Herbs for slimming – types, effectiveness and possible side effects

Starting with slimming, of course, only when we really need it, and the excess of collected kilograms makes us feel more and more uncomfortable, we usually reach for typical pharmacological agents. Unfortunately, they do not always turn out to be as effective as we would like and often have unpredictable side effects, especially when we buy them from unproven sources such as suspicious online auctions. So sometimes it is worth to consider the sense of such a treatment, which usually finishes with the yo-yo effect after we give up the taken preparations and quickly return to the old weight. It is better to rely on what nature gives us in this matter and use herbs to lose weight, allowing you to lose weight in a controlled and almost completely safe way.

Herbal medicine and phytotherapy – advantages and disadvantages

After a period of admiration for slimming preparations composed exclusively of artificial ingredients, in recent years we can observe a return to natural medicine, not only in our country, which is based on the use of herbs. Let us be honest with ourselves that these are natural medicines, plants commonly grown in the garden or on a meadow under a nearby forest, known and valued for their health properties for centuries. Over time, this variety of natural medicine has even gained a separate name for phytotherapy, i.e. the treatment of diseases, mainly chronic diseases, with the use of substances derived from them. One of its most important departments is herbal medicine, and various infusions, ointments, tinctures and tinctures are prepared from various herbs, which are usually available in the public domain. Of course, dealing with herbal medicine requires specialist knowledge, because the variety of species of herbs makes it necessary to know all their properties, which will allow you to avoid the use of those that can harm, not help. If you decide to use herbs, not only for weight loss, it is worth to learn all the advantages of this method, and the most often emphasized by specialists is:

  • Availability, after all, herbs grow almost everywhere;
  • easy and long-lasting storage, usually in the form of practical use of dried fruit;
  • almost no side effects at all, a large number of guides, including online ones, allow us to correctly recognize species of herbs and avoid these poisonous ones, and because of the universal access to the Internet, we can do it with a smartphone directly while collecting them;
  • speed of action, depending on the way of application, possibility of internal and external use, effectiveness sometimes comparable with some pharmaceuticals;
  • a low price, usually a fraction of the cost of purchasing a similarly acting pharmaceutical.

The advantages are obvious, but let’s not get too enthusiastic at once, because herbal medicine and phytotherapy, like any other method, have their disadvantages, fortunately small, such as:

  • difficulty in using, labor intensity of preparation of appropriate medicinal preparations or in our case slimming preparations;
  • unfortunately, the low effectiveness in treating the most serious diseases, such as cancer, despite occasional reports that this is actually possible.

Herbs for slimming – why it is worth using them

The effectiveness of herbal medicine in the treatment of many, but unfortunately still not all diseases, has been confirmed by repeated tests. However, when it comes to the use of herbs in slimming treatments, we can already have full confidence in them. Of course, they will not cause the weight to drop exponentially, they will be effective only when they become one of the elements of the weight loss process, next to a large portion of physical activity and a properly composed diet. Properly selected herbs will support the whole process, accelerating first of all the metabolism aimed at faster burning of fat tissue. This is one of the most common causes of overweight, which, if untreated, may lead to pathological obesity, which may threaten not only health but also life. In addition to supporting our metabolism, many herbs also have laxative properties, helping to get rid of toxins or intestinal deposits from the body.

Diuretic plants are equally effective in slimming down, but in both cases they should be used with due caution to avoid the dangerous consequences of dehydration or digestive disorders, sometimes encountered in the case of too long use. It is also worth taking an interest in herbs inhibiting the feeling of hunger, swelling after consumption in the stomach, thanks to which we will avoid the second frequent cause of overweight, uncontrolled eating. Remember, however, that herbs, just like anything else, used in bearing can simply harm, so it is worth to exercise proper restraint, and in case of doubt consult a doctor or at least a pharmacist.

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Herbs for slimming – which are worth introducing into our diet

We already know what kind of herbs we can count on, so it’s time to know the most effective way to get rid of not only all the extra pounds, but also excess body fat lying in different parts of the body. The herbal preparations or supplements available on the market in our country, which have these plants in their composition, can be divided into several most important groups, depending on how they have a specific effect on our body.

Herbs for slimming – accelerating metabolism and fat burning.

yerba mate

Accelerating fat burning and improving metabolism is an absolute priority during weight loss, and any disorder in this area causes an immediate increase in weight. Therefore, our home medicine cabinet should contain preparations made from herbs such as..:

  • dandelion, thoroughly dried root and leaves of this popular plant, widely used in natural medicine. We can find in them a whole lot of valuable nutrients, supporting also the process of weight loss itself, vitamins: B, C and PP, flavonoids, polyphenolic acids, carotenoids, or plant dyes, allowing to eliminate from the body especially dangerous free radicals, which can be the cause of cancer and minerals: potassium, iron, sodium, phosphorus and magnesium. It is thanks to them that the dandelion is characterized by a beneficial effect on the digestive system, having first of all a cholagogic effect, supporting the proper functioning of the liver. Thanks to this, we are able to digest fats quickly, and in addition, other aspects of digestion are regulated, which results, among other things, in total absence of problems with regular emptying;
  • trichromatic violet, and extracts and infusions prepared from the known brother, are effective not only in the treatment of acne lesions. It also works well in case of weight loss, and its diuretic properties allow you to get rid of all dangerous toxins and residues of metabolic processes. Regular drinking of the brewer’s brew also speeds up our metabolism, thanks to which we are able to burn fat and excess calories faster and more effectively;
  • yerba mate, this paragliding holly extract, which has been gaining popularity in recent years and is a true treasure trove of ingredients introducing the weight loss process to the highest level of effectiveness, beats even the green tea used so far. The plant contains a number of valuable substances necessary to maintain full health, among which it is particularly worth mentioning: B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6), vitamin C, E and H, minerals: zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron and caffeine, a source of energy necessary, among others, for physical activity. The slimming effect of yerba mate boils down to detoxification of the body and limiting the activity of pancreatic lipase, thanks to which we assimilate smaller amounts of consumed fats. In addition, the Paraguay holly supports other digestive processes and lowers blood sugar levels.

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Herbs for slimming – suppressing excessive appetite


Overweight and obesity, which is a frequent consequence of obesity, sometimes results from excessive, even uncontrollable, appetite. This extremely troublesome condition results in the so-called compulsive eating, particularly intense in moments of nervousness or strong stress. Unfortunately, there is no hiding that a person who is constantly growing overweight lives practically in constant stress, so the natural consequence of this is an uncontrolled increase of body weight. Although this can be limited by the use of pharmaceuticals, the positive effect usually stops after withdrawal and the side effect is usually a yoyo effect. So it is better, as in the case of fat burning, to rely on the power of herbs, and the highest effectiveness they have:

  • white mulberry, the most commonly used and recommended by professional nutritionists. This plant is usually associated with silkworms, from which secretions are produced a luxurious material and we are not even aware of its valuable health and slimming properties. The effect of white mulberry is primarily to regulate the amount of glucose in the blood, bringing it to a safe level that does not endanger health. As a result, we almost immediately feel no desire for particularly fattening sweets and everything that contains large quantities of harmful sugar, not without reason called white death;
  • We are not aware of their health power, which even helps us to lose weight. While it will initially be difficult for us to convince ourselves of their consumption, the benefits will certainly be worth it, and the content of valuable nutrients will ensure that we will enjoy our full vitality for a long time to come. The appetite suppression by linseed is based on the fact that its seeds swell in the stomach, exactly filling it, and thus give the feeling of full satiety. They also have a diuretic effect, thanks to which they cleanse the body of toxins, allowing for better and more effective absorption of nutrients from other products, so we automatically eat smaller amounts of them.
  • amla, more and more widely used in phytotherapy and herbal medicine, better known in our country as Indian gooseberry. Its multi-level action on processes leading to rapid weight loss has been repeatedly confirmed and boils down to the regulation of digestion and metabolism, so it can be successfully included in the first, described above group of herbs helping to reduce body fat. It is also worth noting that blood sugar is maintained at a level that allows full control over the appetite, just like in the case of white mulberry.

Herbs for slimming – laxative and diuretic


Specialists in weight loss have repeatedly pointed out in various articles and periodicals that one of the basics of a properly conducted treatment is a thorough cleansing of the body from toxins. Therefore, it is necessary to use herbs with laxative and diuretic effects, eliminating diseases that make it difficult to digest, e.g. constipation, and especially worth recommending it:

  • Senes, the absolute number one in the field of natural laxatives, a component of many popular dietary supplements, makes it easier, although it is controversial. The active factor is an extract from the leaves of a plant called Ostrich Pączyńca containing antranoid glycosides, which increase intestinal peristalsis. This enables digested food to move more quickly and, as a result, to be emptied regularly without problems. According to some studies, however, senes can cause addictions, increase existing digestive disorders such as diarrhoea or constipation, which, incidentally, is supposed to cure, cause abdominal pain and is not recommended for children and pregnant women;
  • mint, and in particular its peppermint variety, from which leaves are prepared a tasty and healthy infusion, which has an extremely beneficial effect on the functioning of virtually the entire digestive system. It improves intestinal peristalsis, has a relaxing effect, cures and prevents liver diseases, facilitates digestion by increasing secretion of digestive juices and thanks to the content of essential oil, menthol, especially necessary bile, thus removing annoying and often painful ailments, such as constipation, flatulence or gases accumulating in the intestines;
  • nettle, like a weed, but also the most commonly used herb in many areas of natural medicine, not only with diuretic properties, which are also part of anti-acne preparations or those effectively preventing alopecia. Regular use of nettle juice, e.g. a component of many slimming supplements, regulates the urinary tract and improves kidney function. It increases the excretion of harmful urea, excess water and other harmful toxins accumulating in the body, therefore, specialists recommend nettle for kidney diseases, especially difficult to treat kidney stones. However, you should be careful with its consumption, because it can simultaneously rinse out the vitamins and minerals we need.

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