Home ways to treat acne – how to beat it without the help of antibiotics

Acne is a disease that almost all of us have encountered in our lives, and its characteristic and often painful symptoms really cannot be underestimated. Nobody is able to ignore the eczemas appearing on the face, starting from the usual small pimples, to extremely unaesthetic, painful purulent pimples or even scars difficult to remove acne. Usually we immediately direct our steps to the nearest pharmacy, buying the strongest anti-acne preparation we can find there. We do not dare to question the effectiveness of most of them, but by using them, we must unfortunately take into account the side effects, which are often more serious for our health than acne itself. If it is not too severe, it is better to rely on other methods, and home acne treatments often prove to be as effective as medication. They have already been used by our mums and even grandmothers and will certainly be able to advise us how to get rid of this dubious decoration of the face, back and décolletage.

Acne – in order to be able to treat it effectively, it is necessary to know the causes of the disease

As we have already mentioned, acne is a disease, not just a cosmetic condition, and like all other diseases, it needs to be properly diagnosed. In most cases we are able to do it ourselves and choose the right treatment methods, but there are also acne varieties that can only be cured by a dermatologist. Until recently, it was believed to be a disease that affects only adolescents and teenagers with a hormone storm that also causes skin problems. In fact, this is usually the case, but more and more often acne lesions are observed in adults, and their treatment is much more difficult. While in the case of teenagers we usually deal with juvenile acne, otherwise known as common acne, associated with excessive production and secretion of sebum, in adults we can encounter completely different types of this disease. Very often it is rosacea, giving very characteristic symptoms in the form of extensive red spots or acne survived, a recurrence of disease from adolescence. Regardless of its type, an absolute basis is the correct recognition of the causes of change.

Acne – the most common causes of facial changes:

  • using the wrong cosmetics and we are talking about the so-called cosmetic acne, which is usually found in women who use cosmetics for make-up, clogging the skin pores and causing the accumulation of large amounts of sebum;
  • genetic conditions, but not acne, but a type of skin prone to excessive sebum secretion;
  • improper diet, not only the cause of overweight and obesity, but also growing skin health problems. Usually we don’t pay much attention to what we eat, contenting ourselves with fast food or other ready-made foods that lack basic nutrients. Lack of vitamins and minerals adversely affects health, as well as hard-to-grasp fatty dishes with a very high glycemic index. If you do not know how a diet can help your skin, you can always seek advice from a dietitian or dermatologist;
  • skin infections, usually bacterial, resulting from e.g. lack of daily hygiene. There’s no denying that busy and busy, we treat our face skin to the touch of a muzzle, washing it with ordinary soap, and not with specially designed cosmetics to maintain its proper pH. Gels or facial soaps must also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so that we not only remove all dangerous bacteria from the skin, but also alleviate painful irritation or redness caused by the developing inflammation;
  • disorders of hormonal economy of the organism, encountered both in teenagers and people over 40 years of age. At this time, women enter the menopause, while men enter the andropause, the effects of which can also be seen in the form of pimples and pustules appearing on the face. Acne at this age no longer surprises anyone, so it is worth taking care of proper levels of the most important hormones, in the case of women it is progesterone and estrogen, and in men these disorders are caused by fluctuations in androgens;
  • dysfunction of sebaceous glands, which, as can be seen from the above examples, is one of the most important causes of acne, regardless of the age of the patient. Our skin, being a natural protective barrier, must be exposed to many unfavourable factors causing sebum secretion problems every day. Its excess leads to clogging of the skin pores, the development of inflammation and the formation of pimples.

Home acne treatments – antibacterial masks made from popular ingredients

With most of the pimples or other pimples on your face, we can handle the masks that we can easily make with the popular ingredients that you will find in any kitchen. These can be e.g. oat flakes, which are mixed with water and honey and are an effective antibacterial therapy. An apple or cucumber mask and honey again, held in the affected areas for about 20 minutes, give similar effects. If we do not mind the smell, we can also use garlic, not for nothing called a natural antibiotic, it is also worth considering the use of baking soda. It should also be mixed with water, and such a mixture should be applied 3 times a week for maximum effectiveness.

Home acne treatments – the power of nature to fight pimples, pustules and blackheads

As can be seen, we do not always have to use strong pharmacological measures based, for example, on effective, but also harmful retinoids or popular antibiotics, which are so readily attributed by specialists. Unfortunately, in most cases they cause quite serious side effects, especially excessive dryness of the skin, its redness and itching, increased sensitivity of the epidermis, and even irritation and erythema. So it is better to save this type of ailments and use other, equally effective, but completely natural methods of coping with changes on the face.

Malcontents are certainly already rubbing their hands in preparation for the conclusion that home acne treatments do not exist, but they do not take into account the fact that they have been dealing with acne in this way for hundreds or even thousands of years before the emergence of these drugs. Nature has shown and continues to show its strength in helping to treat and prevent many diseases, including acne. That is why we draw from it in full handfuls, especially using natural herbarium, all substances with therapeutic properties coming from plants, which are full of our meadows or gardens. They can be used in many different ways, making them masks, infusions, they are also used in cosmetics recommended by specialists for everyday hygiene, especially of the face skin. Unfortunately, we often underestimate this herbal pharmacy, in our opinion completely unjustified, choosing popular pharmaceuticals because of their speed of action. We agree that they can remove pimples faster than preparations based on plant extracts, but it is worth asking ourselves what the price is? It is better to be patient, wait a little longer and get rid of acne lesions without any negative consequences for our health.

Home acne remedies – how to use a natural herbal pharmacy

In the way we take care of our health, we can see a paradox that is incomprehensible to us. On the one hand, most of us know the basic herbs and ailments that can be alleviated or cured by troublesome symptoms, and on the other hand, we ignore this knowledge, reaching almost always for strong pharmacological remedies. However, phytotherapy, because that is what we call herbal medicine, has proven its effectiveness many times and there is really no reason to underestimate it. Treatment of various diseases, including acne with herbs, has its roots back in antiquity, and now, when the period of delight with preparations based on artificial ingredients has passed, it is experiencing its true renaissance.

The name phytotherapy was created by combining and pollinating two Greek words phyton, i.e. plant and therapeu, to cure. In the process of treatment it uses all substances with pro-health properties, contained in many popular plants and not only in herbs. Equally important for our health, including our skin, are fruit and vegetables, which are worth replacing in our diet everything that is unhealthy. However, we are most interested in herbs that can help to get rid of all acne lesions, although most of them are effective also for other ailments, and in our home medicine cabinet should definitely include such three recommended herbs for acne as:

1. marigold

It is a popular plant belonging to the species of asteroid, with orange-yellow flowers emitting a characteristic smell. Its valuable properties are determined primarily by its composition, full of such substances as:

  • saponins, having antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, thus removing most of the harmful pathogenic microorganisms from the skin, while supporting the natural processes of its regeneration;
  • flavonoids, thanks to their diuretic properties, help to cleanse the body of toxins and other metabolic products, also having an anti-inflammatory and circulatory effect;
  • Mucus compounds, another ingredient with anti-inflammatory effect, at the same time a natural antiseptic, also helps to lubricate and properly moisturize the skin;
  • Caretonoids, strong antioxidants fighting dangerous free radicals, accelerating healing of wounds and skin irritations, also delaying the natural ageing processes.

The marigold flower, also called the basket, can be used in many ways, in the form of infusions or as a supplement to cleansing masks. It is also a part of many popular creams, gels and ointments for everyday care of skin prone to acne.

2. trichromatic violet

This colorful flower certainly does not need to be introduced to anyone, it is a popular ornamental plant growing in many gardens, and its valuable properties can not be underestimated. The trichromatic violet, also known as the fraternal violet, is effective against many ailments, which is a direct result of its properties:

  • diuretics that help to get rid of toxins;
  • …detoxifying;
  • which strengthens the walls of blood vessels, which prevents them from cracking;
  • beneficial for metabolism, which is also important in the process of weight loss, facilitating rapid burning of excess body fat.

The substances that we find in its composition will easily cope with most of the acne changes, it also contains saponins described above, mucus compounds and flavonoids, supported by vitamin C and minerals beneficial for the health of the skin. We can also prepare infusions for drinking, masks and, like marigold, we can find it in creams and other cosmetics for various skin types.

3. nettle

Nettle is treated by most of us as an ordinary weed, grubbing it up and not knowing what universal use it has in medicine and not only in natural medicine. It can be safely said that every specialist in home acne treatment recommends using nettle in various forms, not being able to boast of its numerous health properties, emphasizing its action:

  • reducing the level of “bad” LDL cholesterol in the blood;
  • antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, helping to alleviate symptoms and treat all painful redness and irritation of the epidermis;
  • cleansing the skin to its deepest layers thanks to flavonoids, and in addition to them in these green, burning leaves you will also find vitamins: A, B2, B5, K, C, minerals: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sulphur, potassium, silicon and iodine as well as tannins, organic acids (glycol and formic), essential oils, chlorophyll and mineral salts;
  • diuretic, cleansing from toxins;
  • to help treat digestive disorders;
  • It is used as an important ingredient in anti-hair loss preparations.

Due to this comprehensive action, nettle can be safely called a natural antibiotic and is therefore included in the composition of many anti-acne preparations, which are highly effective in treating this disease. Of course, it is not the only ingredient that can improve the condition of our skin, it is also worth taking an interest in dietary supplements that draw strength from such substances as biotin or hyaluronic acid, which contain Royal Skin 500.

Royal Skin 500 – effective supplement for various types of acne and other skin diseases

Royal Skin 500

This dietary supplement can also be successfully used to treat many types of acne, alleviating its symptoms of virtually any degree of severity. In addition Royal Skin 500 goes straight to the source of the problem, the causes causing the disease, which is possible thanks to its well-thought-out composition. The manufacturer decided to use 100% effective and thoroughly tested ingredients, commonly used in many other anti-acne preparations.

Which active substances can be found in the composition of each Royal Skin 500 tablet:

  • Hyaluronic acid, which has already been written about in whole volumes, not only perfectly smoothing the skin, but also helping to remove acne lesions and soothe the accompanying irritation and redness of the skin;
  • Vitamin C, not without reason called a vitamin of health, whose action consists primarily in stopping the unfavourable excessive secretion of sebum on the surface of the skin;
  • Vitamin B7, also called biotin, also blocking too intense seborrhea, one of the causes of acne formation, strengthening and firming our skin;
  • Collagen, by far the most important building block of the skin, gives it elasticity and allows it to be kept until late old age;
  • zinc, one of the most important elements for our health, including the skin, taking part in the processes of its regeneration and helping to heal pimples.

Such a natural, 100% plant composition Royal Skin 500is the best guarantee of its effectiveness and total safety of use, no side effects. The first positive effects of the pills will be noticed after about 4 weeks and the full treatment usually lasts about 6 months. We invite you to visit the manufacturer’s websitewhere you will find detailed information about Royal Skin 500 and you can buy it at an attractive price in several separate packages.

Currently available Royal Skin 500 packages:

  • Start package, one package for 32 €;
  • package Recommended, 3 packages at a price of 56 €;
  • Maximum Effect package, up to 6 packages at a price of 82 €.

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