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Healthy, strong and shiny hair is an important attribute of our attractiveness, but it is difficult to keep it in good condition at all times. Sooner or later, everyone gets their hair problems, from greasy hair, through dandruff, to excessive hair loss, inevitable especially for men. While the first two are relatively easy to cure, accelerated baldness, especially at an early age, makes us feel extremely unattractive.

Baldness – the reasons we owe ourselves

You have to take care of your hair, so probably nobody will dare to deny it, not only those who are starting to fall out. There’s no denying, however, that in most cases we just neglect it, busy and busy, we don’t have time to properly care for our thinning hair. Wrongly selected shampoos, conditioners or improper diet complete the whole work, which results in constantly growing baldness. In addition to this, there are also various illnesses, which result in a weakening of the hair structure, and many women destroy it through too intensive paints or other equally aggressive treatments. This quickly becomes a cause of deep frustration and falling self-esteem, but it can also be a stimulus to deal with the problem.

There are many methods that we can use in such a situation, even very invasive, such as hair transplantation, but most often we use effective preparations or dietary supplements, which can solve not only the problem of hair loss, but also improve their unsightly appearance. One of them, commonly used and recommended, is Hairstim, a product available in the form of a spray, sprayed and rubbed into the scalp. As a result of its use should quickly grow back new, thick and strong hair, but is this really the case?

Hairstim – composition of the preparation

This product, according to the assumption of its manufacturer, is to effectively prevent excessive hair loss and support rapid growth of new hair. This is to be facilitated by the composition, which unfortunately we are not able to know exactly, being able to get acquainted only with a small part of it, substances such as:

  • climbazol, an organic antifungal compound, is commonly used as an ingredient in many products to treat skin infections caused by different types of fungi. It is extremely effective in fungal infections of the scalp, as well as in combating excessive seborrhoea and intensive dandruff;
  • wheat extract, acting both outside and inside the hair. It regenerates and nourishes it thanks to its high content of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, E and K and minerals. It has an antioxidant effect, smoothes the hair surface and shines from the base to the ends, accelerates their growth;
  • Soya bean extract, with thickening properties, strengthening often weakened hair roots, which is one of the causes of alopecia. It soothes all inflammatory states in the skin and delays the aging processes taking place in it.

Unfortunately, other ingredients couldn’t be found even on the official manufacturer’s website, but you can already see from these that Hairstim was chosen exactly to deal with most of the everyday problems with hair, not just its loss.

Hairstim – action and opinions

The effect of this spray on the hair is multi-directional and according to the manufacturer’s information, the first effects can be expected after just a few days of use, and a comprehensive treatment is to cause:

  • almost instantaneous minimization or even complete removal of dandruff;
  • blocking hair loss by activating its roots to work more efficiently, preventing their dying and supporting the regeneration process;
  • more intensive work of sebaceous glands, minimizing excessive seborrhea cause of fatty hair;
  • Improved nourishment and strengthening of the scalp, creating the ideal environment for new hair growth.

Hairstim can be used by both women and men who want to rebuild their hair quickly, but the opinions we can find about it are unfortunately not clear what can make it difficult to make a purchase decision. We can meet with many positive reviews, what is interesting, given mainly by the ladies, praising the strengthening of thin, weakened hair and stimulation of their faster growth. However, just as often we come across opinions showing the preparation in a negative light, this time by men, in whom it was not able to completely stop baldness.

However, the effectiveness of the Hairstim depends on many individual factors, which vary from person to person. This can be influenced by, for example, his general health condition or current diet, so it is worthwhile to additionally support him with dietary supplements, such as Profolan, acting from the inside on almost all causes of alopecia. It provides the body with a powerful dose of vitamins, minerals and other valuable nutrients, so you can count on even faster hair growth. Profolan can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, and an order with instant delivery directly to the home is made simply by his website.

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