Don’t eat? You won’t lose weight!

Once it seemed to me that in order to lose weight, you just need to eat little – 3 small meals a day and preferably no dinner. Nothing more wrong, by not eating, or eating too little and too little and too rarely, we will do ourselves more evil than good.

Many people have already taken part in hunger strike or very strict diets. When we start to provide the body with too little calories, yes, at first it reaches the reserves in the form of accumulated body fat, which is reflected in weight loss, but in the long run this way of weight loss brings loss, and not benefit. When we finish our diet and start eating more, the body reads this as a signal that it can finally replenish supplies. In a defensive reaction against further food restrictions, he starts to accumulate them scrupulously. We are gaining weight again, and it’s faster than we’d expect.

The only rational diet during weight loss is regular, well-balanced and low-calorie meals every about 3 hours. In this way, our body will not be forced to store reserves, because it will be supplied with food on an ongoing basis. The metabolism will be harmonious and efficient. We should only remember to choose the right products and dishes.

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