goji berries – extraordinary health and slimming properties

The number of preparations appearing on the market every year, designed by the manufacturer to support weight loss, can cause headaches. There are so many of them that choosing the right one and, most importantly, the most effective one, can be an extremely difficult task. To make it easier for yourself, looking for the perfect supplement to help you lose weight quickly, let’s pay attention to its composition, which should be based solely on natural ingredients such as goji berries.

goji berries – origin, composition

goji berries have taken the market for weight loss by storm, becoming one of the most popular ingredients of many dietary supplements. These fruits, which are also known as ‘kolkozhye’, come from Asia, China, Mongolia and Tibet, where they have been widely used in natural medicine for more than 2000 years. Growing in a crystal-clear environment, they are considered to be the healthiest fruits, free from any harmful chemical compounds resulting from air pollution. They are red in colour, approximately 1 cm long and oblong in shape and are usually used in dry form, which also facilitates their transport over long distances.

These small inconspicuous fruits are primarily a real treasury of valuable nutrients, even essential for the health of our body, although they are not too low in calories and 100 grams goji is as much as 375 kcal. However, this slight disadvantage is completely eliminated by numerous advantages, and we can find such substances as..:

  • flavonoids and carotenoids;
  • The LBP polysaccharide complex, which enhances immunity and has an anti-cancer effect;
  • antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals and inhibit the aging process;
  • amino acids and fatty acids, including those not naturally produced by our body;
  • vitamins from groups B, C (over 50 times more than in the same amount of oranges) and E;
  • minerals: iron, zinc, selenium, calcium, copper, germanium and phosphorus.

goji berries – health properties

Such a composition must mean many benefits for our health practically automatically, assuming, of course, that we immediately include goji berries in our daily diet. Their regular consumption helps not only to treat, but also to prevent many diseases, and they are valued for their health properties such as:

  • inhibition of cancer development;
  • regulation of correct blood sugar levels and even treatment of type I and II diabetes;
  • support of the brain and nervous system, have a positive effect on concentration and improve memory;
  • improvement of sexual fitness, assistance in the treatment of infertility;
  • lowering the level of “bad” LDL cholesterol and increasing the level of “good” HDL;
  • strengthening of the general immunity of the organism to various infections;
  • counteracting aging processes, strengthening hair and nails and improving the appearance of the skin;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • prevention of heart and circulatory system diseases, regulation of blood pressure, are also effective against hypertension;
  • remove toxins from the body, protect the liver from damage caused by a high-fat diet;
  • effective slimming action, significantly facilitating the removal of overweight in a relatively short period of time.

goji berries – effective slimming

The process of weight loss is usually long and usually we lack the self-denial needed to maintain our diet or to force ourselves to be more physically active. Metabolic disorders are also a serious problem, so we cannot quickly burn as many calories as we would like. At this point, we need a support, a substance that will regulate all digestive processes, such as goji berries, recommended by professional nutritionists.

High content of easily assimilable dietary fiber has a beneficial effect on slimming, whose main task, apart from regulating digestive processes, is to inhibit the feeling of hunger and reduce excessive appetite. Of course, because of the high calorific value of berries, do not eat too much, but a small amount will make it easier to get to your dream slim figure. They can be eaten in many different ways, alone or as an addition to many dishes, e.g. cereal for breakfast. Cocktails, juices or teas with these fruits are equally popular, as are meat dishes, salads and baked goods. There are plenty of recipes for dishes with goji berries on the slimming pages, but the least hassle is simply the daily use of the supplements they contain, which are usually available as easy-to-swallow tablets.

goji berries – Opinions

As you can see, the health benefits of regular eating goji are indisputable, but like many other substances of this type that make it easier to lose weight, they can only be treated as a valuable addition to a healthy, properly composed diet. On their own they won’t make you get rid of the fat, but they will certainly help you burn it faster, especially when you combine it with a solid dose of physical activity. This is also confirmed by the opinions that can be found in the discussion forums, and consumers only praise them as one element of a truly effective and fast-acting weight loss treatment, not forgetting their other positive qualities. However, it is best to check their health-promoting properties yourself, goji berries in various forms, the most frequently mentioned dried fruit, can be easily obtained in healthy food shops, and their price is fortunately not too high.

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