Does a work crisis equate to a bedroom crisis?

I’ve always lived fast. Work was everything to me, I climbed the career ladder and today I can say that I have gone a long way. I’m not hiding that this is the main reason why I never got married – I just didn’t have time for it. But I’ve never had enough women in my life. Some dates, fleeting relationships, even a few short relationships… I survived all this, but most of it was still one night’s adventures. I think I’m not very handsome, but thanks to training I have an athletic, muscular body, I’m not short of money, and I can also throw a joke at the right time. Above all, however, gentlemen, self-confidence! That’s what you ladies attract like a magnet! Believe me, I’ve checked it repeatedly.

Sex is also a huge force. I used to fly for quantity, but the fact that I had to do it was important to me. With time, however, I paid more and more attention to HOW to do it, how to do it – to make it better, longer, more pleasant… Only then I became convinced that if I really try to make sex, a woman can wonderfully repay you! (When I talk about “one night adventures”, I really mean night, not the proverbial “5 minutes”. ). For a long time, sex has been a source of satisfaction, pride and self-confidence for me. I felt like a real man, I knew that I could always count on my masculinity, on being equal to the task.

I’m afraid not until then. The turning point turned out to be April, when an audit, i.e. a comprehensive control of our finances and activities, took place in our company. Unfortunately, there was a suspicion of irregularities and inaccuracies in the papers. I will not go into details, but it was a period of maximum tension and stress for me. I felt like I was on fire under my feet. My working day was extended to about 14 hours, I had little time for anything else. Nevertheless, after a particularly intense day, I decided to relax at least for a few moments and went to a bar close to my office. That’s where I met Kinga. We got into her bedroom very quickly.

And it happened. Actually, it didn’t happen. I felt like my penis just didn’t belong to me. I had a hot chick next to me who did everything she could to make us spend the evening well, but it didn’t help much. At some point I reached a half erection, but it was even more pathetic.

The worst thing is that a few weeks have passed since then and my indisposition is still going on! The crisis in the company is over – of course there was more shouting and stress than it was worth. I thought “my crisis” was over too, but I couldn’t be more wrong. I have already tried to rebuild my sense of masculinity with different women several times. Only once was everything pretty good. Once! I’m terrified, did any of you have a situation like this? How did you get along, are you taking something? I couldn’t have become impotent overnight, yes, I could! Because I couldn’t, could I?

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