Zyban – opinions, action and effects (also side effects) of a strong anti-tobacco drug

I decided to write a few words about a drug called Zyban. It is not as popular as the Desmoxan or other over-the-counter quitting products, but there is much talk about its high effectiveness in combating persistent addiction. I had the pleasure to get to know Zyban not from the autopsy (I quit smoking accompanied by another agent), but from the stories of a friend who unfortunately suffered many negative side effects after using it. Before you get to that medicine, you should know some important information about it.

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Smoker’s cough – symptoms and control methods

The most effective way to cough a smoker? Quit smoking! When you say goodbye to your addiction, annoying and sometimes even unbearable cough, it will gradually pass. However, if you haven’t reached the point in your life where you would like to stop smoking completely, try at least to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke and use one of the following methods.

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How to quit smoking and not get fat?

I’ve managed to stop smoking without any extra pounds on my weight. Nevertheless, I have met (and continue to meet) many people in my environment who, after throwing cigarettes out of their lives, have clearly gained weight. There is a significant link between nicotine withdrawal and weight gain, but by taking appropriate measures, this can be prevented. Learn how to quit smoking and not get fat.

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How to quit smoking – homemade ways will help you fight your persistent addiction!

Are you tired of being a slave to cigarettes? Wondering how to quit smoking? Homemade ways will help you fight your nicotine addiction. Check the most effective of them!

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The benefits of quitting smoking – see what you get if you quit

For every smoker, the pleasure of “bubbling” is unbeatable. Nevertheless, if you decide to quit smoking, this pleasure will be more than compensated for. Not only your health, but also your beauty and, above all, your well-being will benefit from it. What are the benefits of quitting smoking?

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Desmoxan. Is it worth believing in commercials? Opinion on the pills.

How did I decide to quit smoking?

desmoxanUsually, quitting smoking is a long process which involves making many attempts to quit and gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Nothing like that happened to me – I smoked and I was fine with it, I didn’t limit it, because I guess why. As a smoker, I never felt discriminated against, and the comments of my family and non-smoking friends about the destructive power of my addiction were passed on despite my ears. Smoking also had no negative impact on my health (or at least I thought so). The morning cough was passing quickly, besides, I felt good, and the energy for the whole day was given to me by a large amount of black, sweet coffee. Continue reading

Fungalor Plus – ointment to help remove all symptoms of foot mycosis

fungalor plus

Among the many diseases of our skin, one of the most troublesome and troublesome at the same time is certainly foot mycosis, to which we often find it difficult to even admit. The statistics concerning it are unfortunately inexorable and practically all its varieties have already been recognized as a civilization disease affecting an average of ¼ of our society, and what is interesting, mainly its male part. There are many reasons for this, many of which we are guilty ourselves, because it is not without reason a disease directly related to negligence in terms of daily personal foot hygiene. Equally often we can get infected with it by using public swimming pools or other sports facilities, walking barefoot on the floor in them. If you notice the characteristic symptoms of this disease, there is no need to break your hands, because it can help to remove them can Fungalor Plusa cream with an effective antifungal effect confirmed by specialists.

Tinea pedis – causes and symptoms

The fungus, and in all its forms, is a disease that we absolutely must not ignore. If it concerns the skin, it is most often located within the feet, also attacking our nails. It is created by a combination of several factors that promote the growth of fungi called dermatophytes, deposited directly on the epidermis. Their development is stimulated by many different, often different reasons, such as:

  • lack of proper personal hygiene;
  • Continuously staying in a humid environment while neglecting proper and regular drying of the feet;
  • wearing someone else’s mushroom-infected shoes;
  • malfunctioning of the immune system causing a weakening of natural immunity;
  • wounds, scratches or other injuries to the skin, through which fungi quickly penetrate the body and cause infection;
  • the use of these public sports facilities, including a bath, sauna or shower, which must always be entered in rubber flip-flops;
  • other coexisting diseases, diabetes, cancer, rheumatism, or diseases of the circulatory system such as atherosclerosis;
  • excessive sweating, which we cannot control with cosmetics, caused not so much by skin diseases as by growing overweight and obesity;
  • age, this condition affects more elderly people;
  • genetic susceptibility, many studies indicate that it is an inherited disease;
  • mechanical injuries to the feet, mainly to the nails, which thus become more susceptible to fungal infections, which later also spread to the skin.

The symptoms of foot mycosis are so characteristic that it is impossible to overlook them. Their type is directly related to the variety of the disease and its location, and we most often deal with it:

  • Potnic mycosis, manifested by small bubbles located on the heels or between the toes of the feet with their unpleasant smell;
  • exfoliating mycosis, also known as keratinizing. As its name suggests, it manifests itself in a strong keratinization and subsequent peeling of the epidermis mostly on the soles;
  • intertoe mycosis, located between the toes of the feet, the most difficult to cure, initially manifesting itself as reddening gradually becoming epidermis exfoliation, on which purulent, painful and bursting changes resulting from the developing inflammation may also appear.

Fungalor Plus – safe composition effective for all types of foot mycosis

Skin diseases, not only foot mycosis, but also acne, or cellulite, which is particularly disliked by women, are the nightmare of our times and must be fought with really effective means. In case of mycosis we strongly recommend Fungalor Pluswhich works in virtually every case, regardless of the cause. The manufacturer, when composing the composition of his ointment, has relied exclusively on repeatedly tested substances allowing to obtain the highest effectiveness of treatment in the shortest possible time. He also attaches great importance to the safety of his antifungal preparation, and Fungalor Plus does not cause any side effects for the patient, except when someone may simply have an allergy to one of its components. However, this happens extremely rarely, and a complete cure for mycosis is possible thanks to the use of substances like these:

1. climbazole

One of the best components of antifungal drugs, which is an organic chemical compound also used to treat other skin diseases. It is used, among others, for acne lesions on the face caused by seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff, often preceding accelerated alopecia. It is highly effective against virtually all varieties of fungi, not only for those responsible for the development of foot mycosis, but also for the yeasts that settle in the large intestine, which are equally dangerous to health, and usually do not cause any adverse side effects.

2. Farnezol

Another organic chemical compound, this time with antiseptic effect, disinfecting the foot skin and limiting its excessive sweating. Of course, it is not the only one of its healing properties, it also has a proven anti-cancer effect, blocking uncontrolled growth of cancer cells, and helps to eliminate dangerous pathogenic bacteria from our body.

3. arnica extract

It is a plant with extremely valuable medicinal properties, especially the mountain variety is commonly used in natural medicine. This is supported by its unique composition full of essential oils, saponins, flavonoids, phytosterols, organic acids and vitamins and minerals. All of this, taken together, makes arnica work:

  • antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory;
  • anticoagulation;
  • soothing skin irritations;
  • to accelerate the healing of wounds;
  • soothing rheumatic complaints, which are highly effective in treating joint diseases, also helps to reduce severe muscle pains, accelerating the regeneration of the body, e.g. after training;
  • anti-wrinkle and anti-aging symptoms;
  • supporting the treatment of many diseases of the circulatory system and heart, including coronary artery disease and hypertension.

4. camomile extract

This plant certainly doesn’t need to be presented to anyone, and its use in various herbal treatments is well known. In Fungalor Plus it was used mainly because of its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antifungal and antibacterial properties. In addition, camomile perfectly relaxes and helps reduce muscle tension and regulates all digestive processes leading to faster and more efficient fat burning. Its wide, even complex action makes it used to alleviate the symptoms of burns, allergies or purulent pimples often accompanying acne, and therefore it is included in many anti-acne preparations.

5. sage extract

It is made of a herb that has primarily antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties, thus helping to reduce the extent of the developing infection, also thanks to the action reducing strong sweating of the skin. They are also used to treat psoriasis, skin inflammation, the already mentioned acne, and its action against the effects of oxidative stress inhibits, like arnica, natural skin aging. It is also worth using it as a food additive, it is a proven digestion enhancer and is therefore used in supplements supporting weight loss.

6. Vitamin E, silver ions and mint

The first of these two ingredients is called the “vitamin of youth” for a reason, because it has such a salutary effect on the health of our skin, including feet. Its deficiency in the body is manifested, among other things, by increasing keratosis of the epidermis and skin flaking. In addition, it causes problems with teeth, damage to the nervous system and severe muscle and joint ailments. As a powerful antioxidant, it facilitates the removal of endangered free radicals from the body, thus minimizing the possibility of developing cancer, including skin. At the same time, it prevents its excessive drying, smoothes out wrinkles and eliminates unsightly discoloration. Silver ions are another element of the Fungalor Plus cream that has an antifungal and antibacterial effect, preventing the re-growth of these dangerous microorganisms, called a true fungus and bacteria slayer. Essential oils contained in mint pleasantly cool the skin of your feet, relaxing it, and by disinfecting, they remove the unpleasant smell inherent in mycosis.

Fungalor Plus – application and action to get rid of foot mycosis

Let’s be honest with ourselves that foot mycosis is not a disease that you can ignore, especially when it also affects your nails. Untreated leads to numerous complications, which may over time cause infection of other important systems and organs of our body. For this reason, as soon as we notice her first symptoms, we need to reach for Fungalor Plus and nip the disease in the bud. Since the preparation is in the form of a cream, its application is very simple and it is enough to apply it to infected areas 2 – 3 times a day, massaging thoroughly until it is completely absorbed. The Fungalor Plus instantly removes all symptoms of the disease, both external and internal, from deeper layers of the skin, and its regular use gives such healing effects as:

  • no itching;
  • noticeable reduction of foot perspiration and elimination of bad smell;
  • remove all symptoms of infection caused by skin inflammation mycosis;
  • stopping its flaking and rebuilding the damaged epidermis;
  • to restore softness and elasticity to the skin;
  • blocking the possibility of relapse.

Such a high effectiveness of the cream is confirmed by the opinions of patients who are surprised by its action and who can finally unrestrained expose their feet. Numerous advantages are also emphasized by specialists in the treatment of mycosis, including dermatologists, who praise the selection of Fungalor Plus ingredients, which are mainly of natural, plant origin and have practically no adverse effects of the treatment.

Fungalor Plus – for how much and how much you can buy it

So if you’re struggling with foot mycosis, it’s time to get rid of it definitively with the help of Fungalor Plusthat you can buy straight from its manufacturer. The promotional price per tube is currently 30 €, but the absence of any symptoms and the possibility of relapse is definitely worth it. On manufacturer’s website You will find, in addition to a description of the operation of the cream, a contact form in which we provide our data and telephone number and wait for the consultant to call us back. It is with him that we will determine all details of the delivery, its total costs, method of shipment and form of payment.

fungalor plus

Herbs for potency – natural ways to increase male sexual performance

One of the extremely important aspects of male life is the constant maintenance of full sexual fitness, which has a significant impact on overall health. There’s no denying that busy, overworked and increasingly stressed people don’t usually pay too much attention to it, but only until something starts to fail. Our libido can fall for various reasons, and this manifests itself not only in a lack of desire for close-ups, but also in other, even more serious disorders. The most important is certainly the inability to obtain and maintain an erection, which immediately adversely affects mental well-being, becoming the cause of further diseases, including severe depression. As soon as we notice such problems at home, they need to be tackled immediately, but not necessarily with strong pharmaceuticals. For hundreds of years, people have been dealing with them in a safer way, reaching only for what nature has given us, and the amount of herbs that favour male potency is really high.

Potency disorders – what are their symptoms and by what they can be caused

Libido disorders, regardless of their severity, should be treated like any other disease they actually are and require a proper diagnosis of both the symptoms and all their causes. They can be varied, often meaning a visit to a specialist, but many of them we are able to recognize on our own. Unfortunately, sometimes we also owe it to ourselves, namely the lifestyle we lead, the many years of neglect, ending with just growing sexual coldness or erection problems. It also automatically affects the current relationship, and the inability to satisfy your partner may even lead to its unexpected and unpleasant ending. Therefore, it is worthwhile to observe all the negative reactions of your body, while remembering that any disorders that occur may result from such factors as:

  • A poorly composed diet, which can be said to be responsible for nearly 90 per cent of our ailments, and the overweight and obesity caused by it are already considered the most serious and most dangerous diseases plaguing modern civilization. Heavily digestible, fatty food is becoming the cause not only of ever increasing weight, which is often difficult to control, but also of hormonal imbalance, secretion of the most important male hormone, that is testosterone. So let’s take care, and from now on, to choose the ingredients of the meals exactly according to a diet that benefits potency;
  • a sedentary lifestyle, no physical activity, so we don’t feel like having sex either;
  • the strong stress mentioned, and there is no denying that most of us still live in a state of serious nervous tension caused by private or professional problems. They manifest themselves in a variety of ways, including the weakening of regenerative capacities leading to even chronic insomnia;
  • other diseases associated with abnormal functioning of many important systems of our body, especially the heart and the circulatory system important for the proper blood supply to the intimate area, which allows to obtain and maintain an erection. It is also worth taking care of your urinary system and regularly check your thyroid and blood sugar levels;
  • Excessive harmful drugs, the worst of which is alcohol causing virtually instantaneous potency disorders, and a similar effect can also be achieved by smoking too many cigarettes, the remains of which clog our veins and arteries, disrupting and in many cases even preventing proper blood flow.

Herbs for potency – why trust in what nature gives us

All of this sounds scary and is actually a threat not only to our sexual performance, but to our entire health. It is definitely worth doing something about it, change your lifestyle, and cure the ailments that have already appeared as a result of our negligence with popular and valued herbs. The advantages of such a treatment are really not to be underestimated, and herbal medicine in many cases shows almost the same effectiveness as treatment with typical pharmaceuticals. Herbs not only deal quickly with the symptoms of disease, but they also find their direct cause, which usually lies inside our body. Many of them are even characterized by similar effects to synthetic antibiotics, so it is not surprising that they are already used not only in natural medicine. A huge and often emphasized advantage is also the safety of their use, one can risk a statement that in most cases they have no side effects. The only negative reactions after use can occur when someone is simply allergic to them. Of course, preparation of herbal therapy requires a lot of knowledge and experience, but popular herbal mixtures, also supporting male potency, can be obtained in pharmacies, herbal stores or directly from their producers. They are also an important ingredient in dietary supplements that have a beneficial effect on erection or libido, and the extracts we find in them are made from such herbs as, among others:

1. Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris

Known in our country under a more familiar name of ground mace, and in the first place it was placed on account of its comprehensive health effects and greatest popularity. We find it practically in most tablets, ointments or gels that help to achieve a strong erection and raise potency to the highest level. This is due to its extremely rich composition, full of nutrients, without which we have nothing to think about restoring our impaired sexual performance, and the most important of these is:

  • Steroid saponins with anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal and blood cholesterol control effects;
  • polyphenols which have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, supporting its proper functioning and helping to lower blood pressure;
  • idols that remove free radicals from our body that can cause many diseases, including cancer. Together with polyphenols, they also help with full detoxification, removing all unnecessary products left over from digestive and metabolic processes.

The tribulus terrestris’s action can be considered comprehensive, strengthening, among other things, the immune system, increasing physical and mental fitness and, above all, intensifying the processes of testosterone secretion. The mace will also ensure proper blood supply to the penis, which, in addition to the correct level of testosterone, is the second basis for a strong erection that can be maintained throughout the intercourse.

2. root Maca

The second, fully deserved place in our mini ranking is occupied by the Maca root, which has come to Europe from the mountainous, remote regions of Peru, and has been used in this region of the world for nearly 2000 years. It also contains ingredients that are essential for every man who wants to enjoy his full sexual potential until old age. You can count on the effects of such substances as:

  • large quantities of minerals, zinc, magnesium, selenium and copper;
  • Perfectly selected doses of vitamins, especially those of group B, in Maca root are: thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), and besides them also vitamin A, C and E;
  • saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, including the extremely important Omega-6;
  • phytosterols and amino acids, headed by arginine, which is part of the seminal fluid.

Such a composition immediately translates into high effectiveness, and extracts from this plant have properties that improve blood supply to the genitals, improve their oxygenation, cause no problems with hypertension and reduce the negative effects of stress and fatigue or accelerate the regeneration of the body. As far as libido is concerned, the Maca root allows for its rapid restoration precisely through the correct blood supply to the penis while increasing fertility, producing high quality sperm.

3. Ashwagandha

It is also known as Indian ginseng, which is a valuable adaptogen, i.e. a plant that can be used to treat not one but many different ailments. This is how it affects our body, supporting it in all states of weakness, which directly results from the following substances in its composition:

  • Vitanolids to help combat inflammation and other infections;
  • alkaloids;
  • The sitinosides, with their proven relaxing, anti-stress and free radicals fighting properties. Their lack is immediately visible in the improvement of health, halting the processes of natural aging of the body, visible for example in the form of smoother, firmer skin without any signs of acne;
  • flavonoids to get rid of other pathogenic microorganisms, including pathogens.

Ashwagandha significantly improves the functioning of the hormonal system, increasing testosterone production, accelerates regeneration, resting to quickly return to good mental and physical condition, while giving us a solid dose of energy necessary also for living together. Not only does it increase libido, but it also affects fertility by regulating, like the Maca root, sperm production. The large amount of iron contained in it, in turn, has a positive effect on the work of the circulatory system and the heart muscle, allowing you to avoid sudden and health-threatening blood pressure spikes, maintaining the LDL cholesterol level at all times. Every man should also appreciate the growth of muscle tissue, thanks to which, with regular exercise, he will be able to boast of impressive muscles that attract women’s eyes.

4. leaves Damiana

Although outside the podium, this does not mean that they will not effectively support a weakened potency for various reasons. Just like herbs from the first three places, Damiana (Turnera difffusa) leaves are full of ingredients such as flavonoids, sterols and essential oils. Their name comes from the name of an ancient doctor, living at the turn of the 3rd and 4th century, St. Damiana. Although they were already in widespread use more than 100 years ago, the current studies have confirmed their effectiveness as the recommended aphrodisiac. Among the most important properties are the strengthening of the sex drive, both in men and women, and an increase in the intensity of the sensations experienced due to better blood supply to the genitals. In addition, Damiana leaves have an anti-stress, relaxing and antiseptic effect, helping to treat and prevent inflammation or irritation of intimate areas. They are also appreciated for their effective help in the treatment of infertility, impotence and premature ejaculation, another male ailment disrupting normal sexual intercourse.

Herbs for potency – you should always have them in your home medicine cabinet

These are only four herbs from among many with similar properties, but we chose them because they are most often found in dietary supplements that solve all problems with male potency and erection. It can be said that these are the four basic pillars of their effective operation, so in our opinion it is worth having at least one such measure in your home medicine cabinet, which will certainly be useful in unforeseen situations. There is nothing embarrassing about taking such pills or using ointments to lift your libido, and erectile dysfunction can sometimes happen to even the biggest macho. They can be treated in the same way as herbs used in slimming, so no one will pay attention to another package in the kitchen cupboard. The choice is really huge, and most of their manufacturers sell them directly through their websites, guaranteeing the purchase of proven and fully effective preparations at the lowest, usually promotional, price.

How to strengthen the immune system with natural methods and prepare for the upcoming winter

Among many systems of the human body, one of the most important is undoubtedly the immune system, which is responsible for our immunity and is a natural barrier protecting us against infections and diseases. Its importance is particularly felt now, in autumn and winter, when it is easiest to catch a cold, which when ignored and untreated can quickly become a cause of much more serious diseases. Unfortunately, our immune system does not always work as we would like it to, so it is so important to strengthen it properly, and the best way to do it is to use natural, homemade methods already known to our Mums or Grandmothers. Under no circumstances should this be neglected, the immunity changes throughout life and the current level of its effectiveness depends solely on us.

Immunological (immune) system – what is it actually and what is its significance for our health

Defining the concept of the immune system in the most comprehensible way even for laymen, one can say that these are all elements of our organism which are directly responsible for protection against various factors posing a threat to it. When we talk about elements, we mean, of course, organs, cells and tissues that together form a complex defence mechanism that prevents the development of diseases that threaten health. Our body in the course of evolution has developed a multi-level protection, which consists of 4 closely cooperating “lines of defence”, and we divide them into:

  • barrier no. 1, whose most important element is the skin and its products, such as hair or eyelashes, preventing larger harmful factors from penetrating our body,
  • barrier no. 2, which includes, among others, mucous membranes, lining the respiratory tract or walls of the digestive system, intestines and stomach, secreting mucus with bactericidal, antifungal and antiviral properties;
  • barrier No. 3, which includes enzymes and other body secretions, full of specialised cells, called feeding cells, phagocytes produced primarily in lymph nodes. Their action can be safely compared to a vacuum cleaner, which absorbs bacteria that threaten us, e.g. bacteria, which is surrounded by phagocytes and is digested by them without leaving any trace;
  • barrier 4, which contains our strongest antibodies, which are undoubtedly white blood cells, also known as lymphocytes. They enter the action in the most unfavourable situations, when the organism has already been infected with one of the pathogens, as a result of which an inflammation threatening health has developed. Lymphocytes attack the opponent with their own produced antibodies, successive proteins differentiated according to the type of infection being fought.

The immune system is also characterized by an extremely complex structure, being to some extent evenly distributed in different parts of the body, and nature itself took care to ensure that the body reacts rapidly to anything that may threaten it at any given time. Antibodies, including lymphocytes, phagocytes and monocytes, are found, among others, in lymph nodes, intestines, spleen, thymus and other internal organs, and especially in bone marrow. It specialises in the production of various types of proteins that move freely throughout the body with blood and lymph, locating all potential sources of danger. Such a high level of protection should always be guaranteed, but sometimes the reality is no longer so rosy, so we must take care of the proper functioning of this mechanism ourselves, and we must know how to strengthen the immunity of the body, because even the slightest negligence has serious health consequences.

What factors are responsible for the impairment of the immune system?

We already know how important the immune system is, but we still do not know what can cause the slightest disruption to its proper functioning. As we have already mentioned, it is a natural line of defence for the body, a series of interconnected, interdependent barriers that can be weakened by the following factors:

  • taking large amounts of antibiotics, which doctors attribute to all possible diseases, which is often a serious mistake, because many of them can be cured in a different, milder way. The use of constantly strong drugs results not only in immunization of the body to their effects, but also in gradual weakening of the immune system. Similar effects are also caused by hormonal drugs, steroids or abuse of popular stimulants, especially alcohol and cigarette smoking;
  • improper diet, the cause not only of growing overweight or obesity, but also having a direct, in this case negative impact on our immune system. The greatest havoc is caused by eating fatty, hard-to-grasp foods that interfere with the digestion and functioning of many important internal organs, including those responsible for the production of the antibodies mentioned above. That is why it is so important to consume products that accelerate this process, full of nutrients, whose positive effects will be felt by the entire body at the same time;
  • unhygienic lifestyle, lack of proper care for personal hygiene, which immediately increases the susceptibility to various types of infections, which in this case can occur extremely often. On the other hand, living in too sterile conditions, even obsessive paying attention to our own cleanliness and the environment in which we live, may bring exactly the same effects. This is because we are unable to correctly shape our natural resistance, thus making us more susceptible to almost all, external pathogenic factors. It is also worth paying attention to cosmetics and household chemistry used at home, some of which may contain harmful ingredients that negatively affect the work of the immune system;
  • strong stress, probably already an integral part of our lives, one of the most important, but usually underestimated symptoms of which is just an almost immediate decrease in immunity. States of nervous tension, disrupting the functioning of virtually the entire body, also open the way to diseases and infections that threaten it.

Diseases and other ailments resulting from a reduction in the body’s resistance

As you can see from the above examples, most of the causes of immune deficiency are our own fault and it depends only on us whether we are able to strengthen it properly. This is an issue that should not be underestimated in any way, unless we want to expose our bodies to such burdensome ailments as..:

  • recurring infections, with time more and more difficult to cure. These are usually upper or lower respiratory tract colds, but equally often they affect the digestive tract, manifesting themselves as constipations or diarrhoea. Sometimes the infection also reaches the urinary tract, gums and can cause serious parasitic, fungal or bacterial infections;
  • the feeling of constant tiredness, lack of energy not only for work or sport, but even to perform seemingly ordinary, everyday activities. We should be particularly worried about the situation when these symptoms appear even with the right amount of rest during the day and do not disappear for a long time;
  • susceptibility to allergies, particularly increased during the pollen season of many plants responsible for emerging symptoms of this disease. Increasing tearing of the eyes, breathing problems or acne changes appearing on the skin, herpes or particularly troublesome in the treatment of hives, are the effect of reducing the production of appropriate antibodies. Skin problems during the period of weakened immunity are also manifested by slower wound healing, which may cause further serious infections;
  • excessive appetite, over which it is sometimes difficult to control, constant desire to eat a specific, specific group of foods such as sweets, which means that the body lacks certain groups of necessary nutrients.

How to strengthen your immune system with natural, homemade methods

When we notice at least one of the symptoms of weakened immunity in our body, we immediately ask ourselves how we can effectively counteract it. There are many methods we can use, but our grandmothers already knew how to strengthen the immune system with home-made, natural and completely safe methods. Of course, you can immediately reach for strong pharmacological agents or dietary supplements that have an equally intense effect on our body, but when you take them, you have to take into account the possible side effects of their effects. They are sometimes so troublesome, that it is better to rely on whatever e.g. folklore medicine brings, and the positive outcomes that we accomplish for sure are going to be the same. There are several effective ways to fully immunize your body before the coming winter, which will allow us to survive without any infections. It is enough to follow certain rules, their effectiveness will surely be confirmed by doctors and specialists, and the most important is this:

1. an appropriate, well-balanced, easily digestible and healthy diet

Our way of life should definitely be dominated by dishes composed of healthy ingredients, full of vitamins, minerals and other equally valuable nutrients. Everything that is hard to digest, oily and excessively burdensome for the digestive system should be eliminated, e.g. red pork meat should be replaced by easily digestible poultry or fish. In a diet it is worth to take care of large amounts of vitamin C, which is definitely the most important from the point of view of our immunity. Equally important are vitamins from group A, B and vitamin E, thanks to which the immune system will always work at its peak and we will not have to take influenza vaccines, for example, whose effectiveness is still the subject of much scientific discussion. When composing a daily menu, it is worth taking care to include in it, apart from vegetables and fruits, such products as..:

  • Fats of plant origin, preferably omega-3, which are beneficial for the organism and can be derived from rapeseed oil or olive oil;
  • Honey, which can be used to replace the sugar used to sweeten tea, but of course with its amount also should not be exaggerated. In appropriate portions it provides us with many ingredients improving the functioning of the immune system, functioning of many important organs and body systems, headed by the heart and cardiovascular system;
  • legumes and nuts, definitely the richest source of minerals needed to maintain healthy bones and joints and immunity. They contain large amounts of zinc, iron, copper, manganese and a whole range of vitamins, without which we cannot resist autumn and winter infections;
  • natural probiotics, which primarily care about the proper functioning of the digestive system, and yet our intestines also produce important antibodies. Therefore, in order to support the processes of their production it is worth consuming dairy products, drinking milk, eating yoghurts, but only natural ones, without the addition of artificial sweeteners, or white, lean cottage cheese.

Let’s also follow the right times for these healthy meals, and the most important thing throughout the day is breakfast, which gives us strength for an active day.

2. a healthy lifestyle combined with a high daily dose of physical activity

Daily physical activity and outdoor activities are not only the basis for any effective weight loss treatment, but also for a long period of full health and resilience until late old age. Sitting at home all the time, we are not accustomed to changing weather conditions and when we go outside, we almost immediately fall victim to infection. So it is worth to harden your body properly, maybe not necessarily immediately bathing in the ice hole, but daily walks are certainly a good idea. Remember, however, to dress according to the weather, not too thick and not too thin, and the best solution is to dress for the so-called onion. If the temperature rises, you can take off a layer of clothing and reapply it if it falls sharply. With time we will manage to go from walking to practicing some sport, in unfavorable weather it is a good idea to go to the swimming pool, and swimming will have a great impact on increasing our physical condition, helping not only to strengthen immunity, but also cure such as spinal diseases. After physical exercise, we should also take care of the proper portion of rest, which is based on at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep per day.

3. natural herbal treatments effectively protecting against diseases

Although the progress in medicine is so rapid that it is difficult to keep up with it, when looking for an answer to the question of how to strengthen immunity without negative consequences for the body, it is worth betting on the strength of herbs. Their widespread use, including as an important component of many medicines and medical preparations, cannot be ignored, and they have been used in natural medicine for thousands of years. Appropriate species also have a great influence on the state of the immune system, quickly removing all disorders existing in it, so it is worth introducing extracts from herbs, both native and exotic, to your diet. As research has shown, increasing the level of our immunity is most conducive:

  • lime and its infusions are characterised by a number of medicinal properties resulting from their high content of vitamin C, mineral salts, organic acids, flavonoids and phytosterols. Thanks to this, lime not only strengthens immunity, but also has diuretic properties, helps to cleanse the body of toxins, regulates the functioning of the digestive system, and is also used as a cold remedy. It shows high effectiveness in alleviating such symptoms as cough, rhinitis or accompanying high fever;
  • Nettle, commonly used for many ailments, works well both in the treatment of acne and in the suppression of accelerated alopecia. As we have already mentioned many times on this page, nettle contains probably the largest amount of nutrients among all the herbs growing in our country. These are vitamins: A, B2 (riboflavin), B5 (pantothenic acid), C, K, and minerals: magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, potassium, iron, silicon and iodine. They are also supported by tannins, organic acids, essential oils and chlorophyll, so we can count on anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, eliminating from the body all dangerous microorganisms and toxins that threaten its health;
  • Ginger, one of the most effective natural remedies used to treat colds, its disinfecting and anti-inflammatory properties relieve sore throat, and hot tea with ginger helps to cough and warm up, thus supporting and restoring our weakened immune system;
  • Ginseng root, a legendary plant, known, valued and widely used in natural Eastern medicine for 4000 years. A lot of unique active ingredients contained in it, having anti-inflammatory, antiviral and even anticancer effects, are responsible for its health properties. Ginseng root extract helps not only to strengthen immunity, it also lowers the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, significantly improves our physical and mental capabilities, alleviating the negative effects of strong stress.

ChiliPad – mattress mattress for easy regulation of mattress temperature during sleep


One of the important elements that have a huge impact on our health is proper rest allowing for full regeneration of the body even after the greatest effort, physical and mental. Its basis is certainly a healthy, strong sleep, which unfortunately more and more people have more or less problems with. It can even be said that insomnia caused by various causes is slowly becoming one of the social illnesses, the treatment of which is both extremely difficult and long-lasting. One of the reasons we can’t sleep is that the temperature is wrong, both in the bedroom and in our bed, which we can now effectively adjust using an innovative mattress and mattress pad. ChiliPad Sleep System. It is an integrated system that enables a smooth change of its temperature if necessary, cooling or additional heating.

Insomnia – which means we can’t sleep

Incorrect temperature in a sleeping room is just one of many reasons why we spend hours falling over on a bed and not being able to sleep. This causes practically immediate disruption of our natural biological rhythm of the organism, which is manifested not only by chronic fatigue, but also growing irritability, states of strong nervous tension resulting from just too little sleep. Research has shown that every third Pole, regardless of age, suffers from insomnia, and other, equally frequent causes of insomnia are:

  • coexisting diseases, the symptoms of which are precisely sleep problems, especially those directly affecting the heart muscle and the entire circulatory system: heart failure or hypertension. Insomnia is also often caused by respiratory problems such as asthma and hormonal disorders, all diseases of the thyroid gland, or disturbances in the secretion of melatonin, the hormone responsible for the quality of our sleep;
  • inappropriate, too hard to digest diet, the main cause of disorders of the digestive system, making it difficult or even impossible to digest properly, which is manifested by heartburn, constipation or troublesome diarrhoea, also disturbing the course of sleep. It is, of course, also a cause of growing overweight and obesity, which we must not underestimate;
  • strong stress, unfortunately increasingly frequent unavoidable in our lives, and the nervousness and strong emotional agitation that appears in the result of it, may also become a cause of problems with falling asleep and a proper, restful rest. These problems are also caused by other mental illnesses, e.g. in people suffering from severe depression;
  • abuse of popular stimulants, led by excess coffee and strong black tea, which should be exchanged for a greener variety or a healthier yerba mate. If you want to sleep well, it is not advisable to drink large amounts of alcohol before going to bed, it is also worth paying attention to the possible side effects of medication taken.

ChiliPad – why should you take care of the right temperature for sleeping?

As you can see from the above examples, many different factors are responsible for our insomnia and many of them require the intervention of a specialist doctor who will implement the appropriate treatment. However, we are able to eliminate a few of them on our own, especially adjust the temperature in the bedroom, which almost immediately will have a positive impact on the quality of our sleep. There has long been a misconception in our society that the basis for good rest is a warm, warm bed, with a thick, preferably down duvet. Maybe it was good at the time of our grandparents, who even loved to bask under their feathers, but now all specialists indicate that it has a negative impact not only on our sleep, but also on our entire health.

On the basis of the conducted research they found that the optimal temperature for relaxation, which should be in the bedroom, varies from 15 to 19 degrees, and the recommended temperature is 18 degrees. If it is higher, the blood vessels in our body expand, the blood flow increases and we begin to sweat in order to cool down the body as quickly as possible. However, this is not always possible in a natural way, so it is advisable to use a special mattress mattress ChiliPad in the bedroom, with a system that allows for smooth temperature control, ranging from 18 to 40 degrees Celsius.

ChiliPad – what it is and on what principle it works


Chili Pad Sleep System is a modern set of mattress pads with a built-in efficient hydropower system that allows you to heat or cool the mattress to a pre-set temperature. The pad is made of a damage-resistant cotton blend with a durable synthetic fibre that can be easily cleaned by simply washing it in the washing machine. Water flows freely through the flexible, yet extremely durable tubing and the entire system is connected to a separate control unit, a small ankle that is placed right next to the bed. It is responsible for regulating the temperature of the mattress depending on the needs of the user, based on semiconductor operation, and water flows through a special system and depending on the direction of electron flow can be cooled or heated.

ChiliPad is available in a variety of sizes to suit virtually any mattress, and the manufacturer also provides the option of using two separate sets in one mattress. If you opt for this two-zone system, you simply get two mats and two controls, one for each half of the bed, so that one can be cooled and the other heated at the same time. The whole is powered by 230 V, protected against overvoltage, the volume of work maintained at a maximum of 40 dB should not interfere with rest, not to differ too much from the typical ambient noise, and the temperature is adjusted with the help of the included remote control. The manufacturer also recommends the use of distilled water only, which effectively prevents the accumulation of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Since the ChiliPad operates in a partially closed system, it is sufficient to replenish water losses once every 3-4 days, but the evaporation may increase when the heating system is switched on.

ChiliPad – what benefits we are going to gain from using it

When our insomnia is caused by the wrong and difficult to regulate temperature in the bedroom, ChiliPad is the perfect solution to this problem. Thanks to its application we will not only quickly fall asleep and improve the quality of sleep, we can also benefit from its use, especially such as:

  • alleviation of muscle pain, especially in the lower limbs and back, through better stimulation of blood circulation;
  • elimination of the feeling of heavy legs;
  • to alleviate by more than 75 percent the symptoms of RLS syndrome, i.e. restless legs manifested by numbness, tingling and their uncontrolled, difficult to control movements.

In addition, ChiliPad also prevents dust from settling on the bed, eliminates dust mites, a common cause of allergy, and can also be considered an effective air conditioning system, especially in the summer heat. The effectiveness of the device is confirmed by fully deserved, positive opinions, which it enjoys among the constantly growing number of users, and one of them we will cite:

“For years I have suffered from insomnia, at night I either sweat from the heat or shake from the cold. I have been examined thoroughly and I have not been diagnosed with any diseases, it turned out that these are symptoms of menopause. My husband found me an ChiliPad on the Internet, installed it on my side of the bed and now, depending on my needs, I can turn on the heating or cooling. For me it is a revelation and I recommend it to everyone. – Alicia, 46 years old.

Specialists in the treatment of sleep disorders also have a similar opinion, pointing out that one of the causes of sleep disorders is the incorrectly set temperature in the bedroom. So it is worth to adjust it once and for all, buying ChiliPad, and with the exact technical parameters of the device and its price we will get acquainted with, visiting manufacturer’s website.