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Our sex life doesn’t always look like we’d like it to be. Sooner or later it can happen to any guy, from a weakened libido to erection problems caused by various causes. There is no denying that this is not a comfortable situation from a male point of view and that growing frustration leads to increased symptoms, which is why it should be counteracted immediately. There are certainly many ways of doing this, but one of the most effective are appropriate, high quality preparations, such as Dr Extendaa modern and effective potency supplement.

Potency problems? Find out the reasons for this

There are many reasons for this uncomfortable state of affairs, and erectile dysfunction must be treated as any other disease, using appropriate treatment methods. Above all, we must realise that this is not a cause for shame, and that, according to recent estimates, more than 150 million men worldwide suffer from these disorders, and that in our country this number has already reached almost 2 million. These problems are most often caused by psychological problems, they are the result of strong stress, which often results from fears of full satisfaction of the partner, or from diseases that come with age, when sexual performance begins to decline. Other frequently cited causes of reduced libido include

  • …exhaustion,
  • alcohol abuse,
  • atherosclerosis and hypertension,
  • to take certain medications,
  • testosterone deficiency in the body, which is 5-10 percent of all cases,
  • prostate problems, i.e. prostate hypertrophy,
  • neurological diseases, especially those affecting the lumbar spine.

Finding at home at least a few of these reasons should result in a visit to a specialist, but with most problems we can largely cope on our own, completely changing the current lifestyle. For example, changing the diet to a healthier one, full of nutrients necessary to maintain sexual performance for a long time, may help, and some deficiencies will satisfy just that. Dr Extenda.

Dr Extenda – unique composition of the supplement

The supplement encourages to use primarily its composition, which was selected by the best specialists employed in the manufacturer’s laboratories. It is the result of many years of research and hundreds of experiments that have resulted in maximum effectiveness, with no side effects that threaten the health of patients. In this perfectly composed and unique recipe you will find:

  • l – arignin, an amino acid that dilates blood vessels and thus increases blood flow also in the penis. Body cells are better oxygenated, get a greater injection of energy, which increases the efficiency of the body, and l – arginine also prevents premature ejaculation,
  • maca root extract, a plant known in Peru for thousands of years and used there to treat infertility and strengthen potency. Research shows that when used in appropriate doses, it helps to maintain full performance for a long time, increasing sex drive and allowing to achieve a strong, long-lasting erection,
  • fenugreek extract, which primarily increases testosterone levels in the body, gives more energy and significantly improves general well-being. It is called the masculinity activator, which also raises the libido and increases the duration of erection,
  • Extract from the leaves of Damiana, a tropical martyr’s plant, originating in North America. It has strengthening, cleansing and antidepressant properties, has a beneficial effect on the urinary system, removes toxins from the body and is used in the natural treatment of impotence and infertility. It increases not only the urge, but also the experience of sex, improves blood supply to the penis, increasing its sensitivity,
  • Extract from wild pomegranate, also giving more pleasure from sex, affecting the strength of erection by increasing testosterone secretion. It also improves concentration, which is not insignificant during sexual intercourse,
  • zinc, a valuable mineral whose deficiencies have a negative impact not only on the level of libido, but also on sperm production. Thus, it affects fertility, delays aging processes and bad blood cholesterol levels.

Dr Extenda – multi-level action and consumer views

Thanks to such a good line-up. Dr Extenda is characterized by fast and multi-stage operation. Active substances are released slowly in three successive phases, so that they work long after the end of the treatment:

  • first, when the body is cleansed of toxins deposited in it, which opens the way to the adoption of all active ingredients,
  • second, when these components begin to affect the functioning of the genital organs, dilating blood vessels, improving blood supply to the penis, which facilitates the achievement of a strong and long-lasting erection, also increasing libido. This increases the duration of the relationship to the mutual satisfaction of both partners,
  • The third phase, called the phase of stabilization and consolidation of the achieved results, when the body is completely accustomed to new, stronger stimuli.

Therefore, this supplement can be considered a product that fully meets the needs, which is confirmed by the opinions it enjoys. It is placed in the forefront of the products intended to treat this male ailment, and the use of only natural, plant-based ingredients makes its use one hundred percent safe. Three phases of action ensure that even the slightest shock or allergic reactions of the body are avoided and this is what satisfied consumers write in the discussion forums:

“Finally, I can make love whenever I want and for as long as I want, without any stress or shame. I can finally satisfy my partner, and we have not experienced such joy and intensity of experience for years. I take the Dr Extenda without any risk.” Arthur 38 years old.

Dr Extenda – where to buy it

So if you have more and more problems with maintaining your erection, weakening libido and for these reasons you are afraid of having sex, it is high time to change it and place an order for a Dr Extenda coming on board its manufacturer’s website. For one package we will pay 59 €, but a successful erotic life does not really have a price and is worth every money spent. The shipment is processed immediately after the order is placed, and the company, respecting the privacy of its customers, sends the tablets in a discreet, unobtrusive package.

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