Herbs for acne – natural methods of dealing with eczema

Pimples, pustules or pimples appearing on the face, all these unaesthetic skin lesions that indicate developing acne, require effective treatment that gives back a perfectly smooth, healthy complexion. Most often we decide on a pharmacological treatment, which gives the expected results quickly, but with many side effects at the same time. Not everyone can easily endure the effects of strong antibiotics, which ends up with irritation or redness of the epidermis, and in extreme cases even a strong allergic reaction. Therefore, it is worth considering a different way of getting rid of eczema, taking advantage of what nature gives us, which is the power of herbs that help equally effectively cure acne and almost any other skin disease.

Herbal treatments – undeniable benefits for the health of our skin

The importance of herbs for our health really must not be underestimated, and their use in natural medicine in general goes back thousands of years. They are commonly used to make many medicinal preparations, the effectiveness of which is equal to that of even some of the currently produced drugs, composed exclusively of artificial ingredients. This is influenced by the abundance of nutrients that contain particular species of herbs, including those used for acne. Although they may differ significantly from each other, in most of them we will find such valuable ingredients as..:

  • large amounts of vitamins, without which there is no question of healthy, firm and smooth skin. Vitamins also have a beneficial effect on the overall health of the body by supporting the treatment of various diseases on an equal footing with, for example, the use of pharmaceuticals;
  • Azulenes, substances characterized by anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, thanks to which even large purulent pimples heal quickly;
  • Tannins and flavonoids, the first to help combat most of the bacteria on the surface of the skin, and the second to accelerate the processes of its natural regeneration;
  • saponins, accelerating and facilitating absorption of all other nutrients supplied to the body, also acting anti-inflammatory and antibacterial;
  • mucous substances, which lubricate the skin, prevent its excessive dryness and, similarly to azulenes, have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Herbs for acne – which of them are recommended by doctors and pharmacists?

There are many herbs that can prevent the formation of acne lesions and help in their treatment, but before we decide to use one of them, it is worth to thoroughly learn about its action and possible contraindications. Herbs for acne should also be selected according to the type of this disease, others for hormonal acne, most commonly found in adolescents, and others for rosacea, particularly difficult to cure. There are many advantages of such a natural treatment, but a few of them should convince us to use it immediately:

  • 100% naturalness of the treatment method, in most cases without any risk of complications;
  • quick removal of all disfiguring eczemas from the skin, regardless of their severity;
  • regain a healthy appearance, firmness, smoothness and natural colour of the skin.

If you do not know what herbs to use, you can always consult a doctor or pharmacist in the nearest pharmacy, or just ask your mother or grandmother, who certainly used them themselves in their youth. However, there are several plants with the highest treatment efficacy, and the most popular, worthy of immediate use is:

Marigold – yellow flowers effective not only in the treatment of acne

The first acne herb to be found in the garden or meadow is the marigold flowers with their characteristic yellow colour. Among other herbs commonly used in natural medicine, they are distinguished by their versatility of use, not only in the removal of acne lesions. Most of the active agents that make it possible are found in the petals of calendula, and these are primarily substances such as:

  • Vitamin C, full of antioxidants, without which we cannot dream of smooth skin without eczema. The most effectively inhibits all natural aging processes of the skin, removes free radicals from it, restores the lost color, eliminating discolorations. It protects against the effects of solar radiation and supports the production of skin substances, including the most important collagen;
  • saponins and mucous membranes described above;
  • flavonoids, which help to remove toxins from, inter alia, the liver,
  • Caretonoids, next antioxidants, which additionally improve the functioning of the immune system, which is also responsible for protecting the skin against acne.

Marigold is most often used in the form of ointments or creams, which can be easily bought in beauty and herbal shops. It is also a component of cosmetics, tonics, soaps and face wash gel, and their delicacy makes them suitable for practically every skin type, rarely causing adverse allergic reactions.

Trichromatic violet – suitable for all types of acne

Another herb worth recommending is certainly the three-coloured violet, also known under the more popular name Bratka. These colorful flowers, also growing in our gardens, have many medicinal properties, demonstrating their effectiveness in treating diseases such as inflammation, hypertension, or rheumatic pains, a common joint disease. Again, the composition favors this composition, which, in addition to a large amount of vitamin C and minerals, we can also find substances with antioxidant properties, particularly beneficial bioflavonoids and carotenoids. Its effect on acne, in turn, boils down to cleansing the body of toxins deposited in it by accelerating metabolic processes. It also has a cleansing effect on the skin, reducing excessive seborrhoea, one of the most frequent causes of pimples, disinfecting, helping in the treatment of irritation, antibacterial and antifungal. After the application of the wrap or regular drinking of the infusions made from its flowers 2 – 3 times a day, the skin is not only cleansed, but also as smooth as before the appearance of acne symptoms.

Aloe vera – healing power hidden in thick leaves

Equally popular in acne treatment and alleviation of its effects is aloe vera, whose characteristic, fleshy leaves are full of juice rich in vitamins from groups: A, B, C and E and minerals essential for the health of the skin: iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium. In addition, the juice also contains numerous amino acids, organic acids, especially malic, citric, cinnamon and amber, polysaccharides and polypeptides. These substances are present in perfectly matched proportions, in the form most easily assimilated by the body, thanks to them aloe vera juice has such a versatile medical use and shows the following effects, among others:

  • anti-inflammatory and antibacterial;
  • It moisturizes the skin from the epidermis to its deepest layers and soothes all rednesses and irritations;
  • brightens acne scars and discolorations;
  • inhibiting excessive sebum secretion;
  • which significantly inhibits the processes of skin aging and accelerates its regeneration at the same time.

Aloe mask can work real miracles, but before applying it it is worth checking on a less exposed piece of skin, if it does not cause an allergic reaction, which is unfortunately sometimes encountered in the case of this plant.

Nettle – invariably the best for health and improved skin appearance

Nettle, which grows commonly on meadows and often also in our gardens, is usually treated as a weed without even knowing what valuable health properties it has. It seems to us that it can only cause painful blisters and skin irritations when in fact it is able to significantly improve its appearance, making it easier to get rid of most acne lesions. This is due to its rich composition, and in these smoky green leaves we can find among others:

  • vitamins: A, B2, C, E, K;
  • minerals: magnesium, iron, silicon, calcium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus;
  • lecithin, formic acid, phytosterols and natural silica.

Thanks to this composition, nettle stands out particularly well from other herbs for acne, acting anti-inflammatory, accelerating the healing of wounds and eczemas or reducing existing acne scars. There are many ways to use it, but it is best to use the products included in its composition, not only cosmetics for daily skin care, and the obvious benefits of its use will also feel our hair, which will become thick, strong, perfectly nourished from the bulbs to the ends and stop falling out. We can also count on the strengthening of the nails, which in turn will cease to be brittle and brittle.

Royal Skin 500 – number one in acne treatment

Royal Skin 500

Of course, herbs are not the only ingredients that positively affect the condition of our skin, it is also worth using a comprehensive supplement, not only treating acne, but also giving the skin exceptional smoothness and elasticity. It is Royal Skin 500, characterized by the highest proven effectiveness and carefully selected composition, in which we can find among others:

  • Vitamins C and B7, which is biotin. The first will relieve all possible inflammation, usually unavoidable in the case of acne changes appearing on the face, and the second will effectively reduce sebum secretion and skin pores will not clog;
  • Hyaluronic acid, which was a real hit not only in cosmetics, but also in medicine, soothing inflammation and smoothing the skin at a rate that no other substance had ever provided before;
  • collagen, which is one of the building blocks of the skin, and here you will find its easily assimilable marine variety;
  • zinc, an effective antioxidant that inhibits the natural ageing processes of the skin and free radicals, the cause of many serious diseases.

Royal Skin 500 can be safely considered the number one in the treatment of acne, and the positive opinions we can find on it, fully confirm all the effects of the action. Regular use of only 2 tablets a day allows 100% of all skin lesions to be eliminated, and the first results can be seen after just 3-4 weeks of treatment. Continuing the treatment for the next few months results in a completely cured, perfectly smooth complexion, which in the case of women will regret to hide under makeup.

Royal Skin 500- as easy to buy as possible

We will buy the supplement from its manufacturer, the cost of one package is only 32 €. However, on websitewhere you can also place an order, you will always find attractive price promotions, collective packages giving us a stock of Royal Skin 500 sufficient for the entire treatment, consisting of three or even six packages.

Royal Skin 500

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