Hip&Knee Magnetic Belt – magnetotherapy for spinal pains

Hip&Knee Magnetic Belt

Almost everyone has encountered more or less intense back pain, knowing how it can be a nuisance and disrupt normal, everyday life. They can be caused by a variety of factors, but if they are recurrent, we should not underestimate them under any circumstances. Just as there are many causes of this ailment, there are many ways to treat it, but most often it can be dealt with without the need for strong painkillers. Alternative methods derived from natural medicine, such as magnetotherapy conducted with the use of a modern device, a functional and highly effective Hip&Knee Magnetic Belt magnetic band, are equally effective.

Back pains – what causes them and what diseases can herald

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The effectiveness of the treatment conducted with Hip&Knee Magnetic Belt is confirmed by the best specialists in this field, but before we reach for this pain belt, it is worth knowing what are the most common causes of increasing back pain. This ailment meets an increasing number of people every year, also in our country, and can affect virtually the entire back, from the cervical section of the spine to the particularly painful lumbar section. It sometimes happens that we are guilty of it ourselves, not following the basic rules concerning e.g. lifting heavy objects or overloading ourselves with muscle mass during intensive training. Sometimes the pain is also caused by more mundane reasons, such as sleeping or prolonged sitting in the wrong position. However, we shouldn’t underestimate other causes, such as the following:

  • physical trauma to the back, even a serious dislocation or fracture of one of the vertebrae, and such an ailment will usually require surgical intervention. Vertebral fracture can also be caused by untreated osteoporosis, which significantly weakens bones and increases their fragility;
  • falling out or falling inside the spine of an intervertebral disc, commonly called a disc, and this disease is called a spinal hernia. This is a very painful condition because the moving disc usually starts to compress the nerve fibres hard. The hernia is most annoying in the lumbar section, sometimes even causing progressive paralysis of the lower part of the body, and almost the same negative effect in the cervical section, affecting primarily the efficiency of the upper limbs and causing additional headaches;
  • degenerative changes of the spine developing with age, directly dependent on the lifestyle and nature of work;
  • Rheumatic diseases, headed by rheumatoid arthritis and other, coexisting diseases not always associated with back pain. It is also caused by herpes zoster, diseases of the circulatory system, e.g. aortic dissection, cancer, myocardial infarction, and even appendicitis, seemingly unrelated to the spine, or digestive disorders;
  • the lack of a suitable daily recommended dose of exercise, an activity that does not have to be a competitive sport right away, but already the nordic walking or recreational cycling is highly recommended.

Back pains – the most common methods of their treatment

As can be seen from the examples above, we must not under any circumstances underestimate back pain, which heralds the development of sometimes serious illnesses that may even threaten our lives. If you are experiencing relatively minor pain, you can use a few home-made, proven methods before going to the doctor, which may help to remove it:

  • take a warm, but not hot bath;
  • take public painkillers, tablets or ointments and wait for them to be effective;
  • put a warming compress in the place of pain, and cold compresses or cryotherapy, i.e. treatment with very cold air, are equally effective;
  • avoid excessive physical exertion, give up hard work or jogging in the morning to relieve the spine as much as possible.

If we don’t like taking pain pills and we don’t want to give up everyday activities, it’s worth to use a belt to treat your spine ailments. Hip&Knee Magnetic Beltwhich removes them instantly, without interfering with normal activity, using magnetic waves.

Magnet therapy – successfully used to treat pain


The magnetic field is used to treat many different ailments, as we already mentioned in the entry about magnetic insoles for shoes. Magnet therapy, because this is what we call this type of treatment, works perfectly well in the elimination of pain of various intensities, and is particularly effective for the spine. It is based on the application of a magnetic field of intensity adjusted to our body, penetrating without any problem into its depths and reaching exactly the place where the pain occurs. Hip&Knee Magnetic Belt is also based on this principle of operation and backaches are not the only ailments that can be treated with its help, it also turns out to be effective on:

  • regulation of metabolic processes, including those leading to the rapid burning of excess fat and thus helping to combat overweight;
  • joint inflammations, caused by their excessive strain, e.g. exercises with hantlines or degenerative changes;
  • supporting the treatment of all physical injuries, complications after dislocation, contusions or even bone fractures;
  • faster healing of skin irritations, wounds and burns;
  • treatment of this osteoporosis;
  • arterial hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases;
  • developing inflammation of various organs of our body;
  • rheumatoid arthritis, an untreatable, chronic disease that causes progressive destruction of joints and other organs that, if untreated, can cause death.

Hip&Knee Magnetic Belt – comprehensive action not only on back pain

Since the action Hip&Knee Magnetic Belt The Hip&Knee Magnetic Belt is based on a healing magnetic field, not surprisingly, its high effectiveness confirmed by an increasing number of satisfied patients. It turns out that when looking for a way to quickly get rid of pain, and not only the back, we sometimes unnecessarily reach for strong pharmaceuticals that remove the ailments, but at the cost of side effects negatively affecting other aspects of our health. It is sometimes worth to trust the power of nature, and after all we deal with magnetic field all the time, so why not direct it exactly where something ails us. Let’s be honest with ourselves that most popular painkillers only remove the very symptom of the disease, while not treating its cause, as Hip&Knee Magnetic Belt does. Its use is almost trivially simple, all you have to do is fasten it around your belt, the built-in magnets start to work immediately, and with regular use the pain disappears quickly. Specialists, who recommend the use of this device to their patients, also point to its other health properties, the most important of which are:

  • more effective, strengthened immune system, our natural protective barrier against infections and diseases;
  • elimination of inflammation, which can also cause severe pain, not only in the back;
  • reduction of swelling, e.g. after trauma;
  • effective help in treating the aforementioned osteoporosis, a disease that can permanently weaken bones, which become more susceptible to fractures, which in the case of the spine can have tragic consequences;
  • regeneration of damaged muscle tissue, and Hip&Knee Magnetic Belt also helps to regenerate damaged muscle fibres;
  • reduction of muscle tension occurring e.g. after intensive crossfit training, which helps to regenerate the body after a lot of physical effort.

The Hip&Knee Magnetic Belt can be considered comprehensive, although not everyone will benefit from it. Magnetic field treatment is not recommended for several groups of patients, which include pregnant women, people with pacemakers and other similar electronic devices, or those with metal orthopaedic prostheses or screws and stabilizing rods in the spine. The belt should also not be used in people suffering from diseases such as fungal infections, tuberculosis and other lung diseases, problems with normal blood clotting that can cause heavy bleeding, cancer.

Hip&Knee Magnetic Belt – opinions of patients and specialists

Hip&Knee Magnetic Belt

Magnetic belt Hip&Knee Magnetic Belt He has fully deserved the positive opinions, which are eagerly issued by the growing number of satisfied patients. Until recently, magnetotherapy could only be used for rehabilitation procedures in a clinic or sanatorium, and now everyone will perform them themselves at home. It is even much more convenient, because you do not have to lie down under a special device, and the belt does not interfere with everyday activities and when following the recommendations described above does not cause any side effects. Satisfied patients describe how it allowed them to return to normal life, an activity they were deprived of for a long time, writing on discussion forums e.g. in this way:

“I have had severe back pain for many years and I have taken pain pills for it all the time. I had degenerations in my spine, and since they could not be operated on, I thought I would be doomed to pain for the rest of my life. I got an article in my hand about magnetic field treatment, but the waiting time for rehabilitation was too long, so I started looking for another solution and that’s how I got to the Hip&Knee Magnetic Belt I’ve been using it for several months, finally I can function normally and I forgot what a back pain is. I recommend it to anyone who is tired of it” – Aleksander, 47 years old.

In our opinion, as well as that of spinal specialists, it is worthwhile to finally say stop your ailments and decide to use a magnetic belt, which we will buy by manufacturer’s websitewhich guarantees us the lowest price of the device. To order Hip&Knee Magnetic Belt, simply enter your phone number in the form and when talking to a consultant, we will determine both the method of delivery and the most suitable form of payment.

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