How to care for your teeth properly?

So, what’s up, you tested the iBright on yourselves? I’ll tell you that I bought this second package and my impressions were even more positive, so now I’m sure I’ll reach for it 2 weeks before the wedding: )

My adventure with teeth whitening, however, drew my attention to the deficiencies in the previous dental care. And while I know that dazzling white requires the use of proven means – like iBright – once in a while, there are ways to help yourself a little bit every day. Besides, it is not only a matter of appearance and aesthetics, but also the health of teeth, periodontium and gums.

First of all, tooth brushing. It’s like a cliché. But did you know that the best toothbrush can’t be too hard or too soft? Must be of medium hardness. Do not brush your teeth with too much pressure on their surface, as this may expose the dental cervixes and cause hypersensitivity. In addition, brushing your teeth should also include your tongue and, very gently, brushing your gums and palate. This is the only way we can be sure that we will get rid of all food and bacteria.

A good toothpaste should contain fluoride, but it is best not to use bleaching toothpaste every day. Their abuse can rub off on the enamel! Of course, he doesn’t have to. But if you can buy an effective iBright treatment once in a while, why put your teeth at risk?

After brushing your teeth, it’s also a good idea to use a mouthwash additionally – it will handle all the bacteria that the toothbrush couldn’t handle.

And the last thing to do is floss. I finally bought myself one. And beware – it’s used before brushing your teeth – after every meal. Accumulated food leftovers between teeth is the best nutrition for bacteria responsible for caries and cavities! Just remember, if you notice gum bleeding, it means you’re using the thread wrongly. Here, too, you need to be careful and gentle ?

What’s beyond nursing? Well, you can really give up drinking coffee or tea. I know I’m not gonna do it? But I decided to reduce sweets, which also have a negative effect on my teeth. I don’t even mention smoking, because I don’t have that problem, but it’s probably obvious that he’s the number one enemy!

Tooth care is a cliché, but how many of you have mouthwash and dental floss in your bathroom and use them regularly? Well, maybe it’s time to invest in them. ?

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