EleverLash – conditioner increasing the density and volume of our lashes

There are many attributes of our feminine beauty, such as slim, sporty silhouette, long and shiny hair, or smooth, well nourished complexion without blemishes, even the slightest trace of acne. However, we often forget about the equally important issue, which is undoubtedly eyelashes, which add to the eyes a unique charm and this note of mystery, which men love in all women. There is no denying that this is a dream of each of us, which can be easily realized with the help of my latest discovery, EleverLasha sensational, comprehensive eyelash conditioner.

Eyelash care – what should we remember?

To always amaze with the look you get from under your long eyelashes, you need to take care of them properly and do the same as you do with your everyday hair care. The hair that makes up the eyelashes is very different from the hair that you have on your head, especially the shorter growth time, which here is only about 2 – 3 weeks. It is estimated that each of us has between 150 and 200 hairs on our upper eyelids, and between 50 and 150 on our lower eyelids. This is not much, but even the slightest negligence leads to even fewer hairs, and that doesn’t look too aesthetic anymore. We torture them with makeup, lengthen them, stick artificial ones, which quickly leads to their significant weakening, so it is worth asking yourself what is the proper eyelash care, restoring their health first of all. It is enough to stick to a few proven methods recommended also by professional beauticians, telling their clients about:

  • selection of appropriate cosmetics, such as EleverLashhigh quality, both inks and make-up remover, non-irritant and hypoallergenic;
  • resignation from waterproof mascara, unnecessarily gluing eyelashes and extremely difficult to remove;
  • resignation from the use of an eyelash curler, a popular device that curls eyelashes, weakens hair and contributes to their loss;
  • the use of nutrients based on natural, 100% safe ingredients, which is certainly the ÉleverLash, which I have been using for some time now and I have not been so satisfied with any of the previously used nutrients.

ÉleverLash – composition and effect of the nutrient

I belong to women who rarely leave the house without make-up, so I carefully choose all the cosmetics, paying attention to their composition. Unfortunately, I have sensitive skin, sensitive to all chemical substances that quickly lead to irritation and painful, difficult to remove redness. Of course, this also applies to the care of eyelashes, which were previously handed over to the beautician, which was not only time-consuming, but also very expensive. Therefore, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and a few hours spent on searching for a suitable conditioner, resulted in the discovery of ÉleverLash, which is with me to this day.

EleverLash I was convinced by a specially developed, almost revolutionary formula, the result of research conducted by the best specialists working in the manufacturer’s laboratories. It is in fact a product of the 21st century, leaving far behind its competitors, guaranteeing quick and, most importantly, lasting effects. Most of the conditioners I’ve used before are limited to the outer layer of the hair, which reaches much further into the deep layers of the skin. In this way it stimulates hair roots, causing faster growth of strong, dense and always perfectly nourished eyelashes, thanks to which not only do they grow faster, but also stop falling out, so the anagen, i.e. their growth phase, lengthens. The conditioner is intended for adults, does not cause any side effects, irritations or allergies, it is not only recommended for women during breastfeeding.

ÉleverLash – use and highest effectiveness

The application of conditioner is child’s play, although it is also worthwhile to maintain the proper order of eyelash care. The most important thing is to carefully remove make-up and cleanse the skin, especially around the eyes and eyelids. ÉleverLash is applied initially every day, with the help of an attached brush, lubricating the upper eyelid with it. The conditioner soaks into the skin, immediately starting to work at full power, and the first effects you will notice after just a few weeks of such treatment. I was amazed to find that my lashes had gained a density and volume that they didn’t have before and I can fully confirm the “artificial eyelashes” effect that the manufacturer praised. The hair is deep in colour, so it looks like it’s covered in ink, although nothing stands in the way of continuing to use it, it’s also perfectly nourished, more resistant to damage, and the eyelid skin has improved at the same time. If you already get such spectacular results, you no longer need to apply ÉleverLash every day, you only need to apply it 2 – 3 times a week, and the effect will be maintained all the time.

ÉleverLash – opinions of specialists and satisfied women

That’s the way it works. EleverLash fully confirm the opinions of not only women, who use it every day, but also specialists, among whom we will find not only beauticians, but also many dermatologists. They praise not only the speed of action and the results achieved, but also the safety of use, which is absolutely essential in the case of nutrients used for the care of extremely sensitive eye areas. As well as joining them, you can also read other opinions, most of them are definitely positive, and here is one of them:

“I had such weak and thin eyelashes that they were almost invisible and not even a thick layer of mascara helped. I was in despair, but only until my friend gave me ÉleverLash and completely changed my life. I don’t use mascara anymore, just a conditioner and I look like I’m wearing the perfect make-up. – Asia, 34 years old.

ÉleverLash – where and how to buy it

You can buy the conditioner directly from its manufacturer, who also distributes it, and place an order for it on his website. Thanks to this, you are guaranteed to receive an original and 100% effective EleverLash at the lowest market price of €39 per pack, sufficient for a treatment lasting from 3 to 6 months. However, it is worth considering buying attractive bulk packages:

  • 2 packages for the price of 65€;
  • 3 plus 1 free of charge, for which we will pay only 350 PLN.

The parcel is completely anonymous, is processed immediately, usually within 1 – 2 days by a courier company or by means of practical parcel machines, and in the first case we can also pay for it on delivery.

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