Green tea – from faraway Asia straight to our healthy diet

Nothing makes you feel better or warmer on long autumn or winter evenings than a cup of aromatic tea. Most often we drink its black varieties or earl grey with the aroma of bergamot, but the greatest benefit to our body will be when we reach for green tea, which has many valuable pro-health and even slimming properties. So it’s worth putting it in your daily diet immediately, even though not everyone can immediately enjoy the taste.

Green tea – composition and health properties

This drink has arrived on our continent from Asia, comes from ancient China, where it has been known for almost 4500 years. This is where the idea of pouring boiling water over green leaves and making a tasty infusion from them, used to alleviate the symptoms of many ailments, was conceived. Green tea is not usually referred to as a single type of tea, but rather as a variety of varieties that differ not only in taste but also in caffeine and other nutrients. There are a lot of them in this plant, and we will find here, among other things:

  • a lot of vitamins, A, B, C, D and E;
  • trace elements such as calcium, zinc, copper, potassium, fluorine and manganese;
  • strong antioxidants, polyphenols and catechins.

This composition directly affects the health properties of green tea, which is also confirmed by doctors of various specialties, who indicate its positive anti-cancer effect, or prevention of heart and circulatory system diseases such as atherosclerosis, stroke and myocardial infarction. It can be successfully used to treat stomach ailments, has a positive effect on digestion and metabolism, inhibits excessive absorption of bad cholesterol or increase in blood sugar levels. It should be appreciated even for its delaying effect on skin ageing processes, therefore it is included in numerous creams, gels or even tonics and soaps for washing the face.

Numerous specialists also point to its properties strengthening immunity, which is influenced by the presence of polyphenols and catechins, which, strengthened by the action of vitamins, are able to protect us against most infections, particularly dangerous in autumn and winter. When drinking green tea, you can count on a significant increase in mental fitness, concentration and memory, and a high serotonin content can quickly improve your mood. To some extent it also prevents the development of Alzheimer disease and delays the brain degenerating progress of senile dementia.

Green tea – slimming properties and possible side effects

For all lovers of a healthy lifestyle, green tea has become an inseparable part of a daily diet, and at the same time an important element of any effective weight loss treatment, because it has no energy value, so it does not provide the body with unnecessary calories. Slimming properties result mainly from the presence of polyphenols and catechins, which are important for proper absorption of nutrients. These substances also quickly reduce fat tissue, regulating metabolic processes in the liver, affecting the intensity of thermogenesis, i.e. raising the body temperature to help burn excess calories. All these properties have been confirmed by research, but it should be remembered that the best results will be obtained by drinking tea for the night and the one from the so-called second brewing. The first one will have a stimulating effect above all, so we may have serious problems with falling asleep.

Of course, green tea, even if it is drunk in large quantities, will not cause the weight to drop instantly, and this will only happen if we combine it with a easily digestible diet, from which we remove everything that is fattening and unhealthy. If we exaggerate the amount of this drink, we must also take into account some, quite burdensome side effects:

  • anaemia, because green tea inhibits the absorption of iron in food;
  • negative influence on fetal development, therefore pregnant women should not drink it;
  • dizziness and nausea, especially when interacting with medication taken for diseases of the nervous system;
  • increased blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmias;
  • calcium leaching increasing the risk of osteoporosis.

Green tea – brewed or on pills?

There are many ways to consume green tea, we can safely say that every culture, not only the eastern one, has its own. In Asia, especially in Japan, this is the whole ceremony, governed by strict rules, but it is so complicated that it is better to just pour a measured amount of leaves hot, but not boiling water and drink with taste. Nothing stands in the way of making it even better by adding delicious and healthy additives, a slice of lemon, mint leaves or finely grated ginger root.

Despite such improvements, many people may still not like the taste of the plant, but if they still want to enjoy the benefits of the plant, they should use dietary supplements included in the composition. This is all the more beneficial because green tea is only one of the substances they contain, and we can find in them also other substances that are conducive to our health or rapid weight loss. One of them, which we can recommend with a clear conscience, is Silvets, tablets with repeatedly proven effectiveness not only for weight loss. Their action is enhanced by known ingredients such as Acai berries, guarana or piperine, black pepper extract, one of the best thermogenics. Silvets it is worth to take every day in the number of two capsules, the order for it can be placed on manufacturer’s website and enjoy not only a slim silhouette, but also full health.

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