Harmonica Linea – harmonious weight loss with a new food supplement

The word harmony has so far been associated with perfect order and order, but certainly not with weight loss. The latter was rather a laborious multi-stage process of fighting against overweight, often losing, which usually resulted from a lack of strong enough will and self-denial. Getting rid of all the excess weight is not really easy, it requires a combination of a proper weight loss diet with a professional training plan, and the whole must be supported by an effective dietary supplement. Dieticians do not say for nothing that the basis is nutrition, then the daily dose of exercise, walking with sticks or running, and if the body has, for example, a problem with proper fat digestion, then it must be helped. Nowadays, slimming has gained a whole new dimension, it can take place in harmony and in harmony with nature, which enables Harmonica Linea, a food supplement based exclusively on natural, safe ingredients of plant origin.

I’m on a diet and practicing, and I still can’t lose weight

You can gain weight very simply and very quickly, but it usually takes much longer to get rid of this extra weight. Unfortunately, most of us do not initially care that the weight starts to show more and more and simply ignores a growing belly or thicker thighs. It’s a mistake that takes cruel revenge because ignoring the initial overweight makes uncontrollable turns into morbid obesity, and this is definitely a cause for concern at least. Luckily, many people take their weight seriously and react immediately to the slightest increase, but they can’t always lose weight despite a strict diet and daily exercise. At this point it is important to consider what are the reasons for this, you can even go to a specialist for advice, but most often the problems with losing weight are caused by:

  • a bad diet, which only seemingly seems to be correct, and in fact causes serious disturbances in the functioning of the body, especially the digestive system and metabolism responsible for burning fats and carbohydrates. All fatty foods, highly processed foods, popular fast food and the most harmful light products must disappear from the menu;
  • too long breaks between meals, and most of us are usually satisfied with just a hearty breakfast, the next meal only in the evening. You should also provide your body with adequate amounts of fluids, at least 2 litres a day, avoiding obviously sweetened, carbonated drinks;
  • Eating, the number one enemy of every weight loss. We strongly advise against constantly reaching for high-calorie and unhealthy snacks between meals or at night, which immediately affects your weight gain;
  • few calories, without which it is not possible to lose weight effectively, so the caloric value of consumed meals should be precisely calculated and not exceed the allowed amount;
  • lack of appropriate amount of nutrients in meals, especially those that facilitate digestion and fat burning, so let’s not forget about carbohydrates and dietary fiber, which can be found in cereal products, groats or oat flakes;
  • Not enough movement, sometimes a walk is not enough, more intensive crossfit training, cycling or swimming will be necessary;
  • Lack of strong will and consistency of action, and the right motivation is half of the success;
  • coexisting diseases that may manifest themselves as weight gain, thyroid problems, diabetes or hormonal disorders. Some medications also have similar effects, so it is worthwhile to read the leaflet carefully before taking them.

Harmonica Linea – effective slimming thanks to natural ingredients

While our overweight does not cause strictly health problems, we are able to deal with most of its causes on our own, of course with the help of Harmonica Linea. This supplement does not take the form of tablets, which usually overload the digestive system, but of drops, thanks to which the active ingredients quickly reach where they can act at full strength. In terms of composition, the drops have something to boast about, and the composition of a unique complex determining the effectiveness of Harmonica Linea are included:

Green tea extract

zielona herbata

Unlike the black variety drunk on a daily basis, green tea has a very broad health effect, which is directly determined by the nutrients it contains:

  • Vitamin A,
  • B vitamins;
  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin D;
  • polyphenols, antioxidants that remove free radicals from the body;
  • valuable minerals: potassium, copper, zinc, calcium, manganese and fluorine.

It is thanks to them that it has properties that help prevent many dangerous diseases, heart, cardiovascular system and even cancer. It is also extremely effective in slimming treatments, intensifying metabolic processes and thermogenesis for safe and fast fat burning.

Orange fruit extract


In this case their bitter variety was used, a source of synephrine, a valuable alkaloid which has an effect similar to that of ephedrine, but free from its dangerous side effects. Provided in appropriate doses, such as Harmonica Linea, synephrine is a substance that accelerates metabolism and the processes of thermogenesis and lipase, which means it helps to effectively burn excess body fat. Additionally, it stimulates the body to act, providing it with a daily dose of energy necessary also for the mentioned physical activity, at the same time helping to suppress excessive appetite.

Extract from garcinia cambogia

garcinia cambogia

The garcinia cambogia fruit is not without reason called a breakthrough in weight loss, and the most important active ingredient, hydroxycitric acid, called HCA for short. It is considered to be one of the best substances supporting the weight loss process, an appetite blocker which also has a beneficial effect on digestion and fat metabolism. Its effectiveness is also due to the content of other substances, the most important of which are two vitamins belonging to the B group:

  • B1 (thiamine), which actively participates in cellular respiration, is an antioxidant, allowing to quickly achieve a feeling of full satiety, thus helping in the fight against growing overweight. It removes the feeling of tiredness, digestive disorders and problems with concentration;
  • B2 (riboflavin), also essential for the proper functioning of our body, supporting primarily the nervous system and strengthening weakened immunity. In the process of weight loss, it is responsible for the strong mucous membrane lining the digestive system.

Acai berry extract

jaogdy acai

Berries Acai is another ingredient of many supplements supporting weight loss including and Harmonica Linea, recommended by the best specialists, also professional nutritionists. It is considered an effective reducer of excessive appetite, thanks to which we eat less high-calorie and sweet dishes. In terms of composition, almost nothing can compare to those small fruits that can boast the content of such beneficial substances as:

  • vitamins: A, B, C and E;
  • fatty acids Omega – 3 and Omega 6, allowing, among other things, to maintain proper levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol in the blood, ensuring proper blood flow, supporting immunity, facilitating metabolism, stopping brain aging;
  • Polyphenols, antioxidants, plant sterols;
  • microelements: iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, copper.

Green coffee extract

zielona kawa

Coffee, which is the most commonly drunk hot beverage in the world, also has health properties, but we can only talk about them with green coffee. These are unroasted, fresh beans that have not lost their properties and nutrients that are irretrievably damaged by the roasting process. If we don’t do this, every bean has the following substances in it, not just for weight loss:

  • B group vitamins, described above B1 and B2 and vitamin B12;
  • caffeine, which promotes rapid weight loss, because thanks to it the metabolism reaches a whole new level and we have more energy to exercise. It also allows you to fully regenerate the body even after the most intensive workout, such as exercises with hantlas, ideally shaping your figure;
  • chlorogenic acid which allows you to quickly, but at the same time 100% safe disposal of excess weight without the risk of returning to your old weight, i.e. the yoyo effect;
  • minerals: magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, sodium and potassium;
  • folic acid, or vitamin B9, which also promotes weight loss.

Cherimoya extract


Another, more accessible, name of this plant is the Peruvian Flaze. One of its main advantages is its low calorific value of only 75 kcal per 100 g. More important, however, are its health properties, for which it is again responsible for a composition full of high doses of vitamins: A, B, C and dietary fiber and numerous microelements. They are also necessary in the processes of digestion, fat burning and, consequently, weight loss, and cherimoya also affects other aspects of our health:

  • no hypertension problems;
  • low, safe blood cholesterol levels;
  • no nervous tension, less stress and minimal risk of insomnia.

Chromium picolinate

A unique complex of chromium combined with picolinic acid, with a wide range of health benefits, also supporting weight loss treatments. The content of this ingredient accelerates the reduction of fat tissue and takes an active part in fat and cholesterol metabolism processes. It is recommended not only for people actively practicing sport, although its content will be appreciated by those who prefer intensive training for muscle mass.

Harmonica Linea – an action that will give you your dream, slim figure

Drops Harmonica Linea They have a pleasant berry flavour, which is sure to appeal to everyone. What is more important, of course, is its comprehensive and proven effect, and by taking it throughout the entire weight loss treatment, we will gain:

  • full control over your appetite, so that you can stop eating between the scheduled meal times;
  • quick and permanent burning of excess fatty tissue;
  • accelerated metabolism and effective digestion of even the heaviest meals;
  • slim figure, with slim thighs and flat stomach, which we have long dreamed of;
  • providing the body with virtually all the nutrients necessary not only to lose weight, but also to stay healthy at all times;
  • better condition of the skin, which becomes perfectly smooth and all acne changes disappear from it;
  • the lack of cellulite, this unsightly “orange peel”, the real bane of many women.
Harmonica Linea

Order Harmonica Linea it is not difficult, it is bought straight from the manufacturer, who has prepared a contact form for his customers on website. All you have to do is to enter your contact details, wait for the operator to call us back, with whom we arrange other details. The drops are currently available at a promotional price of around €39 per bottle, so it’s worth hurrying up and saving money to buy them. We also have the possibility to choose the delivery method, by courier, post or to the nearest parcel machine.

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