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fungalor plus

Among the many diseases of our skin, one of the most troublesome and troublesome at the same time is certainly foot mycosis, to which we often find it difficult to even admit. The statistics concerning it are unfortunately inexorable and practically all its varieties have already been recognized as a civilization disease affecting an average of ¼ of our society, and what is interesting, mainly its male part. There are many reasons for this, many of which we are guilty ourselves, because it is not without reason a disease directly related to negligence in terms of daily personal foot hygiene. Equally often we can get infected with it by using public swimming pools or other sports facilities, walking barefoot on the floor in them. If you notice the characteristic symptoms of this disease, there is no need to break your hands, because it can help to remove them can Fungalor Plusa cream with an effective antifungal effect confirmed by specialists.

Tinea pedis – causes and symptoms

The fungus, and in all its forms, is a disease that we absolutely must not ignore. If it concerns the skin, it is most often located within the feet, also attacking our nails. It is created by a combination of several factors that promote the growth of fungi called dermatophytes, deposited directly on the epidermis. Their development is stimulated by many different, often different reasons, such as:

  • lack of proper personal hygiene;
  • Continuously staying in a humid environment while neglecting proper and regular drying of the feet;
  • wearing someone else’s mushroom-infected shoes;
  • malfunctioning of the immune system causing a weakening of natural immunity;
  • wounds, scratches or other injuries to the skin, through which fungi quickly penetrate the body and cause infection;
  • the use of these public sports facilities, including a bath, sauna or shower, which must always be entered in rubber flip-flops;
  • other coexisting diseases, diabetes, cancer, rheumatism, or diseases of the circulatory system such as atherosclerosis;
  • excessive sweating, which we cannot control with cosmetics, caused not so much by skin diseases as by growing overweight and obesity;
  • age, this condition affects more elderly people;
  • genetic susceptibility, many studies indicate that it is an inherited disease;
  • mechanical injuries to the feet, mainly to the nails, which thus become more susceptible to fungal infections, which later also spread to the skin.

The symptoms of foot mycosis are so characteristic that it is impossible to overlook them. Their type is directly related to the variety of the disease and its location, and we most often deal with it:

  • Potnic mycosis, manifested by small bubbles located on the heels or between the toes of the feet with their unpleasant smell;
  • exfoliating mycosis, also known as keratinizing. As its name suggests, it manifests itself in a strong keratinization and subsequent peeling of the epidermis mostly on the soles;
  • intertoe mycosis, located between the toes of the feet, the most difficult to cure, initially manifesting itself as reddening gradually becoming epidermis exfoliation, on which purulent, painful and bursting changes resulting from the developing inflammation may also appear.

Fungalor Plus – safe composition effective for all types of foot mycosis

Skin diseases, not only foot mycosis, but also acne, or cellulite, which is particularly disliked by women, are the nightmare of our times and must be fought with really effective means. In case of mycosis we strongly recommend Fungalor Pluswhich works in virtually every case, regardless of the cause. The manufacturer, when composing the composition of his ointment, has relied exclusively on repeatedly tested substances allowing to obtain the highest effectiveness of treatment in the shortest possible time. He also attaches great importance to the safety of his antifungal preparation, and Fungalor Plus does not cause any side effects for the patient, except when someone may simply have an allergy to one of its components. However, this happens extremely rarely, and a complete cure for mycosis is possible thanks to the use of substances like these:

1. climbazole

One of the best components of antifungal drugs, which is an organic chemical compound also used to treat other skin diseases. It is used, among others, for acne lesions on the face caused by seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff, often preceding accelerated alopecia. It is highly effective against virtually all varieties of fungi, not only for those responsible for the development of foot mycosis, but also for the yeasts that settle in the large intestine, which are equally dangerous to health, and usually do not cause any adverse side effects.

2. Farnezol

Another organic chemical compound, this time with antiseptic effect, disinfecting the foot skin and limiting its excessive sweating. Of course, it is not the only one of its healing properties, it also has a proven anti-cancer effect, blocking uncontrolled growth of cancer cells, and helps to eliminate dangerous pathogenic bacteria from our body.

3. arnica extract

It is a plant with extremely valuable medicinal properties, especially the mountain variety is commonly used in natural medicine. This is supported by its unique composition full of essential oils, saponins, flavonoids, phytosterols, organic acids and vitamins and minerals. All of this, taken together, makes arnica work:

  • antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory;
  • anticoagulation;
  • soothing skin irritations;
  • to accelerate the healing of wounds;
  • soothing rheumatic complaints, which are highly effective in treating joint diseases, also helps to reduce severe muscle pains, accelerating the regeneration of the body, e.g. after training;
  • anti-wrinkle and anti-aging symptoms;
  • supporting the treatment of many diseases of the circulatory system and heart, including coronary artery disease and hypertension.

4. camomile extract

This plant certainly doesn’t need to be presented to anyone, and its use in various herbal treatments is well known. In Fungalor Plus it was used mainly because of its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antifungal and antibacterial properties. In addition, camomile perfectly relaxes and helps reduce muscle tension and regulates all digestive processes leading to faster and more efficient fat burning. Its wide, even complex action makes it used to alleviate the symptoms of burns, allergies or purulent pimples often accompanying acne, and therefore it is included in many anti-acne preparations.

5. sage extract

It is made of a herb that has primarily antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties, thus helping to reduce the extent of the developing infection, also thanks to the action reducing strong sweating of the skin. They are also used to treat psoriasis, skin inflammation, the already mentioned acne, and its action against the effects of oxidative stress inhibits, like arnica, natural skin aging. It is also worth using it as a food additive, it is a proven digestion enhancer and is therefore used in supplements supporting weight loss.

6. Vitamin E, silver ions and mint

The first of these two ingredients is called the “vitamin of youth” for a reason, because it has such a salutary effect on the health of our skin, including feet. Its deficiency in the body is manifested, among other things, by increasing keratosis of the epidermis and skin flaking. In addition, it causes problems with teeth, damage to the nervous system and severe muscle and joint ailments. As a powerful antioxidant, it facilitates the removal of endangered free radicals from the body, thus minimizing the possibility of developing cancer, including skin. At the same time, it prevents its excessive drying, smoothes out wrinkles and eliminates unsightly discoloration. Silver ions are another element of the Fungalor Plus cream that has an antifungal and antibacterial effect, preventing the re-growth of these dangerous microorganisms, called a true fungus and bacteria slayer. Essential oils contained in mint pleasantly cool the skin of your feet, relaxing it, and by disinfecting, they remove the unpleasant smell inherent in mycosis.

Fungalor Plus – application and action to get rid of foot mycosis

Let’s be honest with ourselves that foot mycosis is not a disease that you can ignore, especially when it also affects your nails. Untreated leads to numerous complications, which may over time cause infection of other important systems and organs of our body. For this reason, as soon as we notice her first symptoms, we need to reach for Fungalor Plus and nip the disease in the bud. Since the preparation is in the form of a cream, its application is very simple and it is enough to apply it to infected areas 2 – 3 times a day, massaging thoroughly until it is completely absorbed. The Fungalor Plus instantly removes all symptoms of the disease, both external and internal, from deeper layers of the skin, and its regular use gives such healing effects as:

  • no itching;
  • noticeable reduction of foot perspiration and elimination of bad smell;
  • remove all symptoms of infection caused by skin inflammation mycosis;
  • stopping its flaking and rebuilding the damaged epidermis;
  • to restore softness and elasticity to the skin;
  • blocking the possibility of relapse.

Such a high effectiveness of the cream is confirmed by the opinions of patients who are surprised by its action and who can finally unrestrained expose their feet. Numerous advantages are also emphasized by specialists in the treatment of mycosis, including dermatologists, who praise the selection of Fungalor Plus ingredients, which are mainly of natural, plant origin and have practically no adverse effects of the treatment.

Fungalor Plus – for how much and how much you can buy it

So if you’re struggling with foot mycosis, it’s time to get rid of it definitively with the help of Fungalor Plusthat you can buy straight from its manufacturer. The promotional price per tube is currently 30 €, but the absence of any symptoms and the possibility of relapse is definitely worth it. On manufacturer’s website You will find, in addition to a description of the operation of the cream, a contact form in which we provide our data and telephone number and wait for the consultant to call us back. It is with him that we will determine all details of the delivery, its total costs, method of shipment and form of payment.

fungalor plus

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