How to care for your joints to stay fit until old age

For the last few months I’ve taken a serious turn for changing my life. I’ve lost weight, I look better and I feel better. My joints breathed a sigh of relief – no small part of it is due to Flexin500! But outside it, I try to live a healthy life and take care of my joints. There are a few important aspects to maintaining healthy joints.

First of all, move! Any activity, just with the head. That is: always warm up and do not overload yourself. Whether you’re training to lose weight, for health or simply because you like it, watch out for injuries. Get ready to train properly – warm up your muscles, but also stretch out afterwards.

Secondly, what I have failed in my case is the right weight. It is probably logical that too much body weight strains our locomotive apparatus – including joints.

Third, the way of life. This general category includes all bad habits that have a bad effect on your joints on a daily basis. This includes a sedentary lifestyle, a bad posture – both when walking and sitting, but also carrying too heavy bags, backpacks for one shoulder, etc., for example.

Fourth, the diet! The most important are products containing omega-3 acids (fatty fish, nuts), protein (fish, dairy products, eggs, legumes) and vitamins: D and C. Vitamin D is provided mainly by the sun, but in our climate it is necessary to support it by eating fish (mackerel, herring) and eggs (egg yolk).

And fifthly, and last but not least, stress. Unfortunately, excessive nervous tension damages us in many ways, and our joints are not indifferent either. Stress causes long-term muscle tension, which in turn results in stiffening of the fascia and tendons. As a result, we experience overloading of joints and painful ailments. Of course, it is difficult to say in today’s world simply – let’s not stress out 😉 However, we can deal with nervous tension through physical activity and relaxation.

And you, what measures do you take to protect your joints?

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