Happy Smile – a beautiful smile with cosmetic tooth implants

One of the things that arouses our immediate sympathy for other people is their sincere, broad smile, which usually heralds a great sense of humor and cheerfulness. Unfortunately, we regret to note that many people simply do not smile, even when it is necessary and their attitude indicates that they feel embarrassed. The reason for this is usually a problem with the teeth, namely its deficiencies requiring immediate restoration. Loss of a tooth, especially troublesome in the case of those in the front, usually means long and painful treatment, insertion of expensive implants or ordering complete, equally expensive prostheses. Fortunately, there is a faster and cheaper solution, which is worth using, which are temporary cosmetic dental implants Happy Smile.

How to take care of your teeth so that they don’t fall out

Teeth have to fulfil not only a purely aesthetic function, being an indispensable attribute of our beauty. Their basic, most important task is to grind food, and our teeth have evolved into four separate, specialized groups:

  • 4 claws for shredding large pieces of food;
  • Eight incisors that we bite with;
  • 8 premolars for chewing and crushing;
  • 12 molar teeth, including the famous eights, called the teeth of wisdom, also crushing and crushing what we eat.

In total, therefore, we have 32 permanent teeth, which grow after the loss of so-called milkers during childhood, and we should take care of them throughout our lives, and compliance with the basic principles of oral hygiene must even become our habit. Daily brushing, using the right choice of toothbrushes, high quality toothpaste and mouthwash will help to avoid many ailments resulting in tooth loss, such as:

  • Gum disease, which causes the weakening of the tissue that forms them;
  • periodontosis, inflammation of the periodontium, caused by bacteria that gradually expose the dental cervixes and may even cause gum atrophy;
  • the build-up of tartar;
  • caries, the biggest enemy of our teeth, a disease that we ourselves are most often guilty of, eating in the wrong way, eating too much sweets, quickly leading to demineralization, i.e. damage to the enamel.

Unfortunately, the constant lack of time makes us forget about proper dental care, so it is worth having Happy Smile on standby to save our smile from a real, image catastrophe.

Happy Smile – Instant assistance at a low price

There is no denying that a visit to a dentist’s office is not the cheapest, and the cost of inserting one dental implant can reach several hundred euros. Unfortunately, most of these types of procedures are not refunded, so more and more people willingly accept the gaps in their teeth. This becomes a cause of increasing stress, closeness to oneself, unwillingness to socialize with other people, caused, among other things, by problems with speaking clearly. This is what we recommend to them Happy SmileIt allows you to make up for all your deficiencies in a short period of time without exposing yourself to pain and high expenses. This solution may seem surprising at first, but there is no risk here, and Happy Smile is also praised by specialists, dentists, who recommend these implants to their patients.

Happy Smile – Precise fitting implants

The method of performing temporary cosmetic implants with the use of Happy Smile set is very simple and without any major problems everyone can cope with it on their own, using the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The set includes special granules made of 100% health safe, non-toxic, plastic material and tools used by dentists to form and place the implant in the right place. The preparation of the implant will take very little time and it is enough to stick to a strictly defined sequence of its preparation:

  1. Pour a measured portion of granules into warm, but not hot water, which softens them and gives them appropriate plasticity to facilitate shaping.
  2. After the granules have softened, we form them into an implant matching the size of the gap between the teeth, while adjusting its shape to the shape of the remaining teeth.
  3. We leave it to dry and harden completely, which takes only a few minutes.
  4. If you make a mistake, you don’t have to throw the implant away, just put it back in warm water, wait until it softens and give it the desired shape again.
  5. A ready-made implant gets stuck between adjacent teeth and this is what keeps it in the right place.

One package Happy Smile It is sufficient to prepare up to 10 implants and the product is intended exclusively for use by adults and is not recommended for children. When using it, one should remember to observe a few important safety rules, such as not placing two implants next to each other, one should be careful while eating, especially when eating hot food or drinks. The implant must also be removed overnight to avoid accidental swallowing or choking.

Happy Smile – advantages highlighted by users and professionals

Happy Smile is a novelty on the Polish market, which has already gained recognition and good opinions, issued not only by the people using it, but also by numerous, mentioned specialists. Among all the practically undisputed advantages, they emphasize, among other things:

  • perfect, radiant smile, finally without disfiguring, unsightly cavities;
  • 100% safety of use, no toxic components in the granules that could cause allergic reactions and health hazards;
  • simplicity of implantation, clearly and transparently described in the manual, which is also facilitated by the attached specialist tools;
  • no need for a stressful visit to the dentist, which of course we do not advise against, because you should check your teeth regularly to avoid the problems described above;
  • the price, much lower than the cost of dental implants, and the lack of pain associated with their placement.

This is confirmed by the opinions of satisfied customers, willing to share their experiences with Happy Smile on the Internet, writing in a definitely positive tone:

“I like to ride a bicycle and at the same time I like to take an accident easily and unfortunately in one of the falls I knocked out the two on the left. When I looked in the mirror, I was in black despair, and even more so when I heard from my dentist how much it would cost to insert a tooth. I limited my contacts with my friends to a minimum, I didn’t talk much at work either, until my friend showed me an Happy Smile advertisement and it turned out that he uses it himself and the implant was such that it couldn’t be distinguished from the original teeth. I ordered, picked up the package, practiced how to do it and finally got my two back. I recommend it.” – Arthur, 43 years old.

Happy Smile – where to buy it

If this information and feedback has convinced you to use Happy Smile, you can buy it directly from the manufacturer and place your order through the manufacturer. website. All you need to do is fill in the form below, choose the payment method that suits you, either in advance or on delivery, and the price of one package, the Start program, is only €40. However, it is better to take advantage of the promotions currently on offer and order one of the collective packages, which allow you to reduce the cost of purchase:

  • Program Recommended, 2 packages plus one free of charge for 80 €;
  • Maximum Effect program, where we get a total of 6 packages at a price of only 129 €.

Delivery is realized immediately after placing an order, Happy Smile comes to us in a discreet package, and the product can also be ordered by phone, calling the phone number given on the website.

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