Epiduo – acne gel with benzoyl peroxide

Acne appearing on the face can be treated in various ways, although the majority of people suffering from acne tend to use drugs, including those with antibiotics and other preparations acting from within the body. They are certainly effective in reaching the source of the disease directly, but it also requires dealing with visible symptoms, eczemas, pustules, pustules or pimples that disfigure our face. In this case, the main applications are ointments and gels for application directly in the place of occurrence of changes, among which Epiduo is relatively popular.

Acne gel – the most important is the active ingredient

This method of removing acne lesions is chosen by an increasing number of patients and is characterized by quite high effectiveness, which depends on the type of the so-called active agent used in the preparation. They can be based on various substances, ranging from hydroxy acids to retinoids, i.e. derivatives of vitamin A, to the strongest, such as benzoyl peroxide. It also contains Epiduo, but before using it, it is worth getting acquainted with its composition, effects and possible side effects.

Epiduo – gel composition

It is a gel available only on prescription, composed of two active substances, which are intended to effectively deal with acne vulgaris treatment. It helps to get rid of the pimples, pimples and lumps associated with this disease, and they are responsible for that:

  • benzoyl peroxide, belonging to the group of organic peroxides, formed during the reaction of hydrogen peroxide with benzoyl chloride, characterized by an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It is a component of many anti-acne preparations, through its keratolytic action it is very effective in stopping excessive seborrhoea, a common cause of this disease, dries the skin, prevents its itching and supports the production of collagen. It eliminates all dangerous bacteria, especially those from the anaerobic Propionibacterium acnes group, thoroughly cleans pores and exfoliates the horny layer of the epidermis, as well as hydroxylic acids. For safety reasons, it is used only at a maximum concentration of 5% and only periodically, only as directed by a physician, never longer;
  • Adaptive, aromatic carboxylic acid, a third generation retinoid, a modern version of vitamin A. Its big advantage over the previous ones is the fact that it significantly reduces the risk of side effects and increases the effectiveness of acne treatment. Its effect is to reduce the keratosis of the hair follicle outlet, thus preventing the formation of eczema in this area. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect and limits excessive sebum secretion.

Epiduo – Dosage and effects on acne

According to the manufacturer, Epiduo gel is applied only to the appearing eczemas, avoiding lubrication of the whole face with it. It is best to use it once a day, in the evening after thorough washing and drying of the skin. It is distributed exactly until it is fully absorbed, avoiding the vicinity of eyes and mouth, and should not be applied on damaged skin, e.g. on cuts or abrasions. After applying Epiduo, it is advisable to apply an additional layer of moisturizing cream. The gel starts to work after about 4 weeks from the first application, after a few more, the amount of pimples decreases significantly and no new ones appear. The gel also proves to be effective against discoloration and reduced visibility of existing acne scars. However, many patients give up using it just a few days after starting treatment, which is caused by numerous side effects.

Epiduo – possible side effects

The side effect Epiduo results from its two active ingredients, a substance with quite an aggressive effect. In the case of adapalen, it may be only slight redness or itching, but in the case of benzoyl peroxide, we must take into account:

  • with a painful burning and erythema of the skin;
  • swelling and a rash in the gel application site;
  • excessive exfoliation of the skin;
  • hypersensitivity of the skin to UV radiation, during the use of the gel must not expose it to the sun;
  • contact dermatitis.

As you can see, there is quite a lot of this, moreover, Epiduo is not recommended during pregnancy, and during breastfeeding its use must be consulted with a doctor. Fortunately, most of these symptoms disappear when you stop taking the medicine, and they do not occur in all patients. Unfortunately, the opinions about the gel are not clear, many people praise its high effectiveness and quick removal of all acne lesions, but equally many people were discouraged by it, complaining about the ailments from the above list. The final decision on its use is, of course, an individual matter for each patient, and any troubling fears should also be dispelled by the specialist who attributes this medicine.

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