Fuleren C60 – carbon eliminating free radicals and extending our lives

There is nothing more valuable than our health, which unfortunately with age usually starts to fail slowly, and the diseases that affect us sometimes turn out to be very difficult to cure. For centuries, first alchemists and then scientists have been searching for ways to extend their lives and spend them in an uninterrupted health, full of vitality. From time to time, there are reports in the media about a new, miraculous measure of this enabling, which usually after a while turns out to be less effective than previously assumed. However, progress does not stand still, as we are witnessing a constant turbulent development of new technologies and other fields of science, including chemistry, and one of the results of active research is fullerenes, which also includes Fuleren C60, an allotropic carbon allergen that can be used in medicine, among others.

Fuleren C60 – who discovered it and what it actually is

There is no denying that fullerenes caused a real confusion in the world of science, showing that apart from the two already known pure forms of carbon, i.e. diamond and graphite, a third one appeared, perfectly pure. This discovery, which could be called epoch-making, was made in 1985 by three collaborating scientists from different universities, Bob Curl and Richard Smalley from Rice University and Harry Kroto from the University of Sussex. Their invention did not go unnoticed, arousing so much interest and admiration that the band was awarded the Nobel Prize for its work. The new molecule was named “Buckminster fulleren” after the American designer and architect Buckminster Fuller, who designed the roofing of large-area buildings in the form of geodetic domes with a shape similar to that of a fullerene molecule.

fuleren c60

Defining in a simple, understandable for laymen way, the concept of fullerenes can be said to be carbon, similar in structure to that commonly occurring in e.g. soot escaping from a chimney. These are solids, having a characteristic black colour and metallic gloss, with chemical properties similar to those of aromatic hydrocarbons. They are very difficult to dissolve, only in some aromatic solvents, forming with them a so-called coloured solution, in the case of Fuleren C60 having a violet tint. Fullerenes are obtained by laser bombardment of a pure graphite disc rotating in a helium stream. Unfortunately, this method was not only extremely expensive and complicated in terms of technology, but was also inefficient, so nowadays Fuleren C60 is obtained using the so-called flame method. It is much simpler, consisting in burning toluene, a chemical compound from the group of aromatic hydrocarbons, resulting in a large amount of soot, which contains a lot of fullerene molecules, extracted by means of extraction with toluene again.

Fuleren C60 – structure and key features

Fuleren C60 is therefore another third form of carbon known to us, with a characteristic structure that cannot be confused with any other molecule. It consists of as many as 60 carbon atoms connected together in a complicated shape resembling an empty sphere inside, called a truncated icosahedron, and it is this specific structure that determines its extremely valuable properties. Inside the fullerenes, for example, you can close the atoms of many other elements, and so far this has been done with almost all of the known, or even all of the correspondingly small chemical compounds. Their superconductive properties have also been confirmed, so they can be used as superconductors, i.e. in appropriate conditions conduct electricity without any resistance. If we combine them with molecules of some polymers, chemical substances of high molecular weight, we can get almost ideal lubricant, but the most promising and interesting is their use in medicine. The research has shown that Fuleren C60 is one of the best antioxidants, i.e. a substance that absorbs and destroys free radicals dangerous to health, which is the cause of many diseases, including cancer.

Free radicals – how they arise and why they are so dangerous

The human body can be proudly compared to a large factory that constantly produces hundreds or even thousands of chemicals that have an extremely diverse impact on our health. Some of them work positively, helping e.g. in proper digestion, necessary for example in the process of weight loss, others guarantee proper functioning of many internal organs, such as the heart, kidneys or liver. Among other things, we produce natural collagen, not without reason called the protein of youth, which cares for the health of the skin, free from eczema and other acne lesions. Equally important is its impact on joints, which allows them to maintain full fitness and mobility until late old age. Another important substance, also naturally produced by our pineal gland, is melatonin, which regulates the internal biological clock, taking care of the quality of our sleep and, as a result, rest allowing for proper regeneration of the body.

Unfortunately, it produces not only positive substances, but also dangerous toxins and other unnecessary metabolic products and particularly dangerous free radicals, whose safe removal is no longer so easy. They are unpaired atoms that can significantly disturb the health balance. Most of the atoms of which our body is composed have an even number of electrons in their last orbit, but sometimes in the process of their production there are some disturbances, resulting in only one. Such an “impoverished” atom in terms of structure constantly strives to regain balance, circulates throughout the whole organism, searching for this lost molecule and usually tries to take it away from other atoms next to it. Unfortunately, while searching for what it has lost, it also has a destructive effect on the structure of the ‘robbed’ atoms, which can sometimes have serious consequences, especially when they are, for example, protein atoms. In various ways, it destroys many such substances essential to health, leading to serious damage to their cell membranes or even DNA. The whole process is called oxidative stress, which is a disorder of the delicate balance between the amount of free radicals and antioxidants in our body, enabling their safe and effective removal.

Free radicals – other factors determining their formation and the diseases they cause

We also bear some responsibility for the formation of free radicals ourselves, and the most common factors that may cause their development are:

  • living in constant stress that has a negative influence not only on our psyche, but also on our physical state, manifesting itself, amongst others, with apathy, lack of energy, or with the decrease of efficiency and power that sometimes makes impossible to carry out activities that require a lot of effort. On the other hand, excessive physical effort may also cause the intensification of processes of formation of free radicals;
  • consumption of too much alcohol and smoking cigarettes that have a destructive effect on the functioning of the entire body. Similar effects may be caused by drugs taken in large quantities, so it is worth limiting yourself to those prescribed by the doctor for specific ailments. Alternatively, you can also use proven dietary supplements, preferably composed of natural, plant-based ingredients, such as Detox Dream Shake, to help you remove all toxins;
  • improper diet, poor not only in nutrients, but also capable of increasing the amount of free radicals in many cases. Particularly harmful are foods that are subject to excessive heat treatment, smoked meats or grilled or deep-fried foods;
  • too intensive lifestyle, too little rest and, above all, too little sleep;
  • external factors beyond our control, i.e. the polluted air we breathe, full of molecules that can lead to disturbances in the most important systems;
  • for being in the sun for a long time, exposing yourself to intense UV radiation.

We are aware of the fact that at least the last two of these factors are difficult to avoid, but others are influenced by the fact that changing the diet to a healthier one or eliminating stimulants will allow us to avoid the development of many diseases caused by the excess of free radicals, such as..:

  • neoplastic changes attacking the most important organs of the body, causing mainly lung, bone and breast cancer in women, resulting from the modification in the DNA code, which is done in an uncontrolled way by free radicals;
  • atherosclerosis, a serious disease of blood vessels, manifested by their narrowing as a result of fat deposits on the walls of veins and arteries, resulting in less oxygenation of the most important organs, including the heart and brain;
  • heart attack, strokes, hypertension;
  • all disease processes leading to accelerated aging of cells, mainly of the skin, which is often the cause of its tumors;
  • degenerative diseases of the brain and nervous system, Parkinson or Alzheimer;
  • various ailments of the digestive system, from flatulence and constipation to stomach, pancreas, intestines and duodenum diseases, including tumors of these organs, and in the event of abnormal functioning of the pancreas we are at risk of diabetes;
  • a cataract that sometimes leads to irreversible blindness.

The list of diseases caused by free radicals is much longer, but they already pose such a serious threat that their treatment requires the use of modern, revolutionary solutions, which is certainly Fuleren C60.

Fuleren C60 – what is its antioxidant effect?

There are many antioxidants that help to eliminate free radicals and so far vitamin C has been considered the strongest of all natural ones. Its numerous advantages are undeniable, but studies of similar properties of Fuleren C60 have shown that they are many times stronger. Many serious scientists from reputable research centres not without reason call it the most effective free radical broom, which is affected by many of its essential properties, and according to specialists in this field the most important is:

  • the internal structure, which guarantees exceptionally high stability, and the large number of double bonds between the carbon atoms which form it, allows the connection of a record number of free radical atoms, e.g. as many as 34 health-hazardous methyl radicals;
  • high resistance to natural wear and tear and digestive juices, and in our body Fuleren C60 is located in the most sensitive places, wherever there are the most harmful free radicals;
  • no negative impact on the human body, this type of coal is 100% safe, with no undesirable side effects, which cannot be said of other commonly used cancer drugs.

The effect of Fulerene C60 can be safely described as complex, which no other antioxidant, including vitamin C, can boast of. Among other things, its antiviral action has been proven to be effective not only against popular viruses such as influenza, but also against the HIV virus, the cause of AIDS, a disease usually resulting in the death of a patient. This carbon aroused interest not only among virologists but also doctors of other specialties, as well as orthopaedists who want to use it in the treatment of osteoarthritis, inflammation and possible disintegration of joint or bone tissue. However, the most important field where Fuleren C60 will certainly find its application is oncology. Treatment of cancer with traditional methods is highly effective, especially in case of early response to the first symptoms, but the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation cause other, no less troublesome health complications. There are also serious problems in supplying factors that actively eliminate cancer cells directly to the source of the disease. Fuleren C60 combines with molecules of such a drug, allowing for their prolonged release and, consequently, increased effectiveness of treatment.

Accurate and fast neutralization and removal of free radicals from the body positively influences our health, but also promising are studies showing that carbon with a molecular number of C60 can be considered a natural means of prolonging life, preventing most of the aging processes in the body. Experiments in rats have shown conclusively that the lifespan of those who regularly take fullerene preparations has increased by almost 90 percent. The impact of Fuleren C60 on human life extension is also being studied, and Dr. Phil Meyers, a functional medicine specialist working for Ohio, is testing it on himself. Positive effects began to be felt after a short time, among other things, the overall physical fitness improved and the muscles regenerated faster after a great deal of effort. Unfortunately, the results obtained are not yet of great interest, and preparations containing this form of carbon are available in limited quantities and in most countries are still considered to be a dietary supplement rather than a full-fledged medicine. Unfortunately, this is the case with novelties, but we can hope that with time it will change and soon we will be able to buy Fuleren C60 drugs in every pharmacy and enjoy full health, protected from diseases caused by free radicals, and our lives will be significantly extended.

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