Fuleren C60 – carbon eliminating free radicals and extending our lives

There is nothing more valuable than our health, which unfortunately with age usually starts to fail slowly, and the diseases that affect us sometimes turn out to be very difficult to cure. For centuries, first alchemists and then scientists have been searching for ways to extend their lives and spend them in an uninterrupted health, full of vitality. From time to time, there are reports in the media about a new, miraculous measure of this enabling, which usually after a while turns out to be less effective than previously assumed. However, progress does not stand still, as we are witnessing a constant turbulent development of new technologies and other fields of science, including chemistry, and one of the results of active research is fullerenes, which also includes Fuleren C60, an allotropic carbon allergen that can be used in medicine, among others.

Fuleren C60 – who discovered it and what it actually is

There is no denying that fullerenes caused a real confusion in the world of science, showing that apart from the two already known pure forms of carbon, i.e. diamond and graphite, a third one appeared, perfectly pure. This discovery, which could be called epoch-making, was made in 1985 by three collaborating scientists from different universities, Bob Curl and Richard Smalley from Rice University and Harry Kroto from the University of Sussex. Their invention did not go unnoticed, arousing so much interest and admiration that the band was awarded the Nobel Prize for its work. The new molecule was named “Buckminster fulleren” after the American designer and architect Buckminster Fuller, who designed the roofing of large-area buildings in the form of geodetic domes with a shape similar to that of a fullerene molecule.

fuleren c60

Defining in a simple, understandable for laymen way, the concept of fullerenes can be said to be carbon, similar in structure to that commonly occurring in e.g. soot escaping from a chimney. These are solids, having a characteristic black colour and metallic gloss, with chemical properties similar to those of aromatic hydrocarbons. They are very difficult to dissolve, only in some aromatic solvents, forming with them a so-called coloured solution, in the case of Fuleren C60 having a violet tint. Fullerenes are obtained by laser bombardment of a pure graphite disc rotating in a helium stream. Unfortunately, this method was not only extremely expensive and complicated in terms of technology, but was also inefficient, so nowadays Fuleren C60 is obtained using the so-called flame method. It is much simpler, consisting in burning toluene, a chemical compound from the group of aromatic hydrocarbons, resulting in a large amount of soot, which contains a lot of fullerene molecules, extracted by means of extraction with toluene again.

Fuleren C60 – structure and key features

Fuleren C60 is therefore another third form of carbon known to us, with a characteristic structure that cannot be confused with any other molecule. It consists of as many as 60 carbon atoms connected together in a complicated shape resembling an empty sphere inside, called a truncated icosahedron, and it is this specific structure that determines its extremely valuable properties. Inside the fullerenes, for example, you can close the atoms of many other elements, and so far this has been done with almost all of the known, or even all of the correspondingly small chemical compounds. Their superconductive properties have also been confirmed, so they can be used as superconductors, i.e. in appropriate conditions conduct electricity without any resistance. If we combine them with molecules of some polymers, chemical substances of high molecular weight, we can get almost ideal lubricant, but the most promising and interesting is their use in medicine. The research has shown that Fuleren C60 is one of the best antioxidants, i.e. a substance that absorbs and destroys free radicals dangerous to health, which is the cause of many diseases, including cancer.

Free radicals – how they arise and why they are so dangerous

The human body can be proudly compared to a large factory that constantly produces hundreds or even thousands of chemicals that have an extremely diverse impact on our health. Some of them work positively, helping e.g. in proper digestion, necessary for example in the process of weight loss, others guarantee proper functioning of many internal organs, such as the heart, kidneys or liver. Among other things, we produce natural collagen, not without reason called the protein of youth, which cares for the health of the skin, free from eczema and other acne lesions. Equally important is its impact on joints, which allows them to maintain full fitness and mobility until late old age. Another important substance, also naturally produced by our pineal gland, is melatonin, which regulates the internal biological clock, taking care of the quality of our sleep and, as a result, rest allowing for proper regeneration of the body.

Unfortunately, it produces not only positive substances, but also dangerous toxins and other unnecessary metabolic products and particularly dangerous free radicals, whose safe removal is no longer so easy. They are unpaired atoms that can significantly disturb the health balance. Most of the atoms of which our body is composed have an even number of electrons in their last orbit, but sometimes in the process of their production there are some disturbances, resulting in only one. Such an “impoverished” atom in terms of structure constantly strives to regain balance, circulates throughout the whole organism, searching for this lost molecule and usually tries to take it away from other atoms next to it. Unfortunately, while searching for what it has lost, it also has a destructive effect on the structure of the ‘robbed’ atoms, which can sometimes have serious consequences, especially when they are, for example, protein atoms. In various ways, it destroys many such substances essential to health, leading to serious damage to their cell membranes or even DNA. The whole process is called oxidative stress, which is a disorder of the delicate balance between the amount of free radicals and antioxidants in our body, enabling their safe and effective removal.

Free radicals – other factors determining their formation and the diseases they cause

We also bear some responsibility for the formation of free radicals ourselves, and the most common factors that may cause their development are:

  • living in constant stress that has a negative influence not only on our psyche, but also on our physical state, manifesting itself, amongst others, with apathy, lack of energy, or with the decrease of efficiency and power that sometimes makes impossible to carry out activities that require a lot of effort. On the other hand, excessive physical effort may also cause the intensification of processes of formation of free radicals;
  • consumption of too much alcohol and smoking cigarettes that have a destructive effect on the functioning of the entire body. Similar effects may be caused by drugs taken in large quantities, so it is worth limiting yourself to those prescribed by the doctor for specific ailments. Alternatively, you can also use proven dietary supplements, preferably composed of natural, plant-based ingredients, such as Detox Dream Shake, to help you remove all toxins;
  • improper diet, poor not only in nutrients, but also capable of increasing the amount of free radicals in many cases. Particularly harmful are foods that are subject to excessive heat treatment, smoked meats or grilled or deep-fried foods;
  • too intensive lifestyle, too little rest and, above all, too little sleep;
  • external factors beyond our control, i.e. the polluted air we breathe, full of molecules that can lead to disturbances in the most important systems;
  • for being in the sun for a long time, exposing yourself to intense UV radiation.

We are aware of the fact that at least the last two of these factors are difficult to avoid, but others are influenced by the fact that changing the diet to a healthier one or eliminating stimulants will allow us to avoid the development of many diseases caused by the excess of free radicals, such as..:

  • neoplastic changes attacking the most important organs of the body, causing mainly lung, bone and breast cancer in women, resulting from the modification in the DNA code, which is done in an uncontrolled way by free radicals;
  • atherosclerosis, a serious disease of blood vessels, manifested by their narrowing as a result of fat deposits on the walls of veins and arteries, resulting in less oxygenation of the most important organs, including the heart and brain;
  • heart attack, strokes, hypertension;
  • all disease processes leading to accelerated aging of cells, mainly of the skin, which is often the cause of its tumors;
  • degenerative diseases of the brain and nervous system, Parkinson or Alzheimer;
  • various ailments of the digestive system, from flatulence and constipation to stomach, pancreas, intestines and duodenum diseases, including tumors of these organs, and in the event of abnormal functioning of the pancreas we are at risk of diabetes;
  • a cataract that sometimes leads to irreversible blindness.

The list of diseases caused by free radicals is much longer, but they already pose such a serious threat that their treatment requires the use of modern, revolutionary solutions, which is certainly Fuleren C60.

Fuleren C60 – what is its antioxidant effect?

There are many antioxidants that help to eliminate free radicals and so far vitamin C has been considered the strongest of all natural ones. Its numerous advantages are undeniable, but studies of similar properties of Fuleren C60 have shown that they are many times stronger. Many serious scientists from reputable research centres not without reason call it the most effective free radical broom, which is affected by many of its essential properties, and according to specialists in this field the most important is:

  • the internal structure, which guarantees exceptionally high stability, and the large number of double bonds between the carbon atoms which form it, allows the connection of a record number of free radical atoms, e.g. as many as 34 health-hazardous methyl radicals;
  • high resistance to natural wear and tear and digestive juices, and in our body Fuleren C60 is located in the most sensitive places, wherever there are the most harmful free radicals;
  • no negative impact on the human body, this type of coal is 100% safe, with no undesirable side effects, which cannot be said of other commonly used cancer drugs.

The effect of Fulerene C60 can be safely described as complex, which no other antioxidant, including vitamin C, can boast of. Among other things, its antiviral action has been proven to be effective not only against popular viruses such as influenza, but also against the HIV virus, the cause of AIDS, a disease usually resulting in the death of a patient. This carbon aroused interest not only among virologists but also doctors of other specialties, as well as orthopaedists who want to use it in the treatment of osteoarthritis, inflammation and possible disintegration of joint or bone tissue. However, the most important field where Fuleren C60 will certainly find its application is oncology. Treatment of cancer with traditional methods is highly effective, especially in case of early response to the first symptoms, but the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation cause other, no less troublesome health complications. There are also serious problems in supplying factors that actively eliminate cancer cells directly to the source of the disease. Fuleren C60 combines with molecules of such a drug, allowing for their prolonged release and, consequently, increased effectiveness of treatment.

Accurate and fast neutralization and removal of free radicals from the body positively influences our health, but also promising are studies showing that carbon with a molecular number of C60 can be considered a natural means of prolonging life, preventing most of the aging processes in the body. Experiments in rats have shown conclusively that the lifespan of those who regularly take fullerene preparations has increased by almost 90 percent. The impact of Fuleren C60 on human life extension is also being studied, and Dr. Phil Meyers, a functional medicine specialist working for Ohio, is testing it on himself. Positive effects began to be felt after a short time, among other things, the overall physical fitness improved and the muscles regenerated faster after a great deal of effort. Unfortunately, the results obtained are not yet of great interest, and preparations containing this form of carbon are available in limited quantities and in most countries are still considered to be a dietary supplement rather than a full-fledged medicine. Unfortunately, this is the case with novelties, but we can hope that with time it will change and soon we will be able to buy Fuleren C60 drugs in every pharmacy and enjoy full health, protected from diseases caused by free radicals, and our lives will be significantly extended.

Nootropics – brain performance and concentration always at the highest level

It would seem that the most important for a human being is high performance and physical endurance, without which we are unable to perform many everyday activities, not only those requiring a lot of effort. An equally important, but often completely neglected issue is mental performance, the proper functioning of our brain, which manages all other organs and systems of the body. The human brain can be compared to a central computer, an exceptionally powerful processor, which usually works at full power, and the mental effort usually turns out to be almost as exhausting as the physical effort. If this situation persists for a long time, some brain dysfunctions may occur, manifested by cognitive decline or reduced concentration. Therefore, it is worth counteracting this in advance, e.g. by using a properly selected diet, which promotes better oxygenation of this important organ and provides it with nutrients necessary for health. Unfortunately, sometimes it turns out that this is not enough, so you can reach for additional help, nootropics, substances created not only to support the work of our brain, but also to further increase its capabilities.

Nootropics – two Greek words and a Romanian doctor

The word nootropic or nootropic, or the same as it, appeared in the dictionary only recently, but it has already made a huge success, being the name of extremely effective chemical compounds, giving our mind power that we had never even dreamt of before. It comes from the Greek language, namely the combination of the two words ‘noos’, meaning mind, and ‘trepin’.which is to bend and its creation is attributed to Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, a Romanian chemist and psychologist.

Nootropics – why and for whom they were created

For centuries or even millennia, man suffocates himself in the limitations of his cognitive abilities, which make it impossible for him to fully understand the world around him. Various methods have been tried throughout this time to increase intellectual capacity, but most often this has resulted in either failure or serious health complications. It was not uncommon to use illicit substances such as LSD or amphetamines to stimulate brain cells to work more intensively, but the consequences of such experiments were tragic. However, the problem remained and although our brain and memory are perfectly affected by natural methods, proper amount of sleep or proper nutrition, we were still looking for this one golden mean. After many years of intensive research, we managed to find a solution that we can use today, which is undoubtedly nootropics.

Defining them in the simplest possible way, we can say that they are carefully selected chemical compounds, which increase brain performance, in most cases guaranteeing extremely positive effects with no serious side effects. They’re meant for anyone who complains about..:

  • weakened concentration;
  • problems with remembering large amounts of information needed;
  • lack of energy to do the mental work;
  • negative mood and lack of motivation for any action;
  • the effects of severe stress, an increasingly integral part of our lives.

Nootropics – natural, which are particularly worth deciding on

If the definition defines nootropics as chemical substances produced under laboratory conditions, then most often we think that they are completely artificial and we will find absolutely nothing of natural origin in them. Here we will surprise you a little bit, because many noootropics will be found in nature itself, characterized by virtually the same effect on the human brain as their synthetic counterparts. These are most often extracts from popular herbs, commonly known from other medical or even cosmetic applications, or sets of vitamins and minerals, and especially noteworthy is this:

1. Ashwagandha (Welcome Sleepy)

Fully deservedly considered by specialists to be the best natural nootropic, whose many valuable health properties cannot be denied. Also known as Indian Ginseng, it effectively helps in the treatment and prevention of various ailments. It is characterized by anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects, regulates the functioning of the entire circulatory and hormonal system, has a beneficial effect on the liver and kidneys, strengthens the immune system, slows down the aging processes of our body cells, facilitates post-workout regeneration. In turn, the group of nootropics includes it thanks to its anti-stress properties, comparable to many pharmacological agents. Ashwagandha will not only quickly remove the effects of this serious civilization disease, it also allows for deep relaxation and elimination of anxiety conditions often associated with severe stress. It gives a large dose of energy necessary for action, improves mood and motivates to the next effort, including mental.

2. Ginko Biloba (Ginkgo biloba/Japanese ginkgo)

This is another plant, which can be safely called a natural nootropic, originating from China and has in its composition more than 50 substances with proven health properties. Its action comes down primarily to improving the work of the heart and the whole blood system, lowering blood pressure and the level of “bad” cholesterol, and proper circulation automatically translates into better oxygenation of the brain. A better oxygenated brain works at its maximum efficiency and concentration is no longer a problem. Ginkgo biloba helps to fight stress, removes the feeling of tiredness, relieves strong, even migraine headaches, relieves the symptoms of dementia, helping to keep a good memory, so it is used in the prevention of Alzheimera disease, perfectly improves the mood.

3. Gotu kola (Centella asiatica)

The third most recommendable natural nootropic is the Gotu kola, an Asian Centurion, which has been used in Indian natural medicine for thousands of years. It has an excellent effect on the circulatory system, improving blood circulation and thus protecting against dangerous diseases such as venous insufficiency or thrombosis. However, we are interested in the support it gives to the nervous system to improve its overall functioning, which translates into increased concentration, faster thought processes and better memory. The conducted research showed that after the application of preparations having Gotu kola in their composition, the ability to learn and remember large batches of information at the same time increased. They also help alleviate all negative symptoms of stress and fatigue, delay the aging process and, like Ginko Biloba, increase brain cell oxygenation.

4. vitamins with beneficial effects on brain function

The importance of vitamins and minerals for our health cannot be underestimated, therefore, proper amounts of vitamins and minerals should be provided to the body together with food or specially selected dietary supplements supplementing possible deficiencies. Vitamins and minerals can safely be classified as nootropics, because of the way they affect the work of our brain and the entire nervous system. Those whose proper amount we should take particular care of are undoubtedly vitamins from group B, responsible for, among other things, proper, uninterrupted conduction of nerve impulses, reduction of stress, anxiety and lack of sleep problems, necessary for proper regeneration of the body. They also positively influence our memory skills, improve concentration, and their deficiencies may cause e.g. depression or acceleration of brain cell aging processes.

Let us not forget about vitamin D, not without reason called “sun vitamin”, which also has a huge impact not only on our mental abilities, but also on our health. Its deficiencies, caused, among other things, by the lack of sun during the winter months, can be seen practically immediately, as they manifest themselves as weakening of the most important cognitive functions and progressive degeneration of neurons. Vitamin D is even essential for long term good memory, protects against depression, anxiety and resulting immunosuppression.

The last three vitamins our brain demands are A, E and C. Lack of the first one adversely affects sight, one of the most important senses transmitting information to the brain, deficiency can also cause adverse changes in moods, increased nervousness or irritability. Too little vitamin E leads to dysfunction of the front part of the pituitary gland, which is also manifested by a growing excess of cortisol, called the stress hormone. While the correct amount of cortisol has a beneficial effect, allowing us to better cope with stress, its excess can even lead to neuronal damage. Equally important, and not only from the point of view of brain functioning, is vitamin C, one of the strongest natural antioxidants, which protects the brain against cell degeneration and oxidative stress. It is also considered to be a natural antidepressant, increasing serotonin secretion and effectively improving even the worst mood. Vitamin C also facilitates the absorption and assimilation of many other nutrients, including iron, which is essential to maintain good memory and concentration to help you learn.

5. minerals necessary for concentration, learning and memory

When it comes to minerals that have a beneficial effect on the brain, absolute priority is given to three minerals, magnesium, zinc and selenium. Magnesium can be safely considered as a necessary element for maintaining full mental fitness, and its possible deficiencies may have really unpleasant health consequences. The first symptom that should arouse our concern is the growing weakness, lack of strength and energy for the simplest activities, and the increasing level of cortisol in the blood adversely affects mental well-being and increasing stress. Zinc, in turn, is a mineral necessary for the proper course of learning processes and remembering the information we learn. The lack of it manifests itself through a significant decrease of intellectual capabilities and impossibility to concentrate e.g. on a simplest text or other mental task. Selenium, on the other hand, can be boldly called an improvement of every mood, even the worst, and when we feel sad, depressed and stressed, it can be a sign that we do not have enough of it. For this reason, it is of great importance in the treatment of depression, a disease that, if disregarded, can even lead to death.

Nootropics – other substances that they include

Nautural nootropics have repeatedly proven to be highly effective, becoming an important ingredient in many supplements that have a beneficial effect on the brain and the intellectual activities it directs. Other, equally effective substances, produced artificially in laboratories, are also commonly used, and the most common are:

  • Piracetam, a component of many popular nootropic drugs, headed by probably the most famous Nootropic. It supports, among other things, the processes of learning and remembering, allowing you to concentrate on it as much as possible, it influences the better transmission of signals through neurons. Our brain works more efficiently, at maximum speed, and at the same time our body’s physical capacity increases;
  • Aniracetam, a derivative of the pyracetam, was developed in the 1970s in Belgium and has an excellent cognitive effect. It is also characterized by anti-stress effects and can be said to increase our memory in a sense, allowing us to easily assimilate more information;
  • Sulbutiamine, a synthetic derivative of vitamin B1, is better absorbed and assimilated by the body than the natural original. It perfectly influences the functioning of neurotransmitters, stimulates all metabolic processes in the nervous system, increasing the energy potential of the human brain. It is used to treat many mental disorders, from anxiety to severe clinical depression. By reducing the feeling of fatigue, both mental and physical, it improves our mood and motivates us to continue to act;
  • Acetyl l-carnitine (ALCAR), a substance with antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, used, among others, in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. As a nootropic, it helps you to concentrate better, improves your memory, and our increased cognitive abilities allow you to acquire more knowledge in less time.

Nootropics – effects and possible side effects

As you can see from the above examples, there are a lot of nootropics, both natural and artificial, produced in the manufacturers’ laboratories. Thanks to this, everyone has the opportunity to choose the most suitable one, influencing the specific processes taking place in the brain. They not only allow us to increase our intellectual capabilities, but also open up new ways for us to achieve our goals and achieve the desired success in our private or professional lives. Taking them regularly, we can count on them, depending on their type:

  • more efficient use of your brain, which is now working at higher speeds;
  • a mind open to new experiences, even absorbing knowledge that can be used in an appropriate way later on;
  • motivation to act, energy that allows to exceed all inaccessible so-far boundaries of intellectual learning;
  • better concentration and nothing else will ever distract us from our work or study;
  • easy coping with stress, without having to make costly visits to a specialist, psychologist or even a psychiatrist;
  • no problems with sleeping, and after a busy day, falling asleep will also be child’s play;
  • greater physical fitness of the body, and the composition of many nootropics is also conducive to rapid weight loss, making it easier to burn fat, for example.

Unfortunately, there is nothing for free in nature, so in addition to the numerous and undeniable advantages of nootropics also have some disadvantages, which should be familiarized with before you reach for them. These are usually side effects of their use, maybe not as troublesome, but if you take them, you may sometimes feel them:

  • troublesome allergic reactions, which are most often caused by allergy to any of the components of the preparation used;
  • gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhoea, stomach pains and even vomiting;
  • mood swings oscillating from euphoric states to typically depressive behaviours, which usually results from an overdose of the applied nootropic. This should be vigorously avoided, always adhering strictly to the doses recommended by the manufacturer;
  • headaches of varying degrees of severity up to and including migraine, also related to overdose.

To avoid them, you only need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, and the use of any preparation, especially those available without a prescription, consult a doctor. We never know how our body will react to them, and in the event of any of the above symptoms, it is enough to stop using the product and everything will quickly return to normal.

Hemp seeds (hemp seed) – healthy nutrients contained in small seeds

Continuing our cycle of the properties and use of cannabis seeds, we must not forget about cannabis seeds, otherwise known as cannabis seeds. It will not be too much exaggeration to say that with the richness of nutrients contained in them, few other grains can be equal, so they are increasingly used in dietetics and natural medicine. So it is worth to get to know them more thoroughly and to decide whether it is worth to introduce them permanently to our everyday menu.

Seed cannabis – how it differs from cannabis and how it can be legally grown

Sowing hemp, which until some time ago was cultivated on an industrial scale in almost all of our country, is now experiencing a real renaissance, finally free from the negative opinions accompanying it. For years, they were unfortunately confused with the Indian variety, full of THC, a dangerous substance with narcotic properties, from which they differ radically. Sowing hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.), also called fibrous hemp, is a plant belonging to the family of hemp, growing naturally in Asia, the South Caucasus and Afghanistan. The difference between this variety and the Indian variety is so big that it is really impossible to confuse them, and they differ not only in appearance but also in nutrient content. In cannabis seeds we can find only minimal, even trace amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), so their cultivation is legal in Poland, although it is regulated by strictly binding regulations.

Fibrous hemp may be grown only in a predefined area, on a defined area, with seeds belonging to the so-called elite group. The condition for starting such cultivation is also signing a cultivation contract with a company having a permit to purchase and further processing of seeds, issued by the Marshal’s Office of a given province. Cannabis seeds are used in many different ways, the best known is the hemp oil produced from them, which has many valuable health properties. They are also used to produce CBD oil, containing cannabidiol, which is increasingly used in the treatment of many diseases. This duo has now been joined by cannabis seeds, also known as cannabis seeds, which have excellent nutritional properties, according to many specialists, even better than the popular linseed.

Cannabis seeds – chemical composition, or what can be found in every grain

A chemical word may at first glance cause some controversy in us, but everything around us consists of some chemical substances and it is no different in the case of hempseed seeds. The composition directly determines their pro-health properties, and the richness of substances found in them delights not only laymen but also many specialists in healthy eating. All ingredients are present in perfectly matched proportions, maximizing the positive impact on our body. We can divide them into three most important groups, and the nutritional value of cannabis seeds makes them an elite super food.

The nutrients we find in the hemp cannabis seeds

(1) Vitamin E and other equally valuable and essential for the preservation of health

Our body is not able to function properly without an adequate daily dose of vitamins, which we must regularly supply with food. The most important vitamin found in cannabis seeds is vitamin E, not without reason called the vitamin of youth and fertility. It is a valuable, natural antioxidant, whose main task is to protect the body against oxidative stress, which can lead to cell damage as a result of adverse effects of free radicals. It slows down all aging processes, allowing you to stay healthy and youthful for a long time. It also has a great influence on muscle work. Protects red blood platelets from uncontrolled, dangerous sticking together, taking part in the synthesis of anticoagulants to prevent it. It is also essential for the proper production of semen in men and women, influencing the proper development of the foetus and the maintenance of pregnancy.

In addition to vitamin E, hempseed also contains valuable B vitamins: B1, B3, B5 i B6, affecting bone growth, skin and nail condition, supporting the immune system, actively participating in the synthesis of testosterone, an essential male hormone. Vitamin A, in turn, has an anti-cancer effect, strengthens cell walls, improves vision, accelerates wound healing and supports the production of red blood cells.

2. unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9

Another important ingredient from the point of view of our health, which can be found in the seeds of the hempseed, are extremely valuable unsaturated fatty acids, among which the most important are:

  • Omega-3, which is the basic building block of all cells in our body, is included in NNKT acids, i.e. essential unsaturated fatty acids, without which we simply cannot do without. Omega-3 protects our body from many dangerous diseases, including cancer, and has a great impact on brain function, increasing memory and concentration, improving vision and preventing macular degeneration. They also have an extremely beneficial effect on the heart and the entire circulatory system, protecting against conditions such as heart attacks, arrhythmias and particularly dangerous clots. Their positive effect will soon be felt by our immune system;
  • Omega-6, which has primarily anti-inflammatory properties, protects against many autoimmune diseases, prevents the accumulation of LDL cholesterol in the blood, which protects us against atherosclerosis, stroke or heart attack. Similarly to Omega-3, they are the building blocks of cells, allow to regulate too high blood pressure, regulate the hormonal balance of the body, help in the treatment of type II diabetes, support the work of the digestive system. Delivering them in the right quantities, precisely with cannabis seeds, we also take care of the condition of the skin, which is always properly moisturized, and hair, so that you can quickly and effectively control their excessive loss;
  • Omega-9, another unsaturated acid, also called oleic acid, without which we are unable to function normally, also included in NNKT, characterized by a multi-layered, complex action, effectively supporting the work of many systems and organs of our body. It has a good effect on the work of the heart and circulatory system by regulating the level of the aforementioned LDL cholesterol, helps to fight unpleasant ailments of the digestive system, reducing the amount of gastric acids secreted, so that we do not feel heartburn, also prevents the formation of gallstones. Like Omega-6, it improves skin condition by helping to fight irritation and inflammation.

It is also worth noting that the first two unsaturated fatty acids on the list, Omega-3 and Omega-6, are present in cannabis seeds in perfectly matched proportions, optimal ratio 3 to 1. This is the balance which is definitely the most beneficial for our health, neutralizing possible effects of deficiency or excess of one of these acids.

3. minerals, dietary fibre and high levels of protein

In addition to vitamins and fatty acids, hempseed is also a rich source of minerals and easily assimilable dietary fiber. All the deficiencies in our diet of the most important elements almost immediately end up with difficult to cure disease conditions, and in seeds we will find such minerals we need as:

  • iron;
  • Zinc;
  • phosphorus;
  • calcium;
  • iron;
  • silicon;
  • copper;
  • boron;
  • sodium;
  • Iodine.

The presence of dietary fiber in its easily assimilated form, in turn, has a very positive effect on digestion and generally on the work of all elements of our digestive system. It slows down the absorption of carbohydrates, thus counteracting fluctuations in blood sugar levels, eliminates toxins and other negative metabolic products from the body, preventing the development of stomach or intestinal diseases. Additional action of fibre is based on effective suppression of appetite, which, if not controlled in time, ends with snacking leading to overweight and obesity.

Hemp seeds – irresistible health benefits

Looking at such a composition, it is really not surprising that cannabis seeds and its seeds, i.e. cannabis seeds, have recently made a stunning career all over the world, not only among lovers of healthy food, but also among many enthusiasts of natural medicine. The benefits of their introduction to the diet are obvious, and regular consumption is recommended to everyone who cares:

  • Strengthening your immunity, this natural barrier protecting your body against diseases and other infections;
  • effective prophylaxis that protects against heart and circulatory problems;
  • in the case of women, to relieve both the symptoms of menstruation itself, often with a very painful course, and the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome;
  • constant maintenance of proper bacterial microflora in the intestines, also necessary for rapid digestion and burning of fat tissue;
  • regulation of the entire hormonal economy of the organism, which avoids uncontrolled increases in the level of certain hormones, especially those found during menopause or andropause;
  • perfectly smooth, firm skin, without even the slightest acne lesions, perfectly moisturized and with a natural, deep coloration;
  • strong, unbroken and well nourished hair, which prevents hair loss and does not require the use of any pharmacological agents;
  • no digestive problems, diarrhoea, constipation or flatulence;
  • maintaining correct glucose levels and lowering the “bad” cholesterol in the blood, while increasing this beneficial for health;
  • to fully supplement existing deficiencies in the nutrients described above, with particular emphasis on the fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9.

Hemp seeds – how best to consume them

Seeds of cannabis seeds can be easily found in health food stores, where they are usually available in several forms, ground, shelled or whole together with the husks, which also contain ingredients valuable to health. The price for a typical packaging is also not too high and for a 250 g seed pack we usually pay no more than 3 – 5 €. They can be successfully used as an addition to many dishes, e.g. by adding them in ground form to flour, from which we bake delicious bread or cookies ourselves. They will also work well as an ingredient in cocktails, especially when mixed with our favourite vegetables and fruits. The hemp cannabis seeds are also used to make this exceptionally tasty oil, an ideal salad dressing for salads, where you can’t fry anything because of its low smoke temperature. There are plenty of ideas for using cannabis seeds in the kitchen, and when you look at the recipes on the healthy nutrition pages, everyone will find something for themselves.

Hemp oil – composition, properties, effects and uses other than medical

olej konopny

When we hear about cannabis and the oil produced from it, we most often associate it with a negative image at once, with a certain narcotic substance, completely banned in our country. However, this is a misconception, because in such a case, we are usually talking about cannabis seeds and not their illegal Indian variety. They produce two completely different types of oil, CBD oil and hemp oil, also with many valuable health properties enabling its use in medicine, cosmetics and even in the kitchen.

Seed cannabis – a natural source of health for the whole family

Over the years, many misunderstandings and myths have grown around cannabis, putting it in such a negative light unnecessarily. Therefore, we emphasize once again that the cultivation of their sowing variety is completely legal in our country and brings many benefits, giving the material for the production of one of the healthiest oils. Cannabis seed, bearing the Latin name Cannabis sativa, is a plant belonging to the family of cannabis, valued for its health and utility values for centuries. They look like a typical, little branched shrub, growing up to several meters high and this is the first thing that makes them different from cannabis, much lower and branched. The green parts of the stem are covered with fine hairs that give off a specific, pungent aroma, and the lanceolate leaves with serrated edges grow in bunches of 9 sections, in the case of the Indian variety there are even 11 of them, each of which is up to 10 cm long. Sowing hemp also has small, spherical fruit with an egg-shaped shape and a diameter of only 5-6 mm.

This variety of cannabis used to grow in Poland almost everywhere, being widely used not only to produce tasty and healthy oil, but also in households, where it was used to make strong, durable fabrics and ropes. However, the most important has always been the production of oil, which is now also slowly coming back to grace, slowly being cleansed of completely undeserved negative opinions. We owe it mainly to a Canadian, Rick Simpson, who, suffering from skin cancer, started to pump it himself at the beginning of the 1990s, and then used it for therapeutic purposes.

Hemp oil – method of preparation and chemical composition

olej konopny

There are many methods of obtaining oil from cannabis seeds, starting with the oldest, traditional cold pressing. Before this process begins, the seeds should be thoroughly cleaned of their husks, then cooled and pressed into the press to press the tasty oil. This is the healthiest way to obtain an extra virgin version of the final product, like olive oil, which is slightly cloudy and unfiltered, with a characteristic greenish colour, which is indicative of the presence of large quantities of chlorophyll. However, this method is not suitable for industrial production, especially if we want to obtain healthy CBD oil from cannabis, which contains a large amount of cannabidiol and is used for a wide range of medical purposes. We immediately hurry to explain that cannabidiol is a perfectly legal substance and has nothing to do with the narcotic drug THC, the tetrahydrocannabinol, which is banned by law.

On an industrial scale, the method developed by Rick Simpson is used, among others, for extraction with solvents, most often petrol or butane. It may also be extracted at home using commercially available olive oil or dry ice, but the oil obtained will be of insufficient quality. The use of oil also shortens the shelf life of the oil and it is necessary to keep the oil obtained at a low temperature, preferably in a refrigerator. So it is better to rely on ready-made products available in herbal shops or pharmacies, which contain extremely valuable nutrients that are essential for our health. We can safely risk the statement that this composition is unique, not found in any other oils, that is why this cannabis is so widely used in the treatment and prevention of many serious diseases.

The composition of hemp oil – the most important nutrients:

  • vitamins: A, B (B1, B2, B3, B6), E;
  • Vitamin K, taking an active part in the process of protein synthesis, which is a part of bone forming tissue, responsible for proper blood clotting, characterized by antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and analgesic effects;
  • minerals: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, sulphur, silicon, iron, copper, boron, iodine, sodium;
  • valuable exogenous amino acids, i.e. those that we are not able to produce on our own;
  • phytosterols, or simply plant sterols from cannabis seed, are similar in structure to cholesterol, helping to lower its level in the blood at the same time. They are therefore an important element of the prevention of atherosclerosis, protecting us against the development of other, equally dangerous cardiovascular diseases. In addition, they are also characterized by anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects, supporting the functioning of the human immune system;
  • Omega-3 (LNA) acid, whose deficiency in the body almost immediately manifests itself in problems with concentration, mood changes leading to depression, vision disorders, increased blood pressure, increased risk of clots, metabolic processes are also disrupted, which, if the level of fat burning is reduced, can lead to weight gain and obesity;
  • Linoleic acid Omega-6 (LA), also necessary for the proper functioning of the body, and its deficiencies, in turn, affect the deterioration of the skin condition, accelerated, difficult to control alopecia, or reducing the resistance to various dangerous infections. It regulates hormonal economy, protects against osteoporosis, diabetes, lowers the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, prevents heart diseases, heart attack or stroke, kidney and urinary system diseases and autoimmune diseases such as lupus and multiple sclerosis;
  • Omega-9 oleic acid, included in the so-called essential unsaturated fatty acids (NNKT), without which it would be impossible to function properly practically the whole body, which in every case is not able to produce it on its own. Therefore, it becomes necessary to supply it together with food, and one of the richest sources is hemp oil and therefore Omega-9 perfectly affects the work of the heart and the entire circulatory system, helps to maintain a proper level of blood sugar, minimizes the risk of atherosclerosis, regulates digestion by limiting excessive secretion of gastric acids, and maintains a proper level of skin hydration;
  • fibre, which accounts for as much as 10-15 percent of the composition of hemp oil, perfectly affects digestion, improves intestinal function and metabolism. It also slows down the processes leading to the absorption of sugar into the blood, equalizes its level, taking an active part in the prevention of diabetes, especially type II diabetes. It also helps to control excessive appetite, a common cause of obesity leading to eating;
  • proteins, accounting for up to 25 percent of the composition;
  • Cannabidiol, the already described CBD, an extremely valuable organic compound with absolutely nothing to do with drugs, is increasingly being used to treat conditions of varying severity of symptoms. It is highly effective in the case of degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimera, multiple sclerosis or diabetes, it also helps to alleviate extremely strong pain.

Hemp oil – Health properties and diseases for which it may be used

As we can see from the above examples, the composition of cannabis oil actually looks impressive, and this is, of course, in our opinion, a sufficient argument for an immediate introduction of it to our everyday diet. The benefits will be obvious and the positive effects will be felt almost immediately. It is not without reason that more and more dieticians and other specialists in healthy eating recommend it to their patients, and the scientific research conducted in this field gradually confirms all the health properties it possesses, and therefore it is worth getting acquainted with them a little more closely.

1. anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects

Inflammation is one of the most common symptoms associated with many diseases, and the oil obtained from cannabis seeds perfectly relieves them, for example, those occurring together with severe pain in rheumatoid arthritis. CBD oil, which eliminates free radicals formed as a result of inflammation, is also an excellent treatment for this oil. Hemp oil is also worthy of use in particularly difficult to treat migraine headaches, for which traditional pharmacological agents have often proved ineffective.

2. invaluable support for the immune system, regulation of the hormonal balance of the body

The immune system, also known as the immune system, is a natural barrier protecting our organism, which unfortunately sometimes gets significantly weakened, allowing the development of many diseases. The saturated fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 contained in hemp oil support it effectively, acting on the intestinal microflora, affecting the development of bacteria beneficial for health and, consequently, our immunity. Oil containing acids included in the NNKT group of acids must therefore become a part of a healthy and balanced diet. Additional support of immunity is provided by vitamins contained in it, headed by vitamin E, which has an antioxidant effect, counteracting the natural aging processes of cells. Hemp oil also helps to regulate the hormonal balance of the body, which is particularly important during the menopause or andropause, reducing virtually all the troublesome, disturbing symptoms of PMS, the premenstrual syndrome.

3. use in the prevention and treatment of heart and circulatory system diseases

The most important organ of the human body, apart from the brain performing a “leading” function, is undoubtedly the heart responsible for bringing blood to all parts of the body. Unfortunately, it is constantly exposed to many ailments throughout our lives, many of which we ourselves are guilty of, and therefore, in order to avoid them, it is worth taking advantage of the advantages of using hemp oil. It prevents, among other things, the risk of venous blockages by preventing blood cells from sticking together and its fatty acids and phytosterols effectively reduce blood cholesterol levels, eliminating the possibility of developing coronary heart disease.

4. calming effect, beneficial for the functioning of the nervous system

Cannabis oil and its variety containing large amounts of CBD also attract users with its proven calming, memory and concentration-enhancing properties. This is thanks to Omega-3 acids, which have a beneficial effect on the brain and the entire nervous system through its better blood supply and, consequently, improved nervous conductivity.

5. healthier hair, complexion and lack of unsightly skin lesions

In addition to the typical medical applications, hemp oil can also be successfully used for everyday hair and skin care. Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, which have an excellent influence on the skin condition and are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, come to the fore again. Hemp oil thoroughly moisturizes the skin, and not only the epidermis, reaching without any problems all its deep layers. Other, noteworthy properties of strictly cosmetic are:

  • soothing of all skin irritations and inflammations;
  • to restore its natural, deep colour;
  • regulation of the amount of sebum secreted, the excess of which may lead to the formation of acne;
  • support of natural skin regeneration processes, while delaying those that cause premature skin ageing;
  • stimulation of faster hair growth, which is also perfectly nourished from root to tip, shiny, unbreakable, without split ends and easy to comb.

Hemp oil – used in the kitchen as an additive in many dishes

In addition to its health and cosmetic properties, hemp oil is also valued in the kitchen as a tasty addition to many dishes. We can especially recommend it to vegetarians and vegans looking for products without ingredients of animal origin, and this oil will also find large amounts of easily assimilable protein. It will also work well as an addition to tasty salads, perfectly matching our favourite vegetables, emphasizing their taste even more. However, it is important to choose only unrefined, cold-pressed food at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, because only such food retains its full nutritional properties. We should also remember that it is not suitable for frying, because it has too low a smoke temperature.

CBD oil – production and medical use of hemp oil

olej cbd

Despite continuous progress, medicine still cannot cope in the traditional, conventional way with the treatment of many dangerous diseases. However, in situations when it turns out to be completely helpless, unconventional medicine may help in turn, using innovative, unfortunately not yet fully acceptable methods in the process of treatment and convalescence of the patient. This is due, among other things, to the preparations used in them, and one of them, unjustifiably controversial, is CBD oil obtained from cannabis seeds.

Sowing hemp – a versatile and versatile plant, known since ancient times

These cannabis sometimes induce such indignation, being confused with the Indian version, from which in fact a drug, means marijuana, is obtained, but in reality it has absolutely nothing to do with it. Cannabis sativa L. is a popular plant belonging to the species of cannabis plants, commonly grown in many parts of the world, especially in Asia, and in our country we most often deal with its cultivar, that is cannabis seeds. The first information about their use by humans dates back to ancient times, where they were used, among others, in China, and in Poland they were already known to our ancient Slavic ancestors. They mainly obtained oil from them, although not CBD, but they were also an important addition to many dishes of that time. Henryk Sienkiewicz also mentioned cannabis in “The Deluge”, where Zagłoba advised Hetman Czarnecki to take hempseed to improve his memory, drinking it with strong Hungarian wine, so that oleum could reach his head faster.

Cannabis seeds have a characteristic appearance that makes it easy to distinguish them from their illegal variety, which is banned not only in our country, but also in virtually all of the EU. According to the regulations in force in this respect, the Act of 29 July 2005, in Poland it is possible to grow hemp for sowing, otherwise known as fibrous hemp, with no more than 0.20% THC, until recently the condition for starting such cultivation was to conclude a contracting agreement with an entity having the right to purchase hemp in a given province, but now it is no longer required. However, it is necessary to specify the purpose for which we will cultivate it.

Its appearance resembles a shrub growing up to more than 2 m high, with a branched stem, covered with hairs with a pungent smell. The Indian variety is much smaller and more branched, rarely reaching 1 m in height. Differences can be easily noticed also in the leaves of both plants, in the sowing variety there are more of them, longer, having, up to 10 cm and slimmer. The cannabis seed variety is also almost completely devoid of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), a substance with psychoactive properties, prohibited by the law to use in our country. The process of THC degradation itself has a negative effect on other components, including cannabinoids.

The most important nutrients in fibrous cannabis:

  • unsaturated fatty acids Omega – 3 and Omega – 6, natural reinforcement for the heart and circulatory system;
  • dietary fiber that regulates the functioning of the digestive system and improves digestion;
  • one of the most easily assimilated varieties of protein, building blocks of tissues, including muscle tissue;
  • vitamins: A, B (B1, B2, B3, B6), D, E and K;
  • minerals: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sulphur, manganese, sodium, silicon, copper, boron, iodine, iron;
  • 8 exogenous amino acids, which we need, but our body is not able to produce them on its own;
  • Cannabidiol, an organic chemical compound, the main component of CBD oil.

CBD – what it really is and how to obtain it

The most valuable from a medical point of view, and what we particularly emphasize, is the completely legal CBD, from which the oil is produced, is a chemical compound belonging to the group of cannabinoids, naturally occurring in cannabis seeds. Its most important feature is the lack of any psychotic action and it has absolutely no properties by which it can be considered a drug. CBD is obtained by several methods, on a limited or industrial scale, and among the most frequently used methods of its extraction it is worth mentioning:

Extraction by means of olive oil

This is the safest and most environmentally friendly method that does not use any hazardous chemicals, especially ethyl alcohol or butane, which we will describe below. To produce CBD in this way, heat the hemp to activate its active ingredients, then add oil and heat it for at least one hour at a temperature of up to 100 °C. As a result of this process we obtain oil with CBD content, unfortunately not too high, which is one of the most serious drawbacks of this method. Another is the relatively short shelf life of the product obtained, which, because of the oil content, must be kept in a refrigerator.

2. extraction with solvents, ethanol or butane

It uses low-profile ethanol and butane, but here the disadvantages of the final product dominate over its advantages. Extraction with ethanol gives a relatively clean and drinkable CBD, but it contains a large amount of chlorophyll, which escapes luckily during the drying process, and the CBD itself, unfortunately, has a weaker effect. The use of butane can in turn introduce into the oil substances contained in the solvent itself, usually having an aggressive, irritating effect. In both cases, valuable cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes can also be destroyed. Sometimes substances such as light petroleum or heavy grades of gasoline are also used, but they can cause an increase in THC rather than CBD.

3. extraction with dry ice

This way of obtaining the CBD can be used at home, which of course is strongly discouraged due to the applicable laws and regulations. All you have to do is put the fibrous cannabis in the ice, and after a while a lot of resin starts to precipitate from it. This is more efficient than using oil, for example, but the resulting product is of too low quality to be used for medicinal purposes.

4. extraction with CO2 for the highest performance on an industrial scale

The extraction of CBD with carbon dioxide is widely used on an industrial scale, although this method is definitely not the cheapest due to the need to use specialized, complex equipment. Compressed CO2 is used for this purpose, working similarly to the solvents described above, but with the difference that it is frozen and compressed in the so-called supercritical state. The CBD oil obtained in this way can be called perfect, with the highest degree of purity, clear, transparent, without undesirable contamination of chlorophyll type, retaining its valuable composition in terms of health. It can be used without any risk of poisoning, but the final cost of obtaining it may be unprofitable.

CBD oil – the most important active ingredient and health benefits

We already know how to obtain CBD oil, which is still treated in our country as a dietary supplement and not a drug, and as we can see, it is difficult to do it at home, and who can possibly do it, is regulated by the Act of 29 July 2005 on Counteracting Drug Addiction. It is therefore time to learn about the composition of this substance and its properties, making it more and more popular. Extract obtained from cannabis seeds contains a number of ingredients directly determining its properties, but the most important active factor is cannabidiol, i.e. CBD itself, in quantities ranging from 1 to 10 percent of the composition.

cannabis oil cbd

It is characterized by an amber colour and a bitter, bitter taste, which is why various essential oils are added to it, also natural and with many valuable health properties. It can be obtained not only in the form of a typical oil, it is also an addition to tablets, patches, ointments or spread creams, and even chewing gum. The positive influence of CBD oil on the human body cannot be underestimated and it is fully confirmed by research conducted in renowned medical centres all over the world. This has broken down many of the negative myths that have developed about this substance, which is mistakenly comparable to marijuana, which it is definitely not, and that it is an illegal substance. That is why we are repeating once again that this oil can be used completely legally, and the list of ailments, treatments and prophylaxis for which it is used is truly impressive and is valued for, among other things, its reputation:

  • treatment and alleviation of symptoms of degenerative diseases, because CBD oil has an extremely beneficial effect on the protection of brain cells, helping to eliminate, for example, the effects of stroke. Recent studies have also shown positive effects on patients with Alzheimer and Parkinson, but this way of using CBD is still in the testing phase.
  • CBD helps to eliminate cancer cells by cutting off the energy supplied to them, increases their sensitivity to drugs and stops uncontrolled growth. Unfortunately, there is no official data on the scientific research carried out for this purpose, and therefore the information on the effectiveness of cancer control oil is usually based only on the relationship between the people it was supposed to help;
  • the prevention and treatment of multiple sclerosis, in particular a significant reduction in the pain associated with the disease, where pharmacological measures normally used have proved ineffective;
  • anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects using the sensitivity of our body to cannabinoids, which strengthens the functioning of the immune system, which is the most important protection against various infections. The analgesic effect of CBD oil is in turn based on muscle relaxation, and the spectrum of ailments it covers is extremely wide, ranging from toothache to the most troublesome rheumatic pains, such as e.g. rheumatoid arthritis;
  • assistance in the treatment of mental illnesses, and the most promising results obtained in alleviating the symptoms of the most difficult-to-treat schizophrenia. The use of CBD showed high efficacy in comparison with the group of patients treated with traditional drugs and, in contrast, no negative side effects were observed in the patients;
  • the fight against stress, which is one of the diseases of civilisation, which is harassing more and more people all over the world. One of the effects of oil is the growing feeling of drowsiness, which on the one hand can be considered a side effect of its action, but on the other hand it helps to fall asleep and thus fully relax. The advantage is obvious, because at the same time CBD copes with another problem – insomnia;
  • treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy, manifested by a large number of seizures, reaching in the most severe cases even several hundred a day and only oil containing a high concentration of the active agent can deal with it effectively;
  • treatment of diabetes, but in this case the results obtained are based only on animal studies, but the high efficacy achieved is a good sign for the future for patients seeking an effective cure for this disease and may in time be joined by CBD oil;
  • help in heart and cardiovascular diseases by reducing antioxidant stress in the body and relaxing blood vessels, which facilitates proper blood flow. Research has also shown that CBD provides effective protection against heart attacks and strokes, helps to regulate their rhythm and prevents veins from clogging;
  • effectiveness in the treatment of fibromyalgia, a particularly troublesome disease syndrome that causes severe pain in the locomotive system and dyskinesia, i.e. disorders of movement manifested by so-called involuntary movements, e.g. in Parkinson’s disease;
  • Removing visible effects of acne, CBD oil after lubrication on the skin acts directly on the sebaceous glands, thus regulating the level of sebum secretion, stopping excessive seborrhoea, one of the most common causes of pimples and other facial eczema. Equally high effectiveness of treatment was achieved in the case of psoriasis, another skin disease with difficult to remove symptoms.

CBD oil – recommended dosage and possible side effects

Of course, this is only a part of the ailments for which you can successfully use CBD oil, a dietary supplement that is gaining recognition of more and more users and in most cases does not cause any side effects. The only side effects observed were long-term doses of the highest concentration and such patients complained of increased blood pressure, dizziness or dry mouth. However, if you follow the instructions for use, they are extremely rare, and the dosage of CBD varies from 100 mg to as much as 3 g per day, depending on which condition you will be using the disease for and what troublesome symptoms it has to alleviate. Of course, the dose is always adjusted individually to a given organism, patient’s weight and other individual preferences checked by a specialist.

Aliviolan – cream that quickly restores health to our muscles and joints

When, while walking in our knees, something is still tearing, and every step starts to cause more and more pain, it is an infallible sign that something bad happens to our muscles and joints. Gradually we have more and more problems with moving around, and climbing stairs, for example, resembles a real ordeal. There is no denying that this important part of our body is subject to increasing wear and tear with age, which results in emerging ailments requiring immediate counteraction, effective and bringing rapid results treatment. Unfortunately, the treatment of joints is usually a long and very expensive process, requiring the use of many pharmaceuticals and special rehabilitation procedures to support them. However, their effectiveness varies, so it is worth choosing one proven solution, recommended also by doctors, which quickly removes the causes of the disease. The specialists recommend to their patients Aliviolana modern drug available in the form of a cream with an innovative, 100% natural composition.

How to properly care for healthy muscles, bones and joints

Our bones and joints have a very important function to perform, it is thanks to them that we are able to move properly, so we should take care of them until late in life. Joints are a movable connection of individual bones, thanks to which we can walk, raise our hands, move our heads, simply perform a number of everyday, ordinary activities. We are used to thinking that until we feel pain, teating or unpleasant friction, everything is fine, but sooner or later something can happen. The causes can range from mechanical damage in case of injury to developing inflammations and other diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore, it is worth avoiding such an unpleasant situation, taking care of proper prophylaxis in advance, although it is necessary to act on this issue in a multi-faceted, comprehensive manner, and not only on one symptom, which is usually the emerging pain.

The most important factors beneficial to our mobility:

Daily portion of physical activity

A large daily dose of exercise, of course in such a way as to prevent accidental injury. Every form of activity allows for a long time to maintain full mobility of the joint, while increasing the volume of joint cartilage. All bone connections are well stabilized, and especially recommended exercises are this:

  • regular visits to the swimming pool, swimming or aqua-aerobics;
  • nordic walking;
  • quiet, touristic cycling;
  • yoga.

Properly balanced, low-calorie and healthy diet

Our joints, especially those of the lower limbs, must carry the weight of almost the entire body, so it is worth making sure that it is not too big. This will be facilitated by a well-structured, easily digestible diet, full of nutrients such as vitamins, calcium and other minerals, but without raising weight, which is the cause of obesity and overweight.

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Avoiding life under severe stress

There is no denying that most of us have quite a stressful lifestyle, which also affects the health of our joints. Stress causes muscle tension, which means that joints are constantly stressed and overloaded, which can lead to their damage in a short period of time. Properly selected exercise can help relax your muscles, but if possible, simply avoid such situations.

Proper supplementation of the organism

Many nutrients cannot be supplied with what we eat, so you can think of an additional supplementation of the body, supplementing the deficiency of such ingredients as collagen, the main building blocks of connective tissue, vitamin C, protecting the joints, or glucosamine included in the joint cartilage. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid problems by doing so, so it is good to have an effective drug at hand, Aliviolanwhich removes pain faster than most pain pills.

Aliviolan – a real revolution in the fight against pain

The only usually used remedy for most painful ailments, also in the osteoarticular system, was analgesic tablets. We do not want to deny the effectiveness of many of them, but it was most often accompanied by serious side effects, and active ingredients caused most often gastric problems, damage to the stomach, intestines and other parts of the digestive system. Fortunately, Aliviolan, a 100% safe drug, based exclusively on natural ingredients, is free of these disadvantages and can be used without risk, in most cases without any negative reaction from the body. It is characterized by a complex action, being the result of many years of work of the best specialists, who want to find a means to quickly get rid of chronic pain. It is sometimes so powerful, that it even makes impossible for patients to function normally, and the additional destruction of their organisms causes a large number of tablets to be taken. AliviolanThe following groups of patients are recommended for use as a cream applied to the skin in the place of pain occurrence:

  • people with diseases of muscles, joints and skeletal system, e.g. of the spine;
  • all patients suffering from chronic, difficult-to-treat varicose veins and other diseases caused by abnormal circulation;
  • to athletes, accelerating the treatment of injuries and protecting them from recurrence.

Aliviolan – safe composition, taken directly from nature

Aliviolan can be safely called a revolutionary product for the 21st century, which is significantly influenced by its composition, based, as we mentioned, only on natural ingredients. It can be safely said that it derives from nature in full handfuls and is composed of the most effective plants, full of all the necessary nutrients. They are also characterized by proven health properties, thus acting not only on the pain that is a symptom of the disease, but also allowing the removal of its cause, located deep inside the body.

What natural, plant-based ingredients can be found in Aliviolan:

  • extract from ginger root, a plant with a number of undeniable health properties, used for centuries not only in natural medicine, but also being an important component of many medicines and dietary supplements. It contains a lot of substances important for our health, the most important of which are: vitamins B1, B2, C, A and K, folic acid, easily digestible carbohydrates and a whole range of minerals, zinc, potassium, iron and calcium. Ginger contains valuable essential oils with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties, and root improves blood circulation, reducing blood viscosity, thus preventing the formation of dangerous blockages in veins. Equally important are its analgesic properties and that’s why we can find it in Aliviolan cream;
  • hot pepper extract, full of capsaicin, a substance that prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessels, protecting against the formation of blockages in the circulatory system. In the paprika composition you will also find large amounts of vitamin C, significantly exceeding the daily requirement, vitamin B6 and vitamin A, they are also a source of manganese, potassium, copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and zinc. Such content directly floats to relax tense, excessively overloaded muscles, and the enlargement of blood vessels causes their better oxygenation and alleviation of all existing pain ailments;
  • a devil’s claw extract, and under this strange name is another ingredient of Aliviolan that has a significant impact on its health properties. It is a natural remedy for all inflammations developing within the joint, with a high analgesic effect, also in case of severe pain in muscles or bones;
  • extract from witch hazelnut, with the widest properties, which can boast a few plants, among which definitely worth mentioning is the action: antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, or counteracting varicose veins, another serious disease of lower limbs. It is also distinguished by astringent properties supporting skin regeneration processes;
  • narrow-leaf lavender extract, which has a relaxing effect on muscles, helps to relieve their pain, and its unique aroma effectively removes the effects of stress, which, as mentioned above, has a beneficial effect on the health of muscles, bones and joints. It is also worth noting the antiseptic properties of lavender, which accelerates wound healing.

Aliviolan – highest effectiveness, action and recommended dosage of the preparation

As you can see in the treatment of not only pain, but also other diseases, it is worth choosing 100% natural preparations, suitable also for ecology enthusiasts. Aliviolan meets all these requirements with the proverbial degree of sophistication. Its comprehensive action will allow you to get rid of all your ailments, neurological and rheumatic diseases in record time, and its anaesthetic properties exceed those of most analgesic tablets. Aliviolan is the result of hard work of the team of the best scientists, among whom there was also a Pole, Professor Grzegorz Burskiewicz, and thanks to their joint effort we can count on:

  • Get rid of pain immediately after application of the cream;
  • its complete elimination after only 28 days of treatment;
  • reconstruction of joints damaged for various reasons, as well as excessively stressed spine;
  • regain virtually 100 percent of your lost physical fitness, so you can return to full activity, including sports, even competitive sports;
  • no degeneration, swelling or particularly dangerous inflammation, which automatically translates into no mobility problems;
  • full regeneration of the body after such serious injuries as fractures, dislocations and bruises;
  • energy supplied daily in a large dose, so that you can enjoy life again.

Using Aliviolan boils down to its application 2 – 3 times a day in the place of pain and gentle massage, until it is completely absorbed, and all active substances penetrate through the skin, hitting the source of the problem. The cream is intended for use only by adults and must not be used primarily by children under 12 years of age.

Aliviolan – opinions, product price and possibility to buy it

Looking at the natural yet innovative composition, it’s no wonder that the Aliviolan has a good reputation among both patients and professionals. We also join them in praising the most rapidity, effectiveness and lack of side effects, unless someone is allergic to some component of the preparation, which of course has the right to happen. A test carried out by the manufacturer showed that almost 100 percent of people using the cream are satisfied with its action, which in our opinion is another incentive to buy and use it.

Purchase boils down only to filling in the order form for the following manufacturer’s websiteThe promotional price of one package is currently only 29 €, but it is worth to hurry up, because the promotion is limited in time and you may not be able to meet the limit.

Nivelisan – revolutionary patches for muscle and joint pain

There is no denying that we cannot always enjoy full health and there are days in our lives when something starts to shout or hurt, most often in muscles, bones and joints. If these pains are of relatively low intensity, we usually underestimate them, saying colloquially that they simply need to be spread out. However, this is a mistake with serious consequences, because such ailments can be a harbinger of a disease developing in the body. We often owe it to ourselves to deepen it, using, for example, inappropriate analgesics, which allow to get rid of these ailments, but at the same time destroy the liver, stomach and even the entire digestive system. So it is better to save ourselves additional illnesses and popular pills that are to prevent joint and muscular pains from being replaced with more modern and less harmful pain patches. Nivelisancompletely safe and based exclusively on natural ingredients.

Muscle and joint pain – what is the most common cause of this pain?

Growing gradually or attacking our body with maximum force, joint and muscle pains are one of the most troublesome ailments, especially when they affect the spine area, e.g. in its lumbar region. Sometimes they are so strong that they even make it impossible to function, move or perform most seemingly mundane everyday activities. The causes of this uncomfortable state of affairs can be many, and the most common are simply mechanical injuries, sports injuries or the result of a fall and the resulting bruise or even a broken bone. Other equally frequently mentioned reasons for this type of ailment include

  • various viral diseases, most often undetected, the symptom of which is precisely the pain of muscles and joints, such as flu, cold, chickenpox;
  • Rheumatic diseases, fibromyalgia, arthritis and surrounding muscles, or common rheumatoid arthritis, an extremely difficult-to-treat chronic disease;
  • lupus erythematosus;
  • Lyme borreliosis, the result of a tick bite;
  • fatigue caused by excessive physical exertion.

All of these conditions give very clear and confusing symptoms that need to be addressed immediately, while at the same time getting to the root of the problem, which Nivelisan patches will help to eliminate.

Nivelisan – revolutionary, innovative composition

If you’re wondering what innovation, even revolutionary patches are all about… Nivelisanthe answer to that question lies in their composition. You will not find such a selection of active agents in any other product of this type, all substances are completely harmless, with absolutely no side effects. Each patch contains precisely measured doses, selected in terms of achieving maximum effectiveness of treatment in the shortest possible time, and these are substances such as:

  • curcumin, a substance obtained from turmeric, a popular and tasty spice. Not only does it give the spice its characteristic colour, but it also has many valuable, proven health properties. Among other things, it is an effective antioxidant, allowing for quick alleviation of infections and inflammations developing in the body, it also destroys free radicals, thus counteracting the aging processes of cells. It also has an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effect;
  • MSM, methyl sulphonylmethane, sulfur compound, essential in the process of synthesis of compounds necessary for the proper development of connective tissue. It is an extremely effective and natural painkiller with an instant effect;
  • wild rose, another 100% natural ingredient, a rich source of vitamin C, which improves the oxygen level of cells and vitamins B9 and E, responsible in turn for improving blood circulation, which automatically translates into relief of pain related to improper blood circulation of muscles. Wild rose also has a positive effect on the functioning of muscle tissue by increasing the level of oxidation of fatty acids;
  • bark from the white willow, a tree known and used for medicinal purposes since ancient times, full of valuable substances, salicin, tannins, glycosides, organic acids and phenolic glycoside, contained in the bark. White willow is not called natural aspirin for nothing, thanks to which Nivelisan has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of these properties it is recommended for bone and joint pains, relieving the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism of soft tissues.

Nivelisan – immediate relief from pain

Not only the composition influences the innovation of these plasters, but also their own way of working, based on an extremely effective transdermal method. This means that all the active substances it contains NivelisanThey quickly reach the source of pain not through the gastrointestinal tract but directly through the skin. The ingredients are released gradually, without the risk of causing allergic reactions or irritations, e.g. stomach, and the therapeutic and above all analgesic effect is maintained for a very long time, in contrast to effective tablets usually not longer than 2 -3 hours. Transdermal method allows Nivelisan to maximize the effects of treatment, showing the highest proven effectiveness, and among its most important advantages it is worth mentioning:

  • speed of action, the pain starts to disappear as soon as 10 minutes after applying the patch, and if you continue the treatment for another 28 days, you can get rid of it completely;
  • reconstruction and strengthening of damaged tissues within the joints and spine by at least 87 percent, which also protects against relapses;
  • regain almost 100 percent of the former physical fitness, full comfort of movement, doing everything that was previously difficult or even impossible. Climbing stairs will no longer be a problem, as will long walks or playing your favourite sport;
  • getting rid of unpleasant and painful ailments, stiffening of joints, muscle spasms, or stiffening of the spine hindering proper bending;
  • exceptional simplicity of use, without the need for the help of specialists, the plaster can be applied in most cases on its own;
  • large savings in the high costs of other treatments, sometimes amounting to hundreds or thousands of euros per month, especially when taking into account the prices of commonly used painkillers, which are most often unreimbursed and fully paid;
  • practically complete lack of risk of occurrence of dangerous for health gastric ailments resulting from the use of traditional, oral drugs, adversely affecting the functioning of the digestive system, while disturbing the operation of many important organs, liver, kidneys, pancreas and even the heart.

Nivelisan – Patient usage and opinions

Using the Nivelisan patch is simple and comes down to putting it on dry skin where there is pain, which you can do yourself or with the help of someone in your family. It will also work in places such as the back, hip, neck or limbs, upper or lower, but remember that you can only apply one patch at a time. Manufacturer’s recommendations Nivelisan say clearly that we first eliminate one source of pain and only then we get on with the other, and the patches themselves are also waterproof, so there is no risk that they will come off while bathing.

Their effectiveness is fully confirmed by the opinions they enjoy among numerous patients suffering from severe pains located in different parts of the body. They showed high effectiveness and speed of action on headaches, even the strongest migraine ones, symptoms of sciatica, menstrual pains and post-traumatic spine ailments. The versatility of the application is also confirmed by specialists, many of whom were actively involved in testing before the plasters went on sale.

Nivelisan – how to buy it

Manufacturer Nivelisan chose the most advantageous form of distribution, of course from the point of view of the buyer, giving 100 percent guarantee of the original and fully effective product, always of the highest quality and at the best price. The contract shall be placed by websiteThere is a simple to fill out form, where you can enter the shipping data, the number of packages you want to order and the method of delivery, by courier, post or parcel machine. Nivelisan can now be bought at a lower, promotional price and quickly, once and for all, get rid of the chronic pain that accompanies us.

Varicosen – invaluable and quick help in the treatment of varicose veins

If severe pain occurs in the lower extremities, especially around the thighs, calves and feet, which is particularly severe after a hard, active day, this can mean serious problems. When we additionally notice clearly outlined under the skin, cracked blood vessels, branched, visible changes also in the form of swellings, it is a sign that we are dealing with varicose veins. It is a difficult to treat disease, otherwise known as chronic venous insufficiency, which we absolutely must not underestimate. If we react in a timely manner, at an early stage, it is completely curable, and using modern and effective means, such as those recommended by specialists, it is possible to Varicosenwe can do without surgery, painful and potentially undesirable complications.

Varicose veins – causes, symptoms and treatments

Chronic venous insufficiency, due to its frequency of occurrence, is already a civilisation disease, like other diseases of the circulatory system, which affects a growing part of the population every year. It is worth knowing that the varicose veins appearing on the skin are only a symptom of a more serious problem, stuck inside our body, with various causes, of which the most frequently indicated are:

  • a lifestyle, usually a sitting one, and the lack of an adequate daily dose of physical activity causes a significant weakening of the structure of superficial veins, which leads to their cracking;
  • poor eating habits, poor diet, often lacking basic nutrients or leading directly to high levels of overweight or obesity;
  • Defects in posture, e.g. flat feet;
  • previous cardiovascular diseases such as vein inflammation or thrombosis;
  • hereditary factors, the tendency to this disease acquired from parents or grandparents;
  • congenital defects within veins, especially venous valves.

All these causes are a simple way to cause blood stasis in the veins, which instead of flowing properly from the limbs to the heart, goes back to the heart, and increased pressure on the walls of blood vessels can cause them to crack. This is manifested by characteristic spiders appearing on the legs and painful thickenings, requiring immediate treatment. Neglecting to do so may lead to the need for a surgeon, so it is better to avoid it by using the following precautions VaricosenA preparation with a confirmed, complex action, removing not only the effects but also the cause of the disease.

Varicosen – effective composition

This modern agent, the result of the latest achievements in the field of varicose veins treatment, is characterized by an exceptionally well thought-out, carefully selected composition that translates directly into effectiveness. Each serving of Varicosen allows you to get rid of varicose veins in record time, thanks to the concentrated action of the two most important active ingredients, which in this case are:

  • l – taurine, the most important active factor, a valuable chemical compound belonging to the group of biogenic amino acids, being one of the natural building blocks of the human body. Its action comes down primarily to lowering and regulating blood pressure, which results in reducing swelling of blood vessels and increasing their flexibility to facilitate proper blood flow. L – taurine also has a confirmed anti-inflammatory effect, which prevents the development of health-endangering infections;
  • arginine alpha ketoglutare, or arginine alpha-ketoglutaran, abbreviated as AAKG. It is a substance which is a combination of arginine and salts of glutaric acid. In this way, the body is supplied with a large amount of arginine, which improves the work of the heart muscle, which has a beneficial effect on the circulation. AAKG also stimulates increased nitric oxide secretion, which dilates the walls of blood vessels, while protecting us from diseases such as atherosclerosis and varicose veins.

Of course, these aren’t the only ingredients Varicosenin which we will also find other substances supporting and intensifying its action:

  • keratin malate, which lowers not only blood pressure but also the level of so-called bad cholesterol;
  • l – tyrosine, which improves the functioning of the circulatory system by stimulating the production of adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine;
  • red beet extract, which also improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure;
  • Vitamin complex, necessary to maintain full health.

Varicosen – how it works on varicose veins

The Varicosen was developed in the manufacturer’s laboratories for more than 11 months, and the research was led by the best specialists in many fields, chemistry and medicine. The result of their work meets all the expectations of patients, who from now on have at their disposal a comprehensive enabling agent:

  • Get rid of as much as 97 percent of varicose veins in record time, only 28 days;
  • reduction of troublesome and often painful feeling of “heavy legs”, tingling, heat, burning and swelling in lower limbs, which disappear within a few minutes after application of the preparation;
  • full protection against relapse;
  • correct, better blood flow, thanks to the strengthening of blood vessel walls, which are completely protected against cracking;
  • reduction and complete cure of inflammatory conditions existing within veins, restoration of their normal endothelium;
  • lowering blood pressure, bringing it to the right level without endangering health;
  • Get rid of the feeling of shame and finally you will be able to show your legs in shorts or skirts, perfectly smooth, free from unsightly spider veins and swellings;
  • saving costs of other treatment, including surgical treatment, which may reach even several thousand zlotys depending on the severity of the disease.

Recommended dosage Varicosen is just two doses a day, one before breakfast and the other before dinner, and that’s enough to make the ingredients show their full power.

Varicosen – the opinions of professionals and patients

Among many other measures to treat and prevent varicose veins, Varicosen has an exceptionally good reputation, and not only among patients who use it. They praise above all the above mentioned effectiveness and completely safe composition, free from harmful substances that may cause unpleasant side effects. By browsing the Internet, we can easily notice that the positive ones dominate, emphasizing the fact that you can quickly get rid of varicose veins and return to your favorite habits, such as practicing sports or any other form of physical activity. Satisfied patients write about the Varicosen, among other things, yes:

“Varicose veins are a hereditary disease in my family, my mother and grandmother had them, so unfortunately it also happened to me. They became bigger and more visible until I was ashamed to put on a skirt and hide my legs under my pants. There was also a feeling of heavy legs and in the evening I didn’t even have the strength to get up from the chair. Mom recommended Varicosen to me, she uses it herself and after a month I didn’t remember what varicose veins pain means. Every day there are fewer of them and I already know that in summer I will wear my beloved miniskirts.. – Elizabeth from Łódź.

We will find more such recommendations, but the best is to confirm the effectiveness of the best specialists in vein diseases, also taking an active part in the development of the preparation. Varicosen can be bought directly from the manufacturer by filling in the form on the manufacturer’s website. website form, and for one package we will pay only 30 €, using the current price promotion, which allows you to save as much as 58% of the price of the product.

Overweight and obesity – differences, causes and diseases that cause

Walking through the streets of our cities, we meet more and more people whose appearance indicates that their body weight deviates from the set standard. Such weight abnormalities can range from a small, several kilograms overweight to a morbid obesity that not only threatens health, but in extreme cases even life. We must honestly say to ourselves that we are getting fatter and that this unpleasant condition is already considered by specialists to be a social disease, and at the same time one of the most difficult to cure. Even these few kilograms more should therefore cause us concern, because if we do not control it, the consequences could be catastrophic. There are many methods of fighting overweight and obesity, which we describe on this page, but it is also worth to learn about the differences between these diseases, the causes of them and the threat they pose to our body.

Overweight and obesity – how to distinguish between them

Most of us seem to think that the concepts of overweight and obesity are the same and there is no difference between them. However, the specialists clearly state that the differences are diametric and that their correct distinction allows to apply the right treatment, the right slimming treatment. Both ailments are directly related to the structure of the human body, which consists largely of body fat, the correct amount of which in women should not exceed 15-20 per cent of body weight, and in men 12 per cent. All of them, even small deviations from the norm, mean overweight, otherwise known as a transition state, which, if neglected, leads to obesity. In a way it is a pre-existing condition, and this is because we provide the body with too much food, and this energy surplus, which is impossible to burn, the body begins to accumulate in the form of fat rollers in various parts of the body. Obesity is assumed to be obesity when it exceeds 10 percent of the norm calculated from e.g. the BMI index, i.e. the body mass index. This should definitely not be underestimated, because the next stage of the disease is obesity.

Obesity, in turn, is a situation in which already over-programmed body weight has long exceeded the safe 10 per cent mark, and estimates from the World Health Organisation indicate that one in four people in the world will be affected by this serious civilisation disease by 2025. The largest number of illnesses is recorded in highly developed countries, of course, as well as on our continent, and in Poland we are already dealing with a real epidemic of overweight and obesity. Unfortunately, it does not only affect adults and doctors in our country, but it is also an alarm bell that Polish children gain weight the fastest in the whole of Europe. For almost 50 years, specialists have been qualifying obesity for chronic diseases, involving practically uncontrolled accumulation of fat tissue and weight gain, and it is divided into several degrees according to the calculated BMI index:

  • BMI from 30 to 34.9 – first degree obesity;
  • BMI from 35 to 39.9 degree obesity;
  • BMI greater than 40 – huge obesity, which is a threat to life and requires immediate treatment.

In short, we can say that obesity is when the amount of body fat in women exceeds 25 percent and in men 25 percent of the total body weight.

Overweight and obesity – causes

It is difficult to determine only one reason for the increase in body weight, although we do not hide the fact that the most common is simply unrestrained and difficult to satisfy appetite and improper, high-calorie diet, resulting in excessive growth of body fat. While overweight and obesity are fundamentally different, the main cause remains the same for both. Lack of time for independent preparation of a full meal makes us reach for what is at hand, most often for ready-made dishes heated in a microwave oven, or for the most harmful fast foods. We think that if we eat a pizza or hamburger from time to time, it will not have a negative impact on the body, but when it is repeated regularly, the weight immediately goes up. Such meals are also deprived of most of the nutrients necessary for health, which has a negative impact on overall health.

Eating and an unhealthy diet are not the only causes of this state of affairs, just as often overweight and obesity are caused by:

  • genetic determinants, and both diseases are often inherited from parents;
  • environmental factors, especially lifestyle, irregular nutrition, non-eating breakfast, the most important meal giving energy for the whole day, non-eating fruit and vegetables, eating only processed food;
  • lack of physical activity, resulting not only from the sitting nature of work, but most often simply from our laziness;
  • psychological factors, especially severe stress or depression, which can sometimes result in excessive eating;
  • night food syndrome, which manifests itself in food that is difficult to control during the night hours;
  • Compulsive eating syndrome, also under the influence of severe stress or nervousness;
  • hormonal disorders, such as increased secretion of cortisol, a stress hormone, have a significant impact on fatigue;
  • other coexisting diseases, often cancer;
  • alcohol abuse, disturbing digestion and metabolism of the body;
  • taking certain medications, especially sedatives, progesterones and estrogens;
  • economic factors preventing the purchase of wholesome healthy food;
  • quitting smoking, which often involves significant weight gain.

Overweight and obesity – visible external signs of disease

There is no denying that some of the above causes can also be found at home, and correct and, most importantly, early diagnosis makes it much easier to find an effective method of fighting overweight and obesity. Their symptoms are so characteristic that, except in a few cases, they cannot be confused with anything else. The first one is, of course, weight gain and fat rollers that accumulate mainly on the abdomen, and the facial features can also be distorted. Other equally common are the progressive limitations that make it difficult to perform many seemingly mundane everyday activities. In addition to this, there is also dyspnoea and excessive sweating at the smallest physical effort, such as climbing stairs.

Overweight and obesity – health threats that cause

External symptoms are certainly important, but much more important is the devastation that obesity causes inside our bodies. The list of diseases to which we are exposed by getting into this state, caused precisely by the accumulation of too much body fat, is very long, and the most dangerous of these are the following:

  • heart and whole circulatory system diseases, hypertension, atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, myocardial failure, leading to many serious complications including heart attack or stroke;
  • diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes and elevated blood cholesterol levels;
  • cholecystolithiasis and kidney dysfunction;
  • cancer;
  • osteoarthritis, especially of the lower limbs and spine, usually in the lumbar region, which prevents even normal movement;
  • chronic venous insufficiency, manifested by painful and disfiguring varicose veins;
  • diseases of the digestive system, not only ordinary digestive or metabolic disorders, but also troublesome constipations, inflammations of the gall bladder, intestines and stomach;
  • hormonal imbalances in the body;
  • reduced libido, especially in men with erectile dysfunction and reduced sexual desire;
  • problems with getting pregnant, getting pregnant and the health of the unborn child;
  • a significant reduction in life expectancy, even by a dozen or so years.

Disregarding them is a mistake whose effects are often irreparable, so when we see the first signs of overweight or obesity, it’s time to start counteracting it. There are many methods we can use, starting from diet, through pharmacological measures or dietary supplements supporting slimming, and all of them will be presented in more detail in the following entries.

Varicorin – modern supplement used to treat varicose veins

One of the most common diseases in our society, especially affecting middle-aged and elderly people, usually over 45 years of age, is chronic venous insufficiency, which is manifested by varicose veins. They occur on the lower limbs in the form of thickenings and clearly visible discoloured blood vessels. There are many ways to treat this troublesome and painful condition, and one of the ways to get it right now is to Varicorinsmall and easy to swallow capsules hitting the source of the disease from the inside. They are designed specifically for women, more often than men who complain about this ailment.

Chronic venous insufficiency – causes and symptoms

However, before we reach for this modern means, we should know what are the causes of chronic venous insufficiency and why it can never be ignored in any way. There are many reasons for this dangerous and even life-threatening disease, but the most common is a genetic tendency, interestingly, inherited not only from parents, but often also from grandparents and even great-grandparents. We are also guilty of her own guilt, not caring about the legs, which throughout our lives have to bear huge loads, which is due to the nature of the work, and our weight is often far from ideal, which puts even more strain on them. In addition, there is a lack of physical activity, or a diet that causes blood vessels to clog in the limbs, so the valves stop working properly and the blood, instead of flowing to the heart, starts to go back to the legs. Blood pressure increases, which pushes the veins, what we see in the form of varicose veins. Most often we underestimate their first symptoms, and our anxiety should already be aroused:

  • the impression of heavy swollen legs, especially in the evening;
  • a problem with long standing, especially motionless;
  • difficulty in keeping our legs calm while sitting, we still have to move them;
  • swelling, especially around the feet and ankles;
  • severe pain and muscle spasms;
  • greater visibility of veins, appearance of characteristic spider veins under the skin, especially on calves, where varicose veins are the most common.

Disregarding the initial, relatively small symptoms is very dangerous, and when characteristic, often cracking and bleeding thickenings appear, may not do without surgical intervention, which is why it is so important to prevent and implement treatment with the use of Varicorin already in the first stage of the disease, when the varicose veins are not so severe.

Varicorin – composition

Varicorin, which has recently appeared on our market, is a modern preparation designed to support the treatment of all venous ailments. It is the result of the latest scientific research in this field, and due to its completely natural composition, its use is 100% safe and there is no risk of adverse effects. The uniqueness of these capsules, apart from their high effectiveness, lies in the selection of only natural active substances, thanks to which we will quickly eliminate all the symptoms described above, and each of them is contained in each:

  • Venocin®, a revolutionary chestnut extract patented by the manufacturer, contains a substance such as escin, a mixture of valuable saponins, which has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-edema effect on the legs. Escin regulates the proper blood flow, thus preventing the formation of clots, proving effective not only in the treatment of varicose veins, but also hemorrhoids;
  • vitamin C, extracted from and derived from buckwheat extract, plants with proven health properties Varicorin supports the production of natural collagen for the proper construction and functioning of blood vessels;
  • Centellin®, an extract from Centellin®, another herb commonly used in natural medicine, full of triterpenes, substances improving venous circulation, regulating metabolism of blood vessels and connective tissues, acting antimicrobially, eliminating the feeling of heavy legs and removing unsightly spiders;
  • hesperidine, a chemical compound classified as flavonoids, found, inter alia, in the white part of the flesh of citrus fruit, in lemons and oranges. It is valued for its anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and cholesterol-lowering properties in blood, also preventing the accumulation of atherosclerotic plaques. Reduces the number of broken blood vessels, effectively protecting veins from damage, while strengthening their weakened walls;
  • the vine, which contains large quantities of natural antioxidants, antioxidants that purify the body of toxins and dangerous free radicals. It also helps to regulate and maintain proper blood pressure, which is extremely important for people suffering from varicose veins;
  • Witch Hazel, in which we find many substances beneficially affecting the condition of the walls of blood vessels, saponins, gravediggers and flavonoids. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieves pain, accelerates wound healing, and by shrinking blood vessels it removes swelling.

Varicorin – dosage and action

All the medicinal substances contained in Varicorin are present in each tablet in carefully selected doses to ensure the highest effectiveness. This is necessary in the case of such ailments, which often manifest themselves as severe pain, sometimes even preventing normal movement. Varicorin effectively prevents this, characterized by a complex action, which cannot boast of too many preparations used to treat the effects of chronic venous insufficiency. The daily dosage recommended by the supplement manufacturer is just two capsules, which are best taken 30 minutes before a meal and drunk with plenty of still water. Regular use will bring fantastic results in a few weeks, helping you with:

  • treatment of varicose veins at different stages of disease progression, both of these legs and hemorrhoids, called anal varicose veins;
  • prophylaxis to prevent their occurrence;
  • elimination of red spider veins, cracked small blood vessels;
  • to remove the unpleasant feeling of heavy legs and equally troublesome swelling;
  • to remove excess water from the body;
  • Strengthening the weakened walls of blood vessels, thus preventing their cracking.

Varicorin – specialists’ and patients’ opinions and order placement

Such effectiveness is fully confirmed by laboratory tests and opinions such as Varicorin is happy among patients and specialists recommending it. It is particularly praised by women, whose type of work requires many hours of standing, such as teachers and factory workers, among whom varicose veins are considered to be an occupational disease. Similar problems can be encountered by people with sitting, office or office jobs, whose legs are practically motionless for most of the day. Equally often, the use of the supplement as a prevention against the development of the disease, applied by patients from the group of higher risk, at risk of inheritance of varicose veins, is emphasised.

Varicorin can be purchased by placing a direct order with its manufacturer, through a well-functioning system. website. One pack contains as many as 60 capsules, which, as you can easily calculate, is enough for a whole month of treatment. The price is also not too high, at €49, but it will be more profitable to take advantage of the current price promotions. They allow you to purchase collective packages at a lower price, for the one consisting of three packages we will pay only 98 €, and the optimal package, six packages, will cost us only 147 € and will certainly be enough for the entire treatment.