Fat burners ranking – choose the best one for you

Observing the diet of a large part of the population, no one is surprised by the growing popularity of various slimming treatments. There is no denying that we consume large quantities of fast food and other junk food, we gain weight more and more and somehow have to lose those extra kilos. Relatively mild estimates claim that this problem affects about half of our compatriots, who support the weight loss process with dietary supplements, among which preparations facilitating fat burning lead the way.

How do fat burners work?

These agents, commonly known as fat burners, reach the Polish market in large quantities, which of course does not mean that automatically all of them are effective and produce the desired results. As their name suggests, they are designed to accelerate the burning of body fat, and the most common ways in which they do it are:

  • intensify the process of thermogenesis, i.e. generate heat by the body, which accelerates metabolism and allows you to burn more calories in a shorter time;
  • At the same time, it provides more energy through such ingredients as caffeine, which stimulates physical activity, increases workout efficiency and reduces fatigue;
  • blocking excessive appetite, resulting in eating between meals.

The fat burning supplements that we can use usually differ in composition and amount of active substances used in them. Contrary to appearances, not always large doses of them have a good effect on our body and when looking for a burner for yourself, we should first of all be guided by its safe operation, without any possible side effects.

Ranking of fat burners – which we can recommend to you

1. Fast Burn Extreme

He is a determined and, most importantly, fully deserved winner of our ranking, we give him the maximum marks in each category, for the composition, 100% natural and highest effectiveness. Fast Burn Extreme This is what made him stand out from the strong competition, with high marks for his versatility. Thanks to its plant extracts commonly used in medicine, it can be used not only as a fat burner, but also as a means of supporting other elements of slimming treatment. This is due to the carefully thought-out and perfectly matched composition in which we find ourselves:

  • green tea extract, which regulates all digestive processes, accelerates metabolism and lowers cholesterol levels in the blood;
  • garcinia cambogia, malabar tamarind, a source of hydroxycitric acid, suppressing appetite and accelerating fat burning, acting at the cellular level;
  • Turkish pepper, containing a large amount of capsaicin, which warms up and gives a lot of energy necessary to reduce body fat;
  • bitter orange extract, also inhibits appetite and speeds up metabolism;
  • caffeine, which removes the effects of fatigue;
  • Indian nettle, which breaks down fats by stimulating insulin production and increasing testosterone levels.

We can safely say that no other supplement has such a comprehensive, comprehensive action. Fast Burn Extreme has everything needed to initiate thermogenic processes that keep calorie combustion high but completely safe. We can count on really spectacular effects, not only fast weight loss, but also a large dose of energy needed for physical activity, an integral part of the weight loss treatment. The supplement can be ordered through the website, one package will cost us 49 €, but it is better to buy more of them collectively, at a lower, promotional price.

2. BurnBooster

It is another noteworthy incinerator, also because of its well thought-out and efficient composition. Like the winner of our ranking, it is recommended by specialists to anyone who wants to get rid of a few pounds, but does not have too much time for a large, daily portion of traffic.

BurnBooster draws its strength from nature at its fullest, while its high and proven effectiveness is due to the other four most important ingredients:

  • young green barley, full of healthy fibre, filling the stomach and giving a feeling of satiety;
  • garcinia cambogia, similar to Fast Burn Extreme, reduces hunger and protects muscles from damage;
  • cayenne pepper, which regulates metabolism and thus breaks down even the thickest layers of fat;
  • Green coffee that gives you a huge boost of energy to keep your body at peak performance at all times.

BurnBooster, apart from its purely slimming and fat burning effect, also guarantees proper functioning of the digestive system, preventing its most troublesome ailments, constipations and bloating. It also has a positive effect on the functioning of the heart and circulatory system by reducing cholesterol to an acceptable level. We invite you to visit our company website, where you can find more detailed information and place an order.

3. Burneo

At first glance, Burneo may look like a regular supplement like many on the market, but when you look at its composition, it turns out to be another valuable product supporting weight loss. It is recommended as an effective agent for breaking down fat cells, similarly to others, acting on our metabolism, reducing appetite and causing better use of the supplied energy.

Its composition, gluten-free, lactose-free and GMO-free, is sure to help, and these tablets can also be used safely by allergy sufferers. It is primarily a set of carefully selected amino acids, in doses naturally stimulating metabolic processes, not only reducing fat, but also preventing its re-deposition. In addition, Burneo contains the bitter orange extract described above, full of synephrine, a 100% safe equivalent of ephedrine, stimulating, energizing, stimulating the processes of lipolysis and thermogenesis, leading to the breakdown of fats in the body. Another important ingredient is green tea, whose beneficial properties do not need to be presented to any healthy lifestyle lover. The price per pack is €39 and distribution is handled by the manufacturer, as with other supplements.

4. Kimera

The process of fat reduction can be greatly accelerated by using Kimera capsules, which contain a wealth of ingredients that promote our metabolism, a special thermogenic complex composed of:

  • chili pepper extract;
  • ginger;
  • piperine, black pepper extract;
  • caffeine;
  • guarana;
  • green tea;
  • bitter orange and tyrosine extract.

All of them are matched in ideal doses and proportions to each other, which not only support fat burning, adding energy to it, thus facilitating the way to achieve the desired, low weight. In one package you will find as many as 60 such complex capsules, and we will pay about 30 € for them.

5. Animal Cuts

It is a supplement available in the form of sachets, not tablets and enjoys the greatest popularity among lovers of strength sports, who cannot even imagine a decent training at the gym without it. It is taken directly before training, drinking the contents of the bag with plenty of water and at that moment the rich composition of Animal Cuts, consisting of as many as 30 selected substances, starts to work. It is highly effective not only in burning fat tissue, but also in removing excess water accumulated in the body, regulating sugar levels, improving thyroid function, reducing strong stress, one of the common causes of overweight and obesity.

Thanks to its diuretic components, it also has a positive effect on the urinary tract, so that all dangerous toxins can be removed. It would be difficult to find a product as versatile as Animal Cuts, and for a pack of 42 sachets we will only pay around €40.

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