original product, which can easily attract the attention of interested parties. Unique formula of use, causing all-day action tempting, especially that the manufacturer promises incredible effects.

The effectiveness of Dietonus is quite high, and yet is it really necessary to take three different capsules in order to achieve the desired effects? Many people remember to take supplements in the morning and in the evening, and the afternoon portion escapes them somewhere, so maybe it is worth to bet on something else, also natural, but still not requiring so much discipline? An example of this is African Mango – a product that is enough to take 1-2 times a day and the results are equally satisfactory. This supplement is available on the market much longer and still enjoys good reviews, so perhaps it is worth betting on something proven?

African Mango – confirmed slimming effect

African Mango is based on a natural, effective composition, supporting weight loss without side effects. One capsule a day is enough to achieve the desired results and a slim figure.

African Mango


African mango has been helping people for years not only to maintain a slender body, but also good immunity and great condition. The seeds have a number of vitamins and minerals, among others:

– antioxidant vitamins C and E,

– Vitamin B6 and K,

– B vitamins,

– polyphenols,

– provitamin A,

– carotenoids, potassium,

– Copper,

– 17 amino acids,

omega-3 fatty acids and 6-methoxyunsaturated fatty acids.

It is a world-famous fruit, now available in the form of a dietary supplement for everyday use. This proven formula will help you achieve what you want without having to remember the capsule three times a day.

Choose the best for you and bet on African Mango – take advantage of the manufacturer’s offer!

You will receive a monthly supply of capsules for less than 39 € – check out how you can help yourself look more beautiful!

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