How does your body react when you quit smoking?

People have different ways to quit smoking. I’ve heard about such lucky people, what they just burn the package to the end, the next one they don’t buy and never return to the habit. I know these people, but still… It’s a science fiction to me. Luckily, there are specifics for this. There are a lot of them on the market, and just like I didn’t immediately find an effective one, many people before me (and probably after me).

No matter how we manage to get out of the habit, the benefits are huge and practically instantaneous! I have prepared for you a brief summary of the subsequent effects on your body – how it looks spread out over time. Look at that:

After 20 minutes: blood pressure returns to normal and heart rate stabilizes

In 8 hours: the amount of carbon monoxide in the blood decreases and the oxygenation increases

After 24 hours: the risk of a heart attack is significantly reduced

In 28 hours: the senses of smell and taste return to normal

After 2 weeks to 3 months: the physical condition improves and the cardiovascular system is continuously strengthened

1 to 9 months: lung and respiratory capacity increases, coughing, dyspnea and fatigue stops

After a year: the risk of ischemic heart disease is halved

After 5 years: the risk of oral, lung, laryngeal and esophageal cancer is halved, the risk of stroke is reduced

After 10 years: the risk of ischemic heart disease will be exactly the same as if you have never smoked!

After 15 years: the risk of developing lung cancer will be the same as for a person who has not smoked.

Although I am still a long way from these 15 years, I can already feel and enjoy these first benefits. We have one thing in common and it is definitely the most important. Such a cliché, but as a woman in her thirties, I am really starting to discover the meaning of this slogan 😉

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